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We keep getting emails from someone in some place called Sweetwater. Things do not appear to be so sweet there these days. This email was interesting enough for us to post up front. We plead ignorance on the goings-on in this little bayou of Miami. Perhaps someone can fill us in.


Today, Mayor Marono and his band of thugs were caught red handed illegally in possession of absentee ballots which they had illegally collected and had in their position. At about 6:00 p.m. units from the Miami-Dade Public Corruption Unit, who we are informed were monitoring the activities of these thugs, stopped Sweetwater commissioner Manuel Duasso and Mrs. Antelo,the wife of the City Maintenance director who happens to be the uncle of the Mayor, while they were traveling in the Mayor’s Chevrolet Tahoe with full campaign regalia. Chief Robert fulgeria, who was campaigning for the Mayor along with commissioner Guerra, responded to the scene of the detention, as did other Sweetwater units to assist law enforcement.

Upon a search of the Mayor's vehicle, the PCU found about 12 absentee ballots, which obviously did not belong to any of the occupants of the vehicles who were in possession these ballots. Upon contacting the SAO, PCU was instructed not to arrest any of those who were illegally collecting and in illegal possession of the absentee ballots. The Mayor responded to the scene, arriving while several Sweetwater units were on scene. The Sweetwtaer units were ordered to clear the scene by Sweetwater brass, Chief Fulgeira, but before clearing from the scene the Mayor was overheard calling a "Bob" and screaming into the phone to call "Kathy" (we assume this was KFR.)

About two hours later, and supposedly after contacting the SAO and having received instructions from the SAO, the PCU allowed all those detained with illegal possession of the absentee ballots to leave, PCU did retain the 12 or so absentee ballots.

WHY we ask did the SAO, after the Mayor called "Bob" not arrest these ballot brokers. Could it be that these ballot brokers have helped those in power in other campaigns. Is this a great country or what. Way to go KFR and Joe Centorino. Oh can Joe centorino and KFR tell us who "Bob" is in case we stop him for some illegal act we want to extend our courtesy.

We dumb cops in Sweetwater have figured "Bob' is not Bob Graham because Bob Graham does not run campaigns. KFR and company until when will you allow The Sweetwater Family to run this corrupt enterprise. Will you allow another beating to occur before you preten to act or send your sidekick Ulysis to suck up to Marono and Duasso for votes.

Here is the link:

Perhaps this link will help you build a case. It seems the Mayor is confessing to illegally collecting absentees ballots, what do all you fine lawyers think.Oh we posting here because we think the Defense Lawyers are more committed to fighting corruption than the SAO.

Please send this to the real Corruption Busters.



Anonymous said...

The Feds are coming....

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the players...blame the game!

Anonymous said...

wow! The video on the link is some powerful information.

Anonymous said...

It must be Levy, not Graham, yep that about sounds right, yes folks the criminal turned "influencial" lobbyist. Bob did 2 years in the slammer. I guess the criminals tell your dear KFR and Joe Centurino how to run there office.

Anonymous said...

free mary jane. free the ballots. free sweetwater.

rick freedman said...


As a follow up to Jason Grey's issue and then Bobby Reiff's retort, I spoke today with ASA Kristi Bettendorf and she did confirm that the prefiling division of the SAO has now in place the system whereby they place on the Discovery Response whether an interpreter is needed

The new system started around November 1, 2006 and any Discovery generated from a prefile case will have under the witness' name the following: "Spanish Interpreter Needed"; (if they in fact need an interpreter).

If the case is filed by a pit attorney, then this will not be on the Discovery form.

Hope that clears this up - and thanks to Bobby Reiff for handling that issue last fall.

Rick Freedman

Anonymous said...

They must be talking about the ex-con turned "influencial" lobbyist. Yeha thats right this guy did two years in the big house.

Anonymous said...

You should read this one. Interesting.


dui power rankings countdown said...

Today is Friday... Only 2 days till the Sunday DUI Power Rankings!

Anonymous said...

The comments from yesterday from fake Mel Kiper and his analysis of the DUI power rankings were hysterical and very accurate from a "draft" analysis point of view. "Reiff strong at arraignment"..."Blecher not a value at 7...Jimbo Best lost a step between courtrooms and at trial.." very funny whoever did it.

Anonymous said...

Robert Levy!Robert Levy!
Robert Levy!!

Anonymous said...

Grimsley has a lot of nerve making allegations of payoffs. United Auto Insurance spent tens of thousands on Ada Pozo (she returned the cash because of interim campaign report - $15,000, but kept the signs and the poll workers) and Judy Rubenstein (she kept the cash - $15,000 - too) to get rid of Jeff Swartz and hundreds of thousands of dollars on other campaigns by creating 100 front corporations to send $500 from each to judical candidates. All of the money coming from United to those corporations or from Parillo and his family into those companies.

Parillo is a very bad man with connections to the mob in Chicago. $450 million in premiums in 2004 and less than $50 million in overhead and benefit payouts. Where is the other $400 million going? They have used their clout to intimidate the County Judges. Talk about hipocritical.


It's not the abuse of power but the Power To Abuse

Anonymous said...

Stop the Bob Levy bashing. It was a bad check case 30- yrs ago, let it go for the lords sake.
D. Sisselmanf

Anonymous said...


Glad to see from yesterday's comments that you are trying to correctly use "too" and "to". Now, how about correcting your (mis)use of the word "it's"?

The rule is quite simple: The ONLY TIME that an apostrophe is used is when you are shortening "it is" or "it has". Examples: It's a nice day outside. It's been nice to meet you.

Otherwise, there is no apostrophe. Examples: This blog moderates its comments. The trial court abused its discretion in denying the motion to suppress.

In short, the possessive "its" NEVER gets an apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

That story makes me sick. When in God's name is someone going to do something about Bob Levy and his Al Larenzo. They control the absentee ballots. KFR hired them Brummer hired them and every other establihment politician hires them. Why? Because they steal votes. Wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I ventured up to the North Dade Justice Building to dust off my civil infraction trial techniques. It was an unusually long morning, as the Honorable Joe Fernandez does not afford attorneys the opportunity to call their case out of turn.

A case was called and neither the officer nor the witnesses were present, so Judge Fernandez announced that the ticket would be dismissed. He never mentioned what the charge was. However, he proceeded to yell at the defendant saying things like "I don't appreciate your driving" and "I hope my kids and I are not on the same road that you are". I guess Judge Fernandez takes whatever was written on the ticket as the truth and may not be interested in hearing both sides. I thought he practiced criminal law before taking the bench. It definitely was not a good first impression.

Anonymous said...

BOB LEVY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Manny was calling "Bob" Levy of course. He is known to run dirty campaigns and is tight with KFR. Look the name up and find the connections. Levy has been to jail, runs immoral consulting for corporations that are not quite accepted and is one of the dirties people around. By the way, he should be investigated and arrested for all he does and has done. Can we check phone records please.

Captain, any more information you can get on Bob Levy the Consultant please? My friend wants to run and was told to look him up, but I noticed his record is very poor in getting people elected as well as the fact that Mr. Levy seems to be too damn corrupt. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Manny was calling "Bob" Levy of course. He is known to run dirty campaigns and is tight with KFR. Look the name up and find the connections. Levy has been to jail, runs immoral consulting for corporations that are not quite accepted and is one of the dirties people around. By the way, he should be investigated and arrested for all he does and has done. Can we check phone records please.

Captain, any more information you can get on Bob Levy the Consultant please? My friend wants to run and was told to look him up, but I noticed his record is very poor in getting people elected as well as the fact that Mr. Levy seems to be too damn corrupt. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Who is Ulysis? What does he do and why would he go get votes? Who is Bob? How can the PCU let them all go? What the hell is going on here people? We need answers!

oh yeah! said...

Looks like someone drank the Blue Kool-Aid Sweetwater. Perhaps call Katherine Harris for help. I believe she is available and would be more than happy to effect the outcome of an election.

dui power rankings countdown said...

Today is Staurday... Only ONE day till the Sunday DUI Power Rankings!

Anonymous said...

Rick, you thank Bobby for "handling" the interpreter issue....how about thanking the SAO for providing that information. They're not obligated to do so. Everyone criticizes them for what they don't do. Maybe they'd be more willing to take the extra step if we appreciated what the stuff they do (other example: posting all of the DUI docs on the internet instead of making everyone pull them on a case by case basis).

Anonymous said...

Heard L&L had two DUI NGs in Broward this week.

Anonymous said...

Rank The DUI Power Ratings, RTDPR web site is an attempt to predict the DUI power ratings. We use a sophisticated sampling simulator, and make the following observations:

L&L may well have a big move in store this week. Reiff's inactivity may soon affect his ratings. Hersch too. Blecher may hold his spot, while Jimbo Best is falling and Catalano should creep back into the top ten. Of course, only tomorrow will tell the full stoty.

Anonymous said...

SWEETWATER, April 21, 2007:

Following the detention of Comissioner Duasso and others bu the Public Corruption Unit on Thursday, all the participants of the absentte ballot scam converged for meeting to regroup. What a photo op for PCU!

The Chief has put out a BOLO, instructing all Sweetwater patrol units to report any unusual vehicles and individuals seen in the City. The Mayor and the Chief were observed and overheard by fellow officers discussing this BOLO.

WHY the BOLO? Just think our police officers being instructed to burn the PCU squad! For my part and a few of the stand up guys who work with me, screw the Sweetwater administration and their illegal orders!

Even if the SAO sanctions the corruption by their inaction, we did not become officers to cover up corruption or other illegal activities, we wil not be part of the corruption by following orders which are intended to violate the law!

On Friday, April 20, The Mayor, for his political gain and reelection campaign had a call out for us to run a training scenario. Of all things to protect the local school, ironic when we cannot protect a young man in our own police station holding cell from some of the thugs I work we and his honor the Mayor. Oh, guess who was the corriographer, Catano Rodriguez, the Sweetwater cop whose son's jet ski was stolen and who was at the Station when Peter Micahel Daniles was mysteriously injured, what a crock!

Oh hey SAO, you have any idea the OT cost of this political game?

All these we were told was to draw attention away from the absenttee ballot "screw up."

Today, Saturday, it is business as usual in Corrution Central. The Mayor and his thugs are hosting a party, word was the SAO was going to be represented. Who knows anymore.

Comissioner Duasso has a lawyer and says the worst that can happent to him for the illegal absentee ballots collection is removal from office. Word is the PCU aborted their collection of over 250 absentte ballots Thursday night, way to go guys!

Perhaps the Corruption Busters will monitor the party and continue to monitor the ballot brokers.

Intel * * you need to monitor Isolina Marono a/k/a La China, the Mayor's mother, she is the queen of the absentee ballots in Sweetwater. If you guys form PCU comb over the campaign expense reports from other recent campaigns you will see she is regulalry paid by campiagns, for what? I am not telling you how to do your job, but if it were me, I would stick to her like white on rice!

May be the SAO will pay attention to the corruption in Sweetwater and assit, in a real way, the Police Public Corruption Unit. How disappointing that the Miami-Dade Public Corruption Unit is working so hard to clean up our City, only to have the SAO wear blinders.

I was not here in 93 and 94 but I hear there were individuals who took on the corrupt regime and helped clean out City, for a little while any way. Wonder who they were and where they are today?

The readers of the BLOG may find these links of interest.



Thank you guys for your display of honor in posting our humble reports. We really think you defense lawyers are our real hope, keep up the good work.


rick freedman said...

Dear Ms. Bettendorf:

On behalf of FACDL-Miami, thank you for responding to Mr. Reiff's suggestion that Discovery include whether the witness needs an interpreter.

We look forward to working closely with you in 2007 and will not hesitate to call on you if we notice anything that might help to improve the administration of justice in our little REGJB world.

Again, thanks.

Rick Freedman

Anonymous said...

It's time to start running clean campaigns and run out of town the Bob Levys, Al Lorenzos, Armando Gutierrezes and every other political tricksters and their cadre of ballot brokers.

Spicoli said...

Remember the scene in Citizen Kane when they pan up in the Opera House to the two stage hands as his wife begins her opening number? They hold their noses b/c something smells.

I smell something... and it ain't the sweet stench I typically enjoy.

Anonymous said...

No, thank you officer for bring it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

sisselman how can you as a pd, who supposedly cares about fighting for the powerless, not be disgusted by folks like bob levy who sleazily control everything that happens in this town?

it is sickening that folks like this are considered "legit" in this town. when are people going to wake up and realize whats really going on? over the years so many of our public officials have been up to no good. warhshaw, top cop who is a gonnif, pat tornillo who ran the teachers union as a racketeering enterprise, Art teele myriam alonso the list goes on and on.

and what pisses me off is that you sisselman are not a moron. i have handled cases against you and you are not dumb and should not be standing up and defending the piece of shit power brokers who make the quality to life here get worse each year.

Anonymous said...

If Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy control absentee voting, why did so many of their 2006 candidates loose the absentee vote?

Anonymous said...

Bob Levy is the scum of the earth. He would not know the ruth if it hit him in the face.

He is worthless on his own. First he depended on Susan Fried. Then he tried to use Armando Guttierez (another worthless piece of s--t) and finally he was with Al Lorenzo. Even Al (as corrupt as he is) can't stand him anymore.

Why the teachers and the FOP use him is a mystery. No one in Tallahassee listens to him. His
negative persona and felony record are catching up with him.

Sissleman, it was not a bad rap. He was convicted because he was guilty and did his time because
he deserved it. Bob Levy is a parasite on our society and an abomination on our elective system.

If you don't believe it, here is the ultimate question. Who do you think is the most responsible for
Elaine Bloom losing that congressional race to former congressman Shaw a few year ago? Yes, Elaine, because instead of listening to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, she listened to Bob Levy who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Rumpole said...

Actually I think Mr. Levy would know it if Babe Ruth hit him in the face. That post was close. You cannot like Mr. levy, and post the reasons why without the excessive nasty language. I would save "scum of the earth" for Osama Bin Laden and his ilk.

Spicoli said...

Aloha and stuff,

I don't buy it. I won't smoke it. My friend Biff has a message:


Anonymous said...

Actually Osama and his ilk are the infectious slime of the earth. Levy is real scum.

Anonymous said...

As a transplanted New Englander, it's obvious to me that the real root of corruption in Miami is not all these petty power brokers--whoever they are--but the permissive culture down here that not only tolerates corruption, but apparently embraces it. In Miami, it seems, corruption really is a way of life.

Anonymous said...

Sisselman is used to backroom bully politics. His Daddy was the president of the dade teachers union.
According to the Miami Herald he stole untold ammounts of money from the teachers of dade county.

In sum, he identifies eith thugs.

Anonymous said...

Steve Marin is the publicist who is advising Mayor Marono’s Sweetwater Mayoral race. You may all recall, SM is the guy who is close to Mayor Manny “Money” Diaz of the City of Miami and who was involved in some of the no bid contract awards.
For your reference, as it appears on the registration in Tallahassee, here are the famous men and their fine governmental and public entity clients:

Al Lorenzo:
City of Miami
City of Doral
Miami-Dade Public Schools
University of Miami. Miami

Bob Levy:
City of Cutler Bay
City of Florida City
City of Homestead
City of Miami Beach
Miami Shores Village
Village of Palmetto Bay

They must have great reputations for integrity and honesty, you think? Oh did they both not work on KFR's campaign?

Get Me Al Millian!

Anonymous said...

Did you all know that in Castro's Cuba there is a criminal law that allows for a four-year prison sentence for "peligrosidad pre-delictiva", that is "pre-criminal dangerousness"? In other words, you can be jailed for four years for a crime you have not yet committde but that the government feels that you are in danger to commit! Wasn't that the theme of a science fiction novel or movie?

Now the Castro brothers dictatorship arrested, tried and sentenced independent journalist Oscar Sanchez Madan to four years under the "dangerousness" law, all in one day and without the assistance of counsel.


The dangerousness law has been in effect in Cuba for decades and it's usually enforeced against political opponents and poor young blacks that the government feels might commit crimes.

dui power rankings countdown said...

Today is Sunday... The DUI Power Rankings come out TODAY!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, if you are not going to mind the blog, shut down the moderation.

Anonymous said...

leave it to our fine legislature to pass bill 6-b and not toss in there that if you have "EVER BEEN CRIMINALLY CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME YOU CANNOT LOBBY"...jeez not only is your own KFR covering for this LEVY character but the legislature is too....QUESTION FOR THOUGHT: If Peter Michael Daniels were one of KFR's sons would anyone get cut a break by the SAO or should we send him some vaseline? (Is there a double standard being set?)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Creepy check out the Virginia Tech Killers ebay account and his purchases in the last 60 days and feedback


Anonymous said...

Can someone please post a recent picture of this Bob Levy? For a bonus, can someone please post his convict picture?

I want to see what this trash looks like so I never talk to him if I see him.

Whomever uses him will never get my vote.

Anonymous said...

I need some help. If KFR investigates the people who commit crimes in Miami-Dade, then who investigates or better yet, makes sure that KFR is not committing crimes herself? Who do we call, report, complain or talk to?

Can someone please tell us? We need a need State Attorney and for KFR to be investigated. This has to end. It feels like watching the Sopranos.

Anonymous said...

I woke up to look at the DUI power rankings and find that Rumpole hasn't updated the blog. This moderation really sucks. C'mon Rumpole, it's Sunday and everyone wants to see the DUI power rankings!

Joe Fernandez said...

Wow! What an inauspicious way to finally make the blog, huh?

A concerned friend alerted me to the post to which I will respond as follows:

I do not have a policy of not calling lawyers out of turn. I only have one announced policy and that is a policy of accommodation...I haven't had the need to come up with any others. In fact any lawyer can walk up at almost anytime and ask to be called out of turn on any calendar. This is generally not possible when dealing with a trial calendar becasue of the unique logistics of a trial calendar. Sometimes, I know, I fail to announce that private lawyers can come up and call their cases. It's because I simply forget to do so...still getting used to this judge thing, I guess. Some lawyers come in and sit in the audience and never say anything until their case is called. It is a large, poorly lit courtroom. I will often ask my bailiff to approach these folks and ask if they are attorneys and, if so, to tell them to come up and call their case. Some lawyers come to Court dressed informally (which I generally don't mind) so there is no way for me to know until I call the case. I make an effort to call folks with children or scheduling problems out of turn even if they are pro se. This past friday was unusual because there were 3 infraction trial calendars in a row, with an average of 42 cases per calendar. The majority of these are accident cases with civilian witnesses and police officers. These cases often involve lengthy testimony. I only have 45 minutes for each calendar and everyone wants to get out of there. No one (attorney or pro se party) has ever taken me up on my offer to return after lunch or later in the day. Again, I am still learning.

Regarding the "yell[ing]" at a "defendant" (I usually call them "drivers" in infraction cases, by the way): I don't yell. If, as the poster says, he/she was in the courtroom for an "unusually long" period of time that morning, he/she knows that. As a lawyer for 17 years (12 as a criminal defense attorney) prior to being elected, I never thought it inappropriate for a judge, when called upon and when appropriate, to make an impression on a party by speaking firmly. To avoid any possible violation of the canons by discussing the case, I invite anonymous to call my office (anonymously, if he/she wishes) to discuss any concerns.

Anonymous said...

Where are the DUI Power Rankings????

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a pick of that Bob Levy guy. And as far as I remember reading in the paper, it was a felony he was in jail for.

Anonymous said...

About Bob Levy, he is a criminal as well as a TUG! No one should use his services. No One!

On Judge Joe Fernandez answering, mistake. That is all.

On Susan Fried, old news. She cannot even vote for herself any longer.

Armando is to busy building Condos.

Al Lorenzo is learning phonics and trying to get Mayor Manny Diaz to forgive his 2 million dollar debt to the City of Miami.

If KFR has to answer like Alberto Gonzales is doing, she might be sent to Cuba to rein next to Fidel Castro. Talk about wrong person being accused by the Senate.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to Mr. Levy's criminal record:

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Joe F felt the need to respond to that post. Everyone who knows him knows that he's as even keeled as the day is long.

I litigated against him many times in my prior life as a prosecutor.........he was always on top of his game and polite, even when pushed. I have little doubt that if he raised his voice, he had good reason.

One problem with this blog: we forget that the people we bash are human beings. Joe's invite didn't surprise me at all. Perhaps we should visit the judges before bashing them. Perhaps we should give people a chance to rectify mistakes or grow.

Naaaaw. Much more fun to bash them. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Judge Joey is an asset to the bench. He is fair to all litigants before him and we are lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

Al Lorenzo went to Panama to buy property with the money he made in the campaigns. I thought that Manny Diaz would have required that the money Lorenzo made be used, first and foremost, to repay his debt with the City of Miami.

Anonymous said...

The DUI power rankings rock!

Anonymous said...

Captain, who are the customers of Al Lorenzo from last election? I am interested in seeing what company he keeps.

Can you tell us who hired Bob Levy as well. This seems rather interesting.

Anonymous said...

These are the judges and candidates for Circuit Court that hired Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy for the 2006 elections. Most incumbents paid each consultant $5,000 before the qualifying date, while some paid more money, apparently to keep Al and Bob from working for possible opponents:

Miller, David C.
Lederman, Cindy S.
Young, David H.
Cardonne Ely, Gisela
Glazer, Mindy S.
Velis, Josie Perez
Echarte Jr., Pedro P.
Korvick, Maria M.
Schwartz, Lawrence 'Larry'
Venzer, Ellen Sue
Rothenberg, Arthur
Lando, Maxine Cohen
Leban, Mark King
Dennis, Maria Espinosa
Pereyra-Shuminer, Cristina
Gross, Maynard 'Skip'
Leesfield, Ellen L.
Brown, Joel H.
Platzer, Victoria
Blake, Stan
Manno Schurr, Valerie R.
Marin, Antonio "Tony"
Mendez, Marisa Tinkler

Langer, Lester hired Bob Levy but did not hired Al Lorenzo.

Here is the list of candidates http://election.dos.state.fl.us/cand/CanList.asp, click on the names to see the campaign reports.

In addition, many of the candidates and judges also hired Armando Gutierrez and Susan Fried.

Anonymous said...

County Court candidates and judges who hired Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy:

Shirlyon J. McWhorter
Mary Jo Francis
Samuel Joseph "Sam" Slom
Robin Faber
Luise Krieger Martin
Victoria del Pino
Ana Maria Pando (Bob Levy)
Stephen T. Millan
Steve Leifman
Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer
Andrew "Andy" Hague
Linda Singer Stein
Darrin P. Gayles
Maria Ortiz
Migna Sanchez-Llorens
Catherine M. Pooler
Myriam Lehr
Caryn Canner Schwartz
Bronwyn Catherine Miller
Bonnie Lano Rippingille
Larry King
Jose L. Fernandez

Most of the incumbents paid $5,000 to Lorenzo and Levy each to keep opposition away. This fee is a "bargain" compared to the $15,000 charged by Susan Fried and Armando Gutierrez to incumbents.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judge Dennis Murphy did not hire any of these scoundrels, and he won, won big, beating the myth! GO FIGURE!!!!!

I knew there was a reason all of us Justice Building Regulars have a high opinion of Judge Murphy, considering him among the finest judges in the building.

To all those who are up for reelection in 2008, my I humbly suggest you read Judge Murphy's book, "Getting Reelected Without Paying for the Shenanigans."

Oh by the way, I hear Judge Murphy did not pay the Sweetwater Ballot Brokers either, but his opposition hired “La China.”