Saturday, April 07, 2007


Another aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned yesterday. She did not give a reason for her resignation, but did invoke the name of the almighty in blessing Gonzales's future endeavors. We think Gonzales is going to need more than prayers to survive this growing storm. The NY Times article is here: ARTICLE

There is no truth to the rumor that the halls of the Justice Department are so empty that the GSA has taken to renting office space to attorneys running a ticket business in D.C. Not yet anyway.


There is another contretemps involving the new US Attorney for Minnesota. The NY Times has the story here:

This "experienced" 34 year old prosecutor had a coronation that included a choir and a Marine Color Guard. We wonder if that Color Guard might have better things to do, like honor the wounded and dead returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, rather than entertain some political hack.

Anyway, three top deputy supervisors in the US Attorneys Office of Minnesota have been so taken with new US Attorney Rachel K. Paulose’s management style that they have resigned their supervisory position and assumed positions as trial lawyers.

We don't approve of her coronation or apparent management style, but we will sheepishly admit to this- we wouldn't mind being caught in flagrante delicto with this US Attorney, and that is definitely the first time we have ever admitted to that. Her picture accompanies the story above.

[STRIKE THAT- MR. Laeser has written in to inform us that Openings are Monday morning.]

Our favourite federal blogger has a post this week on jury selection in federal court and several comments spoke about the differences between voire dire in federal and state court.

Jury selection resumes on Monday before Judge William Thomas in one of the more horrific allegations of kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder that Miami has seen in many years. Abe Laeser and Laura Adams for the prosecution, while former Major Crimes Prosecutor Gary Rosenberg and new defense super-star Joel Denaro are for the defense in this death penalty prosecution. You couldn't find four better lawyers anywhere and this trial is worth watching.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

This blog was supposed to be about the REGB only and now has a bunch of news from all over the place. What gives? This is turning into BS. Rumpole, are you Susanna Nessmith or another sorry writer trying to get a story?

Anonymous said...

New Books in Homestead has a symposium tonight, with a very well known miami civil litigator talking about his article in the next issue of the legal journal about litigating against mentally unstable pro se litigants. 8-9:30 tonight, and copies of the article are available for signings.

Rumpole said...

11:28-let me "splain". This blog is supposed to be what I want it to me. Nothing more, nothing less. I am glad you read it. You are welcomed to write a post and email it to me and I will put it up. Otherwise, shut up, just read the posts, and enjoy them. It's a beautiful day, so stop complaining and go outside and enjoy your day off.

PS. Part of the post was about a major trial in the REGJB, so there.

fake john mitchell said...

I'd much rather read about national issues that directly effect the quality of the legal system that we all work in than have to digest the latest gibberish about the "Q," the DUI power ratings, or the perennial County Court Judge candidates--who is really interested in this stuff anyway?

Thank you for the post about our A.G.'s problems. Last night, the reports were that Monica Goodling and Rachel Paulose were best friends when they were working in the "Justice Department" together and that the prior U.S.A. in Minnesota had been made an offer he couln't refuse in order to clear a place for Princess Paulose to take over as part of the Miers/Rove plot to take set up puppet governments for the G.O.P. in U.S.A.O.s around the country. In the meantime, our A.G. has been in deep hiding as he practices "telling the truth" in preparation for his appearance in front of the U.S. Senate. Would you rather watch this Senate hearing or "the Q" in trial in front of one or our new County Court Judges?

Unabashed Liberal said...

If you want to know the type of US Attorneys who were able to survive the Purge, read this article.

Spicoli said...

I'm very curious to see how this all turns out.

Lengthy Senatorial investigations to be followed by impeachment proceedings in the other chamber? Life prophetically imitating art.

To surf for a good article, click above to read about the backdrop of AUSA David Iglesias (part of the Gonzales Eight and inspiration for Tom Cruise's role in "A Few Good Men). It explains his plans to possibly launch a counter-attack against the explanation given as to why he was fired. The AG/DOJ may have violated federal law. Bush Can't HANDLE... well, anything.

At least Kerry knew how to wind surf.

Anonymous said...

I am a die in the wool, "social liberal." But that band of criminals before Judge Thomas should be executed. Each and every one of them.

abe laeser said...

We actually finished jury selection around 9:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Openings Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

"...defense superstar Joel Denaro..."

Very funny stuff, Rumpole. I love how you sometimes slip a bit of subtle satire into your otherwise straight posts.

Rumpole said...

We didn't publish a comment that the defendant in Mr. Laser's case should be put to death. Lets try and write comments without speculating on whether individuals slept with their mother.

And in response to 3:43, from what I hear, Mr. Denaro is a very fine lawyer, just like his Father and his sister.

fake greg denarp said...

And don't forget the best lawyer in the family--his uncle

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent article in one of the legal journals on "record producers" who abuse children and think they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

So is it official that Ivan Hernandez is applying for Judge Young's spot? He raised a lot of money for Charlie Crist. Seems like a lock.

dui guy said...

New DUI power rankings Sunday!!!!

Where will the Q be? how bout Jimbo Best? Will Bobby Reiff hold on to the number one spot?

All that and more - TOMORROW!

Anonymous said...

Clossius and Davenport sitting behind a tree
Writting an arrest form for Aunt Bee

First comes HGN
then comes BAL

then comes 10 days DCJ

Anonymous said...

Not If Aunt Bee hires Q...not if she hires the Q

Fear the Q
Respect the Q

close your eyes and watch the Q beat Clossius and Davenport like a drum.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Hernandez a circuit court judge? That's it---I'm leaving the state of florida!!!

Anonymous said...

any defense lawyer with the balls to step up and try that dog of a case has my respect.
don't hate the player hate the game....

Anonymous said...

The Gen counsel out of Crists office says the seat is his if he wants it. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The Producers of "Hot Miami Nights, Cold Miami Cash- The J.C. Elso Story" an A&E original movie are seeking extras for courthouse scenes and exteriors. If anyone is interested, go to A&E, send an email with JC ELSO in the topic line, and include your name, address, and telephone number in the email. Also, if you know anyone who looks like Judge Seitz or Mel Black, please let us know.


Mike Haifong

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle
Eric Courtney just admitted he's Rumpole!!!!!!!!!!

Good Job Eric!!! Had me fooled.

Anonymous said...

Shumine and Blecher and Lyons and Best
Those are the guys that speak at Rumpole's behest

But for his main posts
which are swervy and curvy

The voice of Rumpole
is Danny Dan Lurvey.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss a preview of the Judge David Young Show? And by that, I mean the recent JNC announcement and the impending scramble for a spot on the list. Any word on who's applying, other than half the REGJB?