Saturday, September 17, 2011


UPDATE: The Herald's David Ovalle weighs in here with the good, the bad, and the George of the Office of Regional Counsel.

There's a small announcement about the future of the blog below.

Here are the picks for week two: Note a few additions: Brian Alexander picked the Raiders last Sunday, sending us an email at 11:22 am. He is in and alive. Rick Freedman made it in with the Cardinals, as did Robert Kuntz.


BDTD (Eagles) : Jets; Colby (Jets) : Patriots; ADAMT2 (Cardinals) : Steelers;

MICHAEL GRIECO (Texans): Steelers; Rick Freedman (Cardinals):Lions-after considering the Steelers, lets see how that plays out. Don't love the Steelers today. Game will be closer than expected at best for the guys in black n gold. ;

MICHAEL FEILER(Chargers): Packers; KEN WEISMAN (Chargers): Saints;

ROBERT KUNTZ (Cardinals):Lions; PETER SAUTTER(Chargers): Steelers;



ORLANDO RODRIGUEZ (Cardinals): Ravens-LOSS; PLEA D (Cardinals):NPY;


The Final stats are 30 players started week one- 16 are left.

For the record (and we hate it when attorneys say that in court) we would probably choose the Lions today. The Steelers could be headed for a free fall- all it would take is a Seahawks victory today. The Jets over the Jags is also an OK pick. We like the Falcons at home plus 2.5 in our year long campaign that the Eagles are overrated. We also like the Cowboys to bounce back in their second consecutive road game at San Fran where the Boys are giving 3.


As it is written in Ecclesiastes, for everything there is a season. And we think it is time this blog makes a few changes. First and foremost, we are looking for a public face of the blog. You will be the lead blogger, fully responsible for content and clearing comments. From time to time we will offer posts or comments, like our Captan and the Colonel of County Court, but the blog will be yours to take where you want it to go.

Requirements: You should be a practicing attorney in the REGJB. You should be able to rite real goodly. You should know the difference between a JOA and the JQC and if asked how many times Al Sepe was appointed a judge and what happened between his two appointments (ie., you should have a great knowledge of the history of our great courthouse) you should know the answer.

This is no joke. Circumstances change and we must adapt and as the weeks ahead play out it is entirely possible that we will not be able to participate in the blog. We also feel that if we had it to do over again, we would have started the blog the way DOM did it and not remained anonymous. The anonymity thing just disrupted too many people's lives and careers with wrongful accusations. This is our way of saying sorry.

Be warned that if you apply and are chosen, you may well be accused of starting the whole thing to begin with. To that end, we may have to bite the bullet and identify ourself to a person we trust, like say DOM, who could then verify the new blogger is not us. In any event, send us a short email if you are interested and we will go from there.

Salary: negotiable.

See You In Court.

PS: This is serious. Not some joke. It is no where near April 1st.


Anonymous said...

The thought of such a drastic change to the blog is frightening.

If change is coming, we have to accept, if not embrace it.

Your selection process does not call for this, but I nominate Angry Gurl to take your place. She clearly has no knowlege of the history of the REG or it's inhabitants, there is no indication she has any major accomplishments in the field of law, and she is as shallow as a puddle of coffee spilled on the steps of REG, but she sure is fun to read.

Rumpole said...

I think there would lots of funny choices but on this I am serious. I am looking for someone responsible and respected. This job is not easy and is normally thankless. The value comes from the experience in writing for the public, That has helped me greatly and without revealing too much good news, I am ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

I guess Rumpole is about to become a judge.

Rumpole said...

When Pigs fly my friend, when pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a terrible loss.

Anonymous said...

The people that post where they actually leave their names and are not afraid to speak their minds...they would be the best candidiate

Anonymous said...

No! I love Rumpy!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for All the Fish

nick basso said...

you forgot Basso (Patriots)

Anonymous said...

to 1;13, you are right phil.

Anonymous said...

A judge? Nah!! Indicted? Perhaps.

All kidding aside, do not reveal your identity.

Anonymous said...

This is a link to a crazy story about a sunrise cop w/ went
wack-o. The bottom of the Herald Story is worse than the Headline.

Sunrise cop arrested in Davie after tire-slashings

Anonymous said...

MDL for blogger

Wolfman Jack said...

Saturday Night Request --

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Anonymous said...

Please write a farewell post telling us which blogs and readers you love and will miss the most.

@10:08-- another satisfied night in Miami?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is about to be appointed Regional Counsel.

Anonymous said...


All kidding aside, your post seems rather ominous. I hope you're in good health and leaving because your time will be consumed by other opportunities.

You owe no apologies. I'm glad you posted anonymously and continue to do so for two reasons. First, it allowed you to comment freely with no reservations or fears of reprisal. Second, it allowed readers to take your comments at face value since they don't know who you are (we all have biases, friends and enemies. Anonymity eliminates the reader's ability to consider those. Sometimes that's bad; here it's been great). Phil is a big boy and survived the rumors.

You've done a terrific job with this blog and I wish you nothing but the best. I will miss your regular posts.


Anonymous said...

No one said falling in love was easy.

BTW-- Wolfman Jack-- is he still around?

Anonymous said...

Question-- Does this mean no more shumie time comments with the new blogger host?

Fake Nick Basco said...

It's nick basco, not nick basso dammit.

Anonymous said...

I have long suspected Rumpole was an assistant public defender. There is only one who comes to mind that would be witty enough to pull this off.

Pardo said...

You will be remembered.
Is that not all we can ask of this earth, my friend?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Rump is either becoming a Judge or Regional Counsel. I recall when "AL E. Gator use to call in to the talk radio sports shows. After Sloam became a judge, the calls suddenly stopped. Same with Rump.

Anonymous said...

Larry Hanfield either lied to the court about not conveying a plea offer (please, we all do that) or is an egomaniac that turned the offer down because he smugly thought he could get a better deal. No matter how you look at it, he should have his bar card shredded.

Anonymous said...

Greenwood you idiot!



Anonymous said...

typo numbnuts

Angry Gurl said...

I hate football season. I hate people who waste their time watching football and I especially hate you drunken souses who go to football games and slobber all over each other, swill beer, and stuff yourselves with food. I wish each of you the early coronary you are so rightfully entitled to and headed for.

I will shed no tears if Rumpole shuts down this blog. Boo hoo hoo, we have no where to go on line at work and trash people anonymously. Give me a break.

the only one dumber than the Regional Counsel are the morons applying for the job.

I ran 11 miles today on the beaches of Key Biscayne and then had the spa treatment at the Ritz. Then I did about 4 hours of billable work at my firm and now I am going to have 3 oz of steamed seabass, as much steamed broccoli as I want and one nice glass of red wine. I enjoy my life and treat my body like the temple it is. Go stuff another hotdog down your gullet you obese Dolphin fans. Then go belch all the way home and collapse on your couch in a hypoglycemic semi coma while you watch an additional 11 hours of football and highlights tonight. Don't forget to obsess over your fantasy football teams while stuffing your fat face with Hagen Dazs and Ring Dings. You all repulse me.

Rumpole said...

It's not really a Sunday until we receive the pleasant encyclical from AG.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw Angry Gurl running this morning. She was sticking her finger down her throat to vomit every other mile, to make sure her abs look good.

And they do. Let that be a lesson to all you other fat girls.

Watching Fins on TV said...

If they show that stupid Fiat commercial with Jennifer Lopez "dancing" again, I'm going to swim across the bay and slap her.

Anonymous said...

I will pay if Kenny Weisman takes angry gurl to dinner at whatever restaurant he frequents- Capital Grille or Mortons or what have you. They agree to meet and eat and I pay.

Anonymous said...

Prime Italian

Anonymous said...

Prime Italy

kenny eats at said...

Prime 21

Anonymous said...

Prime Italian

fake jay white said...

Chad Henne Chad Henne
at least his name ain't benny.

Anonymous said...

Outback steakhouse is where I always see him. And the turkey wing at wolfies.

Anonymous said...

He likes the Grand slammy eggs and hammy at the Ham and Eggery on 163rd street every Sunday and then hits the Donut place next door for Krispy Kreme Heaven

Anonymous said...

Subways? He pals around with that former fat guy Jared.

Robert Kuntz said...


First, I hope you’re well and the coming blog modifications are the result of good changes in your personal circumstances.

As we discussed during the symposium you “attended,” certainly there are pros and cons to an anonymous blog. But there is just as certainly a place for a blog like this, and you have always done an honorable job of managing the conflicts inherent in the exercise. Despite being a lowly civil practitioner, and even having endured the particular pleasures of being the occasional subject of commentary here during a judicial campaign, I have always (well, nearly always) enjoyed my near-daily stops here.

You’ve provided us all with a lot of entertainment and, from time to time, done us all a valuable service. I don’t think you can ask for more than that.

take the biatch for pizza said...

Cozzolis pizza. And Steves in NMB

Eye On Shumie said...

how about taking her for some pastillitos at Shumie's Cigar Emporium?

Anonymous said...

I second the Ham and Eggery. Its affordable and the gurl needs a little bacon grease to loosen her up a bit so she can have some fun.

Anonymous said...

Cozzolis or Casolas? There is a difference. And he hangs out at some puffy sobe cafe les de arts or some other fancy pancy place.

Rumpole said...

Thank you Mr. Kuntz. I am personally fine. I am not becoming a judge (thank goodness although I know you ran a very credible campaign.) I am not becoming Regional Counsel for the obvious reason that you cannot drink on the job. My change of circumstances is a good one. Just leave it that I am currently too busy to discharge my duties as unofficial blogger for the REGJB.

I think you would make an excellent choice to be the named individual who runs the blog, considering your journalistic background and all that. Any interest?

Smoke em IF YOU GOT EM said...

I say Shumies Cigar SHoope so she can put something big in her mouth... and a cigar too.

Kenneth Weisman said...

Gentlemen..How can we begin to discuss the delightful offerings at the Ham and Eggery without first mentioning the Scooby Doo Van parked out front!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Robert Kuntz said...


A flattering offer, but no, no interest at all.

And besides, I don't qualify. The only time I'm found in the Justice Building is during the rare appearance in traffic court, or if the soup of the day at ABP is especially appealing. (Well I did ONCE handle a criminal case -- I got PTI and restitution for an 81-year-old criminal mischief defendant with no prior record. That's a win, right?)

Anonymous said...

and on a lighter note:

Lawyer Alisha Smith Suspended From New York State Attorney General's Office For Moonlighting As A Dominatrix

Anonymous said...

memo to ANGRY GURL; don't chip a tooth on your vibrator.

CAPTAIN said...



The Florida Bar results are available online today to the record number of those that took the test in Tampa last July. Expect another 2,500 or so new colleagues to join our ranks in the next week.

Congratulations to all of those that passed.

Cap Out .....

South Florida Lawyers said...

Kuntz would be a fabulous choice.

This will seem odd, but I have been seriously mulling over doing the exact same thing.

Perhaps we can transition together?

"American Minority" said...

Rump I have benefited a great deal from the blog I read it every day. I hope the successor has the same compassion as you do to relay the information to the masses. I presume its a tedious as you stated you no longer have the time. I hope the bolg will be as effective under your direction. The Best,
American Minority:"Knowledge is Power" "My people perish from the lack thereof. Josea 4:6

"American Minority" said...

Dont watch much NFL however, I just finished reading Roy Black's "Blacks Law" it was a great read. I plan on reading "The Defense Never Rests" by F.Lee Bailey and a host of other books any recommendations???

Anonymous said...

Congrats to FIU on the highest Bar passage percentage in the STATE! Excellent work over there by Dean Acosta.

Anonymous said...

read F Lee Bailey's book years ago. Didnt he afmit in it that he GAVE UP / Betrayed his client to the cops ( ie the Boston Strangler) .... ?

Anonymous said...

The Assistant AGs and ASAs here will flog anyone for free as part of their job. Surprising that in NY she gets paid extra to do it.

But I guess it is true what they say, it really is more expensive to live in the city.

The real fun will be when her list of clients hits the papers. Which judge in NY runs for cover first?

George Frobisher said...

To American Minority,
Read Vince Bugliosi's "and the sea will tell" - it will give you great insight into the preparation and strategy for a seemingly impossible case, by one of the greats. Bugliosi for the defense.

Anonymous said...

WTF is going on? Why no uproar on a defense attorney blog over the fact that one of our own has so completely disgraced himself? Why does no one write about the abortion of an attorney that Larry Hanfield is? He admitted he didn't convey a plea to his client - and in the meantime his client got years in prison instead of days in jail? Oh, maybe because everyone knew that's not what happened - he just lied to the court about not conveying a plea? The whole thing stinks like a dead skunk in the Everglades in August - but the gutless spineless bench and bar do nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

To: 9:25:00 PM the know-it-all putz;

Mr. Handfield told the truth and fell on the sword for his client.

If you read the pleadings that were obtained by the Miami Herald, you would have known that the defendant and Mr. Handfield said the same thing about the plea offer.

There were other grounds for vacating the sentence that the court did not need to reach. Maybe the court would have vacated the sentence on the other grounds anyway.

Try reading and knowing what you are talking about before writing somthing.

Anonymous said...

I think Jason Grey should become the next face of the blog. He knows the history of the REG and is a very good attorney.

Anonymous said...

To Monday 10:55 pm:
first of all you should go to sleep at an earlier hour. Being up late apparently affects your ability to understand the rules of ethics that require us to convey any and all plea offers to our clients. Hanfield didn't do that (if you take him at his word). So he violated the bar rules (if you take him at his word). I keep writing "if you take him at his word" because most people that know of his reputation are reluctant to take him at his word. He is a mediocre lawyer who has cashed in on fancy suits and schmoozing and the memory of Johnny Cochran. Maybe the next time you are up so late, 10:55, you can do bed time reading of the ethics code.