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Anonymous said...

you mean warren has taken over, right?

Fake Patty Dan Marino-Pedroza-Dwayne Wade I hate Castro. said...

Let me just go on the record and say that as a traffic attorney I have devoted my career to hating Fidel Castro. Scum. I will not use this in my judicial campaign. Just because my opponent loves Fidel Castro is no reason not to vote for her.

Fake Fidel Castro said...

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

i hate racists

Fidel Castro said...

Bennett Brummer did this to me.

REGJB-CNN said...

NEWS FLASH: Raul Castro BANS Lynn Overmann, Country Dave, Gabe Martin, and Lonnie Richardson from the isle of Cuba. Yankees go home!

fake jorge alvarez said...

fake judge miller has rushed to fidel's bedside.

The Real Warren Schwartz said...

To the People of Cuba: unite!
Rory Stein and I are on our way with danish, bagels, donuts, and coffee and orange juice. Breakfast will be served as ususal. Just relax.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Migna Sanchez-Llorens interviewed on Calle Ocho in Little Havana. The clip was on Channel 10. WHAT on earth was she doing there?!?! She's not even Cuban. Talk about opportunism of the worst kind. The beautiful thing was, Channel 10 didn't even use her name, so her "brilliant" political ploy fell flat. Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

i think that she is going to win. truth be told, her opponent is a joke. i was a gabe guy and she came hard out against my boy but i still think come election day im gonna vote d. sanchez....

Anonymous said...


While I’m on the subject Mr./ Ms ASA- lets examine what is really going on here.
Lets assume you really are a prosecutor. You get up in the morning. Drive your used Toyota that you hate to court. Take advantage of some civil lawyer who when business was slow picked up a SA robbery and can’t do an arraignment. You get yelled at by the Judge because even if you are a DC you have no authority over any case and you get sick of saying “I have to speak with a supervisor about that” 100 times a day 5 days a week. You slink back to your cubby hole of an office and unwrap your stale tuna sandwich and curse the fact that they don’t pay you enough to live on and eat lunch out. And for fun you read this blog, and instead of enjoying it, it pisses you off because you wish you thought of it, you wish people were reading what you had to say. You think you’re smart, you think you can be witty and damn you missed another opportunity to make your name in the world. So the only thing left in your petty little world is bitterness, anger, resentment, and while you’re at it, why not threaten me with being disbarred?

As the late, great Judge Morphonios would probably say: “Sorry pal, ain’t gonna happen. “

See Ya In Court.

Ps. If you’re tired of tuna, I’ll take you to Mortons.


aclu said...


Anonymous said...
Okay, time for a recap of Rumpole's rumor-spreading to see just how little of substance we have actually obtained:

Saturday morning (8:25:37 in the Hernandez comments), Rumpole asks for details about an alleged ban of certain lawyers from the PD's office.

Saturday afternoon and evening (same comments section), Rumpole promises us "a good one" about "BANNED BY BRUMMER".

Undeterred by the total lack of substantiation, Rumpole on Monday morning posts his screed against BHB. I pointed out (9:09:03) that what he published was a rumor, not facts. Since then, there have been 120 comments. NOT ONE SUBSTANTIATION OF THE RUMOR. (Sorry 9:23:37 and 11:54:05 and 11:56:23 and 12:16:49, but anonymous confirmations of an anonymous rumor ummm... lack a certain credibility).

Rumpole, you said a while ago that you did not want to be a part of unfairly destroying a person's reputation through malicious rumors. Well, what is it that you have done with this rumor if not what you claim to abhor? Methinks it's high time for some supporting facts or a contrite and sincere apology.

By the way, I have no particular love for BHB, just met him once, seemed like an ordinary person. I do however despise rumors whose purpose is to destroy the good name of a person. As General Westmoreland asked after a determination that he'd been libeled, "Where do I go to get my reputation back?" You may not aspire to be a journalist, Rumpole, but your words can hurt people and you should always be aware of that.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 1:48:48 AM




Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald chronicles how the nation's most ambitious public housing effort in decades has become plagued by corruption and greed.

The paper is publishing a multi-part series on how the Miami-Dade Housing Agency has given millions of dollars to private and non-profit developers, but failed to manage projects to ensure that new affordable housing is built.

"Overall, the Housing Agency pledged more than $87 million to put up 72 developments for the poor, including apartments, houses and complexes for the elderly. The expected payoff: more than 8,300 new homes."

"But about 40 percent of the projects funded between 2003 and 2005 have been canceled. Others are delayed for months, even years. Only 14 projects less than one-fifth of what was pledged have actually been completed."

Some developers that the Housing Agency contracted with stand accused of selling homes earmarked as affordable to real estate investors who turned quick profits.

Anonymous said...

Fidel's out? Does that mean everyone's going back to their self-remembered plantations in Cuba? Courts will certainly see a downturn in business. Rumps -- you and the rest of the barristers and wigged robed ones will have plenty more time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Allegedly, Digna Sanchez is trying to act Cuban and attend Cuban events that she will never visit when elected. At least she is not wearing a Guaiyabera like the other hypocrites that only use the poor Cubanos for their vote and then spit on their face and with their rulings. Digna Sanchez, everyone knows that you are working with Miller and Rippigilla. Hence, this is why you are selling out all the other candidates who were your friends. Only one opinion for you Miss BHB Girl, your lies and alliance to Al Millian will hopefully get you a lost. If not, we have the memory of Elephants and will wait like good little Soldiers for you in 2012...

We Love Democracy!

Anonymous said...

I am collecting signature for the 40 page John Doe Florida Bar Complaint against Rumpole those interested in signing please leave email address on the blog and email with info coming soon

Anonymous said...

"QUE VIVA CUBA LIBRE!" You all better not talk crap about the CUBANOS or else. We own Miami-Dade! Did you see us on TV? Si SeƱor!

Anonymous said...

5:13:21 is why so many in Miami-Dade County resent the cuban influence. Even non-cuban hispanics are resentful. You are a large ethnic minority whose older members are dying out and younger members are integrating into the english landscape. We applaud the diversity you represent and your successes as they happen. But don't think for a moment that you 'own' anything. The Marlin and Heat celebrations drew better.

Rumpole said...

I received several emails confirming the story, including one from an attorney I know who was there when Dave was banned, one from an attorney who was banned, and two from PDs who asked for me not to reveal their names who confirmed the "rumour."


Rumpole said...

umm..Rumpole may need counsel to respond to the John Doe bar complaint.

Wanted: 1) attorney. Must work cheap, and be able to keep the blockbuster secret of who your client really is.
2) must reed and rite rel good and be able to litigate with the bar.
3) must agree to meet their client in a bar.
Inquire within.

Anonymous said...

Juan at 4:11:59am - there you go again. Playing the ethnic card as hard as you can. What's the matter, can't sleep? It must be difficult what with your candidates all looking so bad. Patty and Juan are dead in the water, George is on life support, and Ivan taking body blows over and over again. All that is left is this little blog for you to try and claim some dignity from your miserable existence. You keep making mistakes, bro. Campaign violations, political appearances, continually playing the race and ethnic cards...maybe you should find a new business to work in. Of course, there's license plate manufacturing! You could have a whole industry soon. Go make a business plan, I'm sure the warden will help you out with it.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 7:35:02 AM

LOL. The Miami Marlin's and Miami Heat celebrations were planned and what happened last night was a word-of-mouth. It just happened. You are an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Juan, still up? Man you should see a doctor. Oh that's right, free medical care in the slammer. Even for you.

Anonymous said...

Lay off Juan. Slammer? For what, misusing a public computer? Jesus Christ!!

Anonymous said...

although spanish not being their native tongue, at least the guayabera wearing girls can properly spell the word

Anonymous said...

further, her name is migna, not digna.

Anonymous said...

D be standing for some other shit, bro. Migna D Sanchez!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes it is necessary for one to don the guayabera, despite one's race, and visit the cuban community in search of votes, in order to educate the voters and allow them to vote based on QUALIFICATIONS, a word with which certain opposing non-incumbent candidates are not familiar. those same certain (UNQUALIFED) opposing non-incumbent candidates apparently find it necessary to somehow "claim" latin votes as their own merely because they have latin names. please be advised that you mock the latin community by assuming that they are ignorant, racist and stupid enough to "band together", voting for you based on name alone. you mock these voters and, therefore, believe that they are ignorant. your incumbent believes that they are intelligent persons, able to vote based on QUALIFICATIONS and not the herd of sheep you seem to believe they are. p.s. it is not necessary to produce "cuban papers" to buy and/or wear the guayabera and i, personally, believe that you are just jealous that certain others of non-cuban descent look better than you of whatever quesionable descent you are... jealous that certain others of non-cuban descent would treat the cuban community with more respect than you of whatever questionable descent you are...

Anonymous said...

oh, and juan and george, before you rip the above-posted commentary to shreds for typos, please be advised that some of us actually work. that's right - we are not forced out on leave or "non-workers" due to mental illness or incomptency - we work and do not have time to blog all day and to analyze each and every post... so, typos aside guys, try to understand the post and try to understand that the hispanic community is not ignorant. they do care about qualifications. they do care about ethics. they will not be made a mockery of by voting for your latin names.

Anonymous said...

Let's pick on Mel Gibson.

He let us really know how he feels about Jews. He did it while drunk.

Sounds like the REAL Mel came out in a police report.

What a big jerk.

Anonymous said...

If you claim to respect the intelligence of the Hispanic voter, then why is your candidate's material different for that community than that of the Anglo or African-American communities. Does a Jeb Bush nomination help with Hispanics but not with Blacks and Jews? How about signs with pictures and signs without pictures? Does an anglo blonde get votes with anglos but not with Blacks? I'm not supporting one candidate or the other at the moment but I was giving BM my vote only because she was an incumbent. Now, after reading the many postings on this blog I am having second thoughts. I have met George and have spoken with him. I find him to be extremely qualified for the job. I have seen his campaign literature in both English and Spanish and it is the same! He does not appear to be running an ethnic campaign while BM does.

Anonymous said...

Judge Miller's campaign literature is the same whether in English, Creole or Spanish (no, do not take offense in the order of languages - only alphabetical). Please stop using the blog to spread rumors and lies. Her signs are in English only. Therefore, no variations due to language. She has one photograph and has used that photograph for all literature and her webpage. Because she has had her palm cards translated into Spanish and Creole this does not make her unqualified. Please do stop with the rumors. That is, as you know, not the purpose of this blog. Judge Miller is not running an ethnic campaign because she has blonde hair!!! She is running a fair and decent campaign and working hard to share with the public her credentials and to give them reasons to vote her and to retain her seat. That is all. One should never vote for someone "only because" they are an incumbent, rather, because they are the most qualified candidate and she is (the most qualified candidate). George, stop with the dirty campaign tactics and stop using this blog - enough already.

Anonymous said...

By the way, in follow-up to the above statement and response - it is not "my candidate" I do not "have" a candidate, I merely feel that the election process is tainted and unethical and that George and his supporters are fighting (and using this blog to do such) a dirty campaign.

Anonymous said...


there has got to be a way to get Juan D'Arce off this blog with lies and lies.

Stop with the lies

Anonymous said...

Larry "your losing" Schwartz

Anonymous said...

B. Miller, you do insult the intelligence of the voters by using campaign signs with your picture in the hispanic and white communities and signs without your picture in the black community. Bronwyn if you are so sure of yourself as the better candidate then why don't you go and plaster your picture all over the black community? I'm sure it won't affect your campaign. Stop being a hypocrite. If you don't believe that kind of campaign practice is unfair and unethical then why don't you ask Michael Putney for his opinion.

Anonymous said...

*Alvarez...where are you? You have no soul.

Anonymous said...

In response to: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 6:31:54 PM.

I have in my hands Judge Bronwyn Miller's English and Spanish palm cards. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!
1) English reads "Retain Judge Bronwyn C. Miller" - Spanish reads (translated) "Reelect Judge Bronwyn C. Miller" MAY I ADD THIS IS A VIOLATION OF JUDICIAL CANONS.
2) Spanish reads "Judge Miller was appointed by Governor Bush on March of 2005" ENGLISH makes no reference.
3) English reads "Judge Miller is assigned to the South Dade Justice Center, Civil Division" - Spanish adds "Small Claims and Domestic Violence."
4) Eleventh in Spanish should be "Onceno" not "Onceavo" HIRE A BETTER TRANSLATOR NEXT TIME!
5) Spanish reads "Judge Miller is a member of the Cuban Bar Association" - English makes no reference to this.
6) Mentor is not Tutores it is simply Mentor in Spansih as well. Again HIRE A BETTER TRANSLATOR.
7) Spanish reads "Judge Miller is a member of the National Hispanic Bar Association" - English makes no reference.
8) English reads "Judge Miller was a mentor for 'Communities in School' and 'I Have a Dream' Foundation" - Spanish makes no reference. and
9) English reads "Judge Miller serves on the board of the Jewish Volunteer Center" - Spanish makes no reference.

Now what do you think about your great, ethical and honest Judge Bronwyn Miller? She is obviously camnpaigning unethically by running an ethnic and divisive campaign. I don't know if I'll vote for George Alvarez but I do know that I WILL NOT VOTE FOR Bronwyn Miller.

Anonymous said...

You're pathetic and stupid whoever you are who spent the time and effort analyzing and translating Miller's campaign cards. You must have just crawled our from a cave. Please show me any canon or rule anywhere that says your cards have to be identical in every language. Obviously, Cubans and other hispanics have matters that are of interest to them. Anglos likewise have matters that are of interest to them. If she has cards in Creole, they probably don't mention CABA or Jewish volunteer stuff, but might make reference to Haitian pro bono work, for example. You clearly know nothing about political campaigns. She's doing nothing wrong so long as what she says is true.

Anonymous said...

Relax..its only soul-less *Alvarez ranting again because he gets no respect. The problem is that respect isn't given, it's earned. And he hasn't earned anyone's respect. His opponent has. End of story. Juan, you should've picked a better opponent than *.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above item. And I'm not the opponent.

Anonymous said...

bardiwill's signs are cute. bright red.

Anonymous said...

where are mannos and Jose's stuff?

Anonymous said...

hopefully we don't have to see her droopy face again

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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