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Things look bleak for Chumbly. I think at 9:35 you can safely say that races that are at 55-45 will probably stay that way. The candidate that has benefited the most from the returns in the south is Stacy Glick. As predicted, she has closed the gap and now about 500 votes separate the two candidates. UPDATE: 9:53- STACY GLICK GRABS THE LEAD FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Migna looks headed for a win, as does Judge Bernie Shapiro, Cynamon, Judge Cohen, Judge Lindsey, while Cueto holds a slim and shaky lead over Velis.


Group 42:
Lisa Lesperance - 44% vs. Norma Lindsey (I) - 56%


Group 11:
Jorge Cueto - 53% vs. Josie Perez Velis - 47%

Group 18:
Migna Sanchez-Llorens - 59% vs. Manny Segarra - 41%

Group 19:
Yvonne Colodny - 32% vs. Patricia Kopco - 27% vs. Stephen Millan - 40%

Group 38:
Mario Garcia - 48% vs. Stacy Glick - 52%

Group 50:
Ricardo Corona - 47% vs. Abby Cynamon - 53%

Group 51:
Marcia Caballero - 57% vs. Douglas Chumbley (I) - 43%

Group 55:
Jeri Beth Cohen (I) - 57% vs. Abbie Cuellar - 43%

Group 57:
Bernard Shapiro (I) - 59% vs. Denise Scanziani - 41%

Come January, there will be six new judges on the Circuit Court bench.

CAPTAIN OUT ..........


Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that out of all the Judicial races all the Early and Absentee votes matched except for the Garcia v Glick race were Glick is winning the Early vote and Garcia is winning the Absentee Vote. So what does that mean well 9 times out of 10 absentee vote ballots can be fraud and illegal.

Ms. Glick is you lose check on this crap!

Anonymous said...


STATE: "I therefore move state's exhibit eleven into evidence"

Defense: "I object"

Court: Sustained

State: sidebar please.

Judge Cynamon-at sidebar- Mr. Laeser, I want you to know I have watched dozens of trials over the last seven years and you are just not doing it correctly. So perhaps you should speak to someone more experienced in your office who can help you.


math prof said...

Rumpole, as a professor of mathematics at FIU let me address a question that has plagued your blog which I think can be solved scientifically: DOES MIAMI LOVE MIGNA?

That "Migna loves Miami" is a subjective statement not open to mathematical solutions. But the obverse- whether Miami Loves Migna, is solvable.

First- the objective evidence in the last election is that by a slim margin, Miami does not even like Migna, Assuming one must like one before one loves someone, at that time Miami did not indeed love Migna.

Now, we can express this as the following equation:
L(Miami Loves Migna) = t(total votes cast) - M (total votes against migna)
/V (total votes cast in both elections.)


Now we can arbitrarily state that "Love" should equal the highest percentage of votes any prior judicial candidate has received in the last ten years. The most I could find was a Judge Maria Dennis drubbing of an opponent by 67%.

So lets say 70%.

Therefore we express whether Miami Loves Migna as

where L>70% of V.

As of right now, where Migna to squeek out a win, which looks possible, it would still not be mathematically correct to say Miami Loves Migna, absent empirical evidence showing otherwise.


screw shumie!!! ITS MIGNA TIME EVERYONE!!!






Anonymous said...

I'm just HAPPY that Judge Gordon will be GONE! I'm sure ANYONE will be better than him!

fake judge robin faber said...

This fun and frivolity is all well and good. But I will be starting court promptly tomorrow and expect all lawyers to be on time. Additionally, as I have said before, if you have time for nonsense on this blog, then I have a ton of community service that needs to be done sitting on my desk. If you stop by my chambers, my judicial assistant will assign you some.

I am the second highest constitutionally elected trial judicial official in the state of Florida and I take these responsibilities very very seriously.

CNN calls the Election for Migna said...

Anderson Cooper: We are ready to call the Election for Migna Sanchez as Judge of the Circuit Court.

CNN said...

The other races are just too close to call.

Wolf back to you at the Pepsi dome in Denver

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper: CNN is ready to call the win for Bernard S. Shapiro. He will be re-elected.

The other races are still too close to call.

Anonymous said...

Bye Doug, you were a good guy.

Anonymous said...

As long as Manny goes down we can all sleep comfortably

Anonymous said...

If Mario Garcia wins someone baker act me because I will harm myself!

Anonymous said...

I really liked Douglas great guy!!! I got a chance to meet his opposition and she comes across as a sweet lady and that may have hurt him.

Just seems like two great people in one race.

Anonymous said...

I hope KFR does not let Manny back in to the SAO. He is an idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

I will miss the Manny videos. His homemade youtube videos have been the life of the office. So many laughs...Just for laughs Manny run in two years PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Stacy Daryl Glick has for the first time tonight taken the lead.

Q-FIU said...

THE QUINIPAC/FIU JUDICIAL POLLING makes the following predictions:

3 of 4 judges will easily cruise to re-election wins as Jerri Cohen and Bernie Shapiro and Norma Lindsey win, while Doug Chumbley takes a hard loss.

Q_FIU calls it for Glick in a close one, Cynamon and Sanchez-Llorens also cruise to wins, while Cueto eeks out a victory over Perez-Velis.

Anonymous said...

no matter who you supported, you should all be thrilled that velis went down AGAIN. Now Josie - G-O A-W-A-Y........

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the community isn't rewarding Scanziani's cynical efforts.

Anonymous said...

Rump, here at Migna's campaign party, she has taken the stage, already began screaming at people, and issued 37 bench warrants.

Anonymous said...

Migna!!!! Love!!!!! Miami!!!

Anonymous said...

Josie, I have 2 words for you:


See you in a couple

eye on manny said...

Rump, I'm reporting live from Manny Segarra campaign headquarters. I can tell you that the candidate is very much in control, cool calm and collected, as he calmly directs an army of volunteers to check and re-check vote totals and huddles with high priced paid consultants. But the map is looking bleaker and bleaker as the areas in which he can get the votes needed to close the gaps shrinks to the point where a comeback becomes statistically impossible. The crowd in the ballroom is subdued and the band has yet to strike up a tune

the anonymouse said...

Thank you, Lord - for sending me new faces with small brains to practice law before.

As the Chinese saying goes: May you live in interesting times.

All the little mice know this one...

Rumpole said...

10:28- I admit- you made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

It's a Colodny -- Millian run off!!!! Go get them Yvonne!!!

PS Say Hello to Judge Cueto thats the way to do it Miami-Dade!!

Anonymous said...

Rump, back here at Judge Migna's headquarters, apparently the crowd is feverishly looking for Joe Farina's cell phone as Migna is yelling "you tell him I want that damn robe here right now, IMMEDIATELY!." She also has some bailiff here telling everyone to shut up and take their kids outside.

Anonymous said...

Rumpola, champagne corks are popping in many of the campaign headquarters as we pass 11 pm, while Stacy Glick and Jorge Cueto remain cautiously optimistic after a long hard fight tonight. Migna and Bernie and Cynamon and Cohen are drinking deeply and taking big sighs of relief, as is Norma Lindsey.

But it ain't over till its over.

Rumpole said...

Folks, write what you like, but I'm going to sleep. I'll try and clear the comments before heading out in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
no matter who you supported, you should all be thrilled that velis went down AGAIN. Now Josie - G-O A-W-A-Y........

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 10:12:00 PM

Guess what read the DBR article a few weeks ago, Velis compared her numerous losses for office to President Lincolns 16 tries for president or some crapp like that. So doing the math we have about 12 more races before she stops trying.

Anonymous said...

I just do not get it. Everyone says the Latin name will get them elected. In 2006 and now 2008 that has not been the case. So why all the bitchen on the subject every two years?

Anonymous said...

11:30 pm

Dear Frightening Scenario,
May I say with all due respect, which is to say with "zero" respect, that you are a jerk and can never rise above it. You are forever condemned to post your nasty little drool on this blog about people who are your betters. I guess that means you are condemed to post your foolishness about every other person on planet earth... Have a nice evening and try not to choke on your own bile. Defeat is so bitter, dear. Sincerely, Della Street

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see that someone that ran such an un-ethical campaign as ABBY CYNAMON winning her seat. She took every opportunity possible to slander Rick Corona. I also would see signs of Rick Corona on a fence one day with tons of other signs and the next day only Ricks would be down. The article that SHE had written in the new times was the icing on the cake and then she had the article posted here before it was even published. Reading that article was also real hard on the eyes because of that picture.

Congrats to all who won and I'm sorry to Rick Corona who was obviously a better qualified candidate..

Anonymous said...

It's official-- Stacy Glick has denied bond to all defendants currently charged with first degree misdemeanors.

Just kidding, Stacy. We love you. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

This election just goes to show all the candidates and candidates to be that you should always hire that smart campaign consultant.

As you can see, no matter what you do, if you do not have brains on your side, you will not win.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Josie Whatever your last name is now.

Please stop running for office.

Better yet, campaign against those who upset you and made you lose. That may be your own husband though? Anyway, stop it.

Josie will now be known as Raul Ordonez.

the colonel said...

It's lookin' to me like the ol' kingmaker done put his money on the brood mare instead of the thoroughbred in THAT horse race. And to the FACDL-Miami board member who put his money on the kingmaker's horse - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Anonymous said...

Al Lorenzo and Bob Levy were pretty much useless to Judge Chumbley.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Ruvin only got 53,138 votes? He better get that campaign machine up and running for the general election or he will lose.

frightening scenario II said...

Dear Della Street-

Having been in Abe's shoes- having had to listen to incompetent Judges who NEVER TRIED A CASE IN THEIR CAREER attempt to tell me how to do something they never did, I have to tell you that the scenario is indeed frightening when you consider a Circuit Court Judge has the power to sentence someone to death. So some incompetent dolt who never tried a case can now run a trial where a person's entire life is at stake. And that doesn't frighten you? Maybe because you side with the dolt who has never tried a case.

Anonymous said...

The election of Cynamon and the defeat of Chumbley are enough to convince me it's time to give up and accept appointments.

I'm no fan of Corona... but if we had an appointment system, there would have been a real vetting. Cynamon applied over a dozen times and was rejected. So she bought a seat.

Meanwhile, Chumbley, a partner in a major law-firm, was respected on all quarters. Now he's gone.

fake hector l said...

Next year in La Habana.

fake hillary said...

No way, no how, no Martinez-Scanzini

Anonymous said...

good point 7:53pm.

Even with Bob Levy, Al Lorenzo, Armando Gutierrez & Hector Lombana giving him a 6,000 vote lead from the absentees, Stacey Glick came back and HAMMERED Mario Garcia in early voting & election day voting.

Way to go girl!

the devil's advocate said...

Dear Trialmaster,

Judges may be rotating to new divisions soon - you need to take the broad view.

Anonymous said...

this is no way to pick judges. the people who support this system, cuban politicos and trial lawyers, should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

753 YOU ARE A DROOLING RETARD . at least cynmanon didnt buy the election with dope money she had buried in her backyard from when she ran a money laundering bank for dope dealers

Anonymous said...

Dear Frightening Scenario:
Is it possible you are calling Abby Cynamon a dolt? Pal, I know where she came from and how she has risen up the ranks. She's smart as a whip, and will work harder than you have ever seen a judge work to do the right thing. You show so much prejudice and ignorance in your remarks, I wonder who you really are? And the word of the day dudes can tell you that "dolt" Abby Cynamon don't belong in the same sentence, unless the sentence is "Abby Cynamon is the antithesis of a dolt".... Get over it and move on. DS

Anonymous said...

I second the thanks to God for giving us attorneys with small brains elected to the bench, makes our jobs as attorneys much easier. What is someone like Abby Cynamon or Migna Sanchez or Marcia Caballero going to do on the bench-worthless.

Judge Chumbley, you were a great guy and did hell of a job.

Anonymous said...

We who blog here seek the truth:

Hey 7:53 AM, The JNC sent Abby Cynamon's name up to the Govenor for judicial appointment at least 4 times.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:58

Doesn't that show how un qualified she is? At least 4 times her name was sent... Yet she had to buy an election to become a judge..

Anonymous said...

One of the fnest judges in Dade County , Judge Leonard Glick, Had his name sent to the governor 11 times for an appointment. One time there were 3 openings and his name was sent for all three openings and the governor asked for a new name!!! He lost to a candidate who had never done a jury trial but had connection to large donations made to the governor's campaign. It is NEVER an honest selection when in the hands of one person (the governor) who will chose the person who ultimately will benefit him in his reelecion and political career. Judge Glick would never have been on the bench for 17 non-contested years with the highest bar poll ratings if he did not run. Because he was a prosecutor he was denied the same equality for an appointment as private attorneys. It wasn't as though he could select the defendents he prosecuted. This didn't seem to matter to any of the 4 governors who denied this outstanding prosecutor to serve on the bench. When he ran for election he had 4 opponents and beat the piss out of all of them. Even with a run-off. So now I say do you let the decision lie in one person's hand who is only concerned with the well being of his political career or lose someome the likes of Judge Leonard Glick who was elected by the people. It seems to me the people have more brains than the governor. Glck has gone unopposed 17 years.

Anonymous said...

if you want decisions left in one persons hands go to cuba

Anonymous said...

If lawyers and people in the legal community really hate the election process so much to pick judges why don't they help the good candidates get elected. They don't even find the time to fill out the bar poll so the public is aware of the standings of the judges in order to make an educated selection at the polls. The lawyers should stop bitchin' and take a stand so the average "joe citizen" knows how the legal world evaluates their peers. If you don't take the time you are stuck with crappy judges who are on the bench. Qualified lawyers are afraid to run against them. Stagnant , poorly rated judges should not have the honor of wearing the robe. It will never cease to amaze me that a judge with the worst bar ratings, and a DUI has never been opposed and in the city of Miami this judge continues to sit on the bench. None of the lawyers have ever tried to have this judge removed. FOR SHAME! Judges with low ratings without improvement should be brought to the publics attention so they are aware of how their tax money is being squandered. I also believe when a story is published in the newspaper with a judge involved, it should not just say the judge did so and so. It should say the name of the judge so the public can become familiar with the names of the judges and what they are doing and how they a ruling in the courtroom. It will make for a better educated voter for the judges.

Anonymous said...

I remember along time ago, in a land far away, a charismatic man made a deicision that would change the face of humanity forever. It was one man who had a lot of power. Though he wasn't a governor, he had a committee. They made appointments. They killed 6,000,000 Jews. they killed 6,000,000 gypsys, christians, gays etc. One man, One committee. NEVER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems that all of you need help to get your pre-campaigns and campaigns conducted correctly. Stop wasting your money on people who just do not get the game or know about the rules. I am making appointments and my records speaks for itself.

Much love,