Friday, July 14, 2006


MagistrateTed Klein in the Hospital.

Word reaches us this afternoon that Federal Magistrate Ted Klein is hospitalized in serious condition on a respirator with an as yet undiagnosed “lung condition.”
Before becoming a Federal Magistrate Ted Klein was widely considered “a lawyers' lawyer” and was one of those few attorneys known, respected, and truly liked by all parties whenever he walked into a courtroom. It goes without saying that he has been a superb federal magistrate and Rumpole sends his best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.


We keep seeing elections signs around town for Victoria Del Pino and right next to her sign is a sign for her opponent Joel Jacobi. It is clear that one party is going around town putting up their sign next to the other person’s sign. It’s impossible to tell who had the sign up first, but it strikes us that this is a stupid and desperate campaign tactic. We have a feeling who is doing it, but unlike federal prosecutors we don’t go around making unsubstantiated allegations without proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

SUMMER HOURS means that unless something striking happens or we get a bit of inspiration over the weekend our next blockbuster post will be Monday.

Nice to see candidates emailing us with biographical information for purposes of obtaining the coveted Rumpole REGJB Blog endorsement for Judge. That and $5.00 gets you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.



Without taking sides or getting into a political dispute, it occurs to us that if the 50 and 60 year old men who make the decisions to go to war, had to go and fight the war, there would be a lot less war.




Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole: I thought "summer hours" meant showing up for a scheduled early morning hearing only to find a sign on the courtroom door advising "all hearings scheduled for today are canceled and are rescheduled for _____" (and without having received any such notice from the judge's Judicial Assistant).

Anonymous said...

Signs go up side by side all the time all through the county and everywhere. That's what you have to do. Soo, the fences will all be posted with signs. No big deal. But Bob Levy doesn't even recommend signs Says it's not an effecive campaign technique.

Anonymous said...

tell that to Zabel.

P.Mason said...

look, the kid was probably d.u.i. which was the cause for the delay in speaking to the cops. Ramirez assumed the role of parent to protect his kid (as most good parents would do). either way hes in hot water. if he lets the kid talk to the cops immediately, the kid get popped for d.u.i, wait a few hours and its an LSA and he gets accused of 'obstruction". rock and a hard place as i see it.

ultimatley i would have done the same. but hes in for a hard look.

Anonymous said...

Perry, the last time you tried a case Nixon was president. Can't remember the last time you read a case. Ramirez is not in hot water. He didn't take his son from the scene of the crime, and this case is not enough for the JQC to even look at his actions much less recommend removal or sanctions. Go get a job in Popeye's frying chicken.

Anonymous said...

ted klein, victoria del pino and joel jacobi mentioned in the same post - I'm sick

Anonymous said...

I have known Ted Klein since I was a child. My family lived next door to him and his family. He is a great guy. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


Anonymous said...

Barbara Areses had big signs too, and she won. But Bob Levy/Al Lorenzo sure didn't suggest them. B/C they want all the $$ for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why complain about Del Pino's and Jacobi's signs next to one another? Just because neither candidate has the requisite experience to serve as a county court judge, give them credit for not pulling down each other's signs.

P.Mason said...

To Anonymous 7.14.06 @ 10:15 pm:

You are to be corrected.

I last tried a case during the Johnson Administration (1966).

You couldnt have done too well on the reading comprehension sections of the SAT, though. The "hot water" I referred to in my post was the situation Ramirez created for his son and himself that night.

And if you read the report of the case you would have read that he did take his son from the scene:

" Coral Gables cops found the Mustang ''unattended,'' but soon Josie and the judge showed up. They told cops they took Julian home ''because he was upset that he crashed the car.'' Officers asked them to bring Julian to the scene, and the judge agreed, the report says Officer Steve St. Amand."

I didnt say a word about the JQC either. Only that Ramiriez was in for a "hard look" , i.e. the press, this blog, etc...

Anonymous said...

Rump, you know nothing about campaigns and neither does Bob Levy and Lorenzo's luck is about to run out.

If you want advice, go to someone who does the work for you to win, not to fill their pockets.

Did Al Lorenzo ever pay the City of Miami the $1 Million he owed them? Where did Levy spend his 2 year Federal Hotel stay at and what year? Can we please get his inmate number and mug photo? Now, that would be of interested here. Not the signs going up or other B.S. These men are shady and need to be exposed to the Sun of Miami. Who's campaigns are they working on? That will show who is doing what and how many shady activities...

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Del Pino and Jacobi's bios on the COunty website. You'll see they don't have the combined experience to milk a goat much less be a judge. Jacobi's reads like some 12 year old wrote it and Del Pino's is just void of anything

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Del Pino and Jacobi's bios on the COunty website. You'll see they don't have the combined experience to milk a goat much less be a judge. Jacobi's reads like some 12 year old wrote it and Del Pino's is just void of anything

Anonymous said...

what hospital is ted in and whatis his condition?

Anonymous said...

Candidates out big-time today at Janet Dixon's event. Missing: Judge Dennis Murphy and Karen-Mills Francis.

Anonymous said...

What's with Levy? Who's he representing this time? Please tell so that I'll know not to vote for his candidates.

Anonymous said...

Whats worse is that Levy and Lorenzo are a package deal. Both are crooks.

Anonymous said...

who's janet dixon and what evet did she have???????

Anonymous said...

wasnt she the psychic that nixon consulted?

Anonymous said...

I am outraged - OUTRAGED that people are saying del pino is not qualified - I read her bio - HER FATHER WAS PRESIDENT OF CABA - what more does she need in this town to get elected?

You want her to have tried a case or something?

Anonymous said...

"I am shocked, SHOCKED to find gambling on these premises. "
[runner arrives] "Sir, your winnings." [Bogart shoots runner a nasty look].

Anonymous said...

While it is true neither DelPino or Jacobi have long legal careers, Vicki has worked hard to prepare herself for the bench. She worked as a public defender, then private lawyer, and then became a Traffic Magistrate. She now seeks to become a member of the judiciary and has the skills and commitment to do it. Joel is a frat-boy, through and through. He plays in Daddy's firm and moonlights as a city commissioner in a rich city with few public service credentials on his resume. This one's a no brainer and Vicki DelPino gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Janet Dixon is a black activist. Her event was well-attended--over 90 people. All the major candidates were there.

Anonymous said...

Including frumpy Velis, and Parks there in her new corvette.

Anonymous said...

jacobi is kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

del pino a public defender? as if that makes you a worthy of being a judge... at any rate, she was not a public defender. i remember when they rejected her application. but i'm gonna vote for her anyway. i seem to remeber her being very nice on the bench as a magistrate.

Anonymous said...

nice is not what we need. competent is what we need.

norma lindsey is nice, too but she's clueless on the bench.

gerald bagley doesnt have a "nice" demeanor but hes a helluva judge, blake manages to be nice AND competent.

have real some lawyer-time under your belt before you take up that seat.

Anonymous said...

what corvette?

Anonymous said...

bagley is a good judge if your a prosecutor. no criminal circuit judge made more mistakes and got reversed more then Bagley. He is the most rigid and restictive judge on the bench. I hope he stays in civil.

Anonymous said...

jacobi is playing in daddy's firm? so is del pino.

Anonymous said...

The Barbie Pink Corvette.

Anonymous said...

del pino - dont worry, after you get elected, if there's ever a complicated issue in front of you, just use another judges order - no one will care. You wont have to write anything and get exposed.

Anonymous said...

i heard a rumor that ted passed away last night. can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

Parks' new corvette is not barbie pink. it's sexy jet black

Anonymous said...

yeah, and the other candidates driving aound in their jettas, we like classy judges.

Anonymous said...

but then they become judges and lease the cheap lexus

Anonymous said...

Noted that after Judge Eig got elected he turned in his vw bug for a cadillac!

Anonymous said...

It is time for us to put the clamp on these bully nations that think it is proper for one country to invade. . . Oh, Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I agree that putting the comment about Ted Klein being seriously ill in the same note as the jacobi/ del Pino race is insulting. Ted Klein was one the the gratest trial lawyers and champion of justice this State has ever seen. He was a stellar U.S. prosecutor and an exemplary defense attorney for many years. He was an AMAZING trial lawyer. He argued landamrk cases in the Florida and United States Supreme Court that serve as the basis for many constitutional rights we now take for granted.
Now as a federal magistrate, he is respected and liked by everyone. He is not only brilliant, but also always has a joke or funny story to tell. He likes to make people smile.
I hope everyone reading this says a prayer for this wonderful judge's recovery.

Anonymous said...

I need to correct my spelling, Judge Klein is the greatest

Anonymous said...


cuba4life said...

i think Jacobi had his signs up first then del pino chased

Anonymous said...

signs don't matter.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Here's the real rub...

while most of you sit around bashing Joel Jacobi and DelPino, those are the two in the race and one of them will preside over some of your cases. Most non-incumbents seeking election have little experience. That's the nature of the beast. So, your cynical, sarcastic, hot-tongued comments mean nothing. It's just a bunch of you seeking your 15 minutes in an Anonymous fashion.

I don't know DelPino at all. I know Jacobi's family well. His dad isn't well liked and I suspect Joel has differences with him. The rest of his family are gems. What does that tell you? He's likely not a scumbag or corrupt and if that is the best we can hope for, so be it. Remember Court Broom?

Just try and pick the best of the two and recognize that your probably not as well liked or valuable as you think either. As my crim justice prof said to us on day one, "nobody gives a shit about you but your parents and that is likely only because they have a financial investment"

Get over yourselves. Select the best candidate or enter the race.