Friday, July 14, 2006


Late breaking news: Florida Supreme Court denies JNC's motion for writ of mandamus. The new judges can be elected rather than appointed by Holly Go Lightly. You can see the order on the Florida Supreme Court Website.



A comment posted alleges that 3rd DCA Judge Juan Ramierz’s son was recently arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. The police came upon a Mustang wrapped around an innocent tree. Some time later Judge Ramirez is alleged to have appeared and the police wanted to speak with the driver, Judge Ramirez’s son. They went to Ramirez’s house, and when counsel arrived the young man came out of the house and was arrested.

We have no idea about the truth of these allegations and we all know the young man is presumed innocent. But the facts of the case reminded us of one of our all time favorite appellate decisions, recounted here in full for you, our faithful and loyal readership.

WILLIAM L. FISHER, Plaintiff-Appellant,

Docket No. 60732
Court of Appeals of Michigan
122 Mich. App. 418;
333 N.W.2d 67; 1983 Mich. App.
LEXIS 2788
November 3, 1982, Submitted January 10, 1983, Decided
JUDGES: Bronson, P.J., and V. J. Brennan and J. H. Gillis, JJ.


We thought that we would never see

A suit to compensate a tree.

A suit whose claim in tort is prest

Upon a mangled tree's behest;

A tree whose battered trunk was prest

Against a Chevy's crumpled crest;

A tree that faces each new day

With bark and limb in disarray;

A tree that may forever bear

A lasting need for tender care.

Flora lovers though we three,

We must uphold the court's decree.
Affirmed. n1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Footnotes- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

n1 Plaintiff commenced this action in tort against defendants Lowe and Moffet for damage to his "beautiful oak tree" caused when defendant Lowe struck it while operating defendant Moffet's automobile. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of defendants pursuant to GCR 1963, 117.2(1). In addition, the trial court denied plaintiff's request to enter a default judgment against the insurer of the automobile, defendant State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Plaintiff appeals as of right. The trial court did not err in granting summary judgment in favor of defendants Lowe and Moffet. Defendants were immune from tort liability for damage to the tree pursuant to § 3135 of the no-fault insurance act. MCL 500.3135; MSA 24.13135. The trial court did not err in refusing to enter a default judgment against State Farm. Since it is undisputed that plaintiff did not serve process upon State Farm in accordance with the court rules, the court did not obtain personal jurisdiction over the insurer. GCR 1963, 105.4.



Anonymous said...

what's with posting ads at the top rumpy? need some extra pennies?

Anonymous said...

All I see is a public service ad by Google that I had not even noticed till 10:35:54 called it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Ramirez should have called a traffic lawyer to handle the situation who could have advised his son not to take the Fifth.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: The above post should have read: "Ramirez should have called a traffic lawyer to handle the situation who could have advised his son not to talk and take the Fifth."

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post I mean hey given that the Pilots did not get a TRaffic lawyer and look at those results!

If the poor kid ends up before Judge Young and without a traffic lawyer he is up the creek. God forbid he has to file appeal with 3rd DCA and get Judge Rothenberg, he is totally FUCKED.

I really do not want to read another frekin 43 page opinion from Leslie. I say we start a legal fund and hire a traffic lawyer for the young lad.

what say you.

Anonymous said...


Here is the link to the story at the Miami Herald on the Judge's son arrest:


Anonymous said...

No wheel witness + no statement from the driver = Nolle Prosse or JOA (in the event that the prosecutor is stupid enough to proceed to trial).

Anonymous said...

I just got a flyer in the mail for a traffic lawyer.

$69 bucks and no points or I get my $69 bucks back. I can donate $20 towards the legal fund, for the Judge's son. BUT NOTE I want my $20 back if he gets points on his license because it says guaranteed NO POINTS.

Anonymous said...

Profanity should be blocked,Rumpole

Anonymous said...

JNC's lawsuit dismissed. Now the party begins. Will the candidates switch around? No one will be unopposed. Rumor has it that Parks will run against Manno. not sure who will run against marin.

Rumpole said...

if we blocked every post with profanity we would be stuck 20 hours a day erasing posts. Profanity demeans the writer but alas, it does not violate the few rules we have.(no posts that are illegal, immoral, or fattening).

P.Mason said...

To Anonymous 7.14.06 @ 10:15 pm:

You are to be corrected.

I last tried a case during the Johnson Administration (1966).

You couldnt have done too well on the reading comprehension sections of the SAT, though. The "hot water" I referred to in my post was the situation Ramirez created for his son and himself that night.

And if you read the report of the case you would have read that he did take his son from the scene:

" Coral Gables cops found the Mustang ''unattended,'' but soon Josie and the judge showed up. They told cops they took Julian home ''because he was upset that he crashed the car.'' Officers asked them to bring Julian to the scene, and the judge agreed, the report says Officer Steve St. Amand."

I didnt say a word about the JQC either. Only that Ramiriez was in for a "hard look" , i.e. the press, this blog, etc...

Anonymous said...

its going to be a long day.

you pissed off the wrong blogger

Anonymous said...

Rumpole...in your neverending quest for truth, justice and the american way, will you be serving a public records request upon the JNC for documents evidencing the shenanigans between it and Jeb and/or Jeb's cronies?

Rumpole said...

Yeah, we're gonna do just that especially because other than monitoring this blog we do not have a blasted thing to do with ourselves. So come Monday morning, take a deep breath and hold it while we serve the public records request.

Anonymous said...

ok is been verified rumpole is a female because the PMS in the above post could only come from that time of the month.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Moral:

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was
so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again, and it won again. The local paper read: PASTOR'S ASS OUT FRONT.

The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline read: BISHOP SCRATCHES PASTOR'S ASS.

This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN. The bishop fainted and informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it
to a farmer for $10.

The next day the paper read: NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10. This was too
much for the bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild. The next day the headlines read: NUN ANNOUNCES HER ASS IS WILD AND FREE.

The bishop was buried the next day. The moral of the story is.... being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and misery...and even shorten your life. So be yourself and enjoy life...Stop worrying about what The Miami Herald and Daily Business Review write about you or everyone else, and you'll be a lot happier and live longer! Both papers have lost over hald their readers anyway. Remember, The Miami Herald's Endorsement has been known to be the KISS OF DEATH!

Anonymous said...

I am confused, is Hector Lombada part of that JNC law suit? Why? Because he urged George Alvarez and others (allegedly) to move to an open seat before qualifying and now they are suing. He must have known about the potential law suit. What's with this guy and the JNC? (Does the Florida Bar read this Blog at all?) Hector, were you looking forward to more money from you potential appointments as you and Robert P. promised PD Girl? Can the FDLE please sit down and talk to all the candidates about this and soon please.

Here is the other funny part, The Daily Business Review interviews none other than Lex Luther Luthor aka Bob "Corky Romano" Levy. Hello! Do you guys know this guy is a crook? (According to the New Times, the man was in Federal Detention for 2 years for economic crimes!) We would be better served by you reporting on what campaigns he is working on aside from the KFR campaigns every 4 years. (To the tune of over $140K in the last two races ladies and gentlemen.) Any Judge, municipality or entity associated with this person, has some explaining to do as they should not be trusted.

The JNC, Lombada and Luthor; what a piece of work we have here in South Florida. There is no worst blind person than the one which can see, but refuses to see. Got it?

Anonymous said...

the jnc suit was thrown out and denied on friday by the supreme court so dont wet your pants

Anonymous said...

is it true that the Wilkie Ferguson Bar Association did not endorse Shelley Swartz?

Anonymous said...

1:14:53 pm demonstrates that high school students also read this blog

Anonymous said...

C. who cares.

Rumpole said...

ok. we removed the very funny survey because you ruined it at the end. trying just being funny without being crass.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

As a puppet of Juan D'Arce,Alvarez is incapable of doing anything right .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Judge McWhorter. On Friday she was nominated as one of the outstanding traffic court Judges in the Nation. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Alvarez is NOT associated with Juan D'Arce stop slandering him.

Anonymous said...

does alvarez know he may be doing other things besides hearing lawyers say "change of plea" or "motion to dismiss, the statute of the infraction is wrong?

will anyone besides a bunchy of traffic attorneys and old ladies in sweetwater vote for this guy?

Anonymous said...

Would Alvarez agree that he should list his jury trials, Bronwyn Miller will list her jury trials and the person with the best record becomes Judge?
No- he will not do that. He has 0 count em, 0 jury trials. Yet he thinks he can do a better job presiding over trials then Judge Miller, who probably tried 10 murder cases and 50 other jury trials when she was a prosecutor. Just what experience does he have that makes him think he will do a better job then Judge Miller?
The world awaits an answer.

Anonymous said...

Alvarez IS a hand picked candidate of Juan D'Arce beleive it,it's true!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole... what makes you think it is Alvarez or some one affiliated with his campaign that is sending you his information??? Check you sources carefully.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Juan is suppose to be such a bad guy when he has placed so many judges on the Bench. Makes you wonder who is the real Judge Maker and Judge Braker. Truth be told, many of the people crying about him, wanted to hire him. I been there and heard some of you pester him and when he said no you tried to put him down. Leave the man alone and concentrate on running your race. Everyone here is an adult and put their own $5K to run. Hand picked candidates would get their expenses paid. Stop being so stupid. Juan even wrote a letter for B. Miller to the Governor, or at least she asked him to write one on her behalf. I have seen her email. They are all friends; Juan, B. Miller and Alvarez. Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

"Judge Maker and Judge Braker"
"I been there"

English as a Second Language classes start in the Fall at Miami-Dade College South Campus

Anonymous said...

Juan has placed "so many judges on the bench?"

Stop the drug use, it will help you.

Anonymous said...

Juan D'Arce represents everything repulsive about those uneducated,corrupt, political operatives who want to influence the Justice system, but lack the character or integrity to help preserve it.He is interested only in trying to exploit the system for financial gain and personal power and is willing to do ANYTHING.He probably learned his political skills in Nicaragua, his homeland, and is now trying to import those principles here.God Help Us All!

Anonymous said...

OMG Juan D'Arce a political typhoon.

Any moron can figure out that if you put the following last names on a ballot you have a great chance of winning: HERNANDEZ, ALVAREZ, FERNANDEZ, LOPEZ, ETC ETC ETC.

If he was really smart he would guarantee his candidate a shoe in by putting a third wheel into the race like another jew to split the vote between the two jew candidate and gives his Hispanic candidate a guarantee win.

On the other hand lets get a fund together to send this creep back to NICA to get his legal degree.

Anonymous said...

They have annouced at:

support for Judge B. Miller for re-election.

CAPTAIN said...


The League of Prosecutors has announced their endorsements for the upcoming Judicial Elections and they are as follows:

Circuit Court

Group 11
Dennis J. Murphy (Incumbent)

Group 42
Gina Mendez

Group 65
Israel U. Reyes (Incumbent)

County Court

Group 1
Shirlyon J. McWhorter (Incumbent)

Group 3
Samuel Joseph “Sam” Slom (Incumbent)

Group 4
Robin Faber

Group 9
Victoria Del Pino

Group 10
Sari Teichman Addicott

Group 11
Stephen T. Millan

Group 12
Steve Leifman (Incumbent)

Group 14
Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer

Group 27
Sheldon “Shelly” Schwartz (Incumbent)

Group 39
Bronwyn Catherine Miller (Incumbent)

Group 40
Don S. Cohn

Many more organizations will be announcing their endorsements in the next few weeks, but we all await the coveted Rumpole Election Endorsements.

Monday is Day One of the 5 day qualifying period for the new judicial seats. Now that the Fla. Sup. Ct. has told the 11th JNC to go packing with their Writ, despite a rather vocal Dissent by none other than Raul Cantero, candidates can start their jockeying and slotting for the 4 new seats (three Circuit and 1 County).

We look forward to an exciting week ahead.

CAPTAIN OUT ...................

Anonymous said...

omg, jeff swartz phoenix rises again?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

Anonymous said...

no way.

Anonymous said...

Why so much resentment against Juan D.? He is not what any of you claim. He is a loyal and great friend.

Anonymous said...

Juan is a stud! Seen his ladies? Nica Stallion. You are just mad because he makes you work. In Civil Court you would call he organized.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if many people get a chance to have the Police wait until their attorney is on the scene in a DUI? Judge Juan Ramirez needs to be investigated for abusing his power if he really made the police officer wait. Ramirez, you know better than that.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing against the law about taking a defendant from the scene of an accident because he is upset, when the defendant is the son of a judge ramirez.

Anonymous said...

The people that do not like Juan just do not know him. They have a wrong perception of him. As I said, he is loyal and a great person. Funny too!

Unfortunately, he was targeted by those who use dirty political tactics.

Anonymous said...

Explain this as I cannot see how any of this can happen:
"represents everything repulsive about those uneducated,corrupt, political operatives who want to influence the Justice system, but lack the character or integrity to help preserve it.He is interested only in trying to exploit the system for financial gain and personal power and is willing to do ANYTHING." How does that even happen? All offices are independent. Seems you are mad your buddies get kicked out. If the man is so bad, why are you not listing all the people that have benefited from his work. Jealousy is a bad thing.

Also, stop making Anti-Nica statements. It is sad to see you talking about hard working Nicaraguans. The main problem in all of this crap is that it is OK to talk about all races, but not yours.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing against the law about taking a defendant from the scene of an accident because he is upset, when the defendant is the son of a judge ramirez.


JQC!!!!!!! Help us here!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea, since Juan is such a meaningless, wannabe, dumb, uneducated, pointless operative, let’s stop talking about him on this Blog forever. I mean, we should discuss meaningful people and not waste our Blogging on an individual who means little or nothing to the process. Only those who feel threatened and scared of the man bring him up all the time to give themselves personal satisfaction. So lets not mention him or you will be admitting to others that you are threatened by him in some way.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Some people go as far as to telling the Herald Juan is anti-semitic and then they come on the blog and make anti-nicaraguan remarks.

Rumpole I think those posts should be removed.

Anonymous said...

ok 12:45 what qualifications do Ivan Hernandez,Juan Gonzalez and George Alvarez have, other than being incompetent lawyers who could not make it in private practice and why is Juan helping them ?

Anonymous said...

The corruption that is rampant in Nicaraguan, Cuban and other non Latin politics is reflected in Juan's style and character, it is not however a nationality trait( nor was it meant as one) just a personal one practiced out of concious choice. He certainly could have chosen to follow the path of many honest Nicaraguans of character and integrity but chose not to do so

Anonymous said...

whos got bets on how many of the above posts were from juan himself?

Juan - stop - you are who you are, a manipulative blight on the judiciary. I am embarassed to raise my children in a community where someone the likes of you lives. And no, I'm not moving.
I, unlike you, have a purpose here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, my Captain, seems like you have been rather quiet lately. We hope to hear more from you during the upcoming week. Will you be making your own endorsements?


Anonymous said...

Cuba is communist. I don't see how you can compare that to Nicaraguam politics.

Anonymous said...

I have to emphasize that the only way you can feel Juan does not have integrity is if you do not know him.


Anonymous said...

Response to the above post: "whos got bets on how many of the above posts were from juan himself?"

I am not Juan so stop saying this. I am just pointing out that whats his Rumpole a/k/a: ASSHOLE, makes post against a honest Nica. Leave race out of this and that includes you Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Juan and Ivan have left the blog forever, this shit gets posted.

For crying out loud I thought the cops took the computer from these crooks. They must have another one .

Anonymous said...

Can the person who posted the very funny survey please repost without the "offensive" language at the end?

Anonymous said...

Judge Thomas has been found Guilty in a order by the election commision in a complaint that was filed against him by his opponet in the 2004 race.

The order was entered on Feb 2006.


Candiates be careful and report correctly or you will have violated the law.

Over and out, a Dear, close friend of rumpole.

Anonymous said...

OMG jeffery Scwartz was fined $9,000.00


do the candiates read.

Anonymous said...

Parks is a sore loser.

Daffy Duck said...

Broward, 7 seats, 21 candidates, so far.

Anonymous said...

Thomas was found guilty and fined 3,000 dollars. he can afford it. Harnage should have filed a complaint against Adrien for being a wannabe judge, but maybe he knew that was a lost cause, seeing that the 3rd DCA wouldn't understand what language Adrien was speaking in.

Anonymous said...

Captain, any truth to the rumor that a Hispanic is going to file against Valerie Manno?

Anonymous said...

i hope so. manno is a c u next tuesday.

CAPTAIN said...


In the newly created Dade County Court seat, Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez and Jose Fernandez have some competition.

Michael Aaron Bienstock has joined the race. Bienstock has been a member of The Florids Bar since 1973.

Bienstock submitted his name to the JNC in 2005 for a new Circuit Court seat, but he failed to make it to the final cut.


We still have three new Circuit Court seats with five announced candidates. I am sure that there will be much jockeying this week for those three seats.

Look forward to the excitement...

CAPTAIN OUT ..........

Anonymous said...

Money is the root of all evil.

Many people hurt the ones they love because of the desire to have money.

Anonymous said...

7/16/2006 - Recently a cat was born with two faces. From what I understand each face is completely independent from the other but they share a throat. Some people say this is a deformity but what if this is just evolution?


Anonymous said...

Captain and Rumpole:

Here is the good news about Michael Aaron Bienstock running as noted above. he is going to win why? Because the two hispanic candiates will split the vote with the cubans and leave Michael Aaron Bienstock with 100% of the remainder and that equals WIN WIN WIN WIN!!

Please no one else qualifu for that seat, please please.

Invitations for the party may be mailed early. Juan D'Arce is not invited only decent person who are not racist pigs may come to the Michael Aaron Bienstock party to celebrate his judgeship.

Gee, I love this country.

Anonymous said...

Selfish people choose money over others.

Anonymous said...

You won't go to jail:

A man who had been caught embezzling millions from his employer went to a lawyer seeking defense. He didn?t want to go to jail. But his lawyer told him, "Don?t worry. You?ll never have to go to jail with all that money.? And the lawyer was right. When the man was sent to prison, he didn?t have a dime.

Anonymous said...

I want to appeal a case:

Lawyer: "Judge, I wish to appeal my client?s case on the basis of newly discovered evidence."

Judge: "And what is the nature of the new evidence?"

Lawyer: "Judge, I discovered that my client still has $500 left."

Anonymous said...

Bienstock - the sandal guy?

Anonymous said...

IF we had a rule that you couldnt run or seek appointment unless you had 15 years experience, OR your income was at least 30% higher than the judicial salary, wouldnt that sole our problem of having some of these idiots seek judgeships?

Anonymous said...

"sole" should be "solve"

sorry to the spelling police.

Anonymous said...

To all you "qualified" people who are complaining about the "unqualified" candidates who are running, please quit your deragatory whining. You had as much opportunity as they did (and you still have a chance with the new seats) to put your name in and run and possibly win. What was stopping you? Our system is built on the premise that people can change the system. If you don't like what's happening, get involved, put your name in, support someone qualified, but don't just sit back on your fancy laptop and type and bitch about those who are getting involved.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to file against Manno?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers are all bitter and divorced because they are money hungry.

Others wait til the "perfect time." By the time they reach 50 they realize that time does not exist.

Anonymous said...

non sequitor

CAPTAIN said...

to 3:02 AM

First, get some sleep - you'll need it while you are planning for Bienstock's party.

But before you do too much planning, you may want to recalculate your numbers. What happens if Bienstock gets into a runoff with Fernandez or Chavez?

That would put a big crevice into your celebration party.

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

CAPTAIN said...


Congrats to Valerie Manno. She is the first one to put her money on the table. She has officially qualified as a candidate for Circuit Court Seat Group 78.

At present, she has no opposition, but expect that to change by Friday at Noon. In Group 79, Tony Marin is also sitting pretty, although he has not qualified as of yet.

In Group 80, it remains a three person field, with Rima Catherine Bardawil, Marisa Tinkler Mendez, and Catherine B. Parks as declaring their intention to run. None has put up the ante yet. I wonder who will be first to jump into the Manno or Marin race?

We expect other names to pop up this week including Carlos Enriquez and Maria de Jesus Santovenia among others.

CAPTAIN OUT ............

CAPTAIN said...


The names keep coming and the races keep growing. The two new Circuit Court seats have attracted three possible candidates for each seat.

As for County Court, a new name was added to the growing list of potential candidates. Michael Mermer added his name to Group 31 of the County Court. That makes five possible candidates for that new seat. In Group 29, Group 30, and Group 32, there are three possible candidates in each race.

We will watch the names this week to see who actually qualifies and who drops out.

CAPTAIN OUT ..............

Anonymous said...

Who are the candidates being attracted to the circuit seats?

Anonymous said...

SOMEBODY WITH SOME CREDIBILITY PLEASE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jose Sanchez Gronlier has been going to political events lately and has said that he is interested in running for one of the circuit seats. That's the short Cuban guy who was traffic magistrate.

Jeb Bush said...

2:29 Please don't misquote. Money is not the root of all evil, "The love of money is the root of all evil." 1 Tim. 6:10.

Not the same thing at all.

Anonymous said...

2:04:46 is right.

John Galt said...

See the new post.

Anonymous said...

SanchezGronlier would have to run in the Manno or Parks groups because he and Marin are old friends.

Anonymous said...

Jack and the the Beanstalk and Cecilia Armenteros Hugo Chavez can't have the support Joe Fernandez is getting. Most people are not connecting his name with who he is. Lookout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To: Monday, July 17, 2006 3:02:37 AM

You must be a total dumbass! To be a Judge, if you knew anything, you have to win 50.1% of the total vote on your election, or face a runoff election on November. Don't count your chickens and revise your invitations as your party may never happen. To think you thought you were all smart with that post. LOL!

Here is your Fortune: Joe Fernandez wins and you cry all night for a month before filing a complaint to revive the Jim Crow Laws and amend them to include all Hispanics. Jerk!

Anonymous said...

Bienstock is off to an unauspicious start.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Manno is not the way to put it. Rather, it means she has just bought herself a seat. Which is not a pretty picture and does not say a lot for politics in Miami-Dade County! In fact, it sucks!!

Anonymous said...

The congrats to Manno was for being the first candidate to pay the qualifying fee. Fron paying the fee to winning the seat there is a rather big leap. There are pesistent rumors that Hispanic candidates will file against her by Friday.

Anonymous said...

Out of those who dislike Valerie Manno so intensely, how many are willing to put their money where their mouths are and back another candidate in group 78?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Mannos ONLY qualifications to be a judge is that she wants desperately to be a judge. Is that what we want? Another unqualified candidate looking for a pay raise - dont we have enough of them already?

Anonymous said...

Her brother gave her the money.

Anonymous said...

Noone dislikes her that much except for the Blacks. It's just that a judgeship shouldn't be bought. C'mon someone,anyone, run against her. Money alone can't buy election. Or else she will prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

parks should run agaist manno.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Parks is going to run against Manno?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hear Parks has some wierd strategy this time.

Anonymous said...

she knows how to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

She's filed her papers already. don't know why it's not showing up yet.

Anonymous said...

I am an African-American asa. This is just my opinion. Manno's money is obviously scaring some people off, which is her intent, but what she doesn't realize is that there's a vendetta against her in this community, particularly in the Black and Hispanic communities. There are many others who she thinks are working for her but who will actually take her $$ and work hard against her b/c of her past actions. She should just drop out. As one of her own political consultants recently told me, "Ain't no way in hell that b-- will ever be a judge in this county."... Maybe I'm wrong...

Anonymous said...

very interesting

Anonymous said...

manno has no business being a judge, regardless of whether the african american community doesnt like her - she has not a single qualification.

Anonymous said...

she looks horrible. bad speech at WPC.

Anonymous said...

Parks didn't do great, but she was the last one. Kept it short and simple.

Anonymous said...

The candidates just got their numbers for the ballots. poor shlump who gets 66 or 69

Anonymous said...

89 is good.

Anonymous said...


“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King

-URGENT- Supporters of Robin W. Faber, for County Court Judge, CLICK HERE for the FLYER promoting Robin W. Faber for County Court Judge Print as many flyers as you can and post everywhere. We need your help now. Web Site Click Here.

Operation Restore Justice has officially Endorsed Judge Bronwyn Catherine Miller to be retained as County Court Judge. The Mayor of Miami-Dade County Carlos Alvarez has also endorsed Judge Miller.

06.28.06• MIAMI HERALD - Bar Association: Candidate violated canon of ethics. CLICK HERE

06.12.06 • MIAMI HERALD - County Court 'Super Glue' Case now tied to politics. CLICK HERE

06.10.06 • MIAMI HERALD - Judge Accused of Campaign Violations. CLICK HERE

06.07.06 • Judge Ivan Hernandez, Judicial Assistant has E-mailed O.R.J. threatening to sue us for slander: CLICK HERE

05.31.06 • MIAMI HERALD - touched on the facts surrounding this years testy judicial elections: CLICK HERE


04.05.06 • DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW - Judge's judicial aide on leave without pay. CLICK HERE

03.19.06 • MIAMI HERALD - New accusations against judicial aide. CLICK HERE

03.02.06 • MIAMI HERALD - Courthouse computer of judge's aide seized. CLICK HERE

03.01.06 • MIAMI HERALD - A political question in judge's chambers. CLICK HERE

03.01.06 • DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW - Justice System Courthouse extortion claimed. CLICK HERE

Highly respected, Chief Judge Joseph P. Farina, wrote to the Judicial Qualifications Commission "J.Q.C." regards several complaints his office received against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, obstructing the access of litigants to Judge Hernandez's court. CLICK HERE to view the letter.
Bennett H. Brummer, the top defender of the poor in his capacity as PUBLIC DEFENDER of Miami-Dade County, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view the letter.

Highly respected, Attorney, Don S. Cohn, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view letter.

In 2006, Judge Ivan Hernandez a South Florida County Court Judge decided to ignore his duty to promote public confidence by continuing to employ his Judicial Assistant after the Judge's office was raided by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office under a criminal subpoena. Judge Hernandez court house computer was seized in early March 2006, as part of the Miami-Dade State Attorneys Office public corruption criminal investigation against the Judge and his Judicial assistant.

The Judge's right hand and judicial assistant also made several anti-Semitic slurs against highly respected administrative Judge Steve Leifman, because the administrative Judge had informed Judge Ivan Hernandez that he was getting numerous upon numerous complaints from litigants about the judicial assistants rudeness and obstruction of access to the court.

Judge Ivan Hernandez who is fortunately up for re-election this year will be facing opposition for his judicial seat. O.R.J. urges all who vote this year to restore justice and remove Judge Ivan Hernandez by voting for highly respected Attorney Robin W. Faber.

In addition to the criminal investigation Judge Ivan Hernandez, recently had a "show cause order" (writ of mandamus) issued against him by the Third District Court of Appeal, after his judicial assistant Juan D'Arce was rude and repeatedly denied a litigant access to his Court. CLICK HERE to view order.

Judge Samuel J. Slom (the Administrative Judge overseeing Judge Hernandez), tells the Miami Herald on May 30, 2006, that he has received numerous upon numerous complaints about Juan D'Arce being rude, insensitive and obstructing the access of litigants to the Court. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE AUDIO.

Take a moment to watch the below video of the oral argument in the Third District Court of Appeal were Attorney Miguel De La O, (who is friends with Juan D'Arce) attempts to defend the conduct of Judge Hernandez and his judicial assistant.

Pay close attention to the rebuttal portion of the video



The 3rd DCA panel on the pending main appeal was,


The 3rd DCA panel that issued the show cause "writ of mandamus" order against Judge Hernandez, was,


CLICK HERE to view order.

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If you wish to report a violation of Chapters 104, 106, or Section 105.071, Florida Statutes, you can download a copy of the complaint form: CLICK HERE

An Aid to Understanding Canon 7. Guidelines to Assist Judicial Candidates in Campaign and Political Activities (updated May 15, 2006): CLICK HERE

Florida Supreme Court Justice R. Fred Lewis was sworn in as Florida's 52nd Chief Justice in a ceremonial session held at 3:30 p.m. in Tallahassee on June 30, 2006. To watch this historic event CLICK HERE. Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis, Biography CLICK HERE
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Operation Restore Justice is geared toward exposing corruption in the Florida Court system. The web site is here to expose the very rare cases in which a Judge or those under the Judge's control violate the publics trust.

The Supreme Court of Florida has set a path of rooting out judicial wrong doing at all levels. The Supreme Court has released numerous opinions over the past few years making it clear to the general public that it will not tolerate violations of the code of judicial conduct either by a sitting judge or a candidate for judge. Recently the Supreme Court of Florida removed a judge from office because of violations of the code of judicial conduct that happened during his judicial campaign to become a Florida Judge.

All citizens of Florida can be sure that our highest court will NOT tolerate violations of the Code of Judicial conduct at any level. Our supreme court is not shy in expressing its condemnation of any Judge who violates the public trust by not following the code of judicial conduct.

Operation Restore Justice is under the control of a private citizen. It was due to the criminal investigation presently against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his Judicial Assistant, by the Miami-Dade State Attorneys office which has resulted in the seizure of the Judges computer under a criminal subpoena, that Operation Restore Justice was born in early 2006. In addition to complaints from numerous litigants of being denied access to Judge Hernandez court and Racial slurs by his Judicial Assistant against the administrative Judge.

Florida has some of the best Judges in the world. We cannot let a handful of bad apples destroy the prestige of Florida's judicial system. The Supreme Court of Florida through its recent opinions has demonstrated that it will NOT tolerate judges who do not follow the code of judicial conduct.