Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There's just not a lot going on. 

Is it me, or is our president positively Jimmy Carterish in his dealings with the Russians this week? I mean, he can't do anything other than shake his finger at them and accuse them of violating international law. And if that is not the Texas pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. 

While the Broward Blog is on vacation, we'll comment on the Broward SAO's decision to charge the wife of the police chief with disorderly conduct for shooting at him. OK- that's a bit of an exaggeration, but how many other defendants discharge multiple shots from a firearm at a victim and DON'T get charged with attempted murder? 

Or maybe this is just the new kindler, gentler Broward SAO we've all been promised. Here's the Herald article with the Broward SAO dancing around their filing decision. 
Remember, this is the county that sends more non-violent first offense felons to state prison than any other.  Wonder what the plea offer will be for firing at gun at the Chief Of Police? W/H 2 years probation, special condition an apology and a promise not to do it again?

The US Mens Olympic Basketball team beat Angola.  There hasn't been a matchup this one sided  since Russia attacked Georgia. 

The South Florida lawyers Blog reports that Dade Circuit Judges Israel Reyes, Kevin Emas, and Gisela Cardonne-Ely join 3rd DCA Judges Juan Ramirez Jr., Leslie Rothenberg and Angel Cortinas in applying for the vacant Florida Supreme Court Justice slot. Our personal choice: The Governor could do a lot worse than Kevin Emas.

Bit of trivia: Name the last Florida Supreme Court Justice to be selected from the Dade Circuit Court?

BREAKING NEWS: Our State Attorney has returned from vacation to opine that "gangs" are a problem. The Herald's coverage of this fascinating and surprising statement is here. 

PUNISHMENT: We could not make this up. United States District Court Judge James Robertson for the District of Columbia, issued an order in USA v. Everette Lee hayes, Jr., 03-0500(JR) in which the prosecutor, having missed a deadline to file a response to a 2255 petition was ordered "to append to the response a single sheet of paper, on which he has written 100 times, in his own hand, 'I will not miss filing dates in federal court.' SO ORDERED." 

Now who said Federal Judges lack imagination?

And finally, the Fins released kicker Jay Feeley today after he turned in a record setting season last year.  (21 of 23 fgs for a record 91.3 %success rate). GM Bill Parcells has announced that no job is safe "including that of Huizenga's. If the owner doesn't shape up, I'll put his butt on waivers, and you can quote me."  

We did.  (sort of). 

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Bababooey! Shumie rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon. Everybody knows that was the great and Honorable Gerald Kogan.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gerald kogan

Rumpole said...

Kogan it is.

Rumpole said...

Or rather, was.

Anonymous said...

Bababooey. Shumie and Kogan rule!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, how does the Broward SAO not conflict out of that case and have a specially designated ASA from another circuit handle it. What a joke.

Then to sit there and say that this is not an attempted murder case is another joke. Oh wait, she fired a 9mm Baretta at the foot of the bed, not at him. Oh, I get it.

So here she is with a burglary charge and an agg assault charge. Even with no priors, she will score mandatory state prison with a three year min man. She's lucky she doesnt qualify for 10-20-life. The hubby has been told by her lawyers that if you had no fear (wink, wink), the state cant prove the charge against you. My crystal ball says be on the lookout for a min man waiver, a downward departure and a withold. This case will go away. Just watch.

Hey maybe they can give the chief's wife juvenile sanctions. I say place her in level two supervision by DJJ with 25 community service hours, fifty push ups, a letter of apology to the mattress she shot and restitution for the spent bullets. And maybe DUI school.

Anonymous said...

FRED LEWIS dummies

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if Miami State prosecutors were punished everytime they missed a deadline?

Anonymous said...

No: The Q rules. And Bababooey to y'all.

Anonymous said...

Raul Cantero!

Anonymous said...

Juliana Millon & Nina Tarafa

Cordially invite you to attend a fundraiser to

for Circuit Court Judge

Thursday August 14, 2008

5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Blue Martini

900 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that a juror actually vomitted in Judge Tunis' jurybox, while a witness was testifying? Or is this just another post with no merit?

Anonymous said...

5:13 - When was Fred Lewis a Circuit Judge? You are the dummy

Anonymous said...

If the chief isn't going to testify against his wife and wants to forgive her and take her back, just give him a non-prosecution for to fill out and stop wasting taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Broward SAO are blatantly unethical and have no clue what it means to be consistent

They are both racist and classist.
It is unbelievable how they get away with it.

This case is a classic example of
how poor defendants are treated
differently than well connected
or wealthy defendants. The Broward
PD's office (or some serious journalists) should do an office wide review of all the attempted
murder cases they have had over
the past year and do a comparison.

I am positive they will find cases with similar fact patterns that were charged as attempted murder.

Come on Susanna do some real investigative journalism for a change instead of your usual sensational flimsy journalism. I know the Herald has people that can do it since they do well with other scandals.

Anonymous said...

About The Miami Herald.

Can someone please tell the readers of this blog who were the people who sat in for the screening of judicial candidates?

When this is posted, I will continue with my point.

Thank you. (Captain, I am counting on you to maybe push this information forward.)

Anonymous said...

5:13 Fred Lewis is great. And he was from Dade County. But he was not a circuit court judge.

batman said...

Is there any question that our weakened military status has come home to roost? Does anybody not believe that the Russian boldness in Georgia is nothing more than sending a message to the world that we (the US and NATO) are all bark and no bite? Does it not send the message that they (Russia) are growing stronger and we (the West) are weak in will and might? Is there any quetion the GW's good buddy Putin's goal is the reinstitution of the "Soviet Union" under the name Russia?

The full extent of the damage that this president has done to this country will only be realized over the next ten years. We are weak economically. We are weak militarily and we are weak in resolve because of our trepidation after Iraq. Much the same as we were seen as weak after Viet Nam (Thank you Jimmy Carter.)

Forget the "Axis of Evil" worry about the return of the "Evil Empire".

Anonymous said...

I know who interviewed some candidates at the Herald. If you (2:38) don't know and want to make a point on what you don't know, your point is not worth knowing.

What is worth knowing is why the "Captain" has not released the results of the Cuban American Bar Poll? I don't think it is copyrighted. Maybe his candidates didn't do too well? In a nutshell, it seems to be a very thoughtfully completed poll with little, if any, ethnic bias. Notably, some non-Hispanic judges and candidates fared better than their hispanic opponents, even in the combined categories of Fair and Equitable Treatment of Hispanics and overall exceptionally and qualified. In this category, Judge Shapiro, Judge Chumbley and candidate Abby Cynamon were standouts. Every sitting judge, very candidate for Judge and every Magistrate and Senior Judge was rated. Nicely done although percentages only were used, no total number of respondents was posted...unlike the DCBA poll. Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Tunis' court today, but that happened during defense opening arguments a couple years ago in Judge Reemberto Diaz's court. Poor bedeviled defense attorney Sydney Smith went on to get a hung-jury and negotiated a late night plea. The sick juror ended up being the foreman.

Anonymous said...

How many times did Kathy's boys get arrested and their cases ended up in branch court and a county court ASA just dismissed the action?

Anonymous said...

tunis? maybe. judge newman's courtroom had that happen a year or so ago. defense lawyer, female apd, was questioning main cop in the case. they had to evacuate the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

CABA poll is a joke. For all we know, 5 people voted.

Anonymous said...

I was an ASA when Kathy's boys were finding themselves in a bit of trouble. Obviously, the Dade SAO conflicted, which is something Broward never did. So anything done by an ASA was not one of her ASAs out in branch court.

And, of course, they were not charged with attempted murder.