Sunday, July 23, 2006


JULIE KAY of the Daily Business Review writes a great article about Federal PD Orlando De Campo trapped in Lebanon because of the war. De Campo was in Lebanon working on the defense in the Padilla case when a war inconveniently broke out and interrupted his research.

Unfortunately for De Campo, the Federal Courts have already ruled that a war is no reason to grant a defense continuance.


Now that the qualifying period is over, it’s time for the campaigning to begin. Over the next six weeks, the decisions we make will shape the future of our County and Circuit Court bench. One vote CAN make a difference. Because the candidates are so limited in their ability to sell themselves, it is up to us to speak for them. If we feel that one candidate is clearly more qualified than another, they we owe it to ourselves and our clients, to speak to as many voters as we can and let them know what we know.

So, having said that, here are the contests (the year following the name is that listed with the Florida Bar):



Patricia Marino-Pedraza, 1990; was listed as Patricia Marino with the Florida Bar until this week when she added the Pedraza name; this is her first campaign.

Shirlyon J. McWhorter, 1991; Incumbent, appointed by Gov. Bush to replace Judge Adderly; this is her first campaign.


Robin Faber, 1983; this is his first campaign.

Ivan Hernandez, 1983; Incumbent, elected in 2000 when he defeated incumbent Judge Reginald Richardson (in a runoff) and Jim Best.


Victoria del Pino, 2000; this is her first campaign.

Joel S. Jacobi, 1997; this is his first campaign for Judge; he has been a Councilman in the City of Bal Harbour for the last four years.


Sari Teichman Addicott, 1978; she is listed with the Florida Bar as Sari Teichman; this is her first campaign.

Ana Maria Pando, 1988; Incumbent, elected in 2000 when she defeated David Alschuler.


Karen Mills Francis, 1989; Incumbent, elected in 2000 when she defeated incumbent Judge Harvey Goldstein.

Stephen Millan, 1991; this is his first campaign.


Juan F. Gonzalez, 1982; this is his first campaign.

Steve Leifman, 1987; Incumbent, elected in 2000 without opposition. A veteran of many elections including two tries for the State House, he was appointed a County Court Judge in 1995; ran as the incumbent in 1996 and lost to Judge Myriam Lehr; he was again appointed by Gov. Chiles in 1997.


Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer, 1994; she is listed with the Florida Bar as Gloria Gonzalez; this is her first campaign.

Michael Samuels, 1972; Incumbent, elected in 1996 when he defeated incumbent Judge Kevin Emas; re-elected in 2000 without opposition.


Migna Sanchez-Llorens, 1994; this is her first campaign.

Sheldon “Shelly” Schwartz, 1969; Incumbent, elected in 1996 when he defeated Larry King; re-elected in 2000 without opposition.


George A. Alvarez, 1994; this is his first campaign.

Bronwyn Catherine Miller, 1997; Incumbent, appointed by Gov. Bush in 2005 to replace Judge Richard Suarez; this is her first campaign.


Don S. Cohn, 1975; lost a Circuit Court race in 2004 to Judge William Thomas.

Bonnie Lano Rippingille, 1976; Incumbent, defeated Judd Aronowitz in 1996; re-elected in 2000 without opposition.


Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez, 1994; she is listed with the Florida Bar as Cecilia Armenteros; this is her first campaign.

Michael Aaron Bienstock, 1973; this is his first campaign.

Jose L. Fernandez, 1989; this is his first campaign.




Dennis Murphy, 1983; Incumbent, in 2000 defeated three other candidates. In that election, in the primary, Gina Mendez garnered the most votes (40%) and Murphy took 29% of the vote, while Martin Zilber (25%) and Peter Sylvester Adrien (6%) were eliminated. In the runoff, Murphy squeaked by Mendez 209,000 to 197,000; also in 1996 Murphy lost a three-way County Court race coming in third to Judge Andrew Hague and Elio Vazquez.

Josie Perez Velis, 1988; lost to Judge William Thomas in 2004, she did not make the runoff in that race.


Gina Mendez, 1994; lost to Judge Murphy in 2000 (see above).

Lawrence Schwartz, 1978; Incumbent, was unopposed in 2000; was a County Court Judge from 1990-1996 and has been a Circuit Court Judge since 1997.


Rima Catherine Bardawil, 1997; this is her first campaign.

Valerie Schurr Manno, 1993; she is listed with the Florida Bar as Valerie Manno; lost in 2004 to Judge Judith Rubenstein.

Jose Ramon Sanchez-Gronlier, 1991; this is his first campaign.


Marie Abigail Davidson, 1985; this is her first campaign.

Antonio "Tony" Marin, 1984; this is his first campaign.


Mario Garcia Jr., 2000; this is his first campaign.

Marisa Tinkler Mendez, 1986; this is her first campaign.

Catherine "Cathy" Parks, 1984; lost in a runoff to Judge William Thomas in 2004.

See you in court pondering the ballot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain - I had no idea how many challenges Murphy has had.

He and L. Schwartz are in a run for their money. Mendez came so close; I'l bet she is going to win this time.

and David Alschuler - I had forgotten that he ran. Maybe he should try again

Anonymous said...

runpole need your imput asap.

I am not a fan of Juan D’Arce or Judge Hernandez.

Honestly I have paid less attention to the names of the people running against the incumbent judges. I was thinking who is the low life Juan D’Arce and why all the attention. Now that all the names of those running for judge have come to light it is clear why the State Attorney’s office is involved and why this is bigger than I thought.

This Juan D’Arce was not acting alone. He was backed by the Judge himself. He was backed by those seeking to replace sitting judges.

This is a huge conspiracy that has Judge Ivan Hernandez at the wheel and a JA willing to take the fall for him.

There are about seven people running against sitting judges that are working with Juan D’Arce. Who are they? Here is your list of crooks:

1. Patricia Marino-Pedraza
2. Victoria del Pino
3. Stephen T. Millan
4. Juan F. Gonzalez
5. George A. Alvarez
6. Bonnie Lano Rippingille
7. Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez

Does any one think that indictments may be handed down against any of the names cited or just Juan D’Arce?

Anonymous said...

get the family photo of the seven together in may 2006


Anonymous said...

then rumpole someone said this about you is this true. Please tell me its not.

Anonymous said...
I was told by FDLE, the US attorney, the JQC, the state attorney's office, and the FBI that subpoenas, indictments, and arrests are all happening 3 weeks from last tuesday at 4PM. Juan is possibly tied to every judicial candidate in florida, and the blog is being subpoenaed as well and they will disclose every single person who ever posted a comment, or thought of posting a comment.

Rumpole is a combination of 13 people, and 3 of them write a day.

Monday, July 24, 2006 7:20:55 AM

Anonymous said...

This blog is making Juan's career. Now we all know who he is. I would hire the guy just cause so many people hate him.

Anonymous said...

in common parlace, D'arce's activities fail the "duck" test. That is, in common parlace, one who would expect that if it looks like a duck and walks, talks, and acts like a duck, one can usually safely assume it is a duck.

Juan is a crook and so is Judge Hernandez. You want to hire a crook?

Anonymous said...

D'Arce with Del Pino? I saw Jacoby eating breakfast with D'Arce in North Miami a couple of months ago so I really doubt it. I have it from a good source that he is working Jacoby's campaign from behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

no way is he with jacobi. check out the link to the family photo above.

hey want to become a member with Hernandez and the seven crooks just go to this link. although they should have used spell check on the application


Anonymous said...

Monday, July 24, 2006 9:34:06 AM Juan is a crook and so is Judge Hernandez. You want to hire a crook?

Bob Levy is a crook and Judges seem to like hiring him.

Juan D'Arce's candidates last election all won thus Levy decided this year to get Juan out of the picture by defaming him.

Anonymous said...

they won pee brain because he was doing illegal extortion and unethical tactics.

Whats different is that the state attorneys office sat back and waited for him to pull the same shit this year and now they have nailed this guy.

Anonymous said...

I have never met this Juan guy but I have to agree with 9:30:52.

Just the fact that he is so talked about and "hated" makes me think he knows his stuff when it comes to elections. He is probably hated for his talents.

What I wonder is what would be the pros and cons of hiring him?
Do the benefits of his "consulting service" provide more support that would outweigh the cons? What are the cons?

Obviously if he has 7 candidates, they seem to think none.

My other question- what exactly does a consultant do for a candidate?

Do they use their talents to make the opposing candidate (or candidates consultant) look bad?

What kind of strategic advice do they give and where do they learn these "secrets" from?

Anonymous said...

Here are my predictions:

Manno beating Sanchez in a run-off


Parks beating Mendez in a run-off

Anonymous said...

Unethical tactics and illegal extortion- seems to me like the stuff Slom's team pulled against Armenteros-Chavez.

Anonymous said...

I think Mendez will win. She is pretty hot, in a way. Schwartz is a good Judge, but Mendez will win this time.

Anonymous said...

Patti Marino-Pedraza got married to Mr. Pedraza about 8 years ago. They have a son. So, what is the big deal that she changed her name a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post no biggie with name change. Although association with D'Arce may be a reason to change her name completely

Cutting the Mustard said...

traffic attorneys (and traffic magistrates past and present) are the WORST possible candidates for a judgeship.

"change of plea your honor", "withhold and 4 hours of traffic school", "wrong statute"...arrrrghhhh!!!!!

lame and inexperienced is no way to go through life, son. now drop and give me 20!!

peckins was the only exception in recent memory.

Cutting the Mustard said...

for my english-challenged brethren: "cutting the mustard" has nothing to do with a medianoche recipe.

Anonymous said...

Karen Mills Francis deserves to lose. She beat a good Judge in Goldstein and now Millan should beat her.

Anonymous said...

I want to know, does anyone think that Judge Karen Mills Francis is more State oriented or more defense oriented??? I know she used to be a Public Defender.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you are GREAT. Thanks for taking the time to do that thorough review of the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt marino change her name when she got married?

Because she wasn't running for judge back then

Anonymous said...

yeah, the Captain was correct, she just changed it last week, i checked.

Anonymous said...

So, who cares, she is better than McHooter any day of the week and I am voting for Patricia Garcia Pedrosa Marino

Anonymous said...

Hey geniuses, Marino-Pedraza had a law firm with her name "Marino" on it before she got married. After marriage her firm was already established and her partner Zemon did not agree with any name changes for business reasons. That is why she continued to be Marino. Now that she is running for judge she has every right to use her married name in that arena.

Brother Dan "13" said...

Thanks Patty

Anonymous said...

Hernandez broke the cardinal rule of the judiciary, never interfere with your colleagues races. He allowed his JA unfettered access to the political arena. He calmly looked the other way while Juan battered and bloodied decent judges who lost not because of their judgement but because of their ethnicity. Juan is getting payback for the way he practiced his consulting business, Hernandez is getting payback because he ignored it. And about time too. He's not bright and doesn't get the ethical slippery slope of tolerating his JA playing the politics of the judiciary. The worst thing of all is he's running against a really decent guy. Faber is qualified and experienced and could be a great judge. We'll never know unless he's elected. No one else had the balls to run in this seat when they had the chance. Give him credit for that. He gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am supporting any one candidate but the picture basically is of the National Latino Peace Officers Association and their endorsements. I was in law enforcement and I know this organization and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH D'ARCE. The judicial candidates were asked to submit questionaires and from what I hear a lot of the current judges blew it off. These candidates attended an event for endorsements purposes so let's not crucify them. Just because they endorsed Hernandez, don't assume that Juan D'Arce is involved. If that's true, then all the people the PBA endorsed are working for D'Arce too because Hernandez got endorsed by the PBA! So let's stop this crap.

Anonymous said...

This group didn't solicit the candidates for endorsements, these candidates went to them as a group to privately ask for their endorsement with Juan leading them along. Their opponents had no chance to even ask for it much less earn it. Don't be so 'fricken naive. This endorsement is as bogus as Juan is.

Anonymous said...

If Patty Whatshernamethisweek had any integrity she wouldn't have changed her name at the last minute. You can cry all you want but the facts speak plainly and loudly...she wanted to appeal to the hispanic community to beat a black face. Only able to use it now? What crap. It is ethnic politics at its worst and she deserves to lose for her callous and insincere defense.

Anonymous said...

4:20 above thank you.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts Mr. 4:20pm! You dont know what you are talking about because If you did, you'd actually have some balls and post your name when making statements you are making and mud slinging other candidates names. but you are a coward!

Anonymous said...

I filed a JQC cmplaint against Hernandez for wearing his judicial robe at the private event were the family photo was taken.

Violation of judicial canons Judge Hernandez you should take a peak at the rules of professional conduct at least one time. Please

CAPTAIN said...


They are from the League of Prosecutors: (they wear the white uniforms and play in the lawyers league every Thursday night)....

Circuit Court

Group 11
Dennis J. Murphy (Incumbent)

Group 42
Gina Mendez

County Court

Group 1
Shirlyon J. McWhorter (Incumbent)

Group 3
Samuel "Sam” Slom (Incumbent)

Group 4
Robin Faber

Group 9
Victoria Del Pino

Group 10
Sari Teichman Addicott

Group 11
Stephen T. Millan

Group 12
Steve Leifman (Incumbent)

Group 14
Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer

Group 27
“Shelly” Schwartz (Incumbent)

Group 39
Bronwyn Miller (Incumbent)

Group 40
Don S. Cohn

Anonymous said...

4:29 is pissed.

Hey 4:29 a/k/a "shit for brains" why dont you practice what you preach and post your name.

Anonymous said...

captain whats your point . I checked there web site there real

Anonymous said...


that should speak for itself same on you Judge Hernandez

Anonymous said...

kiss my ass:

This group didn't solicit the candidates for endorsements, these candidates went to them as a group to privately ask for their endorsement with Juan leading them along. Their opponents had no chance to even ask for it much less earn it. Don't be so 'fricken naive. This endorsement is as bogus as Juan is.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has heard of National Latino Peace Officers Association!New organization are being formed with"endorsement"power just for the judicial races.In existence is a Hispanic Police Officers Association which also did not notify anyone of endorsementyet some candidates suggest they received endorsements.New in the offering,Latin Builders Association did endorsements for what reason?
News media should investigate because we are turning into a community that belies the law and justice for the sake of what?

Anonymous said...

HEY what about the PBA endorsements? Does anyone know who they endorsed?

Anonymous said...

Who cares who they endorsed, they are all probably former ASA's.

CAPTAIN said...



Group 25 Dennis Murphy
Group 42 Lawrence Schwartz

Group 1 NO Endorsement
Group 4 Ivan Hernandez
Group 9 Joel Jacobi
Group 10 Ana Maria Pando
Group 11 Stephen Millan
Group 12 Steve Leifman
Group 14 Gloria Gonzalez Meyer
Group 27 Sheldon Schwartz
Group 39 Bronwyn Miller
Group 40 Bonnie Rippingille

and there you have it .....

CAPTAIN OUT ................

Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain, what a contrast to the League of Prosecutors.

Why didn't they endorse anyone in Group 1, didn't McWhorter work for the PBA?

and what's with the love loss for Michael Samuels? Who did he piss off at the PBA and League of Pros.?

Anonymous said...

How come McWhorter worked for the PBA and did not get their endorsement?

Very strange?

Anonymous said...

they endorsement is meaningless because they are supporting Ivan Hernandez. When you can support that guy you lose credibility.

how accurate has the PBA been in the past elections?

Anonymous said...

If the Natl Latino Officers had an endorsement process without inviting all candidates that is a violation!

Anonymous said...

Do any of us really care who these groups endorse? Do their members even care who they endorse? How many people are members of the League of Prosecutors? Isn't that Aquaman, Flash, Captain America, the Wonder Twins and Wonder Dog? If you're an ASA can't you make up your own mind about who to vote for? Do you really listen to "the Leauge?"

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me why Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez address is exempt on het reports.

is she in law enforement or her husband?

Anonymous said...

sorry "her reports"

Anonymous said...

because she's a jerk that's why 5:17 post.

Anonymous said...

Aquaman, Flash, Captain America, the Wonder Twins and Wonder Dog, dont bring my heros into the miami politics

Anonymous said...

Endorsements, like signs, are a dime a dozen. Many groups are prone to selecting incumbents without a true veting process. LBA had no selection process and no invitations to participate, a very undemocratic process. PBA selects incumbents, exceptions this year were Samuels and McWhorter (whose opponent was not endorsed either). These mean very little in the process other than for bragging rights. Its votes that count.

Anonymous said...

correction those signs cost about $2.00 each so thats really $24 bucks a dozen.

Anonymous said...

captain did you put the link to the us attorney event.

Anonymous said...

armenteros didnt get her husband's permission to give the address.

Anonymous said...

btw, she has a nice set of guns, dont you think?

Anonymous said...

ha ha she did not put the address because she is legally exempt. But why? Is she with law enforcement or her husband what does he do

CAPTAIN said...

TO 5:34 PM, you are wrong, on Group 14, they did not endorse Samuels, but they did endorse his opponent, Gloria Gonzalez Meyer. both PBA and League endorsed Meyer.

to 5:43, what link to US Atty event are you talking about???

Anonymous said...

captain this link:


Rumpole said...

To clean up some business:
1) the posts on todays comments are so boring I could not bring myself to read them. "Juan dis...Patty dat..." peeeew.

2) Rumpole believes that there is a JQC investigation of Judge Hernandez. Rumpole has no idea what the charges are and when the results will be.

3) we are many things to many people. However, we are not thirteen people. Two people could not keep this a secret in the REGJB, much less thirteen.

4) Isn't the Captain doing a great job?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole - the post about all the investigations and you being 13 people was a joke - it was meant for all the people who continue to write and say that there are like 45 investigaitons going on and predicting who you are.

So just laugh, don't respond to it as if it was serious.

I know it was a joke, I wrote it

Anonymous said...

Rump, are you endorsing candidates? C'mon make this blog interesting again and do it.

Anonymous said...

rumpole can you tell us if you are male or female so I know what to get you for christmas

Anonymous said...

I heard Gabriel Martin is running for either State Attorney, Public Defender, or Judge in 2008- It's Time For A Change!


Anonymous said...

Stop picking on the NLPOA. Its true they are only Correctional Officers but they must know how to think, shouldn't they? Right Eddie?

Rumpole said...

To the person jonseing for endorsements, I thought the captain did a good job and the post was interesting.

1) While I am a male, I sometimes wear a dress. See my other blog...www.crossdressinglawyers.com.

2) just kidding. (not that there's anything wrong with it)

Anonymous said...

To the poster who wrote
"Stop picking on the NLPOA..." you most be Hugo Chavez the husband of Cecilia D'Arce Armenteros Hugo Chavez

Anonymous said...

Captain did a great job but put up or shutup

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of running for Judge in several years. I discussed my intentions with Juan D'Arce and from all the other persons I have spoken to, this kid knows his stuff when it comes to elections and the judiciary. I feel confident that he will not just take my money and put up signs like the other consultants. I hope to hire him.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez is also in the family picture on the NLPOA site.

Anonymous said...

Great idea 9:28, maybe by that time he will be out of jail and you can find him through his probation officer.

Anonymous said...

9:28 IS juan you idiots

Anonymous said...

It is possible that going to jail is a requirement for becoming a popular political consultant (see Bob Levy, the Herald seems to love him...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Captain for all the factoids; looking forward to the Rumpole Endorsements down the road.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.I'd just like to know about the other candidates, especially in the circuit court races. Like who is this garcia jr guy? What does he have over Parks? And who is this mendez? This is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Garcia has 6 yrs experience, that's what.

Anonymous said...

memdez? dunno

Anonymous said...

Parks 22 plus.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you

CAPTAIN said...


You asked about Marisa Tinkler Mendez, running in Group 80, against Garcia and Parks.

Here is what we know: She runs a practice in Coral Gables under the name Mendez & Mendez. He is Sergio Mendez (her husband, I presume). He does real estate.

She does a very extensive criminal appellate practice throughout Florida. She has appeared in nearly every District Court and has been before the Florida Supreme Court several times representing defendants in criminal appeals. She has also done Federal Appeals before the 11th Circuit.

Needless to say, both Mendez and Parks have significantly more experience than Mario Garcia, jr. who just barely made the experience requirement for running for judge.

As many of you know, Parks was a RN before she went back to law school and became an attorney. She is 52 years old, was born in North Carolina and now handles medical malpractice cases. She has been a successful attorney for the past 22 years, most recently with the law firm of Boyd Mustelier Smith & Parker of downtown Miami and Dittmar & Hauser in Coconut Grove.

CAPTAIN OUT ..............

Anonymous said...

mario garcia is great, just ask him.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree Juan's candidates are quite a collection. Let's review, shall we?

In Group 1 we have Patty Whatshernamethisweek. She's hardly ever tried a case, changed her name at the last second to blatantly appeal to latin voters against a black face, and is trying to use a popular quarterback's team colors and name she now only partly shares to bring her home. Yup, she's a worthy candidate allright..NOT!

In Group 4 there's Ivan Fernandez. Tanned and rested since he only works 3 half-days a week, he's got JQC complaints and corruption investigations swirling around his courtroom and chambers. If he's not indicted or impeached he should consider himself lucky. That's a candidate for the ages.

In Group 12 there's Juan Gonzalez. He's got a terrible temperament, has no respect from anyone and couldn't try his way out of a paper bag much less run a courtroom in any competent fashion. He appears to be looking for a retirement job like his buddy, Ivan.

In Group 39 there's big George Alvarez. A traffic guru with no real experience other than bleed (the client) and plead (the case), he's best known for his signs that don't even have his first name on them. To few and too late.

And then there's Group 43 and Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez. Best known for filing at the last second against Sam Slom and then having to speak to her husband before she can say anything, she is yet another in a long line of losers and also-rans who Juan has talked into running judicial races this year.

If anyone thinks that Juan D'Arce has any future in this, the writings on the wall. Moreover, every real lawyer should be doing their level best to ensure that none of them make it to the bench.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think those are his candidates?

Anonymous said...

They are

Anonymous said...

1:49AM - one of the best posts ever, however, FOR THE 578TH TIME - ITS IVAN HERNANDEZ - NOT FERNANDEZ

Anonymous said...

So right you are 7:10:15 - it's a shame that a good judge like Ivan Fernandez is confused for that clown down there in South Dade. Remember the difference, Miami, the "H" stands for "Horrible". And that was a great post.

P.Mason said...

i long for those halcyon days of qualified, un-hyphenated judicial candidates, with names like goldstein, piniero, cohen, moreno and levy.

those guys (and gals) actually achieved something in their professional and personal lives before taking the plunge into public service. many of them contributed time and effort into causes for the good of people. they had a sense of social involvement and purpose.

what we get now is 5-8 year traffic ticket lawyers and loser traffic magistrates looking to cash out with a robe at our expense.

i call for a push in the legislature for a 10-year requirement to run for judge. the jury trial requirement is not realistic and prone to fudging, and would cut off some well-qualified appellate attorneys.

traffic magistrates should have a cooling off period after resignation/firing of 2 years before thay can run for judge.

Rumpole said...

pushing a member of the legislature is a felony with an enhancement for battery on the mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

The review said this morning that Michael Bienstock is a prosecutor! Where, Captain?

Anonymous said...

I thought bienstock was a sandal maker

Anonymous said...

A Chance of a lifetime has arrived. Thats right you get to meet and greet all the losers at one lunch. Get your picture taken with all the friends and family of Juan (prison # 234263) D'Arce (what a honor).

You say what do I have to do to sign up and get this chance of a lifetime. Well its simple, just follow this link and your on your way to pictures with all the judcial crooks you want for one small fee of $10 per month. (please ignore the grammer on the application) we dont speak much english.

To join the Juan and Friends and Famnily photo opportunity lunch simply go to this link for the complete PDF application:


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or was Gina mendez having a bad hair day at the NLPO.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the legal arena for a long time - the comments on the post on the possible or real connection between any candidates and Juan D are completely meaningless and irrelevant in these elections. Especially when the issues concerning this Juan D are "small peanuts". How many of you who post on the blog were friends of Knovack Jones or any other attorney who has unfortunately violated the law - are you any less of a person or qualified to move up in the legal career. If we are going to improve the judiciary, we need to focus on the qualifications of the candidates. If you dig deep, you will find that the incumbents have had controversy of their own in the past. Why is this not being brought up?

Rumpole said...

hey...jerk...you posted without cursing at me...hmm..should I delete your post just for the fun of it?

Anonymous said...

sensitive are we?

Anonymous said...

If you delete my post again I will find you. You cannot hide from me rumpole dick face, wannabe lawyer and cant be a lawyer so starts a blog degrading Juan D'Arce.

Rumpole get a life and bash other ja's

Anonymous said...

Someone is pretending to be Juan again...

Anonymous said...

juan on juan I want to play that game tonight

- Hall & Oates

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

juan, two, three, four, c'mon baby say you love me

Anonymous said...


juan, two, three, four, c'mon baby say you love me

Gloria Estefan

Anonymous said...

miami this is your legal community

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ay, Papi!

(anyjuan kno were I can get a upsi down exclamashon poin to poot in fron off di Ay)

Anonymous said...

Larry Sshwartz is totally a so-so judge.....Gina Mendez would be so-so much better.

Anonymous said...

See Rumpole how much we all love the ability to blog freely!

Anonymous said...

what's all this interest in the county court seats? doesn't anyone care sbout the circuit court races?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Leave Jack and the Bienstock alone. He has alot of climbing to do, that is out of the Child Enforcement Division. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We don't care. Vote for Marin and Parks--you guys should get interested in these races. Joe George, I hear, just csme out big-time for Parks. Ditto for Joel Denaro.

Anonymous said...

Why does this blog still talk about d'arce? it is the most boring topic who cares?

RUmphil reizenstein i know you have a special interest in this since he came to your house but censor this topic--it is as boring as sitting in a 100 page c sounding when the judge wont let you call cases out of turn

Anonymous said...

Parks just won the lotto, i heard, confidentially. she'll spend big bucks.

Anonymous said...

what a crock

Anonymous said...

It's true. Where do you think she got the Barbie corvette from?

Anonymous said...

She drives a stupid tahoe.

Anonymous said...


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03.01.06 • MIAMI HERALD - A political question in judge's chambers. CLICK HERE

03.01.06 • DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW - Justice System Courthouse extortion claimed. CLICK HERE

Highly respected, Chief Judge Joseph P. Farina, wrote to the Judicial Qualifications Commission "J.Q.C." regards several complaints his office received against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, obstructing the access of litigants to Judge Hernandez's court. CLICK HERE to view the letter.
Bennett H. Brummer, the top defender of the poor in his capacity as PUBLIC DEFENDER of Miami-Dade County, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view the letter.

Highly respected, Attorney, Don S. Cohn, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view letter.

In 2006, Judge Ivan Hernandez a South Florida County Court Judge decided to ignore his duty to promote public confidence by continuing to employ his Judicial Assistant after the Judge's office was raided by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office under a criminal subpoena. Judge Hernandez court house computer was seized in early March 2006, as part of the Miami-Dade State Attorneys Office public corruption criminal investigation against the Judge and his Judicial assistant.

The Judge's right hand and judicial assistant also made several anti-Semitic slurs against highly respected administrative Judge Steve Leifman, because the administrative Judge had informed Judge Ivan Hernandez that he was getting numerous upon numerous complaints from litigants about the judicial assistants rudeness and obstruction of access to the court.

Judge Ivan Hernandez who is fortunately up for re-election this year will be facing opposition for his judicial seat. O.R.J. urges all who vote this year to restore justice and remove Judge Ivan Hernandez by voting for highly respected Attorney Robin W. Faber.

In addition to the criminal investigation Judge Ivan Hernandez, recently had a "show cause order" (writ of mandamus) issued against him by the Third District Court of Appeal, after his judicial assistant Juan D'Arce was rude and repeatedly denied a litigant access to his Court. CLICK HERE to view order.

Judge Samuel J. Slom (the Administrative Judge overseeing Judge Hernandez), tells the Miami Herald on May 30, 2006, that he has received numerous upon numerous complaints about Juan D'Arce being rude, insensitive and obstructing the access of litigants to the Court. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE AUDIO.

Take a moment to watch the below video of the oral argument in the Third District Court of Appeal were Attorney Miguel De La O, (who is friends with Juan D'Arce) attempts to defend the conduct of Judge Hernandez and his judicial assistant.

Pay close attention to the rebuttal portion of the video



The 3rd DCA panel on the pending main appeal was,


The 3rd DCA panel that issued the show cause "writ of mandamus" order against Judge Hernandez, was,


CLICK HERE to view order.

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If you wish to report a violation of Chapters 104, 106, or Section 105.071, Florida Statutes, you can download a copy of the complaint form: CLICK HERE

An Aid to Understanding Canon 7. Guidelines to Assist Judicial Candidates in Campaign and Political Activities (updated May 15, 2006): CLICK HERE

Florida Supreme Court Justice R. Fred Lewis was sworn in as Florida's 52nd Chief Justice in a ceremonial session held at 3:30 p.m. in Tallahassee on June 30, 2006. To watch this historic event CLICK HERE. Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis, Biography CLICK HERE
Notice of District Court Assessment Survey: The District Court of Appeal Workload and Jurisdiction Assessment committee is asking lawyers, litigants and the public to complete an on-line survey to help them evaluate the district courts of appeal. The assessment committee will examine the survey results as they consider whether a court’s performance in a specific area could be appreciably improved with a jurisdictional change. CLICK HERE

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Operation Restore Justice is geared toward exposing corruption in the Florida Court system. The web site is here to expose the very rare cases in which a Judge or those under the Judge's control violate the publics trust.

The Supreme Court of Florida has set a path of rooting out judicial wrong doing at all levels. The Supreme Court has released numerous opinions over the past few years making it clear to the general public that it will not tolerate violations of the code of judicial conduct either by a sitting judge or a candidate for judge. Recently the Supreme Court of Florida removed a judge from office because of violations of the code of judicial conduct that happened during his judicial campaign to become a Florida Judge.

All citizens of Florida can be sure that our highest court will NOT tolerate violations of the Code of Judicial conduct at any level. Our supreme court is not shy in expressing its condemnation of any Judge who violates the public trust by not following the code of judicial conduct.

Operation Restore Justice is under the control of a private citizen. It was due to the criminal investigation presently against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his Judicial Assistant, by the Miami-Dade State Attorneys office which has resulted in the seizure of the Judges computer under a criminal subpoena, that Operation Restore Justice was born in early 2006. In addition to complaints from numerous litigants of being denied access to Judge Hernandez court and Racial slurs by his Judicial Assistant against the administrative Judge.

Florida has some of the best Judges in the world. We cannot let a handful of bad apples destroy the prestige of Florida's judicial system. The Supreme Court of Florida through its recent opinions has demonstrated that it will NOT tolerate judges who do not follow the code of judicial conduct.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading all this BS. Makes me proud to know that so many bigots were so wrong. It has been almost four years and the truth is that the only crooks are the sitting judge mafia.

Time always reveals the truth.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone realized that McGillis is still crazy and goes against any Judge that rules against him?

Look at his DV history. Rather interesting. Had a few new cases recently.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers! Lots to read on this whole scandal that KFR created back in 2006. Funny how the truth finally came out and it was that all the libel and slander was a well orchestrated smoke screen to save the ass of weak judges who played the diversity card backwards. Genius!

The truth be told, nothing ever happened and like the media does with the Obama and Republican candidates today, pure drama in the media to scare voters. Sad state of our democratic system when those who are elected can manipulate the media for their own personal gain.