Friday, August 22, 2008


FOOTBALL? We are!  

Remember the excitement of last year's suicide pool, won by your humble blogger Rumpole? We defeated CK deep into the season and we look forward to a rematch. Just shoot us an email and you are in. The rules are you need to pick one team, no point spread, to win each week, and once you use that team you cannot use it any longer for the rest of the year. So choose wisely and join in.  It's free, and unless you're anonymous like us, if you win  you get bragging rights, a Starbucks Card, and some sort of trophy suitable for display. 

Longtime and careful readers will remember we had another fantastic season last year, going something like 197-10 in our picks. Real careful readers will remember we were on fire for the first month. Our philosophy was and is to identify a trend against popular opinion and then bet the heck out of it. Last year it was that San Diego was way over rated and it paid off big time in the first 6 weeks or so. 

This year? We're working on a few theories, running complicated computer simulations and while we're not ready to release any information, lets just say we have a suspicion that the happiest moments of the upcoming season for Cowboys QB Tony Romo will be at home with Jessica Simpson and not on the football field. We think the Cowpokes may be headed for a big let down. Conversely we still like the Pack and (as much as it pains us to say it) the J..E...T...S  to rebound and have a good season. 

Can anyone tell us why the 18-0 New England Cheaters have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL this year

Some more quick thoughts- The Cleveland Browns are overrated until they show us otherwise. Avoid putting any rent money on the Brownies.  The Chargers who came on strong late in the season will win the AFC West by default. Every other team in the NFL's weakest division will probably have a losing record, and the Broncos may well implode into a Dolphins like season of misery and woe.  The NFC West is another disaster of a division and if Cardinal QB Matt Leinart can stay out of hot tubs with ASU  Co-eds long enough to practice, this may be the year the Cards break through and end Seattle's long dominance of the division.  

The division to watch is the NFC East, where at least on paper the Cowpokes and the Gints are legitimate SB contenders. The Redskins and the Eagles, while not legitimate contenders have the ability to force season splits in their series with the boyz from NY and Dallas. Every game in this division this year will be a good one. 

And finally our lovable losers, the Miami Dolphins. While we don't expect a winning season, 8-8 is not out of the realm of possibility. They won't make the playoffs, but Parcells has turned this team around. He builds from the bottom up,  spending high draft choices on men in the trenches. The O Line and D Line are solid, and if Ricky can "Run Ricky Run" this year, then the Fins will keep it close. Watch the under on these games, as a good D and a conservative offense will keep the Fins in close, low scoring games. 

Enjoy the weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Hate to nitpick, but... (NOT!). Those drunken coeds in Matt Leinart's hot tub are ASU Scum Devils (er... Sun Devils) from Phoenix, not University of Arizona Wildkittens from Tucson...

CAPTAIN said...

First, the Pats were 18-1 with an emphasis on the 1.

Second, the only way the Fins go 8-8 is if their opponents forfeit at least 8 games. They will go no better than 5-11 and I would still bet the under on those numbers.

Boys are the best team in the NFC.

Looking forward to your picks and the pool

Anonymous said...

Was there a distinct smell of urine in the building today?

Please advise.

Anonymous said...

Its 6:13 on Friday. Will someday please call SHUMIE TIME? I'm beat.

Anonymous said...

By all means SHUMIE TIME indeed. And I have heard that if you show up at Tobacco Road between 4:45 and 4:59 and say "shumie time" the barkeep pours you a cold draft on the house.

Rumpole said...

What I meant to write was 16-0 for the regular season. But actually technically speaking the Pats went 18-0, and then lost their next game. I think they will lose 3-4 regular season games this year, maybe more if Brady's foot is injured more then they are letting on right now. Both Brady and Peyton Manning are battling injuries that maybe more serious than we know. If that is the case it opens up the AFC for the Jets and Steelers and Chargers in the playoffs.

Rumpole said...

Right you are. He was frolicking with ASU beauties. We changed the post.

Anonymous said...


CAPTAIN said...



That's the ticket. And now the Republican hacks can begin their job of hacking away at why Obama's most important choice as President, that of choosing his running mate, was such a blunderous decision. They will find every way possible to spin it that way.

One week from now we will see what McCain does. The easy money is still on Mitt Romney with Timothy Pawlenty close behind.


Ricky Williams said...

Rumpole, if you think the Dolphins will be 8-8, please let me know what you have been smoking. It must be some really good shit and I'd like to toke on some of it myself.

team-miguel-for-the-princess said...

2:49, Rump and I have the same supplier. Meet me behind the court house and I'll hook you up. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

No Refunds.
All Sales Final.

lawyer-dating-the-princess said...

1:30, I want in. Can I pay in cash?