Saturday, September 24, 2011


We can't tell you who is in, but we can tell you Joe George is out. (According to reliable sources).

And so comes to an end an experiment in handing over the reins of a major criminal defense firm to a person with no experience in criminal court. From those heady early days when Mr. George was seen scurrying around the REGJB with former Judge Bruce Levy in tow, to the current turbulent times when Mr. George saw fit to gut his capital crimes unit for reasons unknown or not believable, the Joe George experiment is over. Mr. George leaves with little respect, questionable leadership skills (not to mention a burgeoning inquiry into his travel expenses) having engendered much bitterness with little bonhomie among the denizens of our humble courthouse.

Good bye Mr. George. We hardly knew ya.

JNC nominations to come...


Anonymous said...

Rumpole you magnificent bastard, you've scooped the Herald.

Anonymous said...

And Herman Cain WINS the Florida straw poll!!!!

Let's hear it for the racist Republicans!!!!

Anonymous said...

You folks don't give Joe George enough credit. He made more money in his 4 years as head of RC3 than he did in his entire law career before then.

old guy said...

Zenobi, Vrod, and Hellman are the finalists.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Toasting with a nice cabernet...

Fake Joe George said...

FROM: Joseph Penumbra George, III
To: All Media
For: Immediate release

By the power vested in me by the State of Florida, County of Dade, and by the inherent power vested in the Regional Counsel by the Federal Government, see Federalist Papers # 22, 9, 3,& 6,
Be it hereby known today that the so called Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission of Florida is hereby dissolved.

Joseph Pentacostal George, IV.
Regional Counsel Extraordinaire.

Fake Joe George said...

PS. Due to extraordinary circumstances and National Security interests, the Florida Constitution is hereby amended by me to include that the Office Of Regional Counsel, Third Region of Miami, Florida, is hereby a lifetime appointment. That is all. Everyone go back to watching porn on the web or whatever else you were doing. There's nothing more here to see. Everything is under control by the authorities, of which I am one. So go.


I mean it.

Just leave or you will be fired.

JPG, XIV, Esq. RC3 For Life.

Ivan the cutie said...

Putin back, George gone. Das Vadanya buddy boy.