Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wednesday was a weird day. Deadly fruit run amok (see below).

Convict Manuel Valle was executed.

Former Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro died.

Former Florida Governor Claude Kirk Died: "He tore down the temple of Old Florida," Reed (an advisor) said. "Gov. Reubin Askew followed him and built New Florida out of the rubble that Kirk left."

Quick thinking and well trained BSO court security personnel stopped a man entering a Broward Satellite courthouse (they prosecute sputniks there) with an automatic rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. A tragedy was averted.

If the state doesn't do it, and old age doesn't get you, your cantaloupe may do you in. Be careful of the round fruit.

We told you Wednesday was weird.

Oh yeah, Happy Rosh Hashanah


Anonymous said...

Paul Ridge & Abe Laeser for prosecution? I seem to remember them.

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk about the death penalty here lately.

Like it or not, for now it is the law here in Florida. As long as that is the case, and a "humane" method is sought, I suggest that the geniuses of Monty Python had the ultimate method, that most on death row would elect if they could. In fact, it is how I would like to go, even if not on death row.

For those who do not know of what I speak - Look for it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

any word on who the new RC will be for RC3?

Anonymous said...

Best read on DP in Florida is David Van Drehle's, Amoung the Lowest of the Low: The culture of Death Row. A "must read" if you are to enter the DP discussion in Florida.

Anonymous said...

That phenomenal interception of the gun would have never occurred in Miami-Dade County because of the foolish decision of not having law enforcement involved with entrance security.

Fake Joe George said...

From: The (crowded) desk of the most high and awesomest Regional Counsel

TO: Media

RE: You're fired.

The following individuals were fired today by the most high Regional Counsel and Governor of Florida:

1) Dolphins coach Tony Sporano
2) The gal who didn't put enough sauerkraut on my hot dog outside the office yesterday. Don't bother opening up your umbrella today honey.
3) David Ovalle with the Herald. I's had all I cans stands, and I can't stands no mo. You're out scribe boy. Go peddle your scribblings on some cheap blog.

I want the federal judiciary to know I am looking at them. This business of life time appointments doesn't fly with the most high Regional Counsel. Shape up- lower those case loads pronto, or a few of you will be hitting the street quicker than you can shepardize Marbury v. Madison.

Have a great day!
Most high and awesomest Regional Counsel for Florida's mighty third region (the big trey we call it).

JPG, Esq.

sexy blonde hottie said...

Can I just say the blog comments are never as good without the Shumie stuff.

eye On Shumie said...

Thank you sexy. Why don't you drop an email and we can meet and I can explain to you over say dinner and drinks at Trulucks the whole Shumie phenomena?

Anonymous said...

While I share Cap (and other's) respect for Rier and the SAO for their handling of the Superville case and the disdain for the detective involved, it disgusts me to see a killer go free (it always amazes me that so many ignore that fact...........this guy is being released into OUR community! How can any of us be happy about that?). Assuming what we've read is true, I hope they prosecute the detective responsible for the mess to the fullest extent of the law.


old guy said...

Rosenbaum, Laeser, and Brill v.

Georgi, Sherker, and Gottlieb.

Anonymous said...

Goldie Hawn on Morning Joe. Looks haggard. Haggard like 20 years of rough living all caught up in her mug. Still, a top shelf milf based on her history, but her face.....ugh.

Anonymous said...

She's still a hottie

angry gurl said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is happy that an alleged killer is going free. But it is only allegation. What if the reason you think he's a killer is based solely on fraudulent info and testimony that's tainted?
What if this officer had a grudge aginst other people? Innocent people. Imagine how much harm he could inflict on them with his 'power' and 'authority.' Possibly more harm than this alleged killer may cause.

Anonymous said...

Why is governor taking so long to name regional counsel's for regions 2-5? shouldn't new people be in place oct. 1? If zenobi is not in place by saturday the sky will fall, won't it rumpy?

Anonymous said...

What about the Nacy Wear case? Who no pub for her?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes I remember....I was in the Marine Stadiun in 1968 when Gov Kirk came and asked the striking teachers to boo him. They did not.
Very disliked Gov. but at that point in FLA, the old time Floridians turned from old South KKK Democratics to Nixon Republicans. Same people, same veiws just different parties. Kirk was`an Ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm not foolish enough to think the death penalty has any other legitimate purpose than for revenge. And I'm okay with that.

Anonymous said...

945...........I agree that an unscrupulous officer or prosecutor can cause incredible harm.

My point, however, is that when we praise the integrity of those who do the right thing (and we should), we must remember that there are real victims here and that the beneficiaries of such justice may be quite dangerous themselves. That's why it's hard for me to join the celebration.


Anonymous said...

Most of our criminal justice system is now vengeance based unfortunately.

When you lock up a kid, say 14 yrs old for life it serves absolutely no purpose other than cold hearted vengeance even worse than that of the original crime most times. It is saying to the kid that we do not believe you have anything that can be rehabilitated now nor any time in the future no matter what you might do for the rest of your life. Time and time again prisoners have proven that they can and do change. Several Pulitzer prizes have been won by prisoners who have admitted their crimes and have extensively written on why they did it, shown all possible remorse to the point at even the families have completely forgiven them yet the system keeps them locked up for life for no other reason than vengeance.

Death is to final to me. If a criminal is so heinous that society has no other alternatives then why not create a new Devils island or just condemn them to a concrete cell with no blankets or mattresses for vengeance if that's what we indeed really want because that would be far worse than simply inserting a needle and saying goodnight.

We really should abandon the vengeance based "criminal justice" system because it has stopped serving justice and has become "JUST US", the people who want what they want regardless of the outcome.

The same kid at 14 might as well have a bullet placed in his head as serve life in a prison because we gain absolutely nothing from this.

Maybe we should even change the name from the justice system to the vengeance system.

Let EM GO JOE said...

From The Desk of Let Em Go Joe
RE: You're Fired!

The following individuals are directed NOT to show up for work tomorrow or therebeyond:

1) Dade County Public Defenders- Regional's got it from here guys. Thanks.

2) Dade Clerk's whose last name begins with "VE" through Z. We can pare down the clerk's office and alphabetically is the fairest way to go.

3) The people who make coffee at Au Bon Pain. Everyone can carry a thermos like me.

That mean woman at the Dade County jail who gives RC3 attorneys a hard time getting in the jail. She knows who she is and she is history.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Enough is enough Your time has run out pal.

Anonymous said...

341...........there is a major national effort to refocus the justice system. Many advocates use the term, "Smart Justice" to describe it. The essential theory is that we warehouse those who we're really afraid of and work on rehabilitating the rest. Google the term. You'll see a lot out there. The cool part is that it's supported by both left and right wingers because research shows that many of the programs cut costs and reduce recidivism at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Thursday 3:41: grow up.