Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Many readers have written in to report that attorney John Lipinsky's case was no actioned on June 29, 2006. As one reader noted, there were many posts about his arrest, but none about his no action. Sort of like getting indicted on page one and dismissed on page thirty one. Well that is not going to happen here.

For the record, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy (the no action, not the arrest.)


Anonymous said...

He is a nice guy but, if that a form is true, he did something very, very stupid.

He is the kind of guy that would trust people just because he is so nice.

I am glad it was dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Regards the Pilots who got no compassion:

They did not deserve prison. It was there first offense and the better sentence would have been the max fine and a with-hold sentence of the max and I mean max probation.

We treat career criminals with slaps on the wrist, why are we sending 2-guys that yes made a huge error in life to prison. First time it’s a mistake, second time you do not pass go, you go directly to jail.

Probation you say does not send a message. It does because a max probation is better than a soft prison sentence because if they fuck up they will get prison on the max withhold sentence.

Why is there no remorse for these guys. They have families, wife's, a mom and dad.

We have become to quick to just throw away a life. Many factors should come into play at sentencing not just public pressure (and a Judge is supposed to not rule under public pressure). Does there whole life of never doing anything wrong and being stellar Americans mean nothing?

Why then should we all be good decent citizens if when at our lowest point in life we cannot cash in on all the good we have done as American’s.

We all at some-point in life will commit human error.
We all should be able to cash in on all the good we have done for a one-time break (ie. special probation conditions that put the defendant in prison for the max if they violate probation).

The problem is these pilots did not have any connection to Miami so they had no political ties that could have helped as we know has helped many of our more famous local crooks in time of need. If our judges were appointed for life just like Federal Judges they would not have had the rulings or the sentence they received. Look the district court federal judge at first trumped the charges (although reversed on appeal). That federal judge was not under national and local public pressure.

Is there no human compassion in our legal system for human error? Before you disagree with this stop and think for just a moment that maybe, you get wrongly accused and wrongly convicted do you want to cash in all the good deeds you did in life for compassion for your first human mistake.

Anonymous said...

I saw the two pilots in the jail after their sentencing. I felt sorry for them and felt the same way as the person who expressed dissatisfaction with their sentence and showed empathy and compassion for them. Then I flew for the first time in about 6 years. When I saw that plane pull up to the gate and looked at the amount of activity around an airport and the tarmac, the size of the plane, a hundred plus people putting their trust and lives in the hands of the pilots I felt no more sympathy or compassion for them and one of the two was a habitual drunk. Too bad they got caught but a pilot is one of those jobs where there should be zero tolerance just like you don't want pedophile schoolteachers, sadist cops who like to shoot women with rubber bullits and joke about it, corrupt politicians,and the piece do resistance for lawyers- incompetent judges who are angry and hold grudges and hate lawyers who actually defend people rather than just push cases through the system.

Anonymous said...

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