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The first week of early voting ends tomorrow and you can still vote through next weekend without having to stand in line on Tuesday, August 26, 2008. Don't forget to exercise your right to vote; we could have as many as nine new judges on the bench come January.


Also, as was previously reported on the blog, Judge Jeffrey Rosinek is officially retiring and he will be present for his last Drug Court Graduation Ceremony on Friday, August 15, 2008 in Courtroom 4-1 at 11:30 am. If you have not seen a graduation before, you should go by and see the successes of Judge Rosinek and his program. You can also thank him for all his work as Judge Deborah White-Laborah takes over Drug Court on Monday.


One of our local Circuit Court Judges, Judge Kevin Emas, is a finalist for one of the two open seats on the Florida Supreme Court. His name was sent to Governor Crist's office today with the names of four others. One of them will replace retiring Judge Cantero.

The other finalists include: Judge Charles Canady, 54, Lakeland, Second District Court of Appeal, Edward G. Guedes, 44, Miami, Attorney, Judge Jorge Labarga, 55, West Palm Beach, 15th Judicial Circuit and Judge Vincent G. Torpy, Jr., 52, Daytona Beach, Fifth District Court of Appeal.

Canady is a former state legislator (6 years) and US Congressman (8 years) before becoming a Judge on the 2nd DCA in 2002; Guedes has been an attorney for 20 years and works in the appellate division of Greenberg, Traurig; Labarga started his career with the Public Defender's Office (3 years), then moved to the State Attorney's Office (5 years), then to private practice (9 years) before being appointed by Gov. Chiles to the Circuit Court in West Palm Beach in 1996; and Torpy started out as a police officer (6 years), before going to law school at Florida State University, then into private practice for 16 years before joining the Circuit Court in 1999. He spent just over three years there before joining the 5th DCA in 2003. While it is true that Gov. Crist is also a Seminole, he did not go to law school with Torpy. Crist attended FSU undergrad (1978) and went to law school at Cumberland in Alabama.

The competition is stiff, but if you want to help out Judge Emas, you can write to the Governor at: Governor Charlie Crist, The Governor's Office, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.

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Anonymous said...

stop it. Laughing so hard I can't breath. please no more.

Shumi, shumi yavore said...

Тук не се пее за Явор като човек, а за дървото Явор. А песента наистина е сръбска и доста стара - слушал съм я още по комунистическо време и не на Неда Украден, а май на Весна.

Anonymous said...

Shumie Lurvy Shum

Anonymous said...

Captain the minute Rumpole post anything negative on Cohen you find something we already know to make a new post.

Rumpole take down this post.

Copyright, friends of Cuellar 2008.

Anonymous said...

Nice real nice you loser! A real man would not hide behind a blog. A real man would tell the world who he is and what he thinks. You are a loser. STOP F---ING WITH JERI COHEN! Get a life!

Anonymous said...

To that bitter and frustrated Cuban who posted on 8/14/08 at 2:05pm: it is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize.Are you just envious because you have not done shit to move the ball forward while the majority of CABA leaders have actually moved out of their living rooms to help many people and improve the quality of our bench?

Take a look around you booby the Frederick Barads,Tom Testas,Jim Earnests, Dick C P Lantzs ,G Milton Rubins and those of their ilk are gone.Instead we have mostly(with a few exceptions,we know who you are and you WILL have your day at the polls)great and commited judges

While you were home drinking Schlitz and contemplating your navel others were out confronting the Eleanor Shocketts and Barbara Levensons of the world,fighting against merit retention and taking the heat for it. Que rico to sit on your ass and criticize while others do,and continue to do,the heavy lifting

Those people,my friend,are the women and men of CABA young and old with many different viewpoints but thousands in number.Ignore them,or cross them,at your peril but I as a 25 year member am damm proud of their achievements and I stand ready willing and able to accept and WORK on their next challenge!

Rumpole said...

9:52- Do you mean moi?

I posted the link to the DBR article on the CABA poll in which Judge Cohen did poorly on the question about being sensitive to hispanics.

What do I think about her? I haven't seen her since she left criminal court more than 10 years ago. From what I read, she is caught in a classic conflict: the issue of doing a good job versus being nice and polite.

The very best judges (Federal Judge Jose Gonzalez) did both very very well. Some Judges don't tolerate fools easily. Judge Cohen falls into that category. Do I think she makes a decision based on anything other than the law? No. I believe she has the best of intentions. But maybe it has been too many years since she stood on the other side of the bench and needs to remember that despite the high work load and despite the pressure of the job, part of what THE JOB IS is being polite to litigants so they get the feeling that the Judge cares. In some ways being a Judge means that the perception of the litigants is just as important as the result.

That seems counter-intuitive in many ways, but my years of experience tell me this is true.




A counterintuitive proposition is one that does not seem likely to be true when assessed using intuition or gut feelings.

Scientifically discovered, objective truths are often called counter-intuitive when intuition, emotions, and other cognitive processes outside of deductive rationality interpret them to be wrong. However, the subjective nature of intuition limits the objectivity of what to call counter-intuitive because what is counter-intuitive for one may be intuitive for another.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

former prosecuter Marlyn Marcus has passed on.

Thursday, August 14, 2008 1:44:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Judge White-Labora is an excellent pick for the drug court. Her temperment uniquely qualifies her for the position. I always thought she was trying to help the people in the cases over which she presided. Great pick.

Anonymous said...

I met Cohen off the bench recently and thought maybe the stresses of being a Judge makes her act rude and insensitive. Now having met her "recently" off the bench she is the same rude B----!

Anonymous said...

To my friend 6:41:
I am neither bitter nor frustrated, on the contrary. You miss my point, perhaps because of jaundice vision, or personal convenience, either is as malignant as the other. Bitterness and frustration are both born of and a product of failure, which I have too few to mention, to the contrary! I have had both personal and professional success, and have the social and political connections to complement both. All without compromising my principals, or allowing anyone to dictate or strong arm my course of action when it comes to advancing and protecting the rights of all minorities, and down trodden, be they Hispanic, Black, Women, children, or homeless.

You see, perhaps unlike you, I am a live long resident of this community, I was among the first, Cubans, not even Hispanic, working inside a classic “redneck” organization, where color, complexion or appearance, and accent, all too often dictated course of action for my colleagues. I was in that organization when the bigots in this community decided we needed an “English Only,” amendment or ordinance. Try walking into your office only to have a Dixie and American flag arrangement pinned over a detailed map of Cuba behind your desk. Yes indeed, my friend, I was then there in the trenches, in the forefront of our fight for respect and equality, and taking the hits; at a time when you were perhaps in prep school or college. Hell, I was inside that organization at a time when “them Cubans want to take over,” which to their dismay, we did. Yes, I proudly survived those battles, in the battlefield, and many more, not from the sidelines or from prep school or college, but all the while identified as one of them “uppity Sp----.” I survived that epoch, even with my uppity, proud to be Cuban character and attitude, which I have never shed, to which I credit my ability of beating the bigots at their game, and gaining their respect, not out of love, but out of fear - fear of the political price they would and will pay.

You see, my friend, I was there, in the forefront, working to elect the most powerful Cuban American politicians in this community, and standing up to the entrenched system, often to my detriment, suffering the punitive consequences - with the pride of a decorated war veteran. They never dissuaded me. Again, where were you - prep school or college - perhaps?

You see, I went to Law School after another carreer, with all the exposure,experaince, perspective and wisdom only that life experiance can provide.

You see, that ability and successfully maintaining my identity, sense of community and ethnic pride has brought me a long way, gained me the respect of friend and foe alike, and taught me a valuable lesson; you need not cow tow or compromise important principals for political gains or expediency, because when you do you lose both respect and momentum, all the while getting padded in the back or forehead, as a good boy or girl for towing the line. I learned a long time ago that being unpredictable and untamable has its advantages.

All that said, CABA was hardly responsible for the demise of any of those notorious jurists whom you mention. Many retired from the bench without a ballot cast, and Barbara Levenson, ironically, received support from a large number of then CABA members. Interestingly, you conveniently avoid addressing the “block voting,” “absentee ballots,” and large firm influence in the process with which I take issue. All very real and relevant issues which have allowed ulterior agendas, often of the few, to influence CABA direction and response. The new CABA is hardly a political force, certainly not a political force at the polls, where it counts. Heck the last cycle some of the more “influential” CABA board members backed many a losing candidate. Although I will grant you that because of the large firm influence some CABA members can help raise campaign funding, they do not necessarily have the same ability to deliver votes, specially in the northwest quadrant of the County, i.e., north of 36 Street to the County line, west of 27th Avenue to the Turnpike; that no man’s land generally consisting of the frequently ridiculed City of Hialeah - the City who has given rise to the most powerful Cuban-American politicians in this Town. Try irritating the wrong “dissident” or “dissidents” (you know those beer drinking-do nothing malcontents) and see if they will not trounce you politically “in the Northwest.”

Oh, by the way my friend, get your bearing and sense of history accurate, the beer we do nothing “immigrants” could then afford was actually “Shaffer,” beer, and Rio Verde was the place to get it for less than $2.00 a six pack, and they had great “lechon asado,” and “pan con lechon,” it was all us poor - beer drinking - do nothing - sideline sitting - Cubans could afford. Of course, when we splurged, we drank “Miller en botella" (in bottle), and puffed on a Padron Cigar (then less than $1.00 - now more than $10.00).

You see, my friend, misjudge my rite of passage, and you have no clue of the significance of my message, and its oblivious import, much as you appear to forget the significance of the little people. When was the last time you left the iconic “Versailles” or “La Carretta,” in the shadows of Coral Gables and Brickell, and traveled to the outer reaches of our community. When was the last time you had lunch or dinner at places like “El Tropico,” “El Segundo,” “El Chico’s,” “El Moro,” “Maruch,” “Molina’s,” or “Marino’s,” or "La Esquina Habanera," "El Latin" or "Jackson's" or even had coffee and interacted with the little people who frequent these places, far in the outer reaches of the “home land” and proximity of Coral Gables and Brickell; these humble folks who can hardly afford our billing rates, but are largely responsible for our success? You would be surprised of their perspective and perception, try it sometime, it keeps you in touch with the community, and much to your dismay, it is not sitting on the sideline, but in the game - 24-7!

Anonymous said...

To the verbose Cuban who wrote at 1:08 pm - you may not be bitter or frustrated, but you sound like a complete raving nut-ball. What the hell are you talking about? Your rantings are not just weird, they do not make sense.

attorney-rejected-by-the-princess said...

9:52, the pot calling the kettle black.

12:33, agree! agree! agree!

David Scott Markus said...

The Marilyn Marcus who recently passed away was not my mom. Mom died five years ago. She was an ASA in the early 70's and inspired me to become an ASA myself. She was an editor of the UM law review and passed the Bar in the late
50's. Janet Reno was her legal intern and Janet always asked about my mom when I had the privelege of working for her. Mom was a lawyer at a time when women weren't lawyers. There were only two or three other female ASAs. She worked with Lenny Glick, Ted Mastos, and Tom Peterson back in the day where cases were resolved using preliminary hearings. She remembered them fondly and always asked about them. Sometimes when I walk around the REG and see all the female lawyers, I wonder what it was like to be a female attorney thirty years ago, when a female attorney in the REG was still something of a rarity.

shumie blogger? said...

shumie bloggin????

Anonymous said...

The state's Revenue Estimating Conference just issued a statement saying the state is $1.8 billion short in tax collections due to the falling housing market, credit crunch, falling jobs and rising fuel prices.


Expect more court layoffs. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Considering Mario Garcia as your next Circuit Court Judge??? Click on these links and see what he is REALLY about:



He is in the 2nd link but watch both!

He was not honest about his involvement in this RADICAL group in his Daily Business Review interview. (See August 11th publication). This guy is a lunatic!!!

-Voters Beware!!

attorney-rejected-by-the-princess said...

Hey Rumpster I have the distinct feeling I forgot to add my slogan to the comment I left.

Attorney Rejected By The Princess,
proud member since 2008

Hate Sheet Released said...

The Christian Family Coalition has released its hate sheet for the August 26, 2008 election cycle view it here:


Kudos and hats off to the following Judicial Candidates who ignored this hate group and refused to respond to them:

Judge Bernard Shapiro
Jorge E. Cueto
Yvonne Colodny
Stacy Daryl Glick
Douglas Chumbley
Norma S. Lindsey

I cannot stress enough of how important it is to vote for the candidates above. We cannot let candidates who answer and support hate groups get on the bench.

On August 26, 2008, please Vote for those who had the balls to refuse to answer the CFC.

Again Vote for the following:

Judge Bernard Shapiro
Jorge E. Cueto
Yvonne Colodny
Stacy Daryl Glick
Douglas Chumbley
Norma S. Lindsey

Anonymous said...

1:08 is Rolland Sanchez Medina

the trialmaster said...

With a few exceptions, I have never seen so many unqualifed challangers for the bench. Most of them are unable to make a living as a lawyer so they run for judge. Our bench is low quality. And if we lose Kevin to the supremes it will be even weeker. The good thing is that the "Boobsy twins" Simons [the mole] and Gordon are leaving.

Anonymous said...

Great piece by Oh Susannah Nesmith in the Miami Herald today about Judge Rosinek.

Congrats to the Judge on a fine career.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me about Colodny, Millan and Kopca?

Anonymous said...

TUC? Is that a hemmoroid remedy? I actually watched the videos. Seriously, this is a group starting their own world order with their own currency? Did I hear it correctly? Is it a ponzi scheme... Or is the Tupperware of the future? Maybe I should become a certified contractor. That looked like a group I would really want to be involved in....And you say that the attorney Garcia in the vid is the same one running for judge? Can you prove that..because if so, we've just entered the Outer Limits....(Outer Limits theme up and under....)

Anonymous said...

Kevin Emas would be an EXCELLENT pick for the Supreme Court.

Jonathan Davidoff

Anonymous said...

In the you tube video it is the Mario Garcia that is running for judge against Glick. He is reading from a teleprompter, uses the words "we" many times and then lies to DBR about his involvement with the group. He talks with a lot of blinking. Dangerous dude!

United Cities Group (you tube) (2 videos), check it out!

Anonymous said...

thanks, davidoff. like anyone gives a shit what you think about a supreme court nominee. get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Davidoff get a clue - Emas is one of those people who thinks he's smarter than everyone and has his own head up his ass. Yes he is smart but he is also a conceited guy who obviously has his own agenda above others.

Anonymous said...

Mario Garcia - Endorsed by the infamous Mayor Manny Marono of Sweetwater, the guy who helped beat a young men within inches of his life, then lied, but KFR gave him a pass, he would make a great judge, you think?

Anonymous said...

4:56pm, let me both educate and enlighten you on some things...first, let me help you out since you seem to have difficulties understanding the post..first the poster gave his/her qualifications which gave him/her the expereice and ability to speak intelligently on the matter and respond the way he/she did, then he/she went on to defend allegations made in the prior post of being bitter, etc. Then gave his/her perspective on the response to a previous post made, he/she who wrote at 1:08pm, in my humble opinion, gave a response which was accurate and it seems you must take it to the bank given the experience this person must have. The poster has a very valid point, when is the last time you saw Marlene Quintana or any of the CABA Board/Members with the exception of very few with in the organization at Maruch, El Tropico, La Esquinita Cubana, Latin America 2, La Carretta or in any of those local watering holes outside of Coral Gables or Brickell. It seems that they are not proud of where they came from and are ashamed to show their children what they and there parents had to go through to get where they are today. It is easy to be arrogant and smugg, but when it comes right down to it, those who you look down upon have opened the door for you, those crazy old men that you see congregated at these watering holes in Hialeah and West Dade are the reason you are where you are, so next time you walk by one of them, thank them and be humble and have a talk with them, you might learn something and obtain a different perspective on life and have a greater appreciation for there sacrifice.

yours truely,
a real Cuban-American

Anthony Verdugo said...

Dear Anonymous Blogger Friend:

Thank you so very much for helping promote the Christian Family Coalition (CFC). We are thrilled that you consider the Coalition such an important organization that you have acknowledged the value of its 2008 Christian Family Coalition Voter Guide, that year after year is considered THE source by thousands and thousands voter throughout South Florida.

Your highly appreciated posting is certainly helping the Coalition accomplish its valuable educational mission. The next time the Coalition hosts an event, we will make sure to tell you so you can help promote it as well.

By the way, just a few corrections: Jorge E. Cueto, The Honorable Circuit Court Judge Douglas Chumbley and the Honorable County Court Judge Norma S. Lindsey DID RESPOND to the Christian Family Coalition invitation to meet and DID SEEK its endorsement.

On Friday, July 18, 2008, these candidates favorably interviewed with our panel. So in the interest of fairness and accuracy, and to protect your own credibility, please make this correction on your blog. Failure to do so will result in your readers simply never believing anything you have to say and you will lose ALL credibility.

Secondly, the Christian Family Coalition was recently named as Florida's premiere human rights organization by the prestigious and highly respected Cuban-American Publishers Association (CAPA). So when you were referred to a hate group, you must have definitely confused the Coalition with "SAVE" Dade, the extremist hate group that has consistently attacked the people's right to vote on issues such as homosexual "marriage," the discriminatory "sexual orientation" amendment, and other destructive, anti-social laws.

Finally, while we are on the subject, we cannot agree with you more. We cannot let candidates who associate and fraternize with hate groups such as "SAVE" Dade, to get on the bench. However, fair-minded citizens WILL always be proud to support judicial candidates who pledge to uphold their oath of office and respect the separation of powers by faithfully interpreting the law and the Constitution as intended by the legislature and the will of the people.

Kudos and hats off to the following Judicial Candidates who have chosen to disassociate themselves from "SAVE" Dade and other similar hate groups unfortunately operating in South Florida:

Josie Perez-Velis
Manny Segarra
Stephen T. Millan
Mario Garcia
Ricardo "Rick" Corona
Marcia B. Caballero
Denise Martinez-Scanziani
Lisa Victoria Lesperance

AGAIN: Miami-Dade Countians will ALL vote FOR:

Josie Perez-Velis #301
Manny Segarra #304
Stephen T. Millan #308
Mario Garcia #310
Ricardo "Rick" Corona #313
Marcia B. Caballero #316
Denise Martinez-Scanziani #322
Lisa Victoria Lesperance #325

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Shapiro needs to go away, what a loser