Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Charlie Johnson has an opponent





Group 39:

Charles "Charlie" Kenneth Johnson (Incumbent)
Enrique Lazaro Yabor

This afternoon, attorney Enrique "Rick" Yabor filed to run against Judge Johnson. Mr. Yabor has been an attorney for 12 years. According to his website, he was an ASA and tried over 200 trials. He specializes in: Business Law & Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Construction Contracts and Litigation, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Employment Litigation, and White-Collar Crimes. (www.yaborlaw.com ).

Judge Johnson was appointed to the bench as one of Governor Charlie Crist's last appointments in December of 2010 after serving as an ASA for 22 years. Judge Johnson has smacked down $140k of his own money as a loan to the campaign.

Group 27:

Ivonne Cuesta
Jacci Suzan Seskin

In late December, ASA Jacci Seskin filed to run against APD Ivonne Cuesta. Mrs. Seskin had a previous career as a RN for 25 years before attending law school. She has been an attorney for eight years. She apparently worked at both the Public Defender's Office and now, the State Attorney's Office. Mrs. Seskin, who is married to a doctor, plucked down $150k of her own money as a loan to the campaign.

Ms. Cuesta has only $7,000 in her bank account (of which $5,200 is a loan to her campaign).

Group 20

Michelle Alvarez Barakat
Fleur Jeannine Lobree
William Pena Wells

I have previously posted on this race.

Group 28

Tanya Brinkley

Ms. Brinkley was up against attorney John Rodriguez until he switched to Group 33.

Group 33

John Rodriguez

Filing deadline still four months away. No changes in Circuit Court races.

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D.S. said...
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Anonymous said...

Charlie Johnson is one of the good guys and bs deserves our support. Does anyone know this other guy?

Anonymous said...

Another mommy track FSU ASA looking for an ego boost with her MD hubby money.

Barakat is a similar thing. Nice person, but a total lightweight using hubby money to bankroll race. Never tried a case except maybe an infraction for her tio.

John Rodriguez. Zero personality, will be a dick as soon as the robes come on.

What the hell is going on here!!?

Anonymous said...

FSU? Former Soviet Union?

Anonymous said...

Charlie Johnson is a great guy. Run against someone else. Seskin.....really? Who let her out of the FSU dungeon long enough to file? Horrible attorney. I'd rather have ole Camacho back.

Anonymous said...

Seskin is not mentally stable.

Anonymous said...

FSU - Felony Screeneing Unit

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Charlie got an opponent. we need to make sure we all support him, he is exactly the type of guy we need on the bench

Anonymous said...

Anyone looks good next to David in court. Not to say Cuesta is not fantastic in trial... Just sayin..

Opposition builds charcter. Deal with it people. If you don't like it then fight to have judges appointed just like they do NYC. It works quite well there.

Charlie Johnson is a fantastic man and a wonderful lawyer. Let us band together to support him. But the fact is - he has a horrible name for Miami politics. And so long as judge piicking is based elections, white men beware.

Anonymous said...

I also tried cases with Cuesta. She's meticulous.

Anonymous said...

Seskin is completely lacking an any attribute necessary to be an effective judge, except for the fact that she is actually breathing.

I had made a promise to myself that I would no longer make any financial contribution to any county court candidate.  It is only January 4 and one more resolution bites the dust.  

Whoever Seskin is running against is getting a check.

D.S. said...

Call to prayer.
On a lighter note:

Rev. Dr. D. Sisselman

PS send $$

Pat Robertson: God Told Me Who The Next President Will Be


Anonymous said...

Charlie is a great person and a great judge and is the last of the judges to deserve opposition. Maybe he should call himself Carlos Juanez and beat this newcomer in the election. After all, "Carlos" is a name that wins elections down here in Dade County.

Anonymous said...

leslie rothenberg doesnt deserve to be a judge.

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

Big Win for Mike Pasano:

from the DBR:

A state appeals court reversed the convictions of an environmental services firm and a project manager today in the fuel theft scandal at Miami International Airport.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal panel split 2-1 in a laborious, 105-page opinion throwing out the convictions of Cliff Berry Inc. and Jeffrey C. Smith and sending them back for a new trial.

The court faulted Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jacqueline Hogan Scola for flawed jury instructions and prosecutors for failing to disclose testimony from a key witness, fuel farm maintenance supervisor Brian Schneir, would greatly extend the time and extent of the alleged airport fuel farm thefts beyond what was disclosed in pretrial discovery.

Judge Barbara Lagoa wrote for the majority, with Judge Richard Suarez concurring. Judge Leslie Rothenberg would have upheld the convictions.

The cleanup company was accused of bribing airport contractors and filing false invoices as it stole fuel in 7,500-gallon batches while working under a Miami-Dade County contract to remove petroleum-contaminated water.

Carlton Fields shareholder Michael Pasano, who represented Smith, said he was grateful for the decision. The attorney noted Smith was jailed for three years until his release in December on bond in time to spend Christmas with his family.

“This opinion is a rewarding way to start the new year,” Pasano said.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

I like Ivonne and Charlie, but if they have to campaign to keep thier seats, so be it.

A little election never hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

I was the court reporter on the State versus Cliff Berry, Inc, et al. I am proud that my trial transcript was very useful in overturning the convictions.

It was not an easy trial to report and I am sure that if it was reported by a digital recorder, the parties would still be waiting to this day for the appeal to be perfected.

Recently in the newspaper there was an article about an unprofessional court reporter who falled to prepare a homicide appeal. That gives us all a bad name.

Somehow it doesn't make the paper if a judge, attorney, or someone else is responsible for "burning" a jury and trial. If it does make the paper, it's a one-inch article.

Now that I am replaced by a digital recorder, I wish y'all the best of luck with your equipment. Too bad you can't buy insurance for a faulty record. A stellar realtime court reporter with higher certifications is the best insurance.

Anonymous said...

no soul? ds you need to easy up on the medical.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Rothenberg is a great judge.


Anonymous said...


what is a loosey judge?

and who says things like like hubby $$. did you make that up on your own or it an actual expression?

finally, the public ass kissing is uncomfortable to read. it really is noone stop!

is Ivonne the hot short public defender or the attractive taller one?

Seskin has little chance to win.
there will be huge turn out for republicans. and names that sound republican will fair well...

D.S. said...
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D.S. said...

D.S. said...
Touche, I apologize to Ms Seskin. It was an uncalled for statement. Though, She lacks the qualities below.
A bad Judge is one that neither knows the law, cannt try a case because they have Neither intelligence, skill nor experience worth mentioning and have neither common sense nor compassion and lack courtesy and common decency and perhaps having an axe to grind.

And Why is it ass kissing to say that I like and support someone I have seen in court, who I think is a good lawyer and will be a good judge. Is bashing from the shadows like dogs sniping in the dark the only allowed discourse her on the Blog. I forgot to read the No Nice Comments allowed sign as I entered

Anonymous said...

Charlie Johnson, my family and I will support you because you are an awesome guy and we need keep Judges like you on the bench.