Sunday, September 25, 2011



Karma baby- George fires Zenobi for no reason, and Zenobi nominated to replace him. We eagerly await comment from the outgoing Regional Counsel.

While the JNC debates important issues, neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of Regional Counsel shall stay this blogger from the swift completion of his appointed post.

The Chargers are clearly the favourite pick this week of the survivors. Last week's picks in parenthesis: ( your pick here )

The headline today reads: "16Players-4 picks!"

WEEK THREE: The following survivors have picked the Chargers: Colby(NE), Plea D(Lions), Brian Freedman(Lions), Rick Freedman (Lions), Nick Basco with a C (Steelers), Dan Lurvey (Lions ) , Feet of Clay Kaeiser(Steelers), Michael Grieco(Steelers), and AdamT2 (Steelers).

Btdt(Jets) and Peter Sautter (Steelers) and Robert Kuntz (Lions) picks the Patriots-loss for all three- while Michael Feiler (Packers) and Wesiman Enterprises (Saints) and Juan Gonzalez (who did verify with us he sent a pick for the JETS last sunday in the early am) go with the Steelers over the struggling Colts on the Sunday night game.

And Cary Clennon (Lions) wins the Rumpole "go it alone award" for selecting the Titans.

Looking for a little action? Keep your eyes on the home town fish. They play much better on the road and they're getting 2.5 to 3 visiting the Browns. Miami is a better team than their record indicates. Take the Pack over the slumping Bears and give the 4 on the road and take the home town Rams getting 4 from the Ravens and the over 41. Love the under 48 in the Philly/Giants matchup. Ditto the under 53 in the Bills/Cheaters dance in Buffalo. Also like the over 41 in the Jets visit to Oakland and like the Raiders getting 3 to 3.5 at home to stun the strutting men in green.

Still waiting for the JNC to verify the nominees for Regional Counsel.


CYA said...

I'm calling the Shumie on Joe George. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Anonymous said...

I was an applicant to the 3rd Dca regional counsel job and received an email that the following 3 are to be in Tallahassee at 2;30 pm Monday at the office of the goveror, unless it has been amended, and presumably he will interview them and pick one: 1. gene zenobi 2. shari vrod 3. kevin hellman. No abe laesar, 30 years in the gerstein building and respected by all, no greg brown-10 years as sapd doing the most complicated non-death penalty cases and nominated for awards by facdl 3 times, and apparently no former prosecutors which is a change in the governor's strategy.

Anonymous said...

Come on. This one is and has always been a no brainer for Zenobi.

makin flow said...

Took your advice Rump and the Fins +2.5 and the raiders/jets over 41 (already paid off in 4th Q) and the Raiders +3 at home- ( leading by 14).

Grateful said...

just to give you props, you also nailed the under in the Giants/Philly game, got the Pack -4 right and lost the under Bills/Pats, and the Rams over the Ravens. You're still in the over 41 for the Rams/Ravens. By my count you won 5, lost 1, and might win a sixth to go 6-7 picks. The Old Rump is back!!!

MADD Sucks said...

MADD ought to be ashamed letting the SAO buy them off for the Back on Track program.

The link is to last year's stats on DUI arrests. Miami-Dade isn't in the top 20.

Anonymous said...

Still don't believe the Bills are for real...........