Saturday, April 14, 2007


Friday was a busy day for our intrepid local scribe, Herald reporter Susannah Nesmith. She was busy covering the guilty verdict in the Caraballo case before Judge Thomas, while in the Locasio case, the jury was returning a recommendation of life in prison. Judge Blake promptly sentenced the convicted accountant to life in prison, no deductions, no exemptions, no amortizations.

Here is Ms. Nesmith’s opening sentence in her coverage of the Caraballo case: it’s a good one:
Victor Caraballo's best hope is to live to be an old man in prison, because he will definitely die there.

Alas, says Rumpole, there will be an appeal, so while “definite” is not really “definite” in the theoretical sense, one cannot imagine an appellate decision discharging the Defendant in this matter.

Ms. Nesmith and the Herald also reported that in the Locasio case, Judge Blake, before sentencing Locasio to life in prison, commented that the case was one of the toughest he has ever handled.

We have a few questions: Was the decision to impose life in prison for a man who ordered the death of his wife difficult? Was the Judge wrestling with an override of the jury’s recommendation? Or was the evidence in the case, including the lack of a body, the difficult part of the case? Or was the case difficult because Mr. Locasio might be innocent? It would be nice to get a better picture of what made this case so difficult for Judge Blake.

Our favourite federal blogger Mr. Markus spent the week crowing about the interesting federal cases currently being tried. We’ll take a good old fashion REGJB murder case over a federal disorderly conduct in a post office case any day of the week.

And finally, the Herald also reported that murdered Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl’s name will be read Sunday on Miami Beach at a ceremony at the memorial to the victims of the holocaust. Pearl’s name will be added to the wall, and read, along with millions of other names, all who were victims to hate and intolerance.

Daniel Pearl was killed by Al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan in 2002 because he was Jewish. Pearl was beheaded because he worshipped a deity who was different from the deity that those who killed him worship. In Pearl’s religion, life is sacred, and the lord commands that one should do good deeds for others for the sake of humanity. Those who killed Pearl, worship hate and intolerance, and they condemn themselves, and their religion, to a fate much worse than that they inflicted on Daniel Pearl.

May Daniel Pearl’s name always be remembered and spoken, as a brave man, who was killed by cowards.

We will speak Daniel Pearl’s name aloud tomorrow, and see you in court on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Horace, your comments re Daniel Pearl and the cowards who killed him are among ever posted in this blog. May his name be always remembered.

Anonymous said...

I undersatnd the need for the moderation (thanks all you hating jerks!) but I miss the spontaneity of the blog...

Anonymous said...

RTDPR-the hot new website that rates and predicts the DUI power rankings, says we are in for some surprises. One new player, one DUI guy falls from the top ten. Big moves by Blecher and Jimbo Best, while the big question lingers: Can Canet hold on to his slim lead over Reiff??? Only Tomorrow on the blog.

Rump permitting of course- thanks Rumpy!

Anonymous said...

I know all night long I'm going to be giddy over the new power rankings. I think the power rankings should come out twice a week, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Maybe DUI guy should give us a ranking every day after court and then a weekly ranking on Sundays.

the trialmaster said...

thank god the trialmaster has enough well paying clients that he isnt on "the wheel" trying to suck up court appointments like those bottom feeders who represented that scumbag who killed and raped angel and tried to kill her boyfriend. i pity those attorneys who defended that scum who masterbated on the body after she was viciously murdered by this coward. i would pay good money not to ever be associated with this sub-human. death is too good for this creature. i would like to beat him to death with my own hands.

The Legal Beagle said...


No commenting on our blog, but I did repost Chappelle's "Black George Bush" video and Blog Hypo minus commentary from others. Which would you rather have?

There's a few songs with vulgar language dedicated to our Commander In Cheeze. The video is priceless if you haven't seen it. Moderation is bettter than nothing wouldn't you agree?

Kindly, recheck That Other Legal Blog Again. It morphs daily. Into what, we don't know....yet. Our original intent. Maybe a free for all at some point. Beware of bleeped out curse words and a dirty sketch about The First Amendment.

Please post here for some legal guidance if you take the time to read the hypothetical posed there.


Judge Rob Pineiro said...

Mr. spicoli,
A group of crows is called a murder of crows. What do you call a gathering of larks? A hint may be found in one of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Anonymous said...

And the answer is:

Imus and Caraballo.

The question is:

Name two men who have nothing to look forward to except death.

real fake alan shuminer said...

I will watching the blog very closely tomorrow. If I am not in the top ten for DUI power rankings, heads are going to roll.

I mean it. Ever see me yell? Its not a pretty sight.

Rumpole said...

You know trialmaster, representing the very worst of society is something that some of the very best and most successful lawyers do. It upholds the best traditions of our profession. It is true that from what I saw, if I was on that jury I might well vote for death. But if I was asked by the court to represent Carabalo, I would try and be a professional, put my personal feelings aside, and give that guy my very best effort- much like a surgeon might do to save his life.

Anyway, that's the way I view professionalism in our calling.

Spicoli said...

Aloha Your Dudeness Honorly Dude,

Your Honor,

Respectfully, I will end a sentence with words typically that do not follow the word, "respectfully." Your very reply, intrisically, means more than you know. Your farewell blog was one of the best posts I've ever read.

Cool you got that! I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT A MURDER RUMPOLE'S POSTS ABOUT. I learned that word a few months ago.

I have to honestly look up your trivia question. I am bit concerned of it's subtext. But, thanks for writing. And, I'm always happy to learn something at the end of the day.

Aloha Sir. In the meanwhile I'll go learn a lesson and I hope you enjoy some of the music and video on my site. No comments at all. Sorry.

Rumpole said...

It just cannot be that I am so old that I cannot understand anything Mr. Spicoli says. it's like its English words transliterated into a foreign language. I read it- I just don't get it.

Judge Rob Pineiro said...

Take off moderation now.

Spicoli said...

I am deeply sorry you do not understand the dialect of Spicoli. I hardly doubt a man of your intellect would fail to really understand. I simply choose to write in a particular tone. Like the one being used now for instance, sir. Nevertheless, you failed to answer His Honor's question.

I think it is open to a variety of interpretations. I have fousd one of Shakespeare's pieces of work that may be relevant. Perhaps a gathering of larks is referred to in this. Larks are birds who sing beautiful songs. Thus a gathering of larks might be a suggestion. Quite in TUNE with his other posts...

I found this bit o' that Shakey dude: Sorry, I humbly meant to say Billy S:

"Hark, hark, the lark at heaven's gate sings, And Phoebus gins arise,
His steeds to water at those springs. On chaliced flowers that lies; And winking Mary-buds begin
To open their golden eyes. With every thing that pretty is, My lady sweet, arise. Arise, arise!
- William Shakespeare, Cymbeline
(Musicians at II, ii)

But, I do not know a particular word for a gathering of larks. His Honor might be referring to singing as one voice. My guess, a "symphony?"

Abbey Road is fine by me.

I know you can read that Rumpole, "Spicoli" chooses to write in a different manner than yours.

It all kool and the gang though. I like that you don't understand me sometimes. Honestly, sometimes I don't get you. But, I read on... and we all should gather to sing together. Not just blog authors I would think, but everyone.

Spicoli said...

Y'all don't have to call me Mr. Spicoli! Spicoli or Jeff is fine. Dude is cool two. Its' funny Rumpole you dont' get my excelelnt grammer skills.

Hand taught history. I'll werk harder.

The Legal Beagle said...

Jeff, there is a another way of looking at a gathering of larks. Since he is using the plural form of the word for this bit of trivia, I hope His Honor is not referring to this quote from Romeo and Juliet:

"It is the lark that sings so out of tune, Straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps."

I don't think you found the sonnet His Honor reffered to.

Spicoli said...

I think I got it Your Honor!

Uhhh pleez post this Rumpole:




Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Take that Beagle.

Anonymous said...


You should change your name to "turdmaster." If you really think what you say, you must have no friends in the building.

How on earth do you become a good trial lawyer if you do not try cases with bad facts?

Anonymous said...

I am confused, is McNuttie not being investigated yet for all his stupid complaints?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Judge P!! End moderation now.

Anonymous said...

leave McNutty alone he has enough problems with that white jacket.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind comment. It was quite a week for murder at the Justice Building.

One little thing I should point out: The Locascio case is not a no-body case. Maggie Locascio's body was found in her home by Coral Gables police responding to the burglar alarm.

And thank you also for the tribute the Daniel Pearl. He is a martyr in my profession and worthy of memorializing.

Susannah Nesmith
Miami Herald

Anonymous said...

First - regarding the blog posted before this one, you said "Joel Denaro has his work cut out for him".

If I was Gary Rosenberg, I would be upset with you. You do realize that Joel never once opened his mouth, right? He was there as a literal "bump on a log".

Also, Caraballo and his band of men should fry.....

Secondly - regarding all the crap about Imus. A nerdy old guy makes a bad joke trying to sound "hip" like the rap and slang that's used all the time and he's a racist warranting vilification. Yet Sharpton, Jackson, and too many others to mention are the most racist, hype-stirring people on the face of the earth and yet they are the ones who are considered the moral authority on race issues?

I'm more and more wanting to move to a desert island.....

Anonymous said...

How is George Cholakis, these days?

Anonymous said...

In response to 12:24 you are quick to judge but perhaps you should check your facts before you comment. You are correct that Joel never once opened his mouth but that was because he wasn't supposed to. He was only brought into the case to argue the second phase - life in prison or death. And Rumpole is correct he does have his work cut out for him.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!!!! If what you say about Joel is true, then the citizens of Miami should be safe. Death for sure for that defendant.......

"brought in" to argue the penalty phase? He's never done a death case so why would he be "brought in"???

F****** joke.

Anonymous said...

Is that you again? Is there a reason you are so acrimonious?
Oh and FYI brought in by Gary Rosenberg.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: In order to spice things up a little why don't the cowards who spend their time posting mean and nasty comments sign their names once in awhile ,,, just a thought.


What is so horrid about Daniel Pearl's execution is the video. I've seen various footage from Saudi Arabia where beheadings take place for crimes. I looked up the video after the murder and I could not believe my eyes. I was expecting a short quick swing of a sword. These murderers took their time slowing cutting this man's throat. Wahabism (Bin Laden's sect of Islam followed in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (pronounced kay-ter in the US) is apparently the dangerous sect we're dealing with here.

Amy M said...

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