Monday, April 09, 2007



A reader emails us about the prosecution's opening in the death penalty trial before Judge Will Thomas today:

Rumpole, the prosecution opened it's case today in the horrible kidnapping, sexual assault, attempted murder and murder case before Judge Will Thomas. Holding a picture of the young woman who was raped and murdered, ASA Laura Adams seemed on the verge of tears as she recounted the last moments of this poor young woman's life. Her opening, which contained a cleaver twist on the victim's last name meaning "Angel" in English- the unspoken contrast with the Defendant as a the devil, was informative, a bit argumentative, and very emotional. The jury was attentive, but somewhat taken aback by the brutality of the prosecution's accusations. It is hard to conceive outside of unknown blockbuster evidence how a verdict of anything but guilty is in store in this case. The facts are almost too horrific to speak of.

Rumpole says, its a very tough job, but the lawyers on both sides of this case are up to the task.


Overwhelmed with a case load exceeding 2200, Judge Rosinek has asked for and received a moratorium on new cases being assigned to drug court.

Rumpole says: a sad but understandable situation. People obviously need this help. Judge Rosinek does a great job. It's just a sad fact that for the foreseeable future, client's who are ready, willing, and able to start getting help for their drug problem will no longer be able to get it from the Dade County Court system.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

this is going to go down as one of the most horrible cases this decade.... i feel for that family....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there should be a temporary system for early graduation from drug court for those who test clean for more than 4 months in order to bring the numbers down. A bit of triage, just like we do with the occasional blitz. Drug court blitz, why not?

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster says, " another lock case for the abed one."

Anonymous said...

If this is what it takes to get another Drug Court Judge, so be it.

We all know Jeff Rosinek works hard but, his courtroom is overloaded.

Broward has two drug courtrooms.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, what kind of "CEO" is a boarder in someone's home? Can't he even afford to rent a studio apartment?

I was on operation restore sanity- my girlfriend who works at a downtown civil firm sent me the site and password. Its hysterical, but troubling as well. Especially the petition for the injunction. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

Chambers of the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court:

Secretary: Mr. Chief Justice, here is your mail.

CJ: Anything unusual?

Sec: yes, another complaint from that crazy man in Miami.

CJ: Who?

Sec: You remember- the man who thinks he's the CEO of some company, but is basically homeless and lives in peoples houses until they kick him out.

CJ: Oh yeah. Irish fellow.

Sec: Not really. He changed his name.

CJ. Didn't he file a complaint against a Judge on the third DCA?

Sec. Yes.

CJ. Just send him the form letter, like they did with the complaint. Tell him we're taking it under consideration and will speak to whomever he's complaining about.

Sec. Sure. it worked with the 3rd DCA complaint.

CJ. What else....

This has been a Florida Supreme Court Moment, brought to you by Paxil. Depressed? Delusional? Paxil can help. Speak to your doctor about it today.

Anonymous said...

OMG is that funny. McNutty must be going Mcbatty.

Fake Judge Rothenberg said...

These pro se litigants- what a bunch a nuts. At least they don't get court costs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We need the big O' to tell us about the nut job.

fAKE sHUMIE said...

I liked it better when the blog about about me and the Q

Anonymous said...

I have some advice for you fake shumie-

fear the q
respect the q

close your eyes

become the q

don't mess with the Q Shumie!!

Anonymous said...

The screaming you heard coming from the civil courthouse the other week? That was Abby Cynamon losing her shit at one of her fellow law clerks. Rumor is that Ms. Cynamon's grown a little too preoccupied with hair, nails and fundraising to waste her time on work. She got called out and shut-up. Only 13 months before she has to resign. Whther she wins or loses, the law clerks are counting the hours.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody please explain who the Q is?

Anonymous said...

What about NBA player, James Posey, arrested for DUI????
AGAIN!!! Another one of our "model citizens" arrested!!! Great, what a great society we live in!
What do the HEAT have to say about that????

j said...

Sad state of affairs for the drug court. Isn't there anything that can be done to keep the program running; how about adding another judge to keep the program in place?

Anonymous said...

jesus, these guys need to die. the worst case i have ever read about. " i did not rape her because my brother raped her and i did not want aids... he has aids..." go to herald.com to read all the details. gary, you have about as much a chance of winning this one as you did in your bid for state attorney. keep your head up big guy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Judge Rosinek for doing suck a great job with Drug Court. With over 2,000 cases he is surely a full time Judge with a record and well deserved famed for the subject matter. With that said, what is the name of the Division Judge Steve Leifman handled and his total caseload? Captain, can you please get us the stats so we can compare the good Judge Rosinek with the ever hard working Judge Leifman?

Anonymous said...

Funniest thing on McNutty. He lost his case in the 3rd DCA because the Clerk's Office issued his Emergency Subpoena by mistake without telling him the procedure. I mean, they just rubber stamped his complaint and did not call Judge Hernandez so he could get an Emergency Hearing or anything. They set him up and they did him in good. Word in South Dade is that they hate him and wanted to screw him over. What I wonder is if he ever sued Harvey Ruvin or filed a complaint on him and the clerk who issued the Subpoenas that started most of the latest mess with McNutty. What say you Mr. Mcnutty? Did you complain on Harvey Ruvin and that Clerk? You could have gotten paid and left this blog alone you know...

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Anonymous said...

From Operation Restore Sanity:

"_______'s Mail Bag"

From: Microsoft
Office of Bill Gates

To: ceo OF ------
Miami, FL.

Dear Mr.______,

In response to your letter of inquiry, Mr. Gates has asked me to respond to you with the following information:

1) We share your frustration with Google, but no, we cannot give you the home address of the CEO and chief legal counsel. And we must reject your kind offer to act as pro se counsel for Microsoft's litigation with Google.

2) We do know that the NY Times does use Microsoft software, but we cannot tell them to stop writing secret messages about you.

3) We cannot forward your attached letter to Governor Bush of Miami, although Mr. Gates has met with the Governor. I sincerly wish you luck with your neighbor's dog. I onced lived next to a dog that barked-actually so did Son Of Sam in new York, so be careful the dog doesn't make you do something you may regret.

4) Microsoft has no association with MAD Magazine, as such, we have no idea if "Alfred E Newman" is a "take off" on your image, and cannot assist you in either suing Mad Magazine, or obtaining money from them.

5) Microsoft cannot "yank the software" from the computer of any Judge, even one that didn't give you court costs that you say you were entitled to.

6) WHile Mr. Gates is proud of his contribution to the internet, he cannot assist you in reveiwing all web pages and removing "libel"about you that you say exists on 94% of all web pages. Mr. Gates extends his best wishes to you for success in this area.

7) Microsoft cannot assist you in "focring" (by the way- MS Word does have a spell check feature. Try using it!!). the Florida Bar to give you a "pro se" license to practice law, no matter how good a lawyer you say you are.

Thank you for your continued support of Microsoft products. Mr. Gates suggested I enclose the coupon for Sid Meyer's Civilization, a great new Microsoft game, and we here at Microsoft suggest you spend your time "gaming" rather than in the law library.


Microsoft Consumer Relations.

[The stuff on this website is priceless. Who ever did it is very very funny.]

Crazy Eddie said...

how insane is this link to operation restore sanity.

copy and paste.


Anonymous said...

lock lock.

who's there?


Abe who?

the guy who is afraid to try anything but a sitting duck, that's who.

Fake Steve Jobs said...

That email from Bill Gates is the most brilliant post ever on this Blog.

Anonymous said...

4:15 pm

Drug court blitz. LOL> Obviously, you don't understand the whole philosophy of the court. The goal is NOT to close cases, it's to help people overcome their problems. Prematurely closing their cases will defeat the whole purpose of the program.

Anonymous said...

The Leifman bashing is ridiculous. When I was an administrator, I worked with him fairly often. Leifman does a lot of the little things that you just don't see. He also puts up with more nonsense from some of the prima donnas he works with than you can imagine.

PS---yes, it's true, he spends a lot of time working with the courts, police departments and others to help the mentally ill. Not every judge does the majority of their work sitting in division. Sometimes, that's not a bad thing (other times it's judges playing golf, tennis, etc. at taxpayer expense. But, that's not the case here).

Anonymous said...

me thinks imas was right.!!

Rumpole said...

I'm not sure what a "Libel Chicken" is but I am sure you will never post here again.

Anonymous said...

"libel chicken" whats up with that.

Rump you drive me crazy

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal- a former circuit court Judge works at a big civil firm downtown. He is a partner. My girlfriend is an associate. One of the secretaries gave her the password to operation restore sanity. If you know anyone at that firm, you can get the password. The word is some associate made up the site, and in a word it is
"hysterical" funny.

Word out.

Anonymous said...

This just in from Drudge-

Alberto Gonzales' documents subpoenaed


Anonymous said...


Total 207,405
Average Per Day 595
Average Visit Length 6:08
Last Hour 43
Today 280
This Week 4,163


Anonymous said...



MSNBC insider states that without the support of the Q, Imus's show may well be finished.

Q: "The Q does not tolerate racism in any form."

CBS: "We value the Q's opinion and will consider his lack of support for Mr. Imus very seriously."

Fear the Q
Respect the Q

Close your eyes and watch the Q spank Imus.

Al Sharpton said...

I'm with the Q...my bother from another mother.

Rumpole said...

12:18 - I was responding to a comment that I did not publish. Somone keeps sending me comments to put up that say

"Libel Chicken.".

In all honesty, I have a fondness towards poultry and I cannot imagine why this individual wants me to start saying false and malicious things about our feathered friends.

Real Time With Spicoli said...

This is on that other legal blog. Hope you enjoy. Uhh...It's got tunes (kind of) and discussion on whatever. Hell, part of it is the title to the link.

Hurl what you'd like or not. Hope you get a kick out of the metaphor the entire legal system dwells in.

Aloha and stuff.

Anonymous said...

The idea of closing out cases in drug court after 4 months is preposterous and clearly whomever thought of this idea has never spent even 10 minutes in a drug court setting. The individuals who enter drug court have an illness and an addiction, it is not something that 4 months will fix. These people need to be monitored in order to try and restore them to fully contributing members of not only society but their homes and their families and their communities

Anonymous said...

I am in the drug court program and I think a more realistic solution would be to not require people that are on Rosinek's "all star" list to go to court as often. I often spend three hours in court waiting to be called only to be told "good job" and then I leave. I appreciate the judge's encouragement, but it seems to be a waste of the courts already limited resources. It's a shame that the drug court program is comprised of individuals who truly want to help, but collectively, it has grown into a bureaucratic nightmare.

Jason Wandner said...

Judges Rosinek and Leifman have done incredible jobs focosing the legal system on issues involving drug abuse/mental health, and we should all be proud of them. I hope we can all help them continue to focus on those issues, so that this system can someday return to the days when the goal was rehabilitation rather than retribution. Unfortunately, as much good work they and others have done, it seems to me that we have a terribly long way to go.

That said, now that drug court is on hiatus, are there other options? I know Judge Ward has a plea option to some felony drug charges that results in dismissal after a period of probation. Are other judges following her lead?