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On May 28, 2008, we wrote: "Beginning today and continuing each and every Wednesday, we will attempt to provide you with a weekly contest overview and then let you have at it and give us your opinions on why we should or should not vote for a certain candidate."

Over the course of the next 10 weeks, we wrote about each of the candidates. Well, now, you have a chance to meet all 19 of them in one location.

Local FACDL President Rick Freedman wrote to us and asked us to pass along the following information and we are happy to do so. We encourage all of our Gerstein Justice Building bloggers to show up and see who these candidates are and what they really sound like in person.

Here is the information on the FACDL Judicial Candidates Forum:

On Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 5:30 PM, FACDL-Miami hosts a Judicial Candidates Forum beginning at 5:30 PM. The event will be held at the Miami Dade College Downtown Wolfson Campus located at 300 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami in Room 1261, (Building One, Second Floor). Free Parking is available at the MDC Garage located on 5th Street between NE 1st Avenue and NE 2nd Avenue across the street from the fire station. Walk south on NE 2nd Avenue and Building One will be on your right. Take the escalator to the second floor.

All 19 Candidates have confirmed their attendance for the event. Each candidate will be given a brief opportunity to introduce themselves and tell the audience about their background and why they believe they are the most qualified candidate for the job. There will also be a series of questions posed to the candidates. The candidates will then have time to meet and greet those in attendance and there will be light food and drinks served.

Here is the line-up for the event:





















Congratulations to FACDL-Miami for putting this event together. While Rumpole and I will be predisposed at a local watering hole imbibing in the finest Chateau Miami River, we look forward to hearing all about the Forum from our readers and bloggers on Thursday.



Anonymous said...

I am going... just to have someone there who cares.

Anonymous said...

My prediction is that the candidates and their posses will outnumber the legitimate disinterested voters (ie. non-family members, peratives, supporters, flaks, etc.). Let me know, Rumpy... or will you also be a non-attendee? Sad, but true. Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

who is the TOP defense lawyer in federal court in fort lauderdale before judge d.?

The Devil's Advocate said...

I will be there and hope to have an opportunity to ask some questions of my favorite candidates, and of some candidates who are not my favorites.

And of course, who could resist the lure of "light refreshments?"

surfin usa said...

Rump true story: first background- I worked for the PDS and SAO in late 70's-80s. Mostly the PDs. By far the better office with better lawyers, if anyone cares about that. Went into private practice without any idea what to do. First Saturday, my girlfriend and I are painting the office and a man walks in, his wife is in a coma with (as it turns out) the wrong anesthesia at Baptist Hosp. He was looking for another lawyer but you better believe I signed him up.

I'm working the case and BINGO the same Dr does it again to a distant cousin of my client, so I get that case. 18 months later and I settle both cases for mid 8 figures total. With my percentage I'm done. 2 1/2 years private practice and I'm walking away with almost ten million.

Now I'm living in Big Sur, California. Beach house. 25 year old surfer girlfriend, and I have a few open cases out here. But I have friends and family in Miami and I found the blog so I stay in touch.

Last Saturday I'm surfing, and then I come in and I'm drinking a cold one, when a 18 yr old surfer dude comes walking by and starts yelling to his friend in the water "dude..shumie time dude. Lets go."

I stop the guy and ask him about "shumie time." He says he has a cousin who surfs in Florida and thats the term they use to say the surf has died and its time to leave.

I got a good chuckle out of that and thought I would share it with your readers. Not many people remember me but I used to try cases with Carl Vizzi.

Anyway, life is good and I'm out.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing the other day because the Candidates keep giving each other campaign material. No one else shows up at the events except the Candidates.

Anonymous said...

i get at least one email per day from freeman.
how does one go about getting off his darn email list?

Anonymous said...

A curious law student who loves criminal law wants to know if besides it being interesting, is the practice of criminal law conducive to raising a family? Will I have time to spend with the family on the weekends, will I make enough money to support a couple of young ones? How much would you say the average criminal defense attorney earns?


Paris Hilton said...

Paris Hilton responds to McCain ad attacking Obama.


Funny ...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

NOVA U doing experimental work in judicial election polling: calling "likely voters" in 19 separate districts especially chosen for voting for the eventual winner 99% of the time. Then the results in 8 districts are randomly removed; then this procedure is repeated twice and averaged: our results today:

Lesperance 56%-Lindsey 44%
Cueto 48%Perez-Velis 52%
Sanchez-Llorens 58%- Segarra 41%
Colodny 44% -Kopco 34%- Millan 20%
Garcia 48%- Glick 51%
Corona 49% -Cynamon 48%
Caballero 52%- Chumbley $7%
Cohen 51% - Cuellar 48%
Martinez-Scanziani 39%- Shapiro %8%

This represents our best snapshot of the electorate today.

attorney-rejected-by-the-princess said...

Criminal justice education coupled with a law degree can prepare an attorney to be a prosecutor or defense attorney. The lawyer can set up his own private practice or work for the government in a number of ways. Many good attorneys intentionally work for agencies they know will pay them extremely low wages because they sincerely want to help people in their career.

Some people have the mistaken notion that public defenders or "legal aid" attorneys aren't as good at what they do as their counterparts that charge hundreds of dollars an hour but the fact is sometimes these attorneys are the very same ones that charge hundreds of dollars an hour. Some lawyers like to do pro bono work from time to time as their way to give back to their community.

Getting a lawyer for free isn't synonymous with "getting what you pay for."

Some people become lawyers so they can get involved in the criminal justice system as it unfolds in the courtroom. Along with the attorneys, there are judges, bailiffs, court coordinators, and many clerks, paralegals and others behind the scenes which we never see but who do a tremendous amount of work to facilitate the processes taking place in courts of law everywhere.

Perhaps you'd like to make the laws rather than enforce them. That will most likely mean a political career rather than one within the criminal justice system but writing laws and getting them passed can be a rewarding career and one that you may be able to work into through a career in the criminal justice field.

For those who love and respect the law, there is no more rewarding career than working to facilitate the processes that make our laws work. We have some of the laws we have today as a direct result of brave men and women who fought for our freedom and our land and our right to make our own laws. The legal profession as well as the criminal justice profession is an honorable one and one that you can make a difference in.

(If you surround yourself with members from the cartel you're guarantee to make insane amounts of money)

Attorney Rejected By The Princess,
proud member since 2008

Anonymous said...

breaking blog news:

© According to SteelCityInsider.com's Jim Wexell, Casey Hampton is
now at 345 pounds, meaning he's lost 15 in the past week.

Anonymous said...

Jason Grey is in currently in trial in front of Judge D. in ft lauderdale.

Anonymous said...

Steve Millan should be banned from running for Judge. Once a hack, always a hack

Elections New Voting Machine said...

Rumpole, you need to make a public service annoucement and post this video on the front of the blog:


rick freedman said...

to 5:37

why don't you just email me and I will be happy to remove you from the list

and it's Freedman


Anonymous said...

to: 6:38 pm re: the Nova judicial election polls - would you please clarify the numbers for Judges Chumbley and Shapiro - there seem to be a couple of typos in there.

old retired judge said...

Everywhere I go these days I hear people talking good things about Lisa Leesperance. I don't know either candidate by I had occasion a few weeks ago to meet this young lady and chat. Her legal sophistication impressed me. Her ideas about the future of the exclusionary rule -where it had come from and where it was going- would have impressed Scalia, and he and I have spoken at length about the matter as well.

I'm not endorsing anyone and for all I know Judge Lindsey is doing a fine job. It's been awhile since I've been to criminal court. All I'm saying is that people have taken notice of this energetic young candidate.

Anonymous said...

Dear NOVA U,someone should put the LOX on U. Rumpy, I have some background in polling and either Nova U is pulling your leg or is totally incompetent. Just for starters, judges don't run in districts...such polling would be by precinct. Sounds like nonsense to me. If it isn't, Nova U should lose its accreditation. Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You know if that Nova poll is correct then I am worried.

Judge Shapiro being below Martinez-Scanziani is terrifying. She's an 8 year lawyer who wants to sit on the CIRCUIT bench. As far as I can tell, she picked Shapiro for only 1reason and, no matter, who she chose to oppose, she is not qualified yet to be a judge.

Segarra getting anywhere close to Sanchez-Llorens is also scary. Segarra's blank stare and manner of speaking should show anyone that he is somewhat slow and not judicial material. Again, he is running for CIRCUIT court. These are the judges that could not only sentence people to life but also impose the death penalty as well!

Cuellar being neck and neck with Cohen is another concern. Judge Cohen is qualified. She is a good judge. Cuellar is running against her for one reason as well. And, unfortunately Judge Cohen made some comments that put herself in the limelight in a negative way but who among us has not put their foot in their mouth at some point?

Lastly, the Colodny, Kopco, Millan race. Kopco is by far the most impressive candidate as a whole. Millan is a nice guy but not as qualified as Kopco. Colodny is too young and immature to sit on the circuit bench. She still behaves as though she were a 21 year old sorority girl.

Bottom line, please check the polls again.

Anonymous said...


No one's really answered your specific questions yet....

I think the answer to each of your questions is "it depends." It depends upon your talent, what you make of the career, and the amount of experience you develop. There are very talented criminal defense attorneys who work constantly and make as much as partners at large firms. But, like partners at BigLaw, it's hard to get to that level. Also, there are criminal defense attorneys with less talent or less drive who work less and/ or make far less.

In the first few years of your career, (i.e. with the SAO or PD's office) you'll work hard if you want to make something of yourself. But, probably 60 hours a week would do (as opposed to 80-100 at BigLaw). The reputation you develop for work ethic and pure talent will lead ultimately either to many referals when you go private, or not many at all. When you first go private, you've got to work hard, too, but now the "work" isn't just filing motions and trying cases, it's also developing a client base.

I would guess that the average, private criminal defense attorney (i.e. average number of years of experience, average talent, average work ethic) probably makes enough to support a decent middle-class lifestyle with a few kids. But, the more you put into it, the more you get out. You can get rich, but it takes talent and work. Connections and pure skill go a long, long way.

Having done both BigLaw and criminal law, IMHO criminal law is more interesting, a better lifestyle, and you do feel like you're contributing to society. The average big firm type makes more money, but it's a miserable existence. You honestly don't have time to spend all that money.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

There is just no way that josie perez-velis is winning. I don't belive this poll a bit because I know that there is no way she is leading over Cueto.

According to all the polls done so far, Cueto is way ahead of her.

Anonymous said...

Constantly in criminal court sez:

1. Lisa and Norma are both really nice people. Norma can not make a fucking decision to save her life. Vote for Lisa.

2. Cueto is a nice guy and so is Llorens. Cueto took his cases personally as a prosecutor, that is troubling. Vote for Llorens

3. Colodny, Kopco and Millan... I wish I could vote for all three. They are all great. Kopco is the most "seasoned" and was very liked as an ASA. Vote for Kopco.

4. Glick and Garcia are both super state oriented but, Glick was nice most of the time and Garcia was a crazy man at the SAO. Vote for Glick.

5. Corona and Cynamon. Does anyone really know either of them? Don't vote for either.

6. Caballero and Chumbley are both nice people. Vote for either.

7. Cohen and Cuellar. Not even close. Jeri Beth did not even show up for the judicial forum. She has insulted just about every lawyer in Dade and her anti-Cuban comments are so bad that there is no apology in the world that can cure them. Vote for Cuellar.

8. Sharipo and Scanziani. Not even close. Bernie is a nice guy, decent judge and did nothing to deserve having an opponent... well except that she is latin and picked a very jewish name to run against. Vote for Shapiro.

That summs it up.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for addressing my questions!

- Curious law student

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with most of what you said in your analysis - you obviously paid attention last night.

I would argue that Corona spent too much time talking about his experience with the supermarkets and that Cynamon has the courthouse (not sure about courtroom) experience. I give her the edge.

On Chumbley and Caballero. Chumbley is doing a good job and deserves a full term.

On Cuellar and Cohen, tough call, as you are right. Cohen was the only candidate that failed to show. But, she is brillant from the bench, despite all of her other shortcomings. I would still lean toward Cohen.

You are right on about Shapiro and his opponent. That one is not even close - should be a disqualification of his opponent.

The most qualified race is surely Kopco, Millan and Colodny.

As for all of the other races, I think you are right on.

Thanks to FACDL for putting it together last night. It was well run.

Anonymous said...

If you want the big bucks now, then go with big law firm in private practice and be prepared to not have much of a life for the first several years. Payoff comes much later on.
Even then , you might get trapped into this "more, more , more" idea and work yourself at the expense of your health and family life.
If you want a decent and more rewarding career, go into criminal work. It takes time and patience to build up a good career. Big money cases don't come along all that often. But if you work it right, you'll be better able to have a decent lifestyle with time for family and even though you'll never be able to write about a 6.2 million judgment, you can still take your nice boat out on weekends and enjoy the time with the kids on your family vacations.

Anonymous said...

Last night review:

1. Lesperance v. Lindsey

Lesperance gave an excellent speech and handled questions very well. In particular, she explained why she chose to run against an incumbent and here is what she said: they both have the same amount of experience, regardless of Lindsey's being a judge for two years or so. Lindsey did not do as well, she is shy and did not seems as confident as Lesperance. lindsey kept reading her endorsements instead of talking to the group in the room. Not a good public speaker.

2. Cueto v. Perez-Velis

Josie Perez-Velis got stuck with a question of one of the students: why would she decide to run for the third time after putting up so much of her own money and losing twice before. It made her seem desperate to become a judge. Cueto came off as a much better candidate.

3. Sanchez-Llorens v. Segarra

Although I thought he was young, Manny Segarra was very inspirational and articulate and gave an excellent speech. Migna Sanchez did ok but I never realized before that she has a speech impediment/lisp. Segarra handled the questions really well and handled himself much better than his opponent.

4. Colodny v. Kopco v. Millan

Kopco gave the best speech by far. Her speech was not as boring as Millan's. Colodny was ok, but at some point she said that she liked both opponents which seemed a bit forced or not sincere.

5. Cynammon v. Corona

Cynammon sounded fake and was not impressive. It might be Cyb=nammon's appearance or the way she speaks- Corona was a much more likeable candidate even though what he had to say was not very interesting.

6. Caballero v. Chumbley

Both are very nice and quiet. When Ms. Caballero was asked why she was running against an incumbent, she said that it was not personal and she did not even know him until after she put her name in to run against him.

7. Glick v. Garcia

Stacy Glick came out on top. Garcia sounded too serious and full of himself. Glick is much more articular and likeable than Garcia. Garcia talked about how he took an oath many times, as a marine, as a prosecutor, etc....boring

8. Cohen v. Cuellar

Cohen was not there. Cuellar got it.

9. martinez-Scanziano v. Shapiro

This was a funny one. When asked why she chose to run against an incumbent, she said that she thought she was better qualified than Shapiro/ She said it with a straight face while talking about her experience which amounts to legal aid or something like that. It was obvious that Shapiro is judge material and she is just not. I expected Shapiro to counter that statement, but he didn't. He was pretty calm and handled questions well.

Anonymous said...

Bob Levy, would you please stop paying people to do fake polls!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey curious law student:

I fell in love with the excitement of criminal law as well. Most people start out in the PD or SAO and then figure that they'll leave and make money later. Problem is once you do that, you always know what you've left and are miserable missing it even though you have money now.

I suggest going to the firms first. Make money, pay everything off. Then if you still have the criminal bug, come over here and be poor but be poor with no debt!

That's what I would do if I had it to do all over again.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, August 07, 2008 11:51:00 AM:

Cueto is not running against Llorens. Manny Segarra is.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate everyones responses. I don't think "going for the big bucks" is an option for me right now. Although I'm doing okay in school, I'm not doing well enough to land one of those big firm jobs. Luckily though I'll exit law school with no debt due to a scholarship. The only classes in school I've really enjoyed thus far have been Crim Pro, Evidence, and Trial Advocacy, so I think I know what my calling is...
My view is, that it's more important to learn how to be a good lawyer straight out of law school than it is to make a lot of money right away. I'd love to work for the state or PD for a few years. As for after that, I don't really know much about life as a private defense attorney, so I just wanted to find out what my future may be like in that line of work. From your responses, it sounds pretty good! Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Defense bar the candidate to fear is Kopco. I was startled at a event when she said with out pause that all arrested would get harsh sentences.

Very State oriented..

Cindy Brady said...

Okay Migna,

You have to beat that Segarra idiot, so I feel like I have to help you out the best way I can.

Repeat after me:

Sally sells seashells by the seashore. Sally sells seashells by the seashore. Sally sells seashells by teh seashore.

Now go back there and kick some butt!!! There is no way that this self righteous prosecutor should be anywhere close to you.

Anonymous said...

How the heck do I find out which race I can vote on?

Anonymous said...

An olive branch:

The true story of Sleepy b is not well known, The election was over and the winning side took a family blood oath and vowed never to forget. The defeated brushed off the dirt and said ,,,,what the hell were we thinking? Until,, a wise man reminded us that we had sentenced Weed and Sleepy to 364 days of work/

Down and out with a mid day December Buzz Brummers car was parked in the gables with him slumped at the wheel ,,mouth open, eyes shut taking a cat nap. A video was captured and several stills.

It was a great moment in blog history when the photos were finally launched.

I will miss Sleepy when he goes and wonder what he will do?

I also wonder if Carlos will continue to dislike the founders of sleepy b aka gabers? Or will he reunite a fractured office? A bold move that would be

I vote for peace with sleepy and co.I There has be tomuch blood drawn. It must stop today. I think a pre gabe run reunion with the loyalists would be good. We all like healthy conflict debate and drink. Come on Bobby, ur a good guy and i once bought you a bottle of scotch when you let me try that felony from county court, And Rory, Rory has a lot of hate but there is a fine kine between hate and love Rory....show a little love babe.

So name the place carlos-trust me it will be fu

I would even host the party at my house in the spirit of tradition

Anonymous said...

1:53 and 2:06 --- scary.
1:53 your comments might be suitable for a student council election, but they barely rise to that level.
2:06 Of course that poll was bogus, but why would Bob Levy trash some of his own clients? Duh!
Oh, would "word of the day" guys define, articular? Sloppy posts mean sloppy minds! Tsk! Tsk!
Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Corona talked about being the executive vice president and director of the bank. According to the New Times, Corona's bank "allegedly laundered more than $100 million for Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta." http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2005-10-06/news/awash-in-a-sea-of-money/3

Corona then talked about his supermarket. According to the Miami Herald, the City of Miami filed suit against his supermarket for not paying rent or utility bills for more than 4 years. Miami Herald, May 14, 1995, page 3.

Anonymous said...

can we make sure if corona wins that they give him a chambers that will be easy for FBI to bug?

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra has shown us as a candidate that he can commit to making decisions regardless of the wishes of others and the personal consequences to the judge and will not be easily compromised. He will preside with integrity and compassion. Migna Llorens is also exceptionally qualified but is sorely lacking in the ability to be an impartial decision maker who can rule with integrity. To preserve the integrity of the justice system vote Segarra.

Anonymous said...

Which candidate is the least crooked lawyer? Thats what I wanna know!