Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Before we announce our much awaited and highly prized judicial endorsements, we thought it appropriate to publish the criteria upon which we will be basing our decisions.

We start with these simple rules:

1) An attorney running for judge should be qualified and have extensive jury trial experience. Why?

The court system is swamped with cases. In criminal court the ever increasing scope of minimum mandatory sentences is forcing cases to trial that in the past would have been settled. Only an attorney who has been on the winning and losing side of dozens of trials has the experience to understand what a trial requires, what the trial lawyers are doing, and why they are doing it.

We not so fondly recall the newly elected Judge who had not tried many cases in a failed career as a private attorney. The prosecution sought to introduce a document and we stood up and asked for voire dire. The Judge responded that we had used the wrong term, as the jury had already been selected.

2) An attorney running against a Judge must further articulate why the Judge needs to be replaced. What about the Judge- demeanor, work habits, etc., necessitates that the Judge be replaced?

We have already emailed several candidates privately where we explained that running merely because gender, race, or name gives the candidate a favorable chance of winning is abhorrent, as it diminishes the quality of the Judiciary.

Judges like Martin Khan, Hank Harnage, and Harvey Goldstein were victims of this and we have all suffered for it.

3) A Judge should articulate the experience, work habits, demeanor on the bench towards clients and counsel that would support the conclusion that the Judge should be re-elected.

4) A Judge should impose a just sentence, not a sentence that the public wants, or the police demand , or the defense requests.

We recall a very sad situation many years ago when the prosecution offered a Defendant 20 years on a second degree murder case. The case went to trial, and after the defendant was convicted Judge Moreno (when he was a state court judge) sentenced the defendant to about ten years based on the facts of the case. You don’t see things like that happening these days.

Justice doesn’t always mean following the victim and arresting officer’s recommendation of “maximum sentence.”

5) Do judges berate defense attorneys for not filing motions to compel discovery or motions for continuances early enough? Do Judges take counsel out of turn? (and this includes prosecutors who also have several courtrooms to be in).

6) Do Judges interfere in voire dire, cross examination and then give each side ten minutes for closing arguments?

7) Do Judges routinely expect all parties (including court personnel like clerks, corrections, and court reporters) to start at 8:00 AM, work through lunch, and work to 7:00 or 8:00 PM or beyond?

Nothing, and we mean nothing speaks louder about the blatant stupidity of a Judge then when they brag about how they tried a DUI in one day and had the attorneys do closing arguments at 11:00 PM, and sent the jury out at midnight. These Judges some how think that gives them some sort of “macho” reputation. All it does is deprive both sides of a fair trial, and make jurors disgusted with their service.

8) Do Judges absolutely refuse to engage in plea negotiations, even when it is obvious to everyone that an inexperienced prosecutor is taking advantage of a situation but the Judge will not step into correct it? We saw one new County Court Judge on the day of trial for a DWLS case refuse to do anything when the defendant had obtained a valid license, had two prior convictions, and the third conviction would result in a loss of license for five years, and the prosecutor (about 1 month on the job) refused to do anything other than obtain a conviction.

9) Do Judges understand the law? If we see one more Judge tell an unrepresented defendant that a withhold is not a conviction, we are going to scream. HEY JUDGE- A WITHHOLD IS A CONVICTION UNDER MANY CIRCUMSTANCES, including loss of license for a DWLS, and FOR PURPOSES OF IMMIGRATION AND DEPORTATION. STOP TRICKING DEFENDANTS INTO PLEADING GUILTY.

This is where we are starting. We invite our readers to provide other criteria and to start emailing us (we said email not post) on who we should endorse and why.

(please make cheques payable to “CASH” and leave with the Cuban coffee person at Au Bon Pain in a plain manila envelope marked “BRIBE FOR RUMPOLE”.)

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

#9: and federal sentencing guidline application.

Anonymous said...

Please post this on the blog. For the first time, APD's and ASA's are coming together for a common cause (OK, the second time, but Al Milian's election does not really count). A group of APD's and ASA's including:
Ray Abadin
Maggie Arias
Betty Capote
Robert Coppel
Stacy Glick
Ted Hutchinson
Omar Johannson
Steve Kramer
Gale Lewis
Todd Michaels
Scott Miller
Nushin Sayfie
have come together to plan a happy hour fundraiser for Judge Dennis Murphy, one of the best Judges in this county. Judge Murphy is respected as fair, just, and respectful by all sides.

The happy hour will be Friday, July 28, 2006 at Amendment XXI Lounge from 5-7PM. The lounge is right by the courthouse in the design district at 190 NE 46th Street, Just two blocks west of Biscayne by the corner of NE 2nd Avenue. The phone number of the lounge is (305) 571-7200. It is in everyone's best interest to make sure that Judge Dennis Murphy is re-elected.

Rumpole said...

We are not posting these fund raisers on the front page of the blog, but allow them to stay in the comments section.
It speaks volumes about Judge Murphy that the Montagues and the Capulets can come together and agree that he deserves to remain on the bench. Lets see what the Rumpole endorsement will be.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Rumpole, along with most, will endorse Murph!

Anonymous said...

Rump, your criteria is great, however, none of the candidates qualify. What WILL you do????

Henry Kissenger said...

Both the Israeli's and Hezbollah along with the Palestinians, North and South Korea, China and Japan, The Shites and the Sunni's, The Jets and the Patriots, George Bush and John Kerry, The Heat and the Mavericks, have all agreed to endorse and support Judge Murphy. Talk about broad based support!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge McWhorter should not be endorsed.

1. She is not nice to people.
2. She is unreasonable in sentencing.
3. She does not respect defense attorneys.
4. She mistreats pro se litigants.
5. She has an "attitude."

Anonymous said...

rumpole you are really full of yourself

Rumpole said...

You have no idea....

Anonymous said...

Judge McWhorter should be endorsed:

1) She has experience: Prosecutor, police attorney, civil firm.
2) She is a former probation officer. She worked very hard to get where she is. Her opponent never worked as a PD or ASA and is a Michael Catalano flunky ticket chick.
3) McWhorter is a down to earth person from a small town in northern Florida.
4) McWhorter does respect pro se litigants and does respect defense attorneys. Want to see a defense attorney dissed? Watch a Judge Bloom calendar.
5) Try and get past what you perceive to be McWhorter's "attitude" and you will find a nice, caring, dedicated, hardworking Judge who will not embarass the bench, this community, or any attorney.
6) McWhorter's dedication to the churches and regular people of this community will pay dividends. Her opponent has no idea how badly she is going to be trounced. She she should be as nervous as she would be picking her first jury.

Please Rumpole, do the right thing here.

The Joker said...

Judge Murphy has "broad based" support? A bunch of broads are supporting him? hahahhahahha. (couldn't resist)

The Riddler said...

Who is an anonymous
full of himself
horses' ass?

Any ideas Mr. Rumpole?

Cat woman said...

Judge Murphy?.....meeeeoooowww!

Anonymous said...

omg is Patty Marino-Pedroza-Rodriguez-Schwartz-St.Pierre going to be angry when she reads that McWhorter post. Want to see a test of judicial demeanor? Just watch her explode over that Catalano remark.

Anonymous said...

why is an endorsement by an unknown entity so great?

Anonymous said...

Rump, you forgot one more criteria to have in order to be a judge in this community: Respect your fellow human being -- yes, even the worst offenders i.e., child molesters, baby killers and the like.

Anonymous said...

True story. In reading a transcript from a trial in Adrien's courtroom, as the defendant is testifying in front of the jury, admitting to being at the scene of a crime, Camacho Adrien stopped the testimony, sent the jury out, and took it upon himself to advise the defendant of his right to remain silent. That's after, I repeat, after at least 12 pages of testimony given by said defendant. What law school did this guy attend? Was it even in the United States? how dumb can that be.

Anonymous said...

rumpole you are:

1. You are more INTUITIVE than rational.

2. You are more EXTROVERTED than introverted.

3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle.

4. You are more ARROGANT than humble.


Your exact opposite is the Robot.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Schoolyard Bully, the Smartass, and the Brute.

Anonymous said...

I hope you endorse Murphy, Parks, Ripplegill, Faber... and I can't remember the others.

Anonymous said...

that was funny. whats wrong with a judge interupting a defendant testifying. when the jury is sent out, it only casts more suspicions on the defendant.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posts against Mcwhorter-- I see it would be better to elect a traffic hack (not even a good hack like bobby reiff) and someone who changes their name to reflect a hispanic surname that they never announced in court untill they decided to run for judge.

Anonymous said...

i figured out the problem with bloom - she wont give BS continuances when the attorney covering for the idiot attorney cant state a reason.

You go Beth!

Anonymous said...

Are the Mavs really supporting Murphy?

Walter Cronkite said...

News Flash: Candidate Patty Marino Pedroza has obtained a quickie divorce and will be marrying heat superstar Dwayne Wade. Her name on the ballot will now read :
"Patricia Dan Marino Dwayne Wade."

Anonymous said...

is she changing her colors to red and black, or just her campaign slogan to "15 strong"

Anonymous said...

Rump - please do the right thing and stay out of the jacobi/del pino race. No endorsement.

Neither are qualified to practice law.

Anonymous said...

i sure hope rumpole trashes all candidates in some races and does not feel compelled to endorse someone in every race.

hugh hefner said...

Bronwyn Miller has her campaign posters with her picture up, and 16 year old highschool boys all over town are ripping them down and taking them to their bedroom.

Ay muy bonita.

Anonymous said...

Mcwhorter harsh at sentencing.

I saw a misdemeanor bench trial
on a battery charge in which she
found the defendant guilty but then
still gave the guy a w/h and probation.

CAPTAIN said...


Circuit Court Group 79

Valerie Manno is still unopposed

Circuit Court Group 80

Tony Marin qualified today

Marie Abigail Davidson, a member of the Florida Bar since 1985, and a partner in the firm of Fisher & Davidson, Coral Gables, entered her name as a candidate. She specilizes in Family Law. She has not yet qualified.

Circuit Court Group 80

3 candidates, but still not one who has put up the money to qualify

Rima Bardawil
Marisa Mendez
Catherine Parks

T- 1 1/2 days to go ........

CAPTAIN OUT .............

Anonymous said...

How much money was lost, when all the illegal signs on the fences around the entrances to I95 were taken down today????????

CAPTAIN said...


I am still amazed at how many candidates are entered for County Court. Can't an attorney make an honest living in Davie anymore. Three more attorneys jumped into one contest today.

There are now 17 possible candidates for the four new County Court seats; six in one race alone.

Also, since my earlier piece on Broward, Samuel Lopez has qualified in Circuit Group 57.

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Rumpole said...

To 7:35, the amateur shrink, I want to change some answers to the personality test:

Under sex, change my answer to "rarely".
My favourite colour is purple not black; my favourite number is 21, not 13; under earliest childhood memory, scratch the "marshmellow incident" and insert a puupy dog; under puberty, change my answer to 23, and under dreams, change my answer to Christie Brinkley.

That should fix matters.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Captain"--

Perhaps you might want to think before you choose your metaphors. "Faster than Israeli bombs killing innocent Lebanese civilians and detroying their country's infrastructure" might be a better metaphor than "faster than Hezbollah scud missiles falling on Haifa." Hundreds of Lebanese cilivians dead vs a few score Israelis, and good ole W is cheering Israel on. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. 9:08.....give me a break. Hezbollah started it. Even Arab leaders get that.

IF Lebanon had followed through on international agreements and the basic responsibilities that come with any claim of soveriegnty and properly secured its border, none of this would be happening.

You want to see an end to the violence?

Try teaching the Iranian and Syrian leadership a little respect for others. They started this war to distract the world from Iranian efforts to obtain nukes.

Israel has a right to defend itself. The time where we (Jews) would sit back and allow ourselves to be slaughtered is long gone. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

There is no sense negotiating with those whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Western Civilization . Terrorists like Hezbollah ,Al Quaida or Iran have nothing to give in negotiations because their ultimate goals are inconsistent with OUR survival as a civilization.Thus any cease fire with them is merely giving them time to regroup ,rearm and prepare for their next outrage against Western civilization(i.e.the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires etc,etc)You do not have to be Jewish to understand this(and I am not)and many Arab governments also understand this.Thank You Israel now send in the ground troops and mop up the remmnants of those terrorists

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese government most certainly did not start this war. Hezbollah, an armed faction that the central government is too weak to control started it, probably with Iranian and/or Syrian goading. That being said, this does not give the Israeli government carte blanche to destroy Lebanese infrastructure and to haphazardly bomb the country in a manner which ensures that hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians will be killed. The Israeli response, as France and the EU have wisely pointed out, has been disproportionate and intemperate. Our government, is, as always, too cowardly to reign in Israeli aggression.

Anonymous said...

908 you must be one of those brainless retarded rookie pd's who hasnt had his cherry popped and thinks all of his clients are innocent. You probably voted for Nader and are proud of it eventhough you morons did more to elect bush than Katherine Harris.

Hizballah started this. Lebanon has allowed them to flourish on thier border. UN resoloutions state that hizb should be disarmed. Israel is defending itself. can you imagine if some mexican terrorist group was allowed to operate in northern mexico and they killed 8 border patrol agents and kidnapped 2 others. Dont you think the USA would be justified in responding harshly?
Come on Mr pd, drop your bong and your noam chomsky reader. even the antiesmitic house of saud understands that hizballah started this. why can you understand that?

glad you are a pd, you are so stupid you will help to convict more career criminals than most young ASA's

Anonymous said...

9:55--Not everyone who opposes "Western Civilization," which is really just a nice euphemism for American capitalist imperialism, is a terrorist. Some people--be they Middle Eastern, Tchetchen, Afghan, Tamil, Achenese--don't want to live in a world where there is a Starbucks on every corner and a Gap across the street next to the Golden Arches, where the worship of material goods supplants indigenous traditions of worship, where everyone speaks English and watches Hollywood schlock on the big screen while wearing Nike-emblazoned apparel. Come to think, of it, I don't want to live in this world either. Unfortunately, I already do. Well, except for the everyone speaks English part.

Anonymous said...

I actually suspect 9:08 is an ASA. I know of a few in particular who hold those views.

Anonymous said...

A "disproportionate and intemperate" response? Get rule. Terrorists have been slaughtering Israeli's since the country's creation.

Israel has desperately tried to promote a resolution to the fighting, but the terrorists will have none of it.

You think the violence would end if Israel collapsed? Get real. Western civilization is next.

Your comment about France's position is laughable. France (and several other EU countries) is pandering to its Muslim population. Regardless, the Europeans are so "enlightened" that they can't understand that the terrorists aren't playing by their rules (no great surprise; the last time they let a crazy dictator run rampant we ended up in World War II).

Anonymous said...

10:20-----You don't want to live in this world? Too bad. Most of us do.....feel free to leave anytime. That's the beauty of living in this wonderful country....you have the freedom to stay, leave or try and change things (assuming, as in democracy where everybody enjoys the same rights you do, that you can inspire a majority).

Amazing how nobody likes us or wants to be like us, but, we're the one country in the world that has been fighting illegal IMMIGRATION (not flight) for decades.

Anonymous said...

10:20 Were those capitalists who stopped the Muslims at the gates of Vienna? Were those capitalists who stopped the muslims at the Pyrenees in the 8th century? Were those greek capitalists who stopped the persian hordes at Salamis?
Ok then lets give those lovely people who don't like Starbucks and want to destroy our way of living a little understanding! Hey maybe we can sign them up for anger management and place them on a 3 month reporting cycle and hope they don't take out another train station or major skyscraper in the process.Better yet why don't you see if you can get Jimmy Carter to REASON with them or have them attend group therapy with Joseph Chamberlain and Hugo Chavez!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE - open a bottle of red wine, watch the war, and go to sleep

Anonymous said...

Whiskey,only elitist drink wine

Anonymous said...

Uhh, 10:48, what about all the crusades of Christians invading Islamic Palestine during the Middle Ages? Or the newly-converted Roman and Byzantine Christians invading pagan northern Europe? Or the awful Spanish Catholics raping and pillaging their way through the New World? Or Bill Frist and Jeb Bush trying to keep Terri Schiavo alive against her wishes? 10:48, it's time to get real and face the music. All the monotheistic religions are violent. Christian, Muslim, Jew--it doesn't make a difference. Why can't we in America be more like the Europeans, who have thankfully buried and forgotten their Christian god.

Oh, and btw, I think you mean NEVILLE Chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, FRENCH wine!

qUICK pICKS said...

S Schwartz
G Mendez
D Murphy
D Marino
Mills Francis
D Kohn
C Parks
Anyone but Manno

Anonymous said...

What about D Sanchez?

Anonymous said...

It's not a very popular move with the ladies.

pedro said said...

vote for pedro. and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Anonymous said...

Neville it is! I knew that we could depend on one appeaser knowing another one ! 10:48

Anonymous said...

I think 11:21 has been drinking too much Vino already with those picks!

Anonymous said...

you might be right about my picks but it was the weed not the wine.

mike d said...

but the the wine does go well with the chicken. delicious again peter.

Anonymous said...

Weed, vino munchies ,its like being in college again!Where are the chicks!

CAPTAIN said...

Next time The Captain will refrain from metaphoring with references to skud missles and the Middle East. It looks like I turned the REGJB blog into the Middle East Conflict Blog.

Let's get back to the good stuff like the upcoming elections and the Indictment of a Judge (that is Indictment on this Blog).

In less than 7 weeks, the voters of Dade County will be faced with contested races in:

Circuit Court:

Group 25, 42, 78, 79, 80

County Court:

Group 1, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 27, 39, 40, 43

That means we could be looking at as many as 16 new judges in our County come January of 2007.

Let the voter beware!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am with the people of Iceland on this one

Rumpole said...

oohh.. thats a cold comment

Anonymous said...

1) Why do Bronwyn Miller's signs in Overtown not have her picture on them?

2) I don't want to hear a thing about Lebanese civilians. All of Hezbollah's headquarters and meeting places are located in residential areas, often in the basement of apartment buildings. Israel has two choices, let this crap continue, or accept that some civilians might be killed. Hizbollah and Hamas are nothing but terrorists who are getting what they deserve. I am so proud of Israel's response. I have been pro-peace for ever, but it seems that the only way to get peace from these hate filled murderous assholes is to bomb them out of existence. Good riddance to Hezbollah. I hope they are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Why are Alvarez' signs the communist colors? How many jury trials has George had?

Anonymous said...

To the person defending McWhorter, It is obvious you don't practice in Dade County. She does nothing else, but embarrass defense attorney's in court. Not only defense attorneys, state and police officers. If she was such a great police lawyer, I wonder why she was not endorsed by the PBA.
Go Figure. Moreover, if she was such a good prosecutor, how come most of the old ASA's that worked at the state when she worked there do not like her. That leaves a lot to wonder about.
Oh, and one more thing, being a church and community activist, means doing it all year round and every year, not only during an election year.
So, McWhorter, stop posting comments about yourself.

Anonymous said...

The Carolina Hurricanes hockey team colors are red and black and I seem to remember them winning the Stanley Cup last month.

Anonymous said...

Uh, hello, do you remember the Miami Heat? Aren't their team colors red black and white?

Anonymous said...

review all the negative posts and then see who that person opponent is and who they have working for them, yea keep up the good trash work there Al and Bob.

Anonymous said...

Parks and Marin, amd thank god they're not in the same seat.

Anonymous said...

we don't care about bob and al. They're losers,

Anonymous said...

yes. Parks and Marin. I'll go for that

Anonymous said...

Now that they're in different races, they look like they're good friends. Seen chatting today at Women's Political Caucus forum.

Anonymous said...

parks & marin; good name for a law firm

Anonymous said...

When are you going to endorse, Rump? What say you?

Anonymous said...

don't keep us waitin

Anonymous said...

yeah whn>

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

scotch on the rock

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I vote for Cohn. But don't tell Rippyourheartout, e.g. "the only bonnie on the ballot." Also. Bardawil. B/c Manno is calling her bad names and fostering discrimanation.

Anonymous said...

isn't that against the rules?:

Anonymous said...

Yes it is. Against the Cannons and against the oath not to have a negative campaign. Manno was on the beach telling old ladies that Bardawil is an Arab and had the old lady telling everyone. She also had one of her representatives at the Women's Political Caucus tell one of the Jewish Labor Union Reps not to support Bardawil because she is an Arab and he is Jewish. This is an just and example of the last three days of events. Very Very DIRTY!!! What kind of fairness would Manno promote???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why is Bardewill/manno an arab-jewish race? this is worse than when Thomas said he was running against a Caucasian, a Hispanic and a jew several yrs ago. It was pathetic--as quoted in the DBR. But, what the heck, he won.

Anonymous said...

god, that's nasty

Anonymous said...

Bardawil is not even an Arab not that there is anything wrong with that), she is a Christian which is a big difference, but Manno's people are trying anything they can. Manno is not even Jewish, she just added the Schurr to her name after Bardawil jumped in that seat to try and pull the Jewish-Arab thing.

Anonymous said...


“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King

-URGENT- Supporters of Robin W. Faber, for County Court Judge, CLICK HERE for the FLYER promoting Robin W. Faber for County Court Judge Print as many flyers as you can and post everywhere. We need your help now. Web Site Click Here.

Operation Restore Justice has officially Endorsed Judge Bronwyn Catherine Miller to be retained as County Court Judge. The Mayor of Miami-Dade County Carlos Alvarez has also endorsed Judge Miller.

06.28.06• MIAMI HERALD - Bar Association: Candidate violated canon of ethics. CLICK HERE

06.12.06 • MIAMI HERALD - County Court 'Super Glue' Case now tied to politics. CLICK HERE

06.10.06 • MIAMI HERALD - Judge Accused of Campaign Violations. CLICK HERE

06.07.06 • Judge Ivan Hernandez, Judicial Assistant has E-mailed O.R.J. threatening to sue us for slander: CLICK HERE

05.31.06 • MIAMI HERALD - touched on the facts surrounding this years testy judicial elections: CLICK HERE


04.05.06 • DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW - Judge's judicial aide on leave without pay. CLICK HERE

03.19.06 • MIAMI HERALD - New accusations against judicial aide. CLICK HERE

03.02.06 • MIAMI HERALD - Courthouse computer of judge's aide seized. CLICK HERE

03.01.06 • MIAMI HERALD - A political question in judge's chambers. CLICK HERE

03.01.06 • DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW - Justice System Courthouse extortion claimed. CLICK HERE

Highly respected, Chief Judge Joseph P. Farina, wrote to the Judicial Qualifications Commission "J.Q.C." regards several complaints his office received against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, obstructing the access of litigants to Judge Hernandez's court. CLICK HERE to view the letter.
Bennett H. Brummer, the top defender of the poor in his capacity as PUBLIC DEFENDER of Miami-Dade County, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view the letter.

Highly respected, Attorney, Don S. Cohn, wrote to Chief Judge Farina complaining about Judge Ivan Hernandez and his JA, Juan D'Arce. CLICK HERE to view letter.

In 2006, Judge Ivan Hernandez a South Florida County Court Judge decided to ignore his duty to promote public confidence by continuing to employ his Judicial Assistant after the Judge's office was raided by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office under a criminal subpoena. Judge Hernandez court house computer was seized in early March 2006, as part of the Miami-Dade State Attorneys Office public corruption criminal investigation against the Judge and his Judicial assistant.

The Judge's right hand and judicial assistant also made several anti-Semitic slurs against highly respected administrative Judge Steve Leifman, because the administrative Judge had informed Judge Ivan Hernandez that he was getting numerous upon numerous complaints from litigants about the judicial assistants rudeness and obstruction of access to the court.

Judge Ivan Hernandez who is fortunately up for re-election this year will be facing opposition for his judicial seat. O.R.J. urges all who vote this year to restore justice and remove Judge Ivan Hernandez by voting for highly respected Attorney Robin W. Faber.

In addition to the criminal investigation Judge Ivan Hernandez, recently had a "show cause order" (writ of mandamus) issued against him by the Third District Court of Appeal, after his judicial assistant Juan D'Arce was rude and repeatedly denied a litigant access to his Court. CLICK HERE to view order.

Judge Samuel J. Slom (the Administrative Judge overseeing Judge Hernandez), tells the Miami Herald on May 30, 2006, that he has received numerous upon numerous complaints about Juan D'Arce being rude, insensitive and obstructing the access of litigants to the Court. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE AUDIO.

Take a moment to watch the below video of the oral argument in the Third District Court of Appeal were Attorney Miguel De La O, (who is friends with Juan D'Arce) attempts to defend the conduct of Judge Hernandez and his judicial assistant.

Pay close attention to the rebuttal portion of the video



The 3rd DCA panel on the pending main appeal was,


The 3rd DCA panel that issued the show cause "writ of mandamus" order against Judge Hernandez, was,


CLICK HERE to view order.

O.R.J. Endorses

Click for Biography
O.R.J. Endorses

Judge Steve Leifman for re-election


Click for Biography

Opinions of the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee


If you wish to report a violation of Chapters 104, 106, or Section 105.071, Florida Statutes, you can download a copy of the complaint form: CLICK HERE

An Aid to Understanding Canon 7. Guidelines to Assist Judicial Candidates in Campaign and Political Activities (updated May 15, 2006): CLICK HERE

Florida Supreme Court Justice R. Fred Lewis was sworn in as Florida's 52nd Chief Justice in a ceremonial session held at 3:30 p.m. in Tallahassee on June 30, 2006. To watch this historic event CLICK HERE. Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis, Biography CLICK HERE
Notice of District Court Assessment Survey: The District Court of Appeal Workload and Jurisdiction Assessment committee is asking lawyers, litigants and the public to complete an on-line survey to help them evaluate the district courts of appeal. The assessment committee will examine the survey results as they consider whether a court’s performance in a specific area could be appreciably improved with a jurisdictional change. CLICK HERE

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Operation Restore Justice is geared toward exposing corruption in the Florida Court system. The web site is here to expose the very rare cases in which a Judge or those under the Judge's control violate the publics trust.

The Supreme Court of Florida has set a path of rooting out judicial wrong doing at all levels. The Supreme Court has released numerous opinions over the past few years making it clear to the general public that it will not tolerate violations of the code of judicial conduct either by a sitting judge or a candidate for judge. Recently the Supreme Court of Florida removed a judge from office because of violations of the code of judicial conduct that happened during his judicial campaign to become a Florida Judge.

All citizens of Florida can be sure that our highest court will NOT tolerate violations of the Code of Judicial conduct at any level. Our supreme court is not shy in expressing its condemnation of any Judge who violates the public trust by not following the code of judicial conduct.

Operation Restore Justice is under the control of a private citizen. It was due to the criminal investigation presently against Judge Ivan Hernandez and his Judicial Assistant, by the Miami-Dade State Attorneys office which has resulted in the seizure of the Judges computer under a criminal subpoena, that Operation Restore Justice was born in early 2006. In addition to complaints from numerous litigants of being denied access to Judge Hernandez court and Racial slurs by his Judicial Assistant against the administrative Judge.

Florida has some of the best Judges in the world. We cannot let a handful of bad apples destroy the prestige of Florida's judicial system. The Supreme Court of Florida through its recent opinions has demonstrated that it will NOT tolerate judges who do not follow the code of judicial conduct.

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.