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Rumpole, I was reading that lawyers are already placing their names in opposition to Judges that are scheduled for election in September 2008. By my calculation, that is 16-17 months before the election.

I wonder if this has a chilling effect on the judiciary?
Do you think a Judge might be inclined to rule differently in a high profile case knowing he/she has opposition? Just a thought. Perhaps there could be a rule not even opening the process until 6-8 months before the election. They could let a lawyer file an intention to run (thus allowing them to raise money) without requiring the lawyer to state specifically who they are running against. Anyway, this is all about names and money. We all know a judicial election is not about ability. Perhaps they could devise a "Bar Exam" for anyone who wants to be a Judge and for Judges who are up for re-election. Then the Herald could post the scores. Of course, being a Judge is about more than book smarts.

Tell me Rumpole, are things so bad out there? Is that why so many people want to be a Judge?

There has got to be a better way to do this. But I have no idea how.

I was glad to see there was some discussion of my post on Federal Judges. That whole situation needs to get better in a hurry.

I was also glad to see your support of the 11th Circuit Historical Society. There were some wonderful Judges in the past, and some real colorful characters. I saw some pictures of Judges from the Old Municipal Court, and boy did that bring back memories. Yet time marches on, and most of those dear souls are no longer with us.

Ever just sit and stare at the REGJB? Wonder about all of the life changing moments that have gone on in the courtrooms (and back hallways) of our wonderful building? The triumphs. The tragedies. You know what gets me the most? The drug trafficking cases of the 1980's. I am not coming out in favor of legalizing drugs. I have seen close-up the devastating effects of drugs on Miami. Yet, I remember some of those trials where clearly the small fish were being tried on the 15 year minimum mandatory cases. The anguish in the faces of the families of some of those men -who obviously made horrible choices- as they were sentenced; sometimes, for no reason at all, I will remember one of those sentencings.

See, here's the kicker: from up close, the war on drugs in the 1980's was all about money. The defense attorneys got rich. The police departments made a fortune in seizures, overtime, federal spending. Some drug dealers at the top made millions. And the poor people in the ghettos got high and fell apart, and every now and then we lost a great cop like Scotty Rakow from Miami Beach on some drug sting that was not worth it. Now what I mean by that is not that Officer Rakow was not dedicated to his job, or that his job was not important. What I mean is that he was killed in a drug sting that was one of a hundred or a thousand that used to go down every year in this country. Nothing's changed. We still have a drug problem.

I hope that whatever comes out of the 11th Circuit Historical Society includes some history on the brave officers who died working for the citizens of Miami. Their story is part of our story and deserves to be told.

Anyway, sorry to end on such a morbid note.


Rumpole said...

That was a really great post by our Mad Jurist. Thank you whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter.

Is there anything cooler then watching your kids see their Easter baskets?

Anonymous said...

DUI Power Rankings. (C) All rights reserved. The DUI Guy.

1. 1.0 Carlos Canet
2. 0.996 Bobby Reiff
2. 0.996 Lyons & Lurvey

4. 0.991 Richard Hersch
5. 0.897 Michael Catalano
6. 0.855 Jimbo Best
7. 0.799 Miami PDs.
8. 0.655 Essen & Essen
9. 0.603 The Q
10. 0.509 Jonathan Blecher.

Bobby Reiff knocked out of the top spot! Canet, with a great victory in Broward takes over #1.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I'm sorry! I transposed the numbers in the Q's ranking. It should be 0.063, tied for next to last with the E.

Anonymous said...

Its just not an Easter Sunday until those DUI Power rankings come out. I always say.

Anonymous said...

I heard the symposium at the New Book store in Homestead about lunatic pro se litigants was well attended and the stories were hilarious.

Anonymous said...

The Mad Jurist is my Judicial Heroine/Hero! Please keep your posts coming, they are a wonderful respite from the back and forth negativity of this blog, as well as the stupid DUI power rankings! Obviously DUI Guy is one of the mighty 10. You really ought to stop as its unseemly to anonymously promote yourself and your buddies; p.s. are there no female DUI defense attroneys?
Anyway, I digress, thank you Mad Jursit, whoever you are!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, County Court ASAs, lets hear it. Who is more fearsome, the "Q" or the "E?"

Spicoli said...

Since moderation, Rumpole has almost taken as many hits as I.

Spicoli said...

Ehhh... on second thought, Mr. Hand always preached moderation.

Anonymous said...

DUI Power rankings are way off.

The best DUI attorneys are the prosecutors. They nolle pross more than we win.

Anonymous said...

To 9:52


Gotta love it when the youngest kid finds the golden egg and then gets tackled by the oldest for it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Leslie Rothenberg doing a much better than expected job on the 3r DCA? Didn't some crazy jackass file a complaint that was laughed out of the JQC against her?

Anonymous said...

WIth Rothenberg on the 3rd, and De La O and Hernandez about to get circuit seats, things are looking up in Miami, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

come to think of it, there really aren't any regular female DUI attorneys.

Spicoli said...

Come to think of it, are there any regular females?

They're all super unleaded.

Foster Brooks said...

what algorithm is used in the DUI power rankings?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
WIth Rothenberg on the 3rd, and De La O and Hernandez about to get circuit seats, things are looking up in Miami, aren't they?

Sunday, April 08, 2007 1:12:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Sure there is, Mark Eiglarsh.

Fake Kreskin said...

Lemme see, lemme see.....who hates Rothenberg, De La O and Hernandez. Lemme see. Oh, of course. He Who Forgot to Take his Meds. Silly Nutball, this Blog is for lawyers, not Haters.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Woodward can hang with the DUI boys.

Leo McKern said...

Please stop using my name!

Anonymous said...

Hey phil - at 9pm watch the sopranos. you told me about it the very first year and i am hooked.

Anonymous said...

Elections in 2008!

"Wait until they get a-load of me."

Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hernandez could never get a seat via appointment. Don't be crazy. It is bad enough that Faber hired his last JA as well as the next to last Bailiff Hernandez had. Is that wacked or what?

The Chilling Effect said...

Thanks Mr. Complaint Person:

You defy Voltaire. You use Rumpole as a mere pawn to advance your own causes right or wrong. That is respectfully, wrong. The definition of integrity is defense of the First Amendment even if it stings.

You have hurt a bunch of lawyers and non lawyers alike. Start your own blog why don't you and explain the meaning of integrity.

Anonymous said...

I just was sent an email password to a website named "operation restore sanity". It is hysterical. It has everything. All the crazy person's emails, his rantings, snapshots of his website, plus his priors, the case in Puerto Rico. The New Times Article. Everything! He is one crazy nutjob. I don't know who did it, and the password is 128bit data encrypted. You can't find it with a google search. Someone needs to email you the address and password. But its going around Miami legal circles. When the email arrives, don't delete it- its worth it. Funny funny funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

"It is bad enough that Faber hired his last JA as well as the next to last Bailiff Hernandez had. Is that wacked or what?"

You must be joking! If thats true what a wack job.

female dui lawyers? said...

does jackie woodward even handle DUI cases anymore? didnt she turn into a ticket person with husband Phil as her assistant?

btw sopranos was disappointing last night. every time i see janice i want to puke and there was way too much of her last night.
i need more phil leotardo and paulie. if i dont get at least a dream sequence with adriana ima bust a cap in david chase's ass.

Anonymous said...

DNA and the Innocence Project exonerate a man who was wrongfully convicted Dallas, Texas, due to mistaken identity. Police did a very poor investigation and arrested the wrong man even though the rapist was right under their noses.


Anonymous said...

As to the Sopranos, what is going to happen to Bobby B.? Why would he think that fighting Tony with such anger was a good move for him? He was about to become a captain. Hey Phil R., what do you think? You have represented Gambino family members.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't know if that post is another cheap shot at me- but I have in fact represented alleged members of that Gambino organization. And that being said, I have no idea what is going to happen on the Sopranos.

Anonymous said...

And while I am Jackie's assistant- we do handle DUI's- very well in my opinion. How I don't make the power index is a mystery. I should at least be in the top 10.

Phil R

Anonymous said...

De la O will never be a judge.

Too many people hate him.

He is rude and offensive to many.

Hernandez was nice to me so, I do not know why everyone wants to dump on him.

Anonymous said...

Del la O is perhaps the finest civil and criminal law now practising in Miami. He is the best.

Venturing North said...

Anyone have any comments about Judge Joseph Murphy in Broward?

Rumpole said...

Now that I removed your post, go ahead and start attacking crazy man.

Anonymous said...

good golly Mr. Molly

Rumpole said...

Come on crazy guy, you can do better than that. Lose your list of all lawyers in Florida?

Anonymous said...

Lets make Hardwick really nuts: Rothenberg is doing great on the 3rd DCA- De La O and Hernandez are about to become Circuit Court Judges. The New Times Article is Available on Google. hmmm...what else. Oh yeah- Rumpole wrote on Markus's blog that he gets emails from people you file your stupid complaints with laughing at you. How'd that subpoena with Google go nut job? What about your stupid legal education makes you think the CJ Of the Florida Supreme Court investiates anyone? You dumb stupid amateur. Your complaints show us just how dumb you really are Hardwick. Go back to intimidating famiies with your suits- and you know what I mean by that don't you Harwick?

Anonymous said...

uhho- that's gonna make him attack the blog. Rumpole, better go on moderation.

Rumpole said...

Here's the deal: 1) agree to stop spamming the blog. 2) The reason why people don't want to deal with you is not because of your legal skills- you have none. You lose everything. It's that we sell out time for money, and dealing with someone like you costs money. You know that, which is why when you are attacking soemone in court, you then offer to go away for a payment. You know its true and so do I.
3) Admit what set you off- I removed one post you made.
4) Admit that you have sent me many many complimentary emails- I have them, so challenge me to post them.
5) Admit that in every instance you have aksed me to remove a comment about you, I have.


OR- you can proceed in your very silly way. Remember when you threatened to have the blog shut down by Thursday? I have all the emails. You are delusional if you believe filing a pro se action against a figure of fiction wil get you anything. You have a choice- play nice- or be ignored.

Rumpole said...

I will let you leave a link to your complaint- but be warned- the lawyers on this blog will not be kind. Your pleadings are nothing to be proud of. Your call.

Rumpole said...

ok- unlike certain people- I have work to do- so the blog goes back on moderation. You can send in your reply. 1) the supreme court does not investigate anyone. That poster was correct. 2) The JQC thing is just too funny. 3) The UPL complaint was also just funny. 4) But for sure, suing a fictional character is just lunacy. But it's your money and time. Have at it.

Rumpole said...


World Wide Entertainment USA Inc to me
show details 10/25/06

your blog is down why?

Rumpole said...

here's a good one- not much has happened since then:

World Wide Entertainment USA Inc to me
show details 8/31/06

so you think that link is funny? This link http://www.careerbuilder.com/monk-e-mail/?mid=13206546

The election is tuesday and after that day my free time will be dedicated to getting your blog shut down . I will not elaborate any further because all you will do is make fun of this serious e-mail. You sir need to take things a bit more seriously.

Kind regards
Darrin McGillis.

Rumpole said...

Oh- here was a good one- Boy that FTC complaint had me rattled:

World Wide Entertainment USA Inc to me
show details 8/25/06

Today we mailed our complaints against you and Google to the following:

1. Florida Elections commission.
2. Florida Bar.
3. Florida Consumer Affairs.
4. Federal Trade Commission.
5. As for Google complaint with California Bar.
6. Judicial Qualifications Commission ( you must be wondering why).

Looking into were else a complaint can be filed will update you. I have no idea if any of these agencies will investigate or not.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Kind regards
Darrin McGillis.

Anonymous said...

Here is the ultimate irony- McNutty filed a JQC complaint, and the rumour in the courthouse is that JUDGE FABER of all people is Rumpole. Wouldn't that be the ultimate irony? If Faber, who McNutty supported, turned out to be his nemisis blogger? They say Faber's JA spilled the beans in a restaurant the other day and a lawyer was sitting behind her and heard her talking about the blog.

Spicoli Cites The Evidence Code said...

To Sir, With Love:

I cite Fla. Stat. Sec. 90.401. You sir, are irrelevant.

Furthermore, uhhhh, I cite 90.403. The probative value is FAR MORE SUBSTANTIALLY outweighed by the prejudicial effects.

I know this is difficult, but, I will not be writing about this dude anymore. Not because I don't want to rip him, but because I am making him irrelevant.

That is how you diminsih him. While difficult, ignore him. He will go away. However, it seems he's like a re-occurring rash. See a derm dude.

You are nothing to me. If no else addresses him anymore, by not scratching the rash, it will go away.

I learned this from my surfboard. Same works when you surf the web.

Anonymous said...

THIS JUST IN: Florida Bar, Florida Supreme Court, FTC, JQC, Google, and President Bush, along with Ivan Hernandez and Judge Faber petition to seek psych eval of McNutty.

"come here...the men in the white coats won't hurt you. Put down the rules of civil procedure and just come here...."

Anonymous said...

HEY RUMPOLE - this guy is like "CRAZY JOE DAVOLA?"

Spicoli said...

Happy Easter by the way.

Nice tone to the holiday post huh?

A Happier Passover. DUDES AND DUDETTES.

Rumpole said...

Well our resident blog attacker has decided not to respond to my offer to give him a place to post his stuff. He is putting all his eggs in one basket. Personally, I think he should write to CJ Roberts of the US Supreme Court. Or maybe, the chairman of the FCC. Or secretary of state Condi Rice. Or maybe file a complaint with the world court in Hague, and ask them to investigate.

Rumpole said...

I would say "cat got your tongue?" but then he'd file a complaint with the ASPCA.

Anonymous said...

Blogging Code of Ethics:

1. We take responsibility for our own words and for the comments we allow on our
2. We won't say anything online that we wouldn't say in person.
3. If tensions escalate, we will connect privately before we respond publicly.
4. When we believe someone is unfairly attacking another, we take action.
5. We do not allow anonymous comments.
6. We ignore the trolls.

I completely agree with #2 and #6.

Fake McGillis

Anonymous said...

I wish some attorney's would put their name in to run against some of these Broward Judges.

There is a real problem with the judiciary North of the border.

Anonymous said...

Robin Faber is a hypocrite then. How could he hire Judge Hernandez's Bailiff, (is it Rolando or Josh?) when they both campaigned? I mean, it is crazy to hire your opponent's staff. Faber, you are a liar my friend. I am sure there is a certain someone who will not forget your courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Who is up for re-eelction in Broward?