Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The other day we inquired about this gent Bob Levy. He has been mentioned of late in the comments section. He is apparently a political consultant much active in the judicial election fray.

We received this email (edited by Rumpole) in answer to our question:

Rumpole - the "thing" about Levy is that he is responsible for such bright minds as Peter Adrien, Barbara Areces, Sarah Zabel, Judy Rubenstein, Ana Pando and Will Thomas. In the last elective cycle he alienated himself from Al Lorenzo because Al found him to be too dishonest and too unethical. Now that is the pot calling the kettle black. Levy's influence over the judges throughout the system makes him the subject matter of this blog and any discussion regarding the administration of justice in Miami-Dade County.

Rumpole responds: putting aside the under-handed compliment about the above named Judges, we agree that political consultants who are hired by judges or judicial candidates are fodder for this blog. Lord knows one JA -cum-consultant made the pages of this blog last election cycle as frequently as Paris Hilton makes the pages of the National Enquirer.

The individual who left the above comment went on to write that Mr. Levy uses the familiar yet odious tactic of running individuals against Judges who do not hire him. Judges Adrien and Areces defeated very experienced judges. While both of these Judges are very pleasant to deal with on the bench, our limited experience leads us to conclude, in our own personal opinion, that the voters did not make the correct choice. Our own firm opinion is that the bench is not the place to get experience. It is the place to dispense justice based on experience. Ergo, a Judge who lacks experience cannot complete the equation.

However, the issue at hand is political consultants and whether they “threaten” judges to hire them, lest they run other candidates against them.

Having approved Mr. Levy as “blog worthy”, and despite the fact that Mr. Levy occupies one of the very small gaps of knowledge we have about any and all things, we invite comments on him, his profession, and the troubling topic of political consultants who make judges miserable. (hmm….perhaps we have overreacted. If someone makes a judge miserable, well, lets just say that cowpoke is drinking for free when we are around.)


Speaking of threats, we are about to go to war with our own beloved Miami Herald.
For a few weeks we did not get our morning paper. The Times carried us through the tough spots, but who can live for more than a few weeks without Joan Fleishman telling us who is divorcing whom, and how much the attorneys are getting?

So we picked up the phone and made a call. And lo and behold, the morning paper arrived…and arrived. Now we were getting two a day.

Being greener than Al Gore, we began to fret about the harm to the environment our multiple papers were causing. So we fired off an email, and followed it up with a well placed phone call…and you guessed it- we started getting four a day. Now, living a few weeks without the damsel of dirt giving us the dish is one thing---but getting a daily dose of two national headlines interspersed with a hundred and ten pages of Burdine ads to the power of four, is quite another thing.

Sooooooo….account number in hand we asked (nicely) to speak with a supervisor.

Then, in broken Spanish, we demanded (not as nicely) to speak with a supervisor who spoke English, not that we had any trouble saying “No deseo cuatro heralds diarios” ….and…this past weekend, on Sunday…the big Herald Day….SIX PAPERS ARRIVED.

Now, luckily, our Herald delivery lad is not familiar with Fibonacci number sequences, or the entrance to our abode would soon be blocked with ads for Best Buy. But, and correct us if we are wrong, we sense a disturbing trend here. It may just be that the karma of the universe is equaling out our jibes at Judges Adrien and Areces. And it is the universe's role in this expanding mystery that has us worried.

M Theory in physics is currently attempting to account for the proposed "dualities" of string theory. M Theory has succeeded in "unifying" five superstring theories. And string theory proposes to unite the division between the large universe (General Relativity) and the super small universe (Quantum Mechanics).

This seemingly irreconcilable division occupied most of the rest of Albert Einstein's life after he proposed general and special relativity during his Annus Mirabilis .
[On a related topic, we believe Judges Slom and Blake are on their own "Einsteinan" quest to unite Circuit Court (large scale ineptitude ) and County Court (small scale ineptitude)]

Now here is what keeps us up at night: For String Theory to unite the two major prongs of cosmology, it must have strings that vibrate in at least ten separate dimensions. We can't even imagine the number of Heralds that are currently arriving at our doorstep in the other seven dimensions.

But we intend to do something about it.

Even if it means writing nicer comments about certain Judges.

See you in court, handing out the Herald.


Anonymous said...

These are the judges and candidates for Circuit Court that hired Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy for the 2006 elections. Most incumbents paid each consultant $5,000 before the qualifying date, while some paid more money, apparently to keep Al and Bob from working for possible opponents:

Miller, David C.
Lederman, Cindy S.
Young, David H.
Cardonne Ely, Gisela
Glazer, Mindy S.
Velis, Josie Perez
Echarte Jr., Pedro P.
Korvick, Maria M.
Schwartz, Lawrence 'Larry'
Venzer, Ellen Sue
Rothenberg, Arthur
Lando, Maxine Cohen
Leban, Mark King
Dennis, Maria Espinosa
Pereyra-Shuminer, Cristina
Gross, Maynard 'Skip'
Leesfield, Ellen L.
Brown, Joel H.
Platzer, Victoria
Blake, Stan
Manno Schurr, Valerie R.
Marin, Antonio "Tony"
Mendez, Marisa Tinkler

Langer, Lester hired Bob Levy but did not hired Al Lorenzo.

Here is the list of candidates http://election.dos.state.fl.us/cand/CanList.asp, click on the names to see the campaign reports.

In addition, many of the candidates and judges also hired Armando Gutierrez and Susan Fried.


County Court candidates and judges who hired Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy:

Shirlyon J. McWhorter
Mary Jo Francis
Samuel Joseph "Sam" Slom
Robin Faber
Luise Krieger Martin
Victoria del Pino
Ana Maria Pando (Bob Levy)
Stephen T. Millan
Steve Leifman
Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer
Andrew "Andy" Hague
Linda Singer Stein
Darrin P. Gayles
Maria Ortiz
Migna Sanchez-Llorens
Catherine M. Pooler
Myriam Lehr
Caryn Canner Schwartz
Bronwyn Catherine Miller
Bonnie Lano Rippingille
Larry King
Jose L. Fernandez

Most of the incumbents paid $5,000 to Lorenzo and Levy each to keep opposition away. This fee is a "bargain" compared to the $15,000 charged by Susan Fried and Armando Gutierrez to incumbents.

Anonymous said...

To respond to questions about the DUI power ratings- they are 100% objective. We used a patented double sampling computer algorythym that has over 102 variables and computes the rating on a daily basis. Then we take the median of the averages, throwing out the higest and lowest individual number, and voila: you have your weekly power rating. The power ratings should be used in conjunction with reviewing the lawyers' other credentials. As the bar says- choosing a lawyer is an important task...blah blah ..blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Its great that Levy help the people that put him away in the slammer for 2 years...Yes this way he wont have to worry the next time he has some illegal trick up his sleeve...THESE JUDGES SHOULD UNITE AND PUBLICLY ASK FOR THERE MONEY BACK AND NEVER HIRE THERE CORRUPTORS AGAIN AND IF THEY REFUSE, WE START A RECALL PROCESS ON THEM AND ALL OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIALS WHO HIRED LEVY AND COMPANY..

Anonymous said...

Very funny post. reminded me of the book "six easy pieces."

Anonymous said...

12:09 - Thank you Bob Levy for the list of your "clients". We note that many were unopposed because they paid your fee. Blackmail is still blackmail and simply because you count them as "clients" makes you none the less sleazy and a pox upon our judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Judge JB Cohen had better cough up at least $20-K for levy in 08.

Do I hear the D'Arce trian a coming .......

Anonymous said...

Bob Levy and Al Lorenzo perform a service for a fee, just like the lawyers who practice before the judges they help elect. Some of their candidates won, some lost, just like the clients of the lawyers who practice before the judges they help elect. They get hired because they help get people elected. Not just judges but other candidates in other races too. They know what they're doing and do it well. If you think they shouldn't be helping judges then you should consider changing the system of how judges become judges. Until you do, they will continue to be hired. Deal with it.

We Who Labor Here Seek Only the Truth said...

Rumpole - you're giving away so much info about yourself for free! I'll be on the lookout for someone in trial on a DWLS or, in the spirit of fun, a prostitution case with a stack of Heralds. Keep the hints coming.

Anonymous said...

I saw Jimbo Best in the Justice Building today. He's like Rocky in Rocky IV. The aging champion training hard to hold on to his title. This DUI stuff is fascinating and moving.

Anonymous said...

F Jimbo...what about Blecher? Crafty. Uses the ropes. Fakes left and right. A value pick at 7. Comes from Essen and Essen. Gator. All the right stuff. He should be number one.

Fake Rumpy said...

By the power vested in me by Stan Blake, I hereby order and adjudge that all stupid comments about DUI power rankings cease and Desist immediately!

Done and ordered, this 24 day of April, 2004 in Miami, Dade County, Florida.

H. Rumpole
Blogger extraordinare.

Rumpole said...

2:32: I haven't tried a DWLS case since C.P. Ruberia. WHo I am sure is well before your time.

I don't think I ever tried a prostitution case.

But a good ol fashion money laundering with some Miami boyz in...woops. can't give out the exact location. Well,, those I do pretty well with. But keep looking for me on 5 or 6, and I'll just be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Anonymous said...

This Saturday night...one performance only.. at South Florida's famous Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, Rumpole in


One performace only. Call ticketmaster for tickets.


hey rumpole - can you or a blogger let us know who the 3rd DCA JNC sent out as nominees for the vacancy? this could be an important swing of power on the 3rd. i hear that a mr. sanchez has the spot and is supported by many of the members of the judiciary and the jnc. anyone know him?

Anonymous said...

At leats levy is not working for a Judge as a JA why getting campaign work.

Now back to JB Cohen and the $20-K needed for Levy.

Not on a high horse said...

I, too, have tired of the constant chest-thumping as to who is a better lawyer, and who is someone's mind's "top ten," as if the lawyer and his ego is paramount and wins cases. Let's be careful not to forget our humility and the honor it really is to be able to help people in their times of need. Hopefully, we all do it the best way we all know how.

Anonymous said...

Trivia for Justice Building old timers: What did the initials C and P stood for in Judge C. P. Rubiera's name?

Spicoli said...

Well kiss my grits Rumpole! Money? Poliics? That never happens. I guess we should attack Obama, Clinton, Rudy and McCain. Wake up. Money drives politics and politics is what it is. If you have the stones to run, then you've gotta be ready to throw 'em around.

Second Best Guess said...

Look for Rumpole in trial before Judge Highsmith.

Anonymous said...

A belated expression of gratitude to Patricia Gladson, Esq., who was honored by Chief Judge Farina as Employee of the Year for Administrative Office of the Courts.

Anonymous said...

I've known Bob Levy for 30 years, he's a nice guy, He paid his debt, made good legally. What's the beef. just because someone doesn't like what/who his clients are, or what thery do or stand for? Who hasn't represented someone who others don't like or go on to behave in a way thats not fair/good,etc? What Defense Attorney hasn't heard "How can you represent... "?
I agree that some of our elected officials (JUDGES INCLUDED) are not shall we say, serving in the best of the public interest. Also DADE politics are ruff & tumble, always have been. Though we also have had great elected officials: Claude Pepper, Wm. Leyman, Ben Shepard, Chuck Hall. I know old names, but I've seen the good & The bad. I don't what to be accused of sucking up by naming my 2 old freinds in the State Senate.The people get the government they deserve or allow, unfortunately.Don't like it RUN for Office. Or atleast get out the vote!
The cheap shots about my Dad, in prior days comments, are uncalled for, esspecially by dicksheads who will not even sign their own names.
Yes My Father led the Teachers Union (CTA/UTD) in Dade for almost 30 years. Unlike Tornillo my Dad lived in a house he owned w/ my Step-Mom . Thery had a mortgage, the UTD didn't pay their living expenses like the T's. Unlike the Tornillo's who owned two (2) houses in Tallahassee and Two (2) Beach houses on St. George's Island; The only other "Land" my Dad owned was a burial plot. He Did Not go the the Far East nor on Safari to Africa, like the T's, who went on the UTD dime. He didn't go at all. When he retired he lived on his Social Security and his FLA Teacher's Retirement. His UNION Pension never was paid ( after 30 years working 60 hrs/wk), The UTD Union Pension Fund was eaten up by Tornillo, used supposedly to cover up he was driving the Union into Bankruptcy.
My Dad's been dead 4 years now, so if you want to say something about me do so, but have the good grace or atleast the common curtusy to leave the dead old man out of it.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

Hi. I always thought that String Theory has Eleven ( 11 ) total dimentions, not 10. Unless you meant ours and 10 others? To Unify Newton/Einstein Physics [ the Macro] w/ Quontom Mechs { the Micros} is till an evolving science. Perhaps someday it will not only be resolved but tested? Then again, perhaps you can calculate both the movement/placement/placement and speed of an sub-atomic particle, atom, molicule? Then we can tackle FTL travel ( Not according to Albert E.)?
D. Sisselman
D. sisselman

Rumpole said...

You know whats great about moderation? I just received and posted all 10 comments. Not one stupid one among them.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole...I have had it with the Dewey Decimal System. I mean it. Enough is enough. Can you help me get rid of this abomination?

Anonymous said...

Where in the world is John J. Wilson?

Anonymous said...

Found a pair of eyeglasses in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Those 5 grand paid to Lorenzo and Levy and those 15 grand paid to Fried and Gutierrez by the sitting judges smack of protection money.

Spicoli said...

Whoa Man,
Even moi? The hell are you drinking Rump? I spelled a word wrong.

Heat in Six.

Most are asleep when I turn off moderation. I like the intermediate scrutiny and writing about what I choose. This is a fine middle ground too. So is Mr. Markus's blog. I'm still bummed no one got the Jack The Ripper Trivia.

Ok, I'm off to my van with past unknown actors to check if the FCC changes their policy regarding violence and language on TV.

Back To The Past.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you are a double standard person. You are your own worst enemy. Stop it and tell the truth. Levy is a jerk. Night.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole must be experiencing a special kind of symmetry called supersymmetry, which means for every phonecall (concerned caller that transmits a force) there is a corresponding bozo on the other end of the phone (speciman that takes up space and sends out two more newspapers). So supersymmetry relates these particles that transmit forces to the particles that make up matter. Get out your particle accelerators, his newspaper dilemna may be evidence of high energy supersymmetry!

Cory Phaeus

Batman said...

Rumpole and Sisselman

Bob Levy is not a nice guy. He is nasty and vindictive. He has for no better reason than not getting paid by a judge put opponents he knows can not win against that judge just to make their life miserable, make them spend money, and send a message to the others what he can do.

The worst part is that he, like many of his ilk, have turned our judges into politicians. Many of them are so busy keeping their jobs that they don't know how (or won't) do their jobs. I spoke with a former judge the other day who theorized that the problem with the justice system (criminal and civil) is not the lawyers. He said "They are only the symptom. The real infection is the judges. It is the tail wagging the dog."

Many are weak, scared and incapable of decision making. Imagine that, you run for a position whose major job description is to make decisions and you are paralyzed from doing that by fear, ignorance or just a lack of life and professional experience. If you think it is bad in criminal, you ought to go to the civil side, where when things get a little tough and a judge has to rule against some lawyers, they say, "Guys take it outside and get some agreement on this motion." Excuse me judge but if we could agree we would not be here!!

What does anyone in their early thirties know about life? Because you have birthed (not raised) a child or worked as an attorney for 6 years or sold Amway because you cannot make it as a lawyer or lived on the public t-t as a government lawyer, you think you know what it takes to make decisions that can effect the entirety of someone's life.

These are the type of people that Levy and those like him chose to run for judge. They make politicians out of them and put them up, not because they are qualified, but because they can "win" and can afford to pay.

Elections and the people who feed off of them have been the downfall of the quality of our bench and will continue to deteriorate that bench for their own profit and gain. And when they play the game the way Levy does, it reduces those candidates and judges to hardcore, win at all cost, damn the ethics politicians.

Levy is bad because he has no morals and values worth talking about. He has played dirty tricks, lied, and ignores what little ethical standards his compatriots espouse. Not that any of the others are worth their weight in cow dung, but this one is the bottom of the manure pile.

Anonymous said...

The notion that Dennis Murphy won without any consultants is the most interesting comment on this blog, ever.

Let's explore that.

And yes "consultants" "smack of protection money." They are not consultants, they are henchmen. Everyone knows that. Ask any sitting judge what any consultant has "consulted" them about.

Anonymous said...

Batman, you're an idiot. And likely a former candidate who lost. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Burdine's has been gone for years now. They must be delivering old back issues and you're not bothering to read them.

Anonymous said...

Batman you must be really experienced in Dade County politics.

fake Chris Pracitto said...

Rumpole, only you can help me. I have a client implicated in the Scatina bust out and the Bevalaqua murder and I want to bring you in on this with me. I feel its a little over my head. Please call me. The Scatina bust out has some airline tickets bought with his sporting goods sotre credit card that was reported stolen. My client's mother was arrested at the airport. The Bevalaqua hit is something my client was not even alleged to be at, but the feds are saying he ordered it. Please help. Thanks.

Alan said...

Chris, you're representing Tony Soprano. WHy didn't you ask me for help?
I am very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

With all respect, Rumpy, you are a babe in the woods on this subject and so are many of the posters. Judges are subjected to coercion regularly and some lawyers now make it their business to tout "their consultants" in order to assure that lawyer's backing for the judge. Among other things, the lawyer gets a perception of having major "juice" and very respectful treatment. These lawyers fancy themselves as "king" or "queen" makers and usually have some clout in specialized areas of the community. Most of today's flacks do very little for their fee. One publicist who still does something (value is questionable) does more than most by sending candidates e-mails by the gazillion and a schedule of places to go and be that no one could keep up with. The sickness of our Miami-Dade system is deep and unique. The old time "publicists" did a lot for the money, but would cheerfully run someone against you if you didn't hire them...unless you were a sitting judge with a good reputation. That actually protected a judge. Not anymore. That was back in the day! Now we will see if even the reputedly mega wealthy old time sitting judges will also catch opposition from these upstarts. Rumor has it they may.... Yours, Della Street

Batman said...

To 11:11 and 2:20 - you are either a judge who resembles but doesn't like what I have said or you are Bob Levy.

Dear Judge or Bob,

An idiot I am not. Opinionated I am. It is for others to decide whose opinions are correct.

I will not state whether I am a political player or force in Miami-Dade politics, but I am not an unsuccessful candidate for political office. Therefore no sour grapes. Just a keen observer of judicial campaigns, who is acquainted with the dark side of this business and those who infect our judicial system. You, Bob, are the worst of the lot.

To prove the point of my lack of idiocy I ask: What could possibly make you think I would, in response to your statements, give you any hint as to who I am? Nice try, but the mere fact that you would try proves your lack of creativity and imagination.

Bob, please, if you have an decency at all (and I doubt you do) leave, get out, stay away, move, say goodbye, ride off into the sunset, hit the trail, cop a walk, travel on down the road, follow the yellow brick road, take a road trip and don't come back, get your motor running, head out on the highway.........


See all of you in the dark alleys of the city or the dark side of judicial campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Stu Adelstein and Michael Matters will be holding a Rumpole Press conference at Tobacco Road tomorrow night. No idea if they will be admitting or denying the accusation.

CAPTAIN said...


The 3rd DCA Judicial Nominating Commission recommended Miami-Dade Circuit Judges Jennifer D. Bailey, Kevin Emas and Cristina Pereyra Shuminer; Hunton & Williams partner Vance E. Salter; Hanzman Criden & Love partner Michael A. Hanzman; and Eduardo I. Sanchez of the Miami Dade county attorney’s office.

CAPTAIN OUT ..........

Anonymous said...

Ive worked in a lot of campaigns and the consultant is not the powerhouse people pretend they are.;, its the elected offical or the elected candidate. The consultants are nothing more oe less than glorified PR guys , grooming the candidate & the message, buying TV/Radio, getting a piece of the action on printing, etc. Their most important contribution, as far as the those running are concerned are the schedules.; Those are the list of every meeting, across the county where a candidate can speak to the {incert name] homeowners assoc, { incert name} Demo/Rep/Kiwiana/rotory/condo club. Try criss-crossing a county as large as Dade going to all the important and maybe important meetings in am attempt tp meet the VOTERS. I've done it alot; It sucks, this is a large place with lots of different voter interest; made even harder since Judges and those running for Judge cannt really say anything.
Grow up guys life aint fair & we need to deal w/ what can be done, stop bitching that this is not the best of all possible worlds or complain cause Dade's ruff & tumble politics aint a good reflection from the cave of perfect democracy Get out the Vote and things will change, maybe, cause whose to say that if Everyone voted things would be different. You Takes you choice and you pays your ticket.
D. Sisselman

ps acknowledgements to Voltaire, Plato & Huxley}

Anonymous said...

When is Al Lorenzo going to repay the million dollars he borrowed from the City of Miami to repay it the million dollars he had previously borrowed from it?

Anonymous said...

Here is a very interesting story from the Miami New Times from back in August 1994.

Odor in the Court


"What's the difference between a bribe and a loan anyway, if you don't repay it?" Levy scoffs. "Nothing." When it comes to financial chicanery, Levy is qualified to comment. He served more than two years in federal prison in the early 1970s for economic crimes.

This is how Mr. Levy thinks.
Psssst! Wanna Be a Judge?
From 1994 as well.


8. Hit below the belt: Consultant Bob Levy explains: "Unless you're willing to bash the shit out of an incumbent, you're going to get beat."

This man needs to get re-arrested.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he sounds like a guy I want on my side... You are soft

Anonymous said...

Must dsagree with some Sissleman comments. When absentee ballots can be guaranteed by hiring the "right" flack ....then it is not acceptable. In the old days, absentee ballots used to almost always mirror the final outcome of the general election. Today a strong showing of absentee ballots often does not mirror the general vote. Every wonder why? A buck a vote is cheap in this county.
As for Bob Levy's record...how is that different from Dade's biggest govt. paid lobbyist --- that icon of self-righteousness, Ron Book? I seem to remember something about a Mercedes that wasn't really stolen....Della

Anonymous said...

Sisslemen is an establishment PD hack. This is a guy with talent but who could never muster the stones to take his act private. And don't give me the, I want to help the poor story. Get on the wheel dude. And get off Bob Levy's jock. It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what Bob Levy did to Judge Hernandez.


8. Hit below the belt: Consultant Bob Levy explains: "Unless you're willing to bash the shit out of an incumbent, you're going to get beat."

Too bad Judge Hernandez was a punk and did not put up a fight. That is what happens when you let your wife run your campaign.

By the way, is it true Alex Hannah is going to run for Judge with the help of Judge Hernandez? Also, I heard that Mr. Hannah has some smears on his record as well. Any comments on that?

Anonymous said...

Apr 26, 2007 11:04 pm US/Eastern

Exclusive: Probe Claims Scheme Bilked Miami, Dade
Hundred Of Thousands In Paid, But No Work Done, Investigators Claim,
Alleged Scheme Revealed As Part Of MDHA Scandal Probe


Yes folks, these folks are associated to Bob Levy as well. I wonder if KFR is going to question him or pay him to run her upcoming campaign?

Anonymous said...

Re: Robert Levy criminal past, see felony case numbers, F73-6091; F73-5036; F73-2808; F73-2807, all involving a number of felony and misdemeanor counts for worthless checks. Pleas were taken on all cases at the same time in 1977, with a withholding of adjudication and probation. Sounds like a good defense attorney at work. It seems noteworthy that attorneys who often plea on behalf of giving clients a second chance and arguing that the mistakes of the past should not be held against their client are unwilling to entertain that same sentiment.