Friday, August 29, 2008



The worst part of this is the Republicans crowing about this is what happens when you move to the left instead of the right. We'll keep you updated throughout the weekend.

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Bob Norman's blog in Broward has the winners and losers in the Broward County political races. The losers? Hispanics according to Bob Norman. 

Success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan. 
Here in the Herald are the prosecutors whining about Miami juries and why they lost a case. Really- to blame it on CSI-how crass. We wouldn't let a client take the stand with an explanation  that pathetic.  Take it from this trial lawyer- the only lesson from defeat is that it is your fault. Be brutally honest about your performance. Accept the responsibility completely-learn from the defeat and move on. 

Or better yet- be  bunch of whiners and don't get any better. Just makes our job easier. 

For what it's worth, we thought Senator Obama's speech last night was good, not great, and that the ending fell way short of  the kind of dramatic oratory that we see in closing arguments every day in the REGJB.  

And maybe it's because we're old, but we thought the Republicans constant intrusion into the news cycles surrounding the Democratic convention was cheap politics at its worst. We remember when a real leader, and a real gentleman- President George H. W. Bush went on a week long camping trip during the convention that nominated Dukakis.  Lee Atwater was left with the unpleasant task of  informing Bush when he returned that he was 17 points down in the polls. It didn't matter.  Class and competence rose to the top and Bush won. We can't help thinking that Senator McCain's candidacy is infected with former mid-level Bush/Rove operatives who do him no good. Their sacrifice of McCain's morals and ideals cheapen his quest for the presidency and will harm his legacy more than losing ever could. 

But maybe this is just politics in a 24 hour news cycle blogging environment. 

Enjoy the long weekend and having Monday off. 
Never doubt that we shall be ready Tuesday to pounce on the REGJB powers that be if Tuesday brings us long entrance lines to the Courthouse. 

PS. Hurricane Gustav appears on a path to enter the warm waters of the Gulf Of Mexico this weekend and then strike the Gulf Coast of the US early next week as a major hurricane. Meanwhile TS Hanna moves off to the east of our State with a possible turn and landfall in the Lake Okeechobee area.  We will post updates as warranted, and we fervently hope these storms do not reach the intensity and cause the type of damage we all know they can cause.


Anonymous said...


Neil Taylor was a dirty lawyer who laundered money and but for a great defense team which fought tirelessly and the careful analysis of TWO federal court juries who carefully considered the government's evidence and found it did not prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, he would still be incarcerated in federal prison. His quote in the Herald was outrageous, and all the more pathetic because of his personal experience as a criminal defendant. You would think that Neil would be a little smarter and keep his big mouth shut , and perhaps learn some humility.

Anonymous said...

Von Zamft? Rump-meister: you remember when the diminutive fellow called himself a defense attorney, right? When his trial-envy created such insecurity that it was hard to fit his ego through the court room door? When he twisted more client arms to plead than anyone walking the halls at the time? Pathetic but predictable that he would blame the jury for its fine work. Loser, indeed.




noun: Excessive or insatiable covetousness.

USE: In a fit of pleonexia The Judge denied all my motions after seeing me the night before leave court in my new Corvette Convertible with my blonde bombshell secretary.

Anonymous said...

RUMP------I'm surprised by the arrogance of that comment.

You know it's not all about the lawyering. We've all had juries who reached decisions that shocked us and all know that many trials a crap shoot. Additionally, our chances of success depend on things that we can't control (things we may be able to influence, but not control) like: the number and quality of witness(es) (and the information the witness(es) can provide), the amount, type and quality of the evidence, the judge, etc.

The truth is that we aren't totally (or even close to totally) responsible for our wins or loses. We certainly can affect a verdict, but, when we've got able opposition, can't fully determine its outcome.

That said, we weren't there to see what happened. Frank's a great guy and, I'm sure, did a fine job. That doesn't mean that Von Z didn't. I wasn't there; I'm just sayin'.........




Anonymous said...

After watching Obama's speech last night, I can say for the first time in my life I am proud of my country.

Anonymous said...

The CSI effect? More like the MVZ effect.

Anonymous said...

"He called the Estefano trial a classic case of ``asking a jury to put somebody away for life based on one person's word.''

''It's the hardest type of case,'' Tapanes said. ``Jurors as human beings are going to have an automatic doubt.''

--- As it should be. Our system is designed to make those cases the hardest because they present the most danger of a wrongful conviction. Don't blame jurors, ASAs -- blame the system (which is already stacked heavily in your favor).

CAPTAIN said...
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CAPTAIN said...



Sarah Palin, 44, Gov. of Alaska, will be named John McCain's running mate today.

Palin is the mother of five children, including an infant son born with Down's Syndrome. She is a very strong Pro-Life candidate.

She used to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go hunting with her father and she is a lifelong member of the NRA.

I wonder what Hillary is thinking right now? First, "she" thought she was going to be on the top of the ticket. Then "she" thought she deserevd to be on the ticket with Obama. Now, if McCain wins in November, it will be "Palin" who will be a heartbeat away from becoming the first woman President.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

"The judge asked if it was a plea of guilty or a plea of no contest. I advised it was a pleonexia

Anonymous said...

Hillary is probably thinking:
I hope none of my supporters are really dumb enough to think that just becasue McSame put a woman on the ticket that they're going to vote for him.

Rumpole said...

BTDT- i understand what you're saying and I cannot disagree with it. But if you know me you know that I strongly advocate for better training for lawyers and judges. We should be trained liked doctors- with the same kind of trial by intense fire of handling lots of different cases over a few years while right out of law school.

And while there are many reasons a case is lost- the best attitude to have- and the attitude that makes you a winner is- "the fault is all mine. I made mistakes . I will learn from them and do better next time."

That's the type of lawyer I want representing me. When I trained young lawyers- and I did- I told them I never wanted to hear about the stupid jury- because you picked that stupid jury- so learn to do a better voire dire.

You will find without exception that the very best lawyers and doctors and just any professional are the ones who take full responsibility for their losses. It's why they don't lose much any more.






Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this so much, I thought I'd post it for those of you who missed it in the previous post:

OK, I've "examined Mr. Obama's character and his ideas and his promises" and I haven't "considered the color of his skin". I've made my "decision" and have now "fulfilled the dream of Martin King and validated the greatness of this country".

Do you feel better now I've validated the greatness of this country for you? Good. Glad to be of service to you.

For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country.

Anonymous said...

McCain just took the Election because Obama could NOT bite his tongue and pick Clinton like Kennedy picked Johnson after bitter race.

I still support Obama but I like this Alaska Gov. she is full of fire and will rip Biden a new one. I was impressed.

CAPTAIN said...

OK, so, let me get this straight. Palin is married to an eskimo and if they get to the white house they will be serving walrus for state dinners.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the number one bumber sticker in the state is, (and this is true):

"Coldest State, Hottest Gov."

Seriously speaking, Palin is no doubt a "maverick" in the John Mccain sense. She exposed her own Republican party croonies as crooks. She beat the incumbent Republican Gov in the primary and then she beat the Democrat in the general election; (and he was a former governor of the state).

She shores up the far right, brings some women into the voting fold and she is an "outsider" which the voters will be most attracted to.

But, she has been the chief executive of two bodies: first, she was the Mayor of Wasilla, a town with a population of something like 650 people. Second, she has been Governor of Alaska for 20 months. And the state isn't even attached to our own country!

The population of Alaska is 650,000people, which is just slightly larger than - the City of Miami. Our County has 2.5 million people in it.

The Republicans have been sticking it to Obama as not having enough experience. Now, McCain, who, if elected, will be the oldest President elected to a first term, has appointed the former mayor of Wasilla to be one heartbeat away from becoming the Leader of the free world.

This should get very interesting ..

Anonymous said...

Bob Norman's blog! Give me a break. That guy is a hack.

fake creep said...

AT 4:50 on a holiday weekend, if it's not Shumie time now, it never will be. Going to T-Road to crack a few green lizards and pick me a hottie.

Anonymous said...

Rump...........fair response. But, we've all expresssed frustration with jurors before.

Additionally, we all know that jurors are not always as honest as they should be (remember when Rothenberg caught some folks lying about their priors?).

That said, I readily concede that they may have blown the voir dire. There's really no one to know since we weren't there. That's all I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

Fact of the matter is that people vote for presidents and not vice presidents. Obama will make a big mistake if he starts to attack Mccain on Palin's lack of experience. A dig here and there is fine but he needs to make sure that he doesn't get off his message.

Anonymous said...

what lawyers have beaten the great von zamft?

Anonymous said...

Hot lingerie models Rumpy? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

didn't von zamft get "in trouble" a few years back for talking smack about a judge???

don said...

Obama for Prime Minister and Palin for President!

President Bush said...


My fellow americans. As another storm bears down upon our beloved New Orleans I want you to know that Laura and I will be watching every moment from our ranch here in Texas. Rapidly- and I mean within a few weeks after disaster strikes- we will have federal agents ready to enter New Orleans and provided the much needed resources- just like we did after Katrina.

Now we learned some lessons from Katrina and here's what we will do different :

1) Don Rumsfeld, who managed the Iraq war so well will be appointed Kommadant of New Orleans.

2) He will initiate a three point plan:

1) All individuals with a yearly income over 200 thousand a year will be immediately airlifted out of New Orleans on private jets.

4) For all those people who courageously stay behind, if New Orleans is not safe to live in, we have come up with a safe and exciting alternative:

Thank you Mr. President- all black folk in New Orleans will be flown on an all expense paid trip to the exotic isle of Cuba, where they will be issued their very own safe, secure, and humanitarian 8x8 wire cage on a bluff overlooking the deep blue waters of Cuba. While on they island they will enjoy the local fare of exotic black rice and beans, while experiencing like a true native the wonders of sleeping in 98 degree heat with 99% humidity. Back to you Mr. President.

OK. Back to the three point plan:

9) We will carefully study New Orleans with the same experts who told us where to find the WMDs in Iraq. And when all is said and done, I will be gone out of the White House soon and it will be the other guy's (gals?) problems.

May the lord bless all the wealthy people of the United States Of America. Good night.

Anonymous said...

no, 11:37, MVZ got in trouble for pressuring Judge Platzer, in an exparte conversation, to continue a case. She courageously filed a bar complaint and he was disciplined. He should of been disbarred