Monday, January 02, 2012


The holidays are officially over (wait- we have a three day weekend coming up for MLK day in two weeks) and it's time to get back to work.

The low Tuesday morning could be in the high 40's as temperatures plunge Monday night with the wind whipping the wind chill (technically defined as something that happens to people stupid enough to live in the North East US) making it feel like 29-34 degrees.

And wait! Tuesday night will be colder!

Rumpole tip: Go to your AC and flip the little switch from "cool" to "heat" and set the temp to 70. Brew a hot cuppa and relax.

Miami! See it like a native.

Avoid the rush Monday night, we have the Republican Caucus (technically defined as "a meeting of a bunch of farmers and their families that are not representative of the nation and yet have undue influence on who we elect as a president" ) results now:

Mitt is it!
Ron Paul;
Rick Santorum;
Rick Perry
Bachman Turner Overdrive/under achiever.

The Judges rotation takes effect next week. Can't tell your player without a scorecard and that's what we are, your unofficial REGJB scorecard.

Let us be the last to wish you a happy new year.

See You In Court.


CAPTAIN said...


Cap Out

Anonymous said...

People stupid enough to live in the North East US..... --Rumpole what's gotten your boxers in a bunch? GO JETS!!!!!!!!!

Fake Rumpole said...

@10:35- Boxers? Pfft! I sleep commando style.

D.S. said...

Iowa, less population than Dade n Broward n less diverse..

Anonymous said...

Hey, home come they say they are rotating judges and then, they delay it for a few weeks?

Some of us plan around the old judge leaving when we don't like them but, like when you were a kid waiting for your parents to leave on vacation.... sometimes those assholes don't leave for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Rump -

Any comment on the murder conviction that has been overturned because the court reporter deleted the transcript? It was in the Herald.

Another argument in favor of digitally recording all courtroom proceedings.

Anonymous said...

I saw one particularly disturbing thing in the Winter 2011 edition of the Florida Defender: On page 5 the FACDL president is shown with a list she apparently wrote on a large note board. It reads:

"Find Callie Anthony's Real Killer:
1) Rule out Cato Kaelin
2) Contact OJ in prison
3) Take a hard look at Nancy Grace
a) If you 'smelt it you dealt it'"

I can't imagine in what context this would be appropriate. It was in extremely poor taste. And she's smiling as she poses with the list.

And on page 23 of The Florida BAr News, we find Lasonya Lacy teaching in the Masters of DUI seminar. What? Earl Seligman was unavailable?

former judge (real one) said...

Hey Rumpole ... I know that you love salt water fishing, but what is going on with Kenny Weisman? He is all over Facebook wiping out schools of Kingfish, Cobia and Sailfish! I have not been around the docks for awhile, but a well dressed and classy guy like Kenny with his hands filled with blood? I even saw blood stains and fish slime on his Loro Piana cabana wear outfit .... which is baby cashmere and cost about $6k these days. All I have to say is "Why Kenny"? What is next? Kenny and his bow out in Montana taking down an elk or mule deer? Isn't it good enough to just hang out at Little Nell's in Aspen like the good old days. He obviously does not suffer from "low T" ....

Anonymous said...

What about those who are "stupid enough" to live in parts of the US that are plagued with oppressive heat? Are those who live in California stupid because one day the "big one" may hit?

Anonymous said...

Despite wishes for a better 2012, I can see by these comments that it is going to be the same old crap.

Anonymous said...

People "stupid enough" to live in the North East US

People "stupid enough" to live in parts of the US that are plagued with oppressive heat

-That is like saying all people from the south are stupid ignorant racists.

Anonymous said...

Who filed against I none Cuesta?

Anonymous said...

Cold sux.

Anonymous said...

Rump - why not a raffle to benefit the "betterment of Justice Bldg. Bathrooms" Charity by offering a first place prize of a one full day offshore fishing day with Capt. Kenny Weisman and dinner at Joe's with Capt. Kenny afterwards at his table with Maitre'd "Bones" picking out Collosals for the winner and his guests? It is time and it is a worthy cause. Perhaps "Angry Gurl" will serve as a celebrity guest first mate?

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who posted @11:13--

I sleep naked at home, on vacation, on business trips, camping, sailing, where ever. When sharing a room on business trips camping, sailing, etc. I still sleep naked but have my pants nearby. However, most of the guys I've camped with or gone sailing with also sleep naked. Never a problem. I think everyone was surprise originally that so many of us enjoyed the freedom to go commando while sleeping. There is always a sense of modesty and no nonsense...never flaunting your wares...

Anonymous said...

Yabor is a liar. No way in 12 years he has tried over 200 cases, specifically jury.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just like Ace and Gary