Saturday, January 14, 2012


Against our better judgment, after the two month fiasco of the Game Of Thrones series, we started Hunger Games.  And we have to admit it's pretty darn good. 

Anybody know why the JAA Broward blog has not been posting? When something like that happens in Broward, we suspect nefarious means afoot.

What makes DOM go "yikes!" ?. When a member of the US Attorney in Miami's staff is indicted for trafficking in oxycodone.  His blog has all the yikey details.

Coach Jeff Fisher shined the Fins for St. Louis of all places.

Several months ago we published the announcement that Judge White-Labora would be leaving drug court in the new year. What we neglected to publish was the change in that decision. We are happy to let everyone know that the powers that be changed their minds and Judge White-Labora will be in drug court through the end of 2012. And if someone could explain the reason why she has not yet been elevated to circuit court, we'd like to know. Governor Scott has actually done a pretty good job with his appointments, but the failure to elevate Judge White-Labora is one mistake he needs to fix.

Monday is a holiday.
See you Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the Hunger Games. All three of them.

Tebow sucks said...

Lil Timmy tebow's team beaten to a pulp
lil timmy's crying gulp gulp gulp
Lill Timmy can't throw
and Lil Timmy can't run
all Lil Timmy can do is pray that he's not done.

Anonymous said...

To all Tebow fans--- Mark Bavaro was “Tebowing” long before Tim.

Brian's Barrista said...

Pretty good Tebow poem

Anonymous said...

Looks like Leonard Pitts agrees w/ me about the war on Drugs. See
todays column

The new Jim Crow alive and thriving

Anonymous said...

Before it was called Tebowing, it was called Bavaroing. And before that it was called praying, but I digress. Bavaro was famous for dropping to a knee and thanking the good Lord following touchdown scores, and the fact that he went to Notre Dame should come as a surprise to no one.

the trialmaster said...

after my "Not Guilty" verdicts, I drop to one knee and Tebow. Been doing it for years.

who said that? said...

Who said

"The sea was angry that day my friend, like an old man trying to send back a bowl of cold soup in a deli..."??

Hint: Not lil timmy tebow...

Anonymous said...


You just now realized that the drug war is a war on Negro? For forty years we have used economic forces to scoop up the best and brightest of the Negro race and slam them in a cell and you just now noticed the drug war is racist?

They built a trap that catches the ones with entrepreneurial spirit, and chain them in Railford.

Plus, when they limit the rights of the black man, they limit the rights of all of us. When we are all slaves, we will have equality.

Anonymous said...

That was a good one.

Can you shut the fuck up unless you have something creative to say?

Secret Judge said...

To all those Tebow haters who refer to him as 'Lil', just be advised the guy is 6ft. 3 in. and 245 pounds. People who spend inordinate amounts of time hating others can always be counted on to ignore the facts.

Anonymous said...

Young Ensign Leon Firtel recounting his shake down cruise on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt?

Master Chief said...


Anonymous said...

Trial master,

So what you are saying is you have never Tebowed.

Anonymous said...

DS..........what you and the other legalizers miss is that mufacturers, distributors, etc. have first amendment rights. If you think street corner drug pushers and peer pressure sells drugs, imagine what Madison Avenue would do. You really want to see what happens if LSD, PCP and the hardcore drugs are legalized?

As for Pitts' column, guess which community gets hit hardest by drugs?

The last thing this nation needs is a more people abusing drugs.


PS---before anyone gets crazy here, I've repeatedly posted on the need to reform the system's handling of offenders generally and drug users in particular.

Anonymous said...

@2:14, George Constanza "Seinfeld" episode "The Marine Biologist"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judge Julio Jimenez passed away this afternoon.

Tropic of Capricorn said...


Death to the Oligarchs! said...

"You really want to see what happens if LSD, PCP and the hardcore drugs are legalized?"

Yes. It is called freedom.

Anonymous said...

LBJ took the IRT Down to 4th Street USA When he got there What did he see? The youth of America on LSD LBJ IRT USA LSD LSD LBJ FBI CIA FBI CIA LSD LBJ


You were a cool cat..

Anonymous said...

That is a song from perhaps the greatest musical ever - Hair


Anonymous said...

LOL. Love the Hair reference.


Anonymous said...

im glad that u liked it btdt.

generally speaking, ds is wrong about everything. however, not here. morally, all drugs should be legal because it is immoral to take a mans freedom because he ingests a drug.

harmony and understanding

Anonymous said...

1/17 at 926am
Said :
generally speaking, ds is wrong about everything
Hey 926, Are YOU my Wife. You certainly sound like Her.