Friday, April 06, 2007


Our friends at CBS 4 have a video on their website on how to act when stopped by a police officer and how to get out of a traffic ticket.

To summarize:

When Stopped by a Metro Dade Police Officer, it is recommended to fold the fifty behind the license and place the thumb over the money and the forefinger over the license. Hand the license to the officer and discretely slide the currency into the officer’s palm. Those of you that have been to Joes and not waited long for a table know how to do it.

When stopped by the City Of Miami or Miami Beach, it is appropriate to immediately advise the officer of any special medical conditions so that they may beat you in a manner that does not aggravate the injury. The City of Miami Beach specifically recommends that you place your wallet in your hand and curl into a fetal position. When the “appropriate amount of force necessary to subdue the unruly motorist” has been applied, Miami Beach requests that the payment to the officer be proffered prior to the arrival of Fire Rescue.

Hialeah and many departments in Broward like to taser their drivers as a way of “warming up” the parties, however quick thinking motorists can negotiate a lower voltage with a private chat with the officer before the taser is used.

Here are a few other “Do’s” and “Don’ts”:

Do: alert the office to any unusually large amount of drugs or money in the car.

Don’t: offer to split the dope with the cop.

Do: Comment on the professionalism and courtesy the officer exhibits when you are pulled over.

Don’t: mention Rodey King, Arthur McDuffie, Officer Lozano, Johnny Cochran, or any type of Ticket Clinic.

On a serious note, we recognize that the “average traffic stop” can become one of the most dangerous situations for a police officer. We always go out of our way to advise clients to be nothing but polite and respectful to police officers (but to never make any statement under any circumstances.)


Channel 4 also reported here
LEIFMAN that the Florida Supreme Court has appointed Judge Steve Leifman as Special Advisor regarding Florida's treatment of mentally ill inmates. This has always been a special cause to Judge Leifman and we applaud his efforts. Memo to Channel 4- just call Rumpole to find out the correct spelling of Judge Leifman's name.

Passover is upon us and Easter Sunday looms a few days away.

While the courts are closed and many of us have the day off, perhaps this is a good time to reflect on the fact that we are still a country at war. There are American Men and Women away from their families during this holiday season putting their lives on the line so that others may be free. No matter your opinion about keeping troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, we went into those countries so that their citizens did not have to live under the yoke of oppressive dictators or gangs. Here’s our simple prayer that our soldiers return to their families as quickly and safely as possible.

See You In Court Monday, unless we get a stopped for speeding on the way.


jonathan blecher said...


you often hit all cylinders on many front page topics/editorials but the traffic stop satire was crass, cheap and off the mark.

sure, i realize that it was your attempt at "humour", but humor is most effective when there is more truth than fiction in it. the few situations of police misconduct that gave rise to your posting don't justify the cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

you are a funny guy. don't ever let anyone tell you different.

Rumpole said...

7:59 am- I recognize that humor may sometimes offend. After initially reviewed my post, I added the paragraph about traffic stops being dangerous because in my career here I have personally known officers killed or injured at traffic stops and I recognize that they put their life on the line every time they walk up to a vehicle.

I recognize your comments and they are legitimate. However, the other side of the coin is that every week in my office I have clients- many of them upstanding people with no priors detailing encounters with police officers in which they were treated rudely or injured. Don't forget that amazing video series where people tried to file complaints and were harassed and threatened by police officers. In the end, sometimes humor helps, sometimes it hurts. I strive for the former and to avoid the latter.

spicoli said...

$100's work better at Joe's. $20's work better with the Fuzz --cheaper and dirtier than ever. No you can't paint a canvas with one brush stroke, but the beatdown the bartender took in Chicago is not just an isolated incident. There are more than a few rotten tomatos.

Fact: Humor, big breasts, and respect for the officer gives one the best chance.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Q. Everybody knows the Q you are referring to is Alan Quentin Shuminer, whose close friends call him Q. And while he is a great lawyer, he did not trya DUI with one hand behind his back. Leave Shumie alone!

Anonymous said...

Rump, to heck with your cop humor...

What's with "we went into those countries so that their citizens did not have to live under the yoke of oppressive dictators or gangs"?

You're kidding, right? More satire, perchance?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Q is Alberto Quirantes.

Anonymous said...

Screw the Q , Forget the Q ,get more hairplugs for the Q

Anonymous said...

I think it is humorous that Leifman gets to head a Committee to direct people he has never truly helped as a Judge in Miami-Dade. How Ironical.

Can we now say that he really works part-time as a Judge or are Hector and De La O going to file complaints.

Captain Wallace Burton "Old Leadbottom" Binghamton said...

everyone knows that the Q is LCDR Quinton McHale.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when judicial candidates have to qualify? The law clerks are planning a party once Abby Cynamon leaves and the hazmat team removes the residual evil from her room.

Anonymous said...

MY clients always cooperate w/ the cops. Just check the aforms & depos: My coopertive guy/girl just tell the cops they are holding or better still just throw the drugs down at their feet the moment an officer begins a citizen encounter

rick freedman said...

to 9:25 PM yesterday:

I have to respectfully disagree with you on your statement about the qualities of Judge David Miller.

I will not argue with you if your opinion is limited to his work while in criminal court. But, for the past 15 months, he has been assigned to the civil courthouse and he is doing a great job.

I spent three weeks with him, in February, when I tried my wrongful death case before him. We spoke during many of the breaks about the time he spent over at the REGJB.

He spent 20 years as an insurance defense attorney at Stephens, Lynn and had never been in criminal court. He enjoyed the experience there, about as much as you all enjoyed his being there.

I can tell you that his overall opinions changed greatly from the time he began until the time he finished his stay in criminal. He became increasingly frustrated with some of the testimony he was hearing from some police officers and also from the lack of experience of the ASA's.

In our case, he was excellent. His interaction with the jury, the attorneys, and the witnesses, was always professional. There were many, many legal rulings that he had to make both pretrial and during the trial - and he was always up on the caselaw. He always gave us the chance to change his mind.

He is also a very hard worker; gets to the courthouse by 8:00 am every morning and works later than most (sometimes too late as we were in trial well past 6:00 pm on at least three days that I can remember). So nobody can accuse him of not being dedicated to his job.

He is clearly much more "at home" and in his enviroment at 73 West Flagler.

Rick Freedman

Anonymous said...

Saturday night 8:30-9:30 WLRN radio, Sam Slom hosts the Miami Legal Power Hour. This weeks topic: " Judicial Emails- Private or Public?"

Anonymous said...

Was that the Q picking up the tab at Christys Thursday for a big legal pow-wow on 3rd DCA and Circuit court nominations?

Rumpole said...

Here's the deal- rewrite your criticism of the attorney and leave out the attack on his physical attributes and I will post it. Your current version has been rejected.

Anonymous said...

If Miller is so great then riddle me this- why did he come to the REGJB and continually announce to anyone and everyone that he was going to sentence everyone to the top of the guidelines so he could be known as "maximum miller"? That is the hallmark of an inexperieced and insecure Judge.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read the book CRAZY: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness by Pete Earley. Judge Leifman is referred to, and praised throughout the book. Others who will stay nameless (they operate ALF's) do not make out so well. The book is a fascinating, abeit disturbing view into our mental health facilities at the DCJ.

Ian Flemming said...

Isn't the Q Jonathan "Q" Blecher a.k.a. Major Boothroyd?

Rumpole said...

For those of you whose comments were not posted, perhaps you will stop wasting your time accusing people of drug use, or calling them nasty names. As you can see, they are not posted, nor will they be posted.