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The Link is to the NPR story this morning. 

This may be a town for losers, but I'm not pulling out of here to win. Not yet anyway. 


That's the question our ally Georgia wants to know. Georgia is so pro-west that the Capital has a George W. Bush street. Lot of good that has done them. 

Where's the tough freedom fighter our President pretends to be? If Iran invaded another country what would we be doing? 

Maybe our military just isn't up to helping our ally because they are bogged down in a war based on a lie.  


Anonymous said...

Rumpole, this is what you write about when the HERALD screwed up its endorsements this a.m. and showed it supported Segarra instead of Sanchez-Llorens? The argument that the HERALD is irrelevant doesn't fly here because August 26th will be a very low turnout election and the lower the turnout the more the HERALD is an opinion-maker. Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

RUMP: * * NEWS FLASH ** NEWS FLASH Ralph Arza has arisen!! He is working for the NORMA LIDSEY campaign. Indeed, the same Ralph Arza who made the denigrating comments, attacked Rudy Crew, threaten a fellow legislature, and is on Probation , yes Probation, a term of which strictly prohibits his participation and involvement in politics! Perhaps the State Attorney should investigate, if it proves accurate that he is in fact actively involved in a number of aspects of the Lindsey campaign, would Judge Lindsey not be a accomplice and principal in the offense (violation of probation)? Have to had it to those Jeb Bush people, these are the same people that masterminded the dirtiest campaign in recent Miami-Dade history, the Bolanos v. Villalobos Senatorial campaign, you may recall they attacked Senator Villalobos unmercifully for their political gain. Well here we go again!!! So who is going to investigate! Perhaps Judge Adrian should issue a show cause order!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Jeri Cohen TV commercial on CNN. Man what $300-K in war chest can buy.

word of the day guys said...


EXEGESIS: an extensive and critical interpretation of an authoritative text, especially a religious text. An exegete is a practitioner of this art, and the adjectival form is exegetic. The plural of the word exegesis is exegeses.
The word exegesis can mean explanation, but as a technical term it means "to draw the meaning out of" a given text.

USE: The Judge fancied herself an exegete on the constitution but in fact she was just a putz.

eyeonmigna said...

5:05 PM. Doesn't the Herald known MIAMI LOVES MIGNA? AND MIGNA LOVES MIAMI!

Soon the world will know.

Fake Blecher said...

I love starting off Monday with a word of the day. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I was in Atlanta this weekend and can report that this whole Georgia war thing is just another blog hoax.

Anonymous said...


You are an idiot. I sent you the article on Mario Garcia many weeks ago. I guess you are not so great, in fact you are worthless.

Anonymous said...

meteor shower tonight. 130am - 6am look north east

Anonymous said...

i could have sworn i read that herald is endorsing migna!

Rumpole said...

In reply to 11:08-

Mom, thanks for reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear 1:48---You could of sworn correctly. The endorsement was for Migna, though they liked Segarra, too. But when the condensed version that people take to the polls came out this weekend before early voting, it listed Segarra instead of Migna.
What do you expect from a paper that publishes a letter to the editor criticizing the media signed Edward Murrow? If we had a decent newspaper in this town, we would also have better everything else. FA

Anonymous said...

So now we are deciding on who are judges should be. Anyone read the article on Mario Garcia (candidate in Group 38)? Funny, the Youtube video clearly shows him representing a "network" that believes U.S. Currency will no longer be good and wants people to invest in their "bank" which will create its own currency. Two people were just indicted last month from this group. Here is a guy that wants to be a Government employee and at one time defended this country? Now he makes excuses in the DBR article. Scary dude. This is all on the online DBR today (including the link to the Youtube video). He is in part 2/2 of the video (but watch both videos to get an idea of what they are about). You will see he is clearly part of the "network" but tries to minimize it in the DBR.
He is also involved in a case where he is "allegedly" committing some type of fraud? VOTERS BEWARE!!

real fake blecher said...

Fake Blecher- I thought we agreed you weren't going to be posting for awhile. Putz.

attorney-rejected-by-the-princess said...

11:08, you sound like my ex wife, are you?

Attorney Rejected By The Princess,
proud member since 2008.

Anonymous said...

The herald is endorsing Migna .

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to tell me why Herbie the love bug is still listed as a prosecutor by the florida bar:

Herbert Erving Walker, III
Member in Good Standing Eligible to practice in Florida

ID Number: - 183989
Address: 7601 E Treasure Dr Apt 1407
North Bay Village, Florida 331414364
United States


County: Miami-Dade
Circuit: 11
Admitted: 10/04/1999

10-Year Discipline History None

Firm: Miami-Dade State Attorney's office

Mafia Language Person said...

AYYYY! About dat wurd of da day: wuzznt dat Mary Magdalene an exejesus?

No way, Clemenza, she wuz justa goomah!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, this is funny. There is a little rumor going around: Miami Herald obviously gave a nice recommendation for both candididates, Manny and Migna in their article 2 weeks ago, but they had to choose one and went with the older one.

Anyway, the rumor has it that Migna pissed some people off and that the mistake was not that innocent. How do you publish your endorsement of the other candidate and then try to fix it- you really cannot. Even though Migna technically got it, she does not get any benefit from it because it's too late now- all the readers saw it and there is no fixing it.

What can I say, carma is a bitch! Don't mess with people who could so easily make a mistake!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Herald really screwed up but their recommendation was not even clear in itself- they said that both were great and experienced and qualified. in a way, after reading it, it took a while to figure out who they really endorsed.

But it does not matter now, Migna is screwed because the main printout stated that they endorsed Segarra and that is what all the readers look to. So whether she got it or he did- it does not matter. The readers saw his name on it only.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with Mayor's Jewelery case. Hope levine lost.

Anonymous said...

You hope Levine lost? You would rather have two murderers on the street than have Gail win a conviction?

Grow up. Join the human race. Think with you bigger head.

Anonymous said...

I read this answer by Abbie Cuellar and I was impressed:

What role do you believe diversity should play in the judiciary?

On the campaign trail, I spoke to many individuals who indicated that they, or others they
knew had been treated unfairly or disrespectfully due to race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic
class. They often expressed a desire to be in front of a judge that was representative of
them – someone who could understand them. The individuals sharing these concerns
truly believed that diversity amongst judges would make a difference. While the outcome
of their case might be the same, their treatment would have been different. According to
the Department of Elections, Miami Dade County is approximately 60 % Hispanic, 20 %
percent African American, and 20 % White non Hispanic, rendering diversity a very
important factor in the judiciary. However, out of approximately 128 judges, only 27 are
Hispanic and 11 are African American. Although diversity in the judicial system does not
require that the percentage of judges elected or appointed be an exact representation of
the population in our community, the judiciary needs to understand and be sensitive to
the diversity of the community we live in.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! - Josie told the DBR:

"Josie Perez Velis is determined to become a judge. Perez Velis ran previously in 2004 and 2006 for seats on the Miami-Dade Circuit Court. She is optimistic that her perseverance will pay off.

“If you look in history, President [Abraham] Lincoln ran 16 times before he was elected; I don’t think anyone will question his ability to be a good president,” Perez Velis said. “I believe a person needs to follow their dreams. My dream is to be a judge.”

Rumpole, looks as if we will see Josie back until she reaches that majic number of 16 trys at being a Judge.


Anonymous said...

Two men were convicted Thursday of killing a Mayors Jewelers security guard and will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

A Miami-Dade jury deliberated for about 2 ½ hours before recommending the two Overtown men, Ehren Witt and Milton Hall, be sentenced to life in prison. They had faced the death penalty. Circuit Judge Reemberto Diaz set the sentencing hearing for later this month, but he is bound by the jury's recommendation.

Witt and Hall killed security guard Luis Brito in January 2003 during a robbery at the Merrick Park store.

Hall took Brito's gun after he was dead and used it to smash the jewelry case.

Also involved in the robbery were Shird Myrick and Andre Williams.

Both men were convicted of first-degree murder in January. Williams drove the getaway car.

Myrick was inside the store, but ran away when he saw that Brito had a gun.

Assistant State Attorney Gail Levine waived the death penalty in the case against Myrick and Williams -- they were sentenced to life.

But she argued Hall and Witt should be put to death for the murder.

CAPTAIN said...
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CAPTAIN said...

to 11:24 am

Thanks for reprinting the article from the Miami Herald.

You might have pointed out that, the reporter was wrong; Judge Diaz can override the jury recommendation - but every Judge that has done so (giving death over a life recommendation) has been reversed on appeal.

Cap Out

the anonymouse said...


I know someone who got a judge to override a jury, affirmed by the Supremes and executed.

1980 murders, Fuller, + Laeser.

Little mice know all the secrets.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Rumpy, pick up the recent release of the 1975 show Bruce did in London, amazing stuff!