Thursday, July 06, 2006


From the ol’ site meter on the wall we remain as popular as ever.

Total 66,766
Average Per Day 463
Average Visit Length 6:00
Last Hour 42
Today 304
This Week 3,242

Interesting fact according to Web Media, which monitors web site traffic, among the Miami legal community, we rank 3rd in the site most visited. Below are the rankings:

1) Hot Latina’s .com
2) Poker.Net
3) Rumpole

135) Westlaw.


A “Re-elect Sheldon “Shelly” Schwartz” for County Court Judge sign in Aventura.
No surprise that the sign was purple with hot pink lettering.

The question is who prevailed on Shelly to tone down the colors?

IF YOU HAVE TO GO NORTH OF THE BORDER then on the way back, we highly recommend taking US One through Dania and stopping at the original Tarks for lunch. Tell Lenny behind the counter that Rumpole sent you and he will toss you a few extra fried shrimp.

ONLY TWO JUDGE/CANDIDATES emailed us to request that we endorse him/her. The much coveted and highly anticipated Rumpole endorsements will be out in August. Now is the time to email us and make your pitch.

Speaking of endorsements, how “thrilled” is Judge Steve Leifman that his picture is prominently displayed on

HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED’S web site with a ringing endorsement for his election?

Politics makes strange bed fellows, but even John Kerry asked Hinkley to take down his picture and endorsement from Hinkley’s web site.

[careful and long time blog readers remember a time in the past when we put the moniker “he who must not be named” on a local lawyer. But we haven’t called him that for a while and in fact he is a great friend of the blog and daily reader. This current incarceration of “he who must not be named” is a much more appropriate recipient of the title]

WE THINK our favorite federal blogger David O Markus with a K was right on the money with his criticism of the feds and their arrests of the Miami “terrorists.”

These guys live in Miami, yet were apparently unable to secure even one rusted firearm. Pretty poor excuses for terrorists. Can't you just see the Taliban sitting in the bar in the Watergate Hotel (we told you Bush is looking for them in the wrong place) laughing about our Miami Terrorists?

"....And when the FBI arrested them..they didn't even have a butter knife...I'll have another scotch please." [general laughter from men around the bar].

Just how hard is it to get a gun in Miami?

Even the City of Miami Police keep “extra” “throw down” guns for those hard to explain police shootings.

Not being able to get a firearm in this city is like not being able to spot a a 6 foot tall model with breast implants on South Beach.

The unfortunate fact is that right now as we speak, there are probably several pods of truly evil people loaded to the gills with firearms and all sorts of devices planning to do evil deeds. And the FBI is arresting wannabe taliban from the hood.

Busting these “terrorists” (motto: who needs a gun to promote terror?) is like sweeping the streets of Overtown for crack addicts to combat drug trafficking, or arresting prostitutes to combat sexual slavery.

What kind of idiots would do that?

Woops…[Rumpole at this moment sincerely regrets calling all of law enforcement in this city idiots. Misguided would have been a better word.]

See You In Court.


Rumpole said...

Next week we will have a conversation on how to make the blog better with quick comments and replies versus the problems of idiots posting truly mean false and nasty rumors. Rumpole is listening, just a mite busy at the moment.

Anonymous said...

he who must not be named? explain?

Anonymous said...

Rump - leave it the way it is - cant you feel all the infant hate mongers out there getting the shakes from not being able to spew crap? They'll eventually go back to the street corners where they belong.

Rumpole said...

He who must not be named- a harry potter reference- and our nickname for the person running the web site attacking Judge Ivan Hernandez- name him and you're likely to be sued.

Rumpole said...

Our dilemma: the blog comments are not moderated- we are in trial with some intransigent judge and difficult prosecutor on a complex disorderly intox case and while we are slugging it out in court for $1.95 an hour, some moron logs on and writes:

“Rumpole is running for judge and just last week we saw him smoking crack. and the week before that he had sex with a judge in her chambers to get a client a bond.”

A completely unrealistic scenario, but you get the point.

Meanwhile, while we are giving the peroration of our closing argument, hours pass by, the people named are mortified, and the comment is available for all to see. We cannot and will not be a party to that type of libel with our blog. And the denizens of our fair REGJB have aptly demonstrated that at least a few of them have no problem anonymously posting those type of comments.

We recognize the need for anonymity. For instance, anonymous comments by attorneys helped certain judges change their strange policy of not allowing motions for continuance at a sounding.

We are currently toying with the idea of allowing people to become members- and member comments would go up immediately, while anyone could still post an anonymous comment, which we would review after returning home from the bar where we celebrated our hard won not guilty in the disorderly intoxication trial.

Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

I do not have an idea at the moment, but am quite curious as to what Judge would not allow a motion to continue to be heard at sounding. Isn't that sort of the point of a sounding, to see if all parties are ready to proceed or not?

Anonymous said...

I love the solution Rump and agree with you completely (yeah, I'm one of the folks that stirred the pot on the ridiculous posts on Young, Farina and others).

Most of us care enough about our integrity and reputations that simple removal doesn't really solve the problem. Once rumors start, they're almost impossible to stop.

Anonymous said...

Ode to the Feds:

Oh I wish I had a Quida,
I know that I would liketa
find one here
and bust his ear...
For plotting to do some horra.

But there don't seem to be none around,
And that makes me kind of frown;
How are we,
To scare you and me,
To vote for reds come November?

I know what we'll do...
In Miami there's a crew,
that will jump into bed...if the CI has bread...
It will be great for the news.

Cowboys/Indians games for starters,
Should get us lots of offers...
Seems harmless enough, to the suckers with time.
Should save face: Yours and Mine!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he who must not be named wants to be in Leifman's good graces in case he ever has to go to mental health court.

Rumpole said...

As to what Judge didn't allow motions for continuances at soundings, does it really matter now that he changed his ways? The point is that the anonymous flak caught his eye and comments from even other Judges (thank you Judge Larry Schwartz) carried the day and the errant policy was overrulled (sort of what he wanted to be able to do if he got that 3rd DCA appointment-hint, hint).

Anyway, anonymous comments have their place in our system where any attorney cannot just shake her head and say "why Judge that has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard" without fearing retribution or a bar complaint. But anonymous sniping at people's reputation with allegations about drugs or sex are best left off this blog and in the federal grand jury room or the Herald where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Just spoke to some of Cynamon's fellow law clerks. Her decision to drop out of the race left them pretty dispirited.

Cynamon's farewell was so close they could taste it. Now, barring the miraculous intervention of Jeb, they're stuck with a skulking judicial lap-dog with little to do except make life miserable for subordinate law-clerks.

Anonymous said...

you are starting to make sense rump. that is scary, I like the old ways.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of judges who give a difficult time to lawyers asking for continuances, has anyone tried to get a continuance in Judge Thomas' courtroom lately? It's like pulling teeth. God forbid you have a personal emergency or (dare I say it?) a vacation that you planned with your kid who you only see a few times a year.

Refusing to grant continuances to attorneys who are deliberately dragging their feet is one thing; it's totally another to refuse to consider that people have emergencies, lives, and stuff that comes up at the last minute. Believe it or not judge, the world DOES NOT revolve around your calendar....

Have a bit of understanding and courtesy toward the attorneys who come before you.

Anonymous said...

the current incarceration, or incarnation?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, why don't you just get a forum like voy.com and let people post topic threads? It's much easier to use than the blog format.

Anonymous said...

Read this and learn. You know who you all are.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Coca-Cola asked for a protective order on Thursday so its trade secrets allegedly put up for sale by an employee will not be divulged in any legal action.

Complete Story:

Anonymous said...

Parks was considering running against Leifman, but she respects him too much. Him with his mental health focus, and her with her nursing background.

Chief Justice Roberts said...

I order this Blog back to the old days.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody listen to Roberts?

Anonymous said...

LOL !!!! I mean it LOL !!!

Get your ... wait LOL!!! Robin W. Faber Coffee Mugs and T-shirts at


wait lol!!! ok enough

Anonymous said...

re judge thomas:
stop your bitching.

Iko Noklast said...

I write apropos of your "Seen Around Town" post and your comment about Shelly Schwartz' misdirected advert in his backyard of Aventura rather than in Hialeah where his challenger will be deploying the advertising artillery against him. I am saddenned to report that he has been brazenly proselytizing in favor of his reelection to defendents in his Thursday traffic court hearings at the REG building. He attempts to pass himself as "benign Shelly", the "judge with less convictions", in a jurisdiction nauseatingly soft on traffic violations! He actually entered in a leading dialogue with one of his defendents about the fairness of his disposition, which he ended asking if the latter would mind his use of the audio clip in his campaign. I saw the recording device operator come up to him soon after with a diskette that presumably contained the said clip.
For years, I had observed Shelly pandering to his traffic defendents in a clownish manner. But this, I feel, has crossed the line!!
Where art though Joe Farina? Are there any remnants worth rescuing of the once honorable South Florida judiciary?
Or would you rather let sleeping dogs lie to avoid any personal fallout?

Anonymous said...

Cathy Parks and Joseph George were spotted today at FIU busy campaigning and politicking with none other than Marco Rubio, the next speaker of the House.

Anonymous said...

I am confused, if Cynamon Abigail is one of the Lawyers for the Court/Judges, you think she knows the law and rules or statutes as she provides advice from the Court's legal department to the Judges? With that said, how in the hell did she think that she could run and keep her job or cause no commotion. Why is she not being charged or investigated? She did announced. I do have an idea about why? The 11th Judicial Circuit has no rules on any matter as Judges refused to be placed under rules and laws. Moreover, the Chief will not act or move nothing doers and as I see it, the end is near for the Chief as per the plans of one Associate Administrative Judge who is climbing fast and is hungry for power and a good golf game.

Yeah, you know who you are Mr. Man. You sued the City of Miami and emptied those coffers of that Chamber. Stay tune readers, the secret will be out soon or it will be revealed. One thing is for sure, the sky will not remain blue when this happens. Which ever comes first. One thing is for sure Chief, you may be sleeping with the enemy...

All comments are for entertainment purposes unless otherwise stated.

Anonymous said...

Judge Farina knows exactly what's going on, but the sad fact is that he's never going to do anything about it. Maybe he did convince Cynnonmon not to run (I don't know this for sure), but that's a minor issue. My question is: Why did he not punish all the judges who got themselves elected unfairly and illegally in the last election (2004)? And why did The Herald not follow up or investigate? William Thomas, for one, violated many rules and was fined a hefty sum. But, nobody ever heard about it. Thus, Cathy Parks was the one who suffered and, ultimately, lost her campaign because she ran a fair and honest race. As they say,good guys finish last. I hate to be cynical, but I actually hope she doesn't make the same mistake(s)again by being fair and honest. See you on the Bench, Parks!

Anonymous said...

10:19. Good point. I wasn't aware of all the violations in the last election, but I'm sure it did, in fact, happen. Just like the Judy for Judge BS. And look who's now on the bench. god help Dade county.

Anonymous said...

My mind's made up. I'm voting for Don Cohn and Cathy Parks. Of course, Leifman and Murphy. as well. Don't know yet about the others.

Anonymous said...

you guys, Judge Farina does not have power. He can only do what you and I can and that is report the violations to the appropriate agency like JQC, Fla Bar etc etc.

He has power to move and assign judges to different division when problems arise and he has used that power etc etc

Judge Farina is a good man and has been elected by the other judges to chief judge every other year since 1995. That means something in my book.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you should do a poll called "who are you voting for on September 5th". But you have to limit the amount of times a person can vote or else some candidates will vote for themselves 1000 times.

Anonymous said...

last election was more than a sham. I don't what happened with williams, but I know the judge JUDY thing was a lot of who-shot-john. how about adrien and his macho camacho? His name on everything, from his birth certificate to his law degree says Peter Adrien. NO MIDDLE NAME. Also, I know someone who went to law school with Peter, and he says he never claimed the Camacho until he was running for judge. Last election bring out all the nuts, it's up to us to crunch them back in their shell.

Anonymous said...

Cathy's a good candidate. She lost because no one wanted to appear racist against Thomas and he got a lot of support he might not have otherwise. He's proving ethnicity doesn't make you a better judge. We need judges who are experienced, fair-minded and smart. She has all 3.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Parks
Please stop talking to yourself about yourself. Your remind me of Mr. Bates.

Anonymous said...

Why is Don Cahn blessing Parks so much?

Anonymous said...

is the #1 site in miami really hotlatinas.com? do you think the #1 site in iowa is hotpastyfarmgirls.com?

Anonymous said...

Parks and Cohn are not in bed together.

Anonymous said...

That'd be a site.