Thursday, September 22, 2011


You can often tell assistant regional counsel attorneys in the hallways of the REGJB. They're the ones with the slightly defiant look, tempered by the fact they work for a man best described as a bit "mesughenah." The dead give away however is when they buttonhole you and tell you how unfair it is that the counties refuse to pay their fair share of the regional counsel's budget.

A little background is in order.

When the State Legislature formed the Regional Counsel system, someone had the bright idea of requiring the counties of Florida to pay the fixed office costs (Rent, pens, paper clips, bottles of wine) of the various regional counsel offices. The counties got together and to make a complicated legal issue simple, their response to the legislature and Regional Counsel was...well this is a family blog, so lets just say the response had the letters "F" and "U" in it.

The Regional Counsels sued and lost in state circuit court and the first district court of appeals which held the applicable part of the law requiring the counties to pay unconstitutional.

Thursday afternoon things got worse when the Florida Supreme Court upheld the first DCA's decision in favor of the counties and against the Regional Counsel offices across Florida. The decision in Lewis v. Leon County is here.

It really stinks when your boss fires your best attorneys and no one will fund you and no one cares.

See You In Court.


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Offices of the Regional Council in support of national and regional priorities and commitments. Regional prosecutors play an irreplaceable role in ensuring that legal requirements and obligations have been fulfilled.

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Not karma. The State Constitution requires that the State not counties pay for the entire courts (Justice System) of which the AG, SAOs PDs and Regionel are all a part . Simple/ The Leggies in Tally chose not to follow Revision of Art. 5 and try to illegally pass off the State expenesses to the Counties. Of Course in the mix up the agency gets F-ed.

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yup karma

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I like the wheel better before Conflict Counsel.... I was hoping it would fail..

Why We Have Regional Counsel READ said...

Yo 8:48AM

It's crooks like Attorney Karl Hall who have caused the wheel to be obsolete. Read the PDF Florida Bar complaint regards over billing, double, triple billing. When he bill's for 48 hours of work done within 24 hours.

Here read -$FILE/861499_1.PDF

That's why we have regional counsel because of crooks.