Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The State Attorneys got themselves a brand new Plasma TV , which they have installed in the waiting room on the first floor of their office. (We are sure one of our clients could have gotten them a better deal on a brand new Sony ‘just off the truck’ as it were, but who are we to tell the State Attorney where to shop?)

We were sitting in the waiting room the other day, trying to read our NY Times when the TV sprung to life and there was our elected State Attorney, giving a primer on the court system and her well run office. Eventually her spiel turned to Spanish and we decided to practice our rudimentary Spanish skills.

It was right after the State Attorney was either talking about the alarming decrease in the Cod stocks off the coast of New England, or if our Spanish was not up to snuff perhaps she was talking about the availability for restitution for victims, when the image on the screen merged to film footage of an actual trial.

The Judge presiding was Alex Ferrer, and –we couldn’t make this up if we tried- the prosecutor was George Cholakais.

Now to summarize, in order to make people more comfortable with the criminal justice proceedings, the State Attorneys Office is using footage of a person who is not a Judge- but plays one on TV; and a prosecutor who in fact is not a prosecutor, but a defendant in a current criminal case.

We are not making light of Mr. Cholakis’s case, which is nothing but a tragedy for all parties involved.

We are however, again taken to wondering just who is in charge over there and approving these public relations nightmares?

Here’s an idea- why not just tune the TV to a local station and play re-runs of Judge Milian on the People’s Court?

From low morale among prosecutors, to the constant whining refrain from assistants in court that they “have to speak with a supervisor” there is not much going on these days at the SAO that lends confidence to a public that looks to it’s prosecutors office to provide professionalism and stability in enforcing the laws of the State Of Florida.

See You In Court, waiting for a supervisor to approve the prosecutor’s use of a coloured pen.


Anonymous said...

The colored pen thing is no joke - I know a guy who got in trouble as a ASA when he wrote on the Misd. file in Red, rather than the mandated Blue.

The answer to the first question is Don Horn. Forget Griffith who is supposedly in charge of PR. Don Horn is horrible. If he goes and they bring in somebody actually capable of doing the job properly, the office will improve alot.

Anonymous said...

Spicoli, they are looking for you at Markus's blog, and I am not talking about these nuts.

Anonymous said...

Is Amy steele Donner running again or is she age limited ?

Anonymous said...

A certain FSU fan sings at Noon today on the courthouse steps- "I'm a little teapot." Be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

Who's the idiot who approved the use of footage with Cholakis? Time to show that fool the dorr and make him/her work for a living. Talk about being an insensitive twit.

Batman said...

Amy Donner is not age limited. She can serve a full term. She is running. Do not under estimate her. Not a good challenge. There are others who are more deserving of opposition and are beatable.

Anonymous said...

doesn't surprise me all those geniuses at the SAO

Anonymous said...

Donner is a mean-spirited jerk to appear before. There might be some truth to the fact that she is sole survivor of the Donner party

Anonymous said...

For "fans" of Judge Adrien--you may enjoy this opinion from the Third District: http://www.3dca.flcourts.org/Opinions/3D06-2393.op.pdf

Anonymous said...

We all know Rump is Lane Abraham

Anonymous said...

Rumpole wins the award for sociopath. His qualities include:

Contemptuous of those who seek to understand him

Does not perceive that anything is wrong with him




Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but he seeks out situations where his tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
Conventional appearance

Goal of enslavement for his victim(s)

Exercises despotic control over every aspect of his victim's life

Has an emotional need to justify his crimes and therefore needs his victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)

His Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

Rumpole is incapable of real human attachment to another

Unable to feel remorse or guilt

Extreme narcissism and grandiose

Rumpole may state readily that his goal is to rule the world

Anonymous said...

I like the Third DCA's new letter head on opinions of the court:


although its a copy of the Supreme Courts letter head looks good

Anonymous said...

Even better yet, the SAO web site has a movie about how great it is to work there.

The stars are:
Greico (Fired)
Christina Miranda (now a judge)
and others no longer working there.

Oh well.

Rumpole said...

Not to rule the world, just to win a case now and then.

Paranoid??? You try sneaking around like I do and see if you don't become paranoid.

Grandiose? Other than being the best damn trial lawyer in Miami, I am actually quite humble.

Narcissm? Who cares what you think. And by the way, F you and the horse you rode in on.

Enslavement of victims? I merely seek to get one of our robed readers to read my motion and grant it. Plus, my clients are the real victims here. Faced with over zealous prosecutors and mean spirited cops, they come to me, their last best hope for justice. And I merely seek to provide that which the good lord in his infinite wisdom, gave me the ability to do.

PS. You- sir or madam, are herby banned from the blog, as this is my little world and I will not have you raining on my parade. Good day sir!

Anonymous said...

Go read the opinion cited above regarding Judge Adrien. HE WAS SPANKED BY THE THIRD DCA. The opinon starts out 'PERHAPS OUR PREVIOUS OPINION WASN'T SUFFICIENTLY CLEAR" and goes on the recount that the honorable chucklehead was previously ordered by the Third DCA to hold an evidentiary hearing on the defendant's claim that he was not comunicated a plea offer. The Third DCA reversed Adrien's summary denial of the 3.850. What did out legal genuis do, after receiving this order from the thrid DCA? HE DID IT AGAIN.
He summarily denied the motion without a hearing.
So the Third DCA spanked him.

PS The Judge Got spanked by a pro se defendant.

The Q said...

I'm gonna talk to the chucklehead and straighten him out. Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if he enjoyed the spanking? ;-D

Anonymous said...

12:15:00 pm, yo really have nothing to do to waste time speculating about Rumpole? Or is it you, Rumpole, writing about yourself to keep yourself in the spotlight?

Anonymous said...

RUMPOLE says "no blog for you!"

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

You got me. Speculating on my own identity is some weird twisted form of self gratification. I do in in the dark and keep the laptop under my bed.

Anonymous said...

bet that's not the only thing you do with your laptop under the sheets.....

Anonymous said...

The PR King at the State may still be Richard Kuper who is now at the League of Cities. Since he got paid so well to get KFR re-elected, he may still be running the PR. Hey, when he was there all he did was give proclamations for KFR. Talk about illegal. Though, he was an "attorney" working on cases. What cases I ask?

Ben Bradlee said...

rumpole at the SAO, reading the NY Times. look for the guy with the newsprint on his fingers and the smug smile.

Rumpole said...

That's me. Follow the money, as your reporters were once told many moons ago.

Batman said...

Does anyone recognize the sarcastic prose of the great Alan Schwartz? If given the liberty the opinion would have read more like this:

"We have experienced some idiocy during our time on the bench, but never have we been privy to such stupidity and lack of legal acumen as is evidenced in this matter. Truly if there is an argument against elected judges, the unlearned trial judge below shows a real flair for incompetence. (And this replaced Hank Harnage?)


This is not rocket science. If this cause returns to us again with another display of ignorance, we will have no choice but to report this matter to the JQC."




Anonymous said...

the 3rd dca has improved the web site



FAKE MIN MAN said...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see shumie dance and sing today?

Anonymous said...

Who's the new chief of county court? I heard that the Komissar was promoted to another position in the SAO.

Anonymous said...

Did the Q walk a .18 today? That's the rumor.

Fear the Q
Respect the Q

Close your eyes

and see the Q acQuit the defendant.

Fake David Goldfarb said...

David Maer wants back in as the Komissar of county court

Anonymous said...

Watch Judge Butchko get spanked in http://www.3dca.flcourts.org/Opinions/3D07-0573.op.pdf.

Sue This! said...

With the utmost respect to the previous poster:

Thank you for being short. Sue this picture/link.

Anonymous said...

Look through those 3DCA opinions. Young gets spanked and reversed a few times. Good riddance to him...dumbest judge on the bench!

I know he's laughing all the way to the bank but that's exactly his problem--he laughs at things like this because he doesn't care! It was always about his HUGE ego!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole who did you piss of today?

Anonymous said...

great post

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:58, hope you were referencing 7:14!
I hereby nomimate the lengthy recitation by, "Sue Me Rumpole" as the most nauseating eye-sore ever posted on this blog. A link could have sufficed.
I am now Crosseyed and in Pain. Just Talking Heads Man. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...

That super long post on this thread and the prior one need to go down ASAP.

Rumpole said...

Don't you recognize the handiwork of a lunatic? I do.

Rumpole said...

Here is what the lunatic doesn't understand- nobody cares about him. He is a zero. He can only get attention by attacking things. He is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Q did his closing with one arm behind his back, just to prove he could whip the state with ...one arm behind his back.

I also heard he was interviewed and said- "A great DUI defense is a little bit science and a little bit art. Unfortunately for the prosecution, I am a great artist and scientist."

Fear the Q
Respect the Q

watch the Q get a not guilty with one arm behind his back.

FAKE KFR said...

I have just been informed about the Cholokais video and I am shocked. As soon as I return from vacation in September I promise to get to the bottom of this matter. Heads will roll for sure.
Your hardworking SA.

Anonymous said...

Pat Trece is replacing Deisy as Chief of County Court. She's going to career criminal and, yes, you can't write on a file with a red pen.

Anonymous said...

Young the dumbest Judge--you are a fool. He treats our clients with respect and compassion. He will be missed.

CAPTAIN said...


It's official - David Young has resigned effective June 1, 2007. The 3rd DCA JNC is now accepting applications to replace him. The deadline to submit your application is April 30, 2007.

All persons interested in applying must deliver a complete application and 10 copies to:

Marie F.S. Bell, Chairperson
Eleventh Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission
3225 Aviation Ave., Suite 501
Miami, FL 33133

You heard it hear first:

Early Favorite:


Partner in the law firm of Thorton & Rothman (whose ex partners include Judge Federico Moreno and Judge Kevin Emas); Thornton is also past President of the Dade County Bar; President of the Florida Bar Foundation, a member of the Florida Bar's Board of Governors - and a very qualified candidate for the job.

Of course, if he gets the job - what will happen to David?

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Anonymous said...

Wow, the 3rd spanked Butchko, but in her mind she's the smartest person in the world! imagine that, not even on the criminal bench 3 months and she gets a slap on the wrist.

what comes around goes around

Anonymous said...

Judge Young will be missed, if you didn't like him its because you don't have a personality and don't get that he was a real person and not an ego maniac

Anonymous said...

EGOMANIAC: NOUN: A conceited, self-centered person: egocentric, egoist, egotist, narcissist. Informal : swellhead. See SELF, SELF-LOVE. Sounds like Judge Young to a tee. Also, you lovers and defenders of Judge Penguin, need not take serious offense as calling him an egomaniac is a mild retrot for what can be said of this judicial fool. No Judge enjoys the sound of his own voice more than the Royal Penguin. His constitutionally intrusive "off-the-record" conversations with Defendants and his shrill lectures leave little doubt of his complete disregard and lack of empathy for the people before him. If he cared one iota, the Penguin would actually do something for someone in trouble rather than pontificating like the EGOMANIACAL, POMPOUS ASS THAT HE IS. Good riddance to him and may his TV show be a huge success so that the Courts of our County will forever be free of his petty theatrical stunts. Perhaps in his final days he will afford the victims and defendants before him a little bit of dignity and stop searching for that perfect punch line and the adoring snickers of the sycophants who defend his shenanigans to the bitter end. Perhaps playing the FOOL on the People’s Court, The Perfect Judge Show, or whatever the show will be called will finally liberate the Royal Penguin to do an Al Jolson imitation in black face or waddle off the bench in a penguin costume or maybe do some of the material he has been practicing here in Miami by berating someone over their attire or scolding a welfare mother for a wayward son; but thankfully he’ll do all this with no lives on the line, no victims or defendants to disrespect and only scripted nonsense for daytime audiences to present as the MC of his own make believe kingdom where only HE MATTERS. Did I say it loud enough goodbye, adios, sayonara, afiudasane, arivaderche, bon voyage. Don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out!

Anonymous said...

I like Young but that was a serious smack down.

Anonymous said...

6:50-you are an idiot. Judge Young cares about everyone even assholes like you. To think you passed the bar--scarey. He saved my client's life. So you can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

Wow 6:50 you need to let your anger go man. You are so out of touch. Judge Young will be missed. Yes he is a bit unorthodox, but he treats everyone fairly. He is not afraid to undercut the State. Unlike others (Scola) he doesn't punish probation violators (he gives them many chances to get their shit together). Young makes us look good infront of our clients (he is understanding when Mr. Green has not arrived). Good Luck David. The building will not be the same without you (definately more dull).

Anonymous said...

I heard Judge Young just finished shooting the new promo video for the State Attorney's Office. It is set to debut teh same week as his TV show.

Anonymous said...

This is 6:50 writing...
"Good Luck David" Well, we can tell you are objective on the subject of the penguin.
And you, “He saved my client's life....” Tell us all how where and when and then that nonsense will fly, otherwise I do NOT BELIEVE YOU! He remains an EGOMANIAC, and unless and until you can convince me or anyone else to the contrary of that fact you are the small minded person who cannot engage in debate without sinking to cursing and insults about someone you do not know. Please just provide an intelligent retort and we can have fun with this idle nonsense; otherwise you prove my point about the Penguin's sycophants.
PS, (to “Good Luck David”) I know SAPD lawyers whose bills The ROYAL Penguin regularly cuts without explanation or objection from the JAC.
And no I am not angry, its just that you people are so hypocritical when you praise Judges like the Penguin and criticize Judges who know the Law such as Judge Scola. Anyway, Good riddance to him and thanks to this Blog for letting me state my position in as dignified a manner as possible……

Anonymous said...

Now we know why you hate Judge Young. Funny, he never cut my bills. Tht says a lot about you bud.

Anonymous said...

This is 6:50 writing...
Were that the only reason for a self-respecting attorney to find Judge Young not to be a good jurist. I will repeat again some of the non-judge like conduct to which the Penguin regularly stoops:
- He (the Penguin) berates, belittles and makes fun of people who are not in a position to reply to his brand of humor
- He (the Penguin) "goes off the record" to make inquiry of Defendants who are in custody without asking defense counsel if its OK to question their clients, all in violation fo eth Right to Remain Silent that is still part of the Constitution.
- He (the Penguin) questions unwed mothers about why they are pregnant.
- He (the Penguin) does in fact play favorites with lawyers that he likes who are of a certain ethnic persuasion.
- He makes fun of lawyers dismissing their arguments and trivializing their concerns as he did recently to an ASA with a victim in a very serious case where he gave a lenient sentence to a defendant represented by someone he referred to by first name and had a very pleasant personal exchange in front of the family of the victims – way to go Penguin!
Now dispute the facts you sycophants of the Penguin, I dare you to find any of these things not to be true. ELSEWISE SHUT UP FOREVER, AND I WILL LEAVE THE PENGUIN ALONE SO THAT HE CAN FADE INTO A MEMORY (OR NIGHTMARE)!!!!!!
PS 10:06:00 PM, is it you “Good Luck David” or is it “He Saved my client’s Life”?