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Rumpole has two thoughts: we absolutely hate Friday afternoon verdicts.
Joel Denaro has his work cut out for him. This is a very very difficult case to try and defend the life of a client convicted of some of the worst possible criminal acts imaginable.

"We believe these individuals are innocent "

Those six words spoken by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper ended a criminal case against three Duke Lacrosse players that lasted 395 days.

This case was the perfect storm.
Element One: The allegation occurred in the South.
Element Two: Three young white men were accused of rape.
Element Three: They attended the privileged world of an elite university.
Element Four: They were athletes.
Element Five: Their accuser was an African-American woman attending a community college from the other side of town.
Element Six: The community demanded action and the nation was watching.
Element Seven: The prosecutor was about to face a strong challenger in the upcoming primary.

Add it all together and a disaster emerges.

Sex. Race. Wealth. Politics. College Athletics . Only religion is missing.

Here's what happened.: A black stripper says she was raped by white members of the Duke lacrosse team. The boys families hired good lawyers and the prosecutor went before the national media assuring everyone, including the voters in his upcoming primary, that the South's shameful history of double standards was over.

“She said it. We believe it. This will not go unpunished”
Satisfying words. Wealth and race will not allow criminal conduct to go unpunished this time.
In a high profile case, a black woman from the south will get justice.

All well and good.
Except the boys were innocent.
Reasonable Doubt and the Presumption of Innocence were sacrificed to the public's desire to right all the wrongs of the past.

You know the stereotype- “these wealthy white boys will buy their way out of rape in the South. Once again, a black woman will not be believed. She will not get the justice she is entitled to.” When you base legal decisions on stereotypes, no matter how well intentioned, justice is never done. And have no doubt about this- we believe this case was less about the good intentions of the prosecutor, and more about his political ambitions.

The Duke case teaches us that every case needs to be judged on its own merits. All the wrongs perpetrated against African Americans in the South, and all the wrongs perpetrated against women victims of sexual assault cannot be righted by prosecuting innocent men-even when the case pushes all the right or wrong buttons.

As the investigation progressed evidence was ignored and kept from the defense. The initial DNA report didn't mention that DNA trace evidence from other men was found in the young woman’s panties. There is competent evidence to belief that the Prosecutor intentionally withheld this evidence.
No DNA evidence was ever found linking any of the players. The identification of the players was done by displaying individual pictures to the woman. Not photo-lineup, no live lineups. The woman identified one of the players-stating that it was him except he had a moustache. The young man had never had a moustache in his life, yet he was indicted.

As one of the accused just said- “my experience with the justice systems leads me to wonder what happens to defendants whose families don't have the ability to hire lawyers to defend them?”
What indeed?

And what does this say about our grand jury system? Perhaps the standard of “indicting a ham sandwich” needs to be re-examined. It is evidently clear this case should never have been brought.

The next time someone questions why we have criminal defense attorneys- mention this case.
The next time someone states that where there is smoke, there is fire, and the police don’t arrest innocent individuals- mention this case.
The next time someone mentions that grand juries take the politics out of charging decisions- mention this case.

This case is just as sameful as the past wrongful prosecutions in the South of black men accused of raping white women, or the failure to prosecute white men who murdered black men. For many years, in many types of cases, Justice has not been blind in the South. This case just continues that shameful tradition.

The system didn't work this time. All that happened is that competent lawyers refused to back down to a prosecutor who played the most insidious card of all- the public opinion card.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

What's remarkable to me about it all is the fact that this case, publicized on the front page, was about white boys who are wrongfully accused, and it gets full media hype. And then we have the black boys, who are far more likely to get arrested, convicted more likely, and sentenced to longer terms than their white counterpatrs, and we rarely read about it at all. Only every so often after 15 or 20 years have passed. Shame on Mr. Nifong. Shame on the double standard.

Anonymous said...

The state not being able to prove a case because of reasonable doubt based on inconsistencies, does not
equate necessarily to "the boys are innocent."

Does anyone really doubt that at least one of those Duke lax players touched the victim in an illegal, demeaning and sexist manner.

This case is not exactly the same as those mistaken ID cases where
the Defendants were miles away and
not even at the scene.

Lets not start celebrating these
Duke guys as some wrongfully accused innocents. That's a bunch
of horse crap.

Obviously, the state should never have brought charges against them.
But that is not because they were
true innocents.

Scott Africa

Rumpole said...

Au contraire, mon ami- The Prosecutor announced the players were innocent. I agree that a decision not to prosecute or a decision to drop a case- and even a verdict of not guilty does not equal innocence. But the Attorney General took the public and I believe calculated step of announcing they were innocent, because it appears they are innocent. The prosecutor could have taken the easy route and dropped the charges and hidden behind the old bromides of lack of evidence, etc. He didn't do that here, because in my opinion, these young men deserved to have their names completely cleared.

Rumpole said...

OK it's 10:15- comments after this wil go up tomorrow. Good night.

WFAN fired Imus today. 30 years on the radio, a new five year 50 million contract- all gone because he is a racist moron.

the absurd antithesis said...

How many Nyfungs are actually out there?

Probably more than here.

Wonder if Jesse and Al will visit Duke campus?

Anonymous said...

The double standard is a live and well in Miami-Dade, just ask the family of Peter Michael Daniels, the young man who was brutily beaten to within an inch of a coffin in Sweetwater by a band of thungs, calling themselves police officers, under the direction and leadership of Sweetwater Mayor Manny Marono. Why you ask, was the Major himself not charged with a crime, he drove the vehicle in which the young men was transported, he was present when the young man was beaten, and he instigated the beating, he actually kidnapped two young men by going outside the jurisdiction and using colour of law to "arrest" them. Seargent Stacy Koon was tried, convicted and sentenced for simply failing to ack in the Rodney King beating. so why did our system only prosecute two underlings of teh Swetwater clan? Then they fire the two honest officers who stood up and disclosed the truth, and where was our law and order crowd, MIA. Perhaps if you hire an ex-US attorney and the right publisist, they can convince the right people to give you a pass. So is the double standard alive and well in Miami-Dade county, yes it is.


sponge bob said...

scott africa,

the whole point of strippers is to enjoy them in a "demeaning and sexist manner." that's not illegal! that's just good fun!

Anonymous said...

Rump de la Rump is Rump De La Rosen,
the people have spoken
the voters have chosen
career in a shambles
promotions frozen
cause- Rump de la Rump is Rump De La Rosen

(c) Rump is Rosen 2007 all rights reserved.

Anonymous said...

jury deliberations resume today in the 1st of five charged with crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

6:34 i concur with that. you don't really think they go there to dance and have people act as if they were at a one-year old's party. give me a break....those dollars aren't being statigically placed in the back pocket of their jeans...

Anonymous said...

Terry Moran makes the point today here.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts have always been-

Why were they willing (or desire) to pay for a black stripper in the first place. The least they could do is get a white one.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, corroboration was needed to prove a rape accusation, but, then political correctness came along and corroboration was eliminated. Now, anyone can make a rape charge, and lots of innocent people have gone to prison on rape charges on testimony alone. Political correctness has no business in the administration of justice. All it does is create room for errors and a denial of justice to victims and offenders alike.

Batman said...

Okay let's start out this post by saying that Rump's description of Imus' statements as being made by a racist moron are correct. Further, references like that made by any man about any woman are inappropriate and moronic.

With that said I have problems with two of the more vocal and opportunistic of Imus' critics, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. I find their demands for the firing of Imus to be at best disingenuous and more properly labeled out and out hypocrisy.

Were these two not visiting the Duke campus calling for the indictment of the lacrosse players? Did they not judge them guilty based solely on race and before any evidence was reviewed? Were they not declaring any attempt to "cover-up" an act of a racist District Attorney and alleging that if this was a white woman and black athletes the indictments would have been instantaneous?

Didn't Rev. Jackson offer to pay for the college education of the UNC "victim"? Is he now offering to pay for the education of the student who lost his scholarship because of the race to justice which he promoted and made an issue?

Isn't Rev. Jackson the same person who referred to New York City as "Jaime Town"? Isn't Rev. Sharpton the same person who pushed for the indictment of police officers, who were eventually cleared in a shooting just because this was a black victim and white or Hispanic officers? Do I hear anyone calling for the removal of Rev. Sharpton from the airways or the boycotting of Rev. Jackson's press conferences?

We on the blog continually claim we have a 1st amendment right to say anything we want. Now we understand why we don't. Now we understand that moderation, such as we have here is necessary. More than that maybe now we can all understand that we have and obligation to speak responsibly.

Imus has the right to be a racist misogynistic pig. He may even have the right to say what he thinks on the airwaves, but we have the right not to listen or because it is licenced by the Government to call for his removal. But, Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson, don't call for the gagging of someone who does exactly what you do, use race as a means for power, personal gain and fame.

Rumpole said...

My belief that Imus acted like a moron (and for those that know him, the accusation that he is a racist is nothing new. I have never liked him) does not mean that I am a supporter of Al Sharpton. Remember Tawana Brawley? He libeled a good young man and even though there is a judgment against him, he got away with it. Sharpton is the worst panderer to race problems in this country. He makes me sick and as mcuh as I dislike Imus, it made me sick to see him hat in hand begging that idiot for forgiveness.

Rumpole said...

BTW- today we have the first (in memory) comment from a police officer. Or at least someone who says they are a law enforcement officer. We welcome their contribution. What would the REGJB be without the brave men and women in blue, brown, and whatever other colour of their uniforms?

Anonymous said...

Batman and the First Amendment rock. Sharpton, Jackson and Imus suck.

Anonymous said...

That was either a real Sweetwater officer, or someone who knows very well what goes on in that city.

Anonymous said...

This just in: 11th Judicial Circuit of Miami to (you know who) on his records request for all emails of all Judges to Rumpole:


On to the Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus???? (what a buffoon- that's what he threatened to do, not knowing you can't seek original mandamus on a public records request in the Florida Supreme Court. But then his record in the Third DCA isn't too good either).

What do you think Rumpy- has he wasted about 50 hours of time on nothing???

Anonymous said...

you are not kidding batman.. freedom of speaech!!! ha! what a joke, only when you're politically correct.. never mind all the rap songs and garbage that both races throw out there about their own... this is america the last time i check... yo creo.

Anonymous said...

remember tawana brawley,, did he ever ask for forgiveness from pagones... yes ladies and gentlemen in the amount of $65,000
al sharpton is the biggest racist of them all and does nothing but fuel the hate (unfortunately) still in this country

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget Sharpton's role in the burning of a Jewish owned store in Harlem ("Freddy's Fashion Mart"). After the arson, Sharpton denounced the "white interlopers" who owned the store and others who dared to business in Harlem. And let's not forget Jessie Jackson who did a warm up act for Louis Farrakhan in the million man march. These two love to promote racial hatred wherever they go. It is disgusting that they are given such prominence by the mainstream news media.

Anonymous said...

Is Rumpole really Rosen, and if so, who is Rosen, where is he, what is he? Where is this copyrighted at and what rights are actually being reserved?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

The website devoted to rating the DUI Power Rankings conducts extensive research for the purposes of predicting the Sunday DUI power rankings. As of Friday, RTDPR predicts that for the second straight week in a row, Bobby Reiff will not be in the number one spot, and that Jimbo Best and Jonanthan Blecher have made significant movements in the rankings. Stay tuned.

Not the Q said...

I LOVE IT. Just Like American Idol has a website that monitors the voting, our own little blog has a website that monitors the DUI Power Rankings. This is Great!

"Its Not A Sunday Until the Power Rankings Come Out"

My new favorite Motto!!!

Anonymous said...

Moderation is boring. Advances are made at the edges by people and ideas on the fringe. Now, Rumpole alone decides what is worthy. Screw you guys – I’m going home
Eric C.

Love da Q said...

The real investigation is why the Q- with his patented syngeristic DUI defense isn't #1. I want an investigation!! Get me Joe Centorino!!!

former Judge said...

Joe Centorino!!!! Uhho...I'm outta here.

Rumpole said...

To 4:27- in a sense I have always decided what is worhty, as I removed many posts once I read them.

Case in point- A Judge emailed me today about a post someone made a while ago accusing him of theft when he was a lawyer. Lo and behold, it turned up in a Google search of his name. Moderation maybe boring to you, so long as you are not the one accused of theft and prospective clients are reading it when they Google your name.

Anonymous said...

Answer: Imus and Alberto Gonzales

Question: name one person out of a job and another about to be fired.

Anonymous said...

guilty as charged for victor caraballo.

he's a dead man walking..

real fake shumie said...

If I don't start getting on those DUI power rankings, heads are going to roll.

Anonymous said...

Please do not confuse Al Sharpton (real jerk) with Richard Sharpstein (nice guy).


hi abe - great job this week. I have known you for so many years and you continue to impress me with your professionalism, your ability and your desire to continually do the correct thing. thank you for setting an example to young lawyers as to how to present yourself in court and the meaning of integrity. i am proud to watch you and your accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of animals. I say line them up, gang rape them, then use a blow torch on their balls. After that, cut out their tounges and gang rape them again. Then open them up like the stuck pigs that they are.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Hand seemed like a hard ass but he came off as a good guy at the end. Remember how he ended up at Spicoli's house to make sure he learned the lesson?

Fast One

Anonymous said...

Free Don Imus.

Prediction: Imus will lose the trophy wife within a year. Once she has no celebrity circuit to go on to promote her dopy green books, and vegan lifestyle, she will have no use for this leathery old racist, and dump him.

Anonymous said...

The Q could have saved Imus with a couple of phone calls....but he wisely chose not to do so.

Fear the Q
Respect the Q

Close your eyes but when you listen you will not hear the Q on 660 WFAN.

Anonymous said...

Seasons don't fear the Q
only the wind and the sun and the rain
he can be like they are
come on baby
don't fear the Q

(but you should still respect the Q and close your eyes and become the Q)

Anonymous said...

The Q has recently been seen up close and personal at the courthouse with a hottie pd. Forget the power rankings, if he lands a date with her, he's #1 in my book.

Anonymous said...

Laeser is lucky that he did not face Q in his latest rape-murder trial.

Abe. Fear the Q. Close your eyes and become the Q.

Spicoli said...

Aloha 8:35:00 PM, Hope you have the attention span longer than a gnat.

You don't get it bud.

1)Rumpole was ultimately not considered by me as my mentor, Mr. Hand. Don't call him that. He doen't like the comparison my farorite Martian 8:35.

2)We launched a blog that had more than merely edgy material on it. Yes political satire, but also really dirty humour having nothing to do with the law. If you were one of the 200 some odd peepers over those two days (I'd be happy to post the stats) you might have caught a song entitled, "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" and a Chappelle video as "Black George Bush." Also, thanks for all of the nice emails and comments to those who did.

3)We have a strong belief in the First Amendment. However, considering THE MAN WITH NO NAME (name that one; not the person) if you look at the blog now you will see a very different tone. See if you have the acumen to read between the lines and look at the one image. A message that speaks for itself. THE MAN WITH NO NAME has created a chilling effect on free speech. The point for now.

4)All of us have a belief that the issues of blogging with lawyers and non lawyers on it are novel legal issues. Does the Bar have subpoena power over something that is not a crime, but might be unproffessional? Can an attorney ever not be an attorney? Do the rules of prof. resp. ultimately completely foreclose all attorneys from excersing free speech? I think these issues will wind up at the top of the appellate ladder at some point. See the picture on the site now. Does strict scrutiny apply or some lesser standard? There are a host of issues that were presented in a hypo.

5)You all need to realize how difficult it is to run a blog. Rumpole's and Mr. Markus' blogs are stellar. It is sad that he has to moderate. No one. NO ONE. Offered any reasonable alternatives or case law as to the hypo posed as to exposure for attorneys, non-lawyers, anonymous bloggers who are not laywers, those who are and judges.

The issue is: If one is a lawyer must they always have such a derby permanently stuck to their skull thereby chilling First Amendment freedoms.

There is no clear answer. No bar opinion on this issue I'm aware of. Plus, I'm only Spicoli. Just like surfing. Especially here and on plenty of other ones around the country.

I'm very aware there are brilliant attorneys and judges who read here. Some actually write with the names their mothers gave them at birth. How about some answers rather than bitching and moaning?

BTW, if you missed Chappelle's "Black George Bush" as it relates to the hypocricy with Imus, Al, Jesse, Duke, Rutgers (and also Sid Rosenberg), then you missed the boat entirely.

With suggestions, as to how to properly run the site, I offer the worst possible alternative now. Nothing. Just a picture of the ultimate legal analysis. I don't think lawyers must wear the lawyer hat all day long in anonymity.

That being said, I do understand why a person wouldn't want their name to pop up on Google when such a HIT would really hurt someone?

Dude, I wasn't taught squat by Rumpole aside from the best thing... open discourse is great and the blog. Did you even get that? In case you didn't he's taught me much as has the blog. It's totally awesome dude.

But, what now? Have you no empathy for the elderly attorney comment Rumpole made? An excellent point. Imagine if you were him.

Not lastly for this non-verbose comment, I would love to plan fun pranks, use every curse word under the sun, have a multimedia experience, and not overlap on the issues here.

Do I want to be the test case? I don't know. Rumpoe might very well be. I hope he is the Trojan Horse in the Pic and is victorious if this ever moves on up like Curtis Mayfield. Get it? Got it? Sweet.

No shirt, No shoes, No dice.

Provide the case law or reasonable alternatives. We gave five: Total unmoderation/free for all, moderation, good faith moderation, Wonkette auditions, or silence.

If you're gonna talk the talk, walk the walk, which I'm still doing. Whoooo!

Just read between the lines pally! I'm a bit deeper than a puddle. Part of the paradox. You really have no idea of the joke I wanted to post before changing the banner or the blog now.

Aloha and Peace.

Seriously, what do you think? I'm sure some snipes will follow, I dont give a fuddddddddddggggggggggggggeeee. I don't want to take away from either blog, just a different one with mostly comedy and our crappy attempts at it. Most important, fun for the bloggers. I am trusting some well reasoned answers from excellent lawyers on here will provide as much.

Like the Q or Batman or Real Fake "X."

For the record the Dui rankings are a riot. Does that cross a line no one seems to know where it lies? I know lines were crossed when an old acquaintance of mine was run over by a truck by y'all.

Sorry this was long. :)

Spicoli is a paradox. I'm a good attorney, can always learn more, and have published on this issue a decade ago forseeing this issue.

Speaking of murder BTW, do you know what a flock of crows flying together are called?

later and thanks to all who emailed and said some really cool things. A special thanks to Rumpole for his kind words. It meant the world to us.

Don't hate on Rump. Hate the crap he's dealing with.

Spicoli said...

Rumpole, I know the last comment was long as a muther. But, as to Imus, listen to Stern a bit. Imus is a racist. Imus does suck. I hope Howard makes him mop the unclean floors in the studios after some kind of contest that befits the situation.

Anonymous said...

It's already Saturday! Just one day till the DUI power rankings!

Anonymous said...

Imus will be on XM/Sirius within the year...AFTER he sues CBS for the remaining balance of his contract...50 million. I can't personally stand him but he'll land on his feet!!! As far as I can tell, the only celebrity who hasn't really ever been "forgiven" and given another chance is OJ.

Anonymous said...

Hey rumpole, what factors do you consider when you print your perception of dui lawyers, your so-called power rankings. What factors do you consider other than anecdotal reports and reputation. Is there any consideration to number of cases and/or percentage dismissed or broke down? Why would anyone spend time researching such a thing? More and more, over the years, MJB has become a guys only, locker room, towel snapping, high school clique for men who have so little life that they can think of nothing better but to sit around and tell war stories. How insipid! to say the least.

Spicoli said...

BTW 8:35, I learn a lesson in life from Mr. Hand if you recall. Not, as you put it, "the lesson." As soon as you know "the lesson," let us all in. The lesson I've learned from all my teachers is there is always more to learn. I know I do not know as much as everyone. That is what I know and is a real "lesson" in life.

That, and the answers to three questions before crossing a bridge.

I don't consider Rumpole to be Mr. Hand. Mr. Hand would never hang in my van. Rumpole might not partake but he'd bring some Dade River Booze.

Rumpole said...

I have nothing to do with the so called "DUI power rankings" someone posts them, they don't violate any blog rules, so up they go.It seems like a waste of time, and I don't know most of the lawyers, but at least some people seem to find it amusing. So I would relax and enjoy whatever joke you get from it.

Anonymous said...

SWEETWATER update, date April 14, 2007:

Friday, April 13, 2007, all is well and Mayor Manny Marono, for his re-election campaign, called his band of selected thugs, those who dress like, but are not real policemen, and certainly not any of the honest stand up ones who are trying to oust the Marono regime, to pose for a campaign picture to appear as if the police support him.

The truth is the PBA, the real police, want Marono out ( and his Chief of Police Fugi) for disgracing law enforcement in the City, and have refused to endorse Marono. The PBA voted Marono worst Mayor, and Chief Of Police Fulgueira the worst Police Chief in this County.

Although Mayor Marono had Officer Jorge Fernandez De Lara, an officer terminated by several other departments, doing his bitting during the meeting, the PBA Board refused to endorse Mayor Manny, way to go JR!.

How has Manny Marono gotten away with so much, you ask, well he is the president of the Municipal League of Cities, the organization of which Richard Cooper, former special assistant to KFR, is the executive director. Mr. Mayor is also the self professed King (Jimmy Hoffa) of towing in this County, with his companies control virtually all of the government contract towing in this County. How has he accomplish so much, simple, with the help and support of his close confederate County Commish Jose "Pepe" Diaz, former Mayor of our fine City. You know Commish Diaz, the guy who the Fed's - the Real Corruption Busters - are investigating for his unconventional association with a well known local developer. Oh on that front, seems the same developer has bought up a lot of property in our City, and is trying to buy up a trailer park, and getting rite of thousands of residents from the City to make room for FIU student housing n Sweetwater. The word is the Mayor is helping with the project (Check the Univision link!).
“Student Housing” ironic they want student housing in the City where young men are beaten and abused with impunity, with the sanction of inaction by the SAO!

FACTOID - Did you all know the City of Sweetwater was founded by Midget Circus Clowns from a Russian Circus that came to Town, who would have figured that years later the Mayor and his thugs would turn the City in to a real Circus of corruption run by (being politically correct) a height impaired Mayor.

All this brings leads us to ask a few questions for our beloved SAO: (1) how can the Mayor use City resources as part of and to advance his political campaign, (2) why does it take the Feds to do the job, and (3) oh where oh where is the SAO, oh where or where is the Public Corruption Unit, oh I know, investigating Cops for overtime or some other silly thing, but playing catch and release with the big fish. Is this a great Country - County - or what!

Please do something about this City and the Mayor.


Spicoli said...

THE NEW AND MOST ACCURATE DUI RANKING INDEX (with help from the NCAA computer system).


Later, I'll be drinking heavily and updating the blog with the video in case anyone missed it.

Let's not turn the First Amendment into the Worst Amendment. No comments yet at all. Just what we like. Spicoli likes the emails. People are pretty cool down here.


Anonymous said...

To the frustrated Sweetwater police officer who's been posting (last 4/14 @ 1:04): Considering the size of that department, and the way that city and department are run, I have to say that you are one very brave man (or woman). They could easily smoke you out and make your life miserable. And still you persist. In the city founded by midgets there may well be some moral giants. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain what is so great about Markus' Federal Court Blog? All he does is post stories from the paper. Once in a blue moon he spreads a rumor about a Judge retiring. Spicoli, how can you even compare that Blog to Rumpole's? This Blog is what blogging is about. Rumpole states opinions whether stupid, brilliant or irrelevant, and he does so on a variety of subjects. This is a real Blog. Markus's is a regurgitation of the news. It is not original.

Rumpole said...

You've put me in a difficult position. I like the federal blog. Different blogs from different people for different reasons. Mr. Markus likes keeping people up to date on the things going on in federal court. He has a big practice and is successful.

I spend my day dodging bill collectors, and am hoping that my writing on the blog gives me the courage to write a book someday.

Anonymous said...

Man, that Sweetwater cop is on the ball! Time to de-incorporate Sweetwater.

Spicoli said...

Aloha 4:15!

Markus' blog is not mere "regurgitation" of hard news. Different Strokes to save the world. (See, Willis, Arnold, and Kimberly).

We don't allow for comments currently, but I was able to post the Chappelle Video again. Comment here or on Dave's blog. What's the problem? He works hard on it. Cut the dude some slack. I've learned a bunch over there. It ain't all about State court bud. It's about gathering as much intel and having fun.

What's he ever done to you anyhow?

He's got big balls for going live without a pseudonym if ya ask me.


Anonymous said...

tequila was invented by a dui lawyer, tgifridays encourages shots comsumption so much that they should receive a kickback from dui attorneys, scateboards were invented by chiropractors, mayonaise by heart surgeons, and crack cocaine by the cia.

Amy M said...

To Frustrated Sweetwater Police Officer, I need your help... I need some information that you could help me with. I don't care who you are (you posted annonymously and I don't blame you) and in no way intend to get you into any trouble nor involve you in any problems. However, you posted about mayor Manny Morano and a police officer by the name of Jorge Fernandez de Lara that had been terminated from several other departments. You have some information that could help me and I would just like to ask you a couple of details. If you see this can you please contact me at amy.martin81@yahoo.com I am from Pennsylvania. Thank you for your time