Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy not coming, but on our readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable."
Sun Tzu.

The Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) has seen fit to move up the interviews for the embattled Regional Counsel position to Saturday September 24, 2011. The JNC will then announce the nominations at the end of the day. Those nominated will appear in Tallahassee on the following Monday, September 26, 2011 at 2:30 PM for a meeting with the Governor.

The Governor and his cabinet will then meet until the time the traditional white smoke from the Capitol heralds the appointment of a new Regional Counsel.

The rumor: That the Governor requested the JNC to move up the date based on complaints about the current Regional Counsel (Motto: "You're fired!") from certain individuals in Miami known to wear a black robe while at work.

The Skinny: This cannot be good news for Mr. George. An objective view of this is that the Governor was close to removing "Mr. Fire em all" and instead asked the JNC to move quickly so the man can be summarily replaced.

"Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
*Shemp, The Three Stooges Go to China

*not really- that was Sun Tzu too.


CAPTAIN said...

Reprinted with permission from The Captain



He may not be much of a prognosticator, having chosen the Dolphins in the first week of the Suicide Pool, but he sure can write.

Check out Marshall Dore Louis' excellent prose at the DOM Federal Blog as Dore reviews last evening's Federalist Society panel discussion entitled:

"War Zone or Crime Scene: Walking the Tightrope of Justice Ten Years After September 11th."

Great job Dore!

Cap Out .....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 6:13:00 PM

Anonymous said...

like the white smoke bit, 'In the shoes of the Fisherman' n all.. good literary use old chap

Rumpole said...

DS- I didn't think it was necessary to go into the obvious.
But it is well known that upon being selected Regional Counsel history and tradition dictates that the Governor approach the one selected and ask him if he will accept being the Vicar of Bennet. The traditional response is "accepdito", upon which the ring of Hubbart is slipped upon the new RC's finger and he is taken through the Door of Tears and Fears where three sizes of the traditional vestment await. The new RC dons the vestments and appears on the proch of the capital while the assistant secretary of Agriculture makes the following announcment: "We have a New Regional Counsel."

Its all very traiditonal and secretive and historic if not folkloric.

Anonymous said...

Is it true out of state defendants are no longer able to obtainPTI?

Anonymous said...

who is the enemy in the process to select a new head of a criminal defense office? I am confused. There are 16 applicants, george and the one who is not a member of the florida bar are out. anyone with insignificant criminal law experience, based upon the experiment with george over the last 4 years is out, anyone outside of miami, given the quality of the sao, pd, judges and expectations of clients not to mention ethnic and racial issues and things like corrupt cops and politicians is out and should narrow it down to about 5 candidates. what do the robed ones want? since the state is in a budget crisis perhaps an issue should be, since all the applicants are lawyers with no real management experience, what have you done in your career that demonstrates an ability to work on a budget and manage without much supervision and multitask. it seems that the death penalty issue is paramount on the minds of many but correct me if I am wrong but does that only represent a fraction of the caseload, perhaps not budget, but how many death penalty cases are there and are they not the cases that drag on for years ( 5 years to get a death penalty case to trial-valle 33 years on death row)? perhaps the office needs someone to concentrate on 25 felony divisions, juvenile and dependency, and have a couple of experienced death penalty attorneys but not make that the focus of an office with thousands of cases a year. what do blog readers think, or is it time to talk about wine?

Anonymous said...

You are way off with regards to the process of selection of a new RC.

Governor's aide places photos of candidates on wall. Governor is blindfolded and spun around three times by another aide. Governor throws dart at wall (as aides duck in fear.) Verification that dart has hit a candidate. Governor approves any former prosecutor.

The end.

BTW- He throws like a girl.

Rumpole said...

8:57 NOT TRUE: An out of state defendant may enroll in PTI upon completion of certain simple steps:

1) Certification of the attorney general of the United States that the client does not represent a terroristic threat to the country; 2) A signature by President Obama and Dick Cheney and the statute requires they sign "simultaneously" and thus must be in the same room at the same time; 3) Approval by the state committee of North Korea; 4) Approval by Don Shula; 5) Payment of court costs and fees in Ri Stones which is a large stone currency used only on the isle of Yap. The clerk requires exact payment and will not make change in Ri.

See how simple it is?

blonde blog goddess said...

Rumpole- you're in rare form today and that turns me on.

Anonymous said...

Great quote by Sun Tsu, but obviousy he never defended a DUI or Battery in Dade.

Planning for the other side not to appear is a perfectly viable defense.

Anonymous said...


Joseph George is just simply a retard and a Narcissist.

Just spend five minutes with him and you will notice; he just loves to talk and talk about himself. Everyone pretends to like him but everyone just really truly detests him. His is not respected by many of his peers and even his staff. There is truly little regard as to his intellect and personality. The guy was not even known of before getting appointed and honestly, I feel he does not stand a chance against any of the other candidates. He just got this position because no one wanted it. He does not even have criminal law experience. There is no possible way the Governor would go through all this hassle to appoint the same person. This office really needs better representation and management. They have excellent attorneys and staff that needs to be better guided and represented by a humane and competent individual. This man is not, trust me! He does not stand a chance.

I am sure, that from the list, many of these applicants are well equipped and qualified to take on this position. Nevertheless, I think Eugene Zenobi is the ideal person. The man is down to earth, extremely intelligent, had down packed many years of excellent experience and above all he is one of the most compassionate and kind persons I have even met. His recent firing from RC is just Joseph George screaming INSECURITIES. I am not sure how he does not see this as obvious. He is just plan stupid.

A change is needed internally in this and Zenobi and many other of the candidates can provided. The staff and attorneys of this office are screaming inside for a change. It is very customary of this office to just fire people when things don’t go their way. Like an earlier read comment, not much of what goes on in the inside is known and should be greatly known because Joseph George and his management team run that office unfairly and treat everyone including the attorneys very maliciously and with very little respect. No one deserves this type of treatment.

Bad karma will soon get to Joseph George “Mr. All Powerful Mighty” and his phony management team.

Anonymous said...

to 1053. i have it on good authority that you are quite mistaken. in fact it is well known that the governor hates lawyers and he will allow his chief of staff to throw the dart and the governor, with presidential ambitions, would never allow himself to be blindfolded. he does however operate the turntable and play the hokey pokey song during the selection by dart process.

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, PTI is available and nothing special for an out of state defendant?

Anonymous said...

Steve grossbard is one of th 16 to be interviewed. He was a State Attorney and was in charge of the Child Support Enforcement division of the State Attorneys office. He has the expierance of dealing with budget and all related management issues. He is also very familiar with juvenile dependency and deliquency matters. He has the brains to hire the right attorneys for the criminal divisions. He is a very reasonable attorney and will make the necessary changes to R3C.

Anonymous said...

The Isle of Yap reference...hmmmm. Very Very Rothenberry.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Mr. George would have been placed in the sedia stercoraria and appropriately tested, the Office wouldn't be in this mess!!

(Google, my friends!)