Sunday, January 29, 2012


A few thoughts on Florida's upcoming primary:

Newt Gingrich is a vampire. He is the un dead. He cannot be killed without a wooden stake  though his heart (or a few more steaks from the Palm- Newt's getting portly) and getting beat in Florida, which is a probability come Tuesday,  will not do it. 

After the Florida primary 10% of the delegates will be chosen. Up coming primaries include Alabama, Georgia, Missouri,  Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas. All southern states and all states that The Vampire Gingrich will do well in. 

Note to Mitt: If you ignore Newt again after beating him in Florida, he will arise at night and suck the blood from your campaign. Again. 


The Giants being a 3 point underdog in this super bowl is like someone saying to you in 1999 "You know, Apple might be a good stock to buy a few thousand shares of." (October 1999- $75.00 a share.) 

We are reminded of the best super bowl score we ever made: the famous 1979 line. 
The Steelers were back in the super bowl for the third time. They opened at 2 1/2 point favourites and the money pored in (ours included.) The line went to 4 and then 5 1/2 before settling at 4 at kick off. 
The Steelers won 35-31. Those who had the Steelers -2 1/2 won. Those who had the Cowboys + 5 1/2 won. Those who had ether the Steelers or the Cowboys at 4 pushed and got their money back. It was our first five figure  profit from a bet  (we had the Steelers - 2 1/2 and the Cowboys +5, which is called "a middle"). The only people who lost money were the books. 

We don't know if this is a game to middle. We like the Giants, no points, and take the money odds (+120) meaning bet ten bucks and win twelve (only in America!). 

We'll keep you updated about our thoughts of securing your retirement with this super bowl, including our exclusive lock on the coin flip. 

Coming this week: More about electronic filing, or "Joel Brown, Harvey Ruvin, and the revival of the  Pony Express." 


fake pat riley said...

What are the up coming super bowl events in Miami this week?

Eye On The Q said...

The Q endorsed Mitt and that was it.

Fear The Q.
Respect The Q

Close your eyes,

become The Q

Barrister of Ballentrae said...

Rumpole, Watch out they are looking for you..

Iran web developer sentenced to death

The Associated Press

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's state media say the Supreme Court has upheld a death sentence against a web developer convicted of spreading corruption.

The semiofficial Fars news agency says blogger Saeed Malekpour was found guilty of promoting pornographic sites. It says the Supreme Court approved the death sentence handed down by a Revolutionary Court that deals with security crimes.

Malekpour was reported imprisoned in October, 2008 and confessed on Iranian TV that he developed and promoted pornographic websites.

The website, affiliated with the elite Revolutionary Guard, called Malekpour the head of the biggest Persian-language network of pornographic websites

The Barrister

EyeOnShumie said...

Well, there is the annual state of the shumie party that by rule has to occur after the new year and before the super bowl. This year the party will be at Caribbean Cigars just east of the Everglades.

FOAM PARTY!!! said...

And Kenny Weisman's annual super bowl foam party on the saturday night before the big game. Don't forget that. A South Beach tradition since 1996.

Anonymous said...

'getting portly.' Newt has always looked like this.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Heat! Rumpy, they will be the champions this year!

Rumpole said...

The heat weren't champions last year, and they won't be champions this year. They have no heart and aren't a team but a collection of high priced spoiled athletes. When the chips are down bet against them every time. It's been a money maker for me so far.