Monday, September 26, 2011


"The Office was run like a police state": That was Candidate Gene Zenobi to the JNC Saturday about the Regional Counsel Office run under Joe George. The Herald's David Ovalle's article is here.

A police state that frowned on wine.

Meanwhile Joe George fired back stating that the firing of Zenobi had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Zenobi filed to replace him. In the movie, Mr. George will be portrayed by Claude Rains, who is best known for his portrayal of Captain Renault in Casablanca.

According to Ovalle, JNC member Bob Butterworth had to this to say about the employee Mr. George fired:

As the interview concluded, committee member Bob Butterworth, former Florida Attorney General, praised Zenobi.

“If governor selects you, I believe you can change the agency,” Butterworth said. “You are able to attract people of the very highest quality who would like to get back into public service.”

The three candidates have flown to Tallahassee. They have met with the Governor's legal counsel and his assistant. So far all the smoke from the Capital has been black.

We are waiting and watching.

Judge Bill Altfield:
Feel good story of the year as former Bailiff (and former prosecutor) Bill Altfield is robed and announced on his first day on the job by his dad, who also happens to be a retired bailiff. The Herald article is here.


Anonymous said...

what bullshiy. read the story and see its the insurance comps behinnd this.

Hialeah police to arrest drivers with fake insurance cards
Read more:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't read the end of the article:

"The use of fake or fraudulent insurance cards adversely affects all drivers in Florida, police say.

Costs incurred during accidents involving uninsured motorists are eventually passed on to legal drivers, either through out-of-pocket expenses or higher insurance rates to recover losses, according to a department news release."

I know your heart bleeds for these people, but I've been rear ended on 4 occasions by mopes with no insurance. F them and F you.

Anonymous said...

has the new pope been named

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to learn there is drinking going on in this establishment! Here is your scotch Mr. George.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. Atfield, the dad. He must be so proud!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tuesday, September 27, 2011 4:59:00 AM

Stop slamming on the breaks like the Ass you are. Maybe after the second scooter slamming into your back end would be a clue that you can't Freakin drive.

Really rear ended by four, dumb ASS.

Anonymous said...

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Those $%#@%$%^*(
but No Thank you

CAPTAIN said...



Great work by criminal defense lawyer extraordinare Andrew Reir on a homicide case. Charges were dismissed today by the SAO as the result of the conduct by the lead detective. Kudos to KFR's office for doing the right thing in this case. Doubt we would ever see anything like that happen North of the Border.

The MH covers it here:

Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped a murder charge against a Miami-Dade man after a second handwriting expert concluded that the case’s lead detective provided key evidence in the case that was forged.

Read more:

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Police state?

Secret Judge said...

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the ethical lapses being committed by our local police officers on an almost daily basis. It does not bode well for our legal system in the immediate future. When a 4 year college degree becomes a requirement to serve as a police officer, many (but not all) of these people will be weeded out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should talk about the local ICE head instead of Valle.

Suspended top immigration official arrested on Internet child-porn charges...
Authorities arrested the suspended South Florida chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on charges of trafficking child-porn images over the Internet

Read more: