Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century

Good Saturday morning. Before we begin, a little business:

There are two Circuit Court Criminal Judges designated as the emergency judges for this weekend: Samantha Ruiz Cohen and Vicki Brennan. Will Thomas has the Circuit Court Civil duty. We have been assured that callers will be treated in a courteous manner and all calls will be promptly returned. 

The inside rumor is that the Court Administrators are considering adding a customer loyalty program: every time you get an emergency order signed on the weekend you will get a loyalty card stamped. Five stamps entitle the customer to a free cup of coffee at Au Bon Pain. 

Also being considered is outsourcing the entire operation to India: "Hello, this is Pandhari, how may I be of assistance to you this emergency weekend?

We've done a pretty through search of the Federalist Papers and we're pretty sure the founders didn't want anyone becoming president whose name was Mitt. It falls under the writings about avoiding embarrassing the presidency to foreign nations. But then again if that was true, how do we explain eight years of W? 

State Attorney Mike Satz in Broward has a challenger: Chris Mancini. 
Let the "anyone but Satz" campaign begin!

Speaking of Broweird, they are way ahead of Dade in implementing E-filing. What an embarrassment for our circuit. What can Brown do for you? 

We guess this idea is probably too good to be implemented, but the Feds really got the e-filing system right and could someone explain to us why Florida couldn't have bought the whole system and implemented it State wide? Or is Florida hearing for as many different e-filing systems as there are counties? 

Something tells us the Florida court system  will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Especially since as late as 1998 the system seemed so comfortable with living in the 19th century. 

Enjoy your weekend. 


Anonymous said...

E-filing? What's that? Oh yeah, that's the thing they do in Broward.

What Brown should be ashamed of is that court notices for criminal are actually MAILED to attorneys. Mailed- like they did in the 1940's

Here's an idea- and stick with me on this. The county buys a Commodore 64 computer off of ebay. They buy a copy of Windows 95 and a copy of Adobe 7.0 from 2006. They hire a computer programmer from any of about 36 technical schools in Miami or even from a local university. The computer programmer programs the above mentioned computer to print the court notice to electronic format. They then take the electronic format notice and they send it via email to the attorney. Voila, no more paper notices being mailed out by the thousands.

My receptionist is 17 and even she asks why the court mails a court notice to me for a date I've known about for three months. Or the infamous Notice of Cancellation postcard which usually arrives after the cancelled date. There's more taxpayer paid technology in the Marlins' stadium locker rooms than there is at the Clerk's office.

Okay, I'm out. Judge Brown and I gotta go buy some carbon paper at Zayre's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference to that great marketing phrase: Put your trust in Uranus. Showing your age, Rumpy.

Anonymous said...

I can' t wait. I spend $500 a month on postage, not to mention the copies you have to send out to every attorney on the case. I am surprised the clerk's union is not putting up a fight on this issue. If successful, e filing will make many of those people irrelevant. Ditto the mail carrier.

Anonymous said...

It's not Brown dufus, Ruvin is in control of notices and e-filing. The main reason that no e-filing exist "Thomas James" ask around the clerks office about this guy. He is a guy once hired a few years back to bring the court system into the new century YEP! paid a few hundred thousand bucks as a consultant and now $68 million dollars later wala, nada, zip, NOTHING!

I wonder how Ruvin as a Clerk affords that beach house on South Beach?

Anonymous said...

Mitt's Real First name is WILLARD. Thats scary

Voo Do 1 said...

American movie trivia: Who were Willard and Simpkin? In what movie are they mentioned and what couldn't they do?

Anonymous said...

Willard was a Rat

Fake Kenny W said...

My reservation for El Bulli just came in for the first week in May. If you have to ask, you can't possibly afford it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Harvey run as the techno-savvy clerk of court during his last election run? What a croc!

mikal said...

ING marathon today. You running Rump? Good luck to everyone running today.

Anonymous said...

Harvey did in fact run on his techno savviness

Rumpole said...

Not running, but did some yoga classes with Tara Stiles who's in from NYC for the Marathon.

Kenneth Weisman said...

hey 8:38 Fake Kenny...I'm afraid that reservation is a bit overdue. Chef Ferran AdriĆ  closed El Bulli last year.

Anonymous said...

HIGH TECH! Not this circuit.

It's much easier to get rid of court reporters. After all who needs an accurate record that is ten years old?

Who needs an accurate record at all? It's not like this is going to the Supreme Court and is a direct reflection on the Judges and the circuit, right?

That's a rhetorical question as every conscientious court reporter produces the most accurate record possible of the court proceedings for scrutiny under any circumstances.