Thursday, May 22, 2008


Readers have been emailing us and writing comments asking about Judge Dava Tunis, her decision as a Florida Bar Referee in a disciplinary proceeding, and the State Attorney's Office's recent close out memo on the Loyalty Oath fiascoes.

Courtesy of the Daily Business Review, here is the link to the close out memo:


Apparently Judges Orlando Prescott, Linda Singer-Stein and Dava Tunis have signatures on their loyalty oaths ("are you now or have you ever been Rumpole?") that were forged.

As the close out memo states, there was no criminal motive for the Judges to execute forged loyalty oaths (other than them being Rumpole), and while it appears that the notary for all three oaths was the same employee in the Court's large bureaucracy, no criminal charges are being brought because of the statute of limitations.

As to Judge Tunis's findings in some obscure Bar disciplinary proceeding, do you really care? Some lawyer did a bunch of stuff he shouldn't have done...blah blah blah...there will be some form of punishment, and life in our humble little courthouse will go on. In the scheme of things, aren't the Marlins and their surprising success this season much more interesting and relevant?

See you in court, where we don't read the reports of bar disciplinary proceedings, but we do peruse the box scores.

PS. If such things interest you and you really have nothing better to do, the sentencing phase of the disciplinary proceeding is on Wednesday June 4, 2008, courtroom 6-3 at 2:00 PM. Tickets on sale at your local Ticketmaster.


Eville said...

Oh come on, would people have asked if they didn't want to know? It's a favorite train wreck amongst a certain class of people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the leg work, Rumpole. Much appreciated. Youdaman. If you're interested and got nothing better to do, I'll spot you the price of a ticket and a bag of popcorn. No hand-holding, though. I don't play that.



Anonymous said...

Dear Rumpole,
The new "kinder, gentler blog" is quite boring. Kumbaya is not the stuff pithy and incisive blogs are made of. Please get back in the spirit of gossip, political incorrectness and "scoops" that once made the blog so readable. You haven't been the same since the hijacking. Maybe it's PTSS? Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Cause Jesus he knows me
and he knows Im right.
I've been talking to Jesus
All my life

Anonymous said...

Red Sox look strong this year

Anonymous said...

This blog is so over. I'm beyond bored by it. It renders me catatonic. Good-bye, Rump.

PS--someone please spread the word if Rump does the right thing and stops moderating and we can get back the idle gossip, vicious rumors, and character assassination. Then we'll all come back.

PPS--why doesn't someone start a moderator-free blog? If it's good enough for Broward, it's good enough for Dade.

Rumpole said...

Mom- thanks for reading and I understand if you want something more exciting. See you Friday night for dinner. Your loving son,


Anonymous said...

The Herald's salary reporter at is crazyiness.

The county's paying 60k to a secretary (not a JA) and 57k to a bailiff. Think about it. 7 years of law school and you start out prosecuting and defending cases for less than someone whose primary skill-set is breathing through an open mouth.

Now. Where can we see what the state salaries are?

Fake Jake Thompson said...

The Honorable Bill McCollum
Attorney General, State of Florida
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, Florida 32399 Via Fax to 850-410-1630

From: Fake Jake Thompson, Esq, and Gadfly.

Gadfly@ comcast.nut

Dear Bill:

I hope this fax finds you well. I am not so well. Several months ago I undercovered a scandal so shocking, so morally repugnant, that one commentator was moved to state that "If Fake Jake is right, the entire state of Florida will crumble at his feet."

Well Bill, I'm right (aren't I always?) so get ready for the State to crumble like a cookie caught in President Bush's throat.

Judge Dava Tunis is at the center of a large and wide ranging criminal conspiracy so vile, so evil, so corrupt, that even the hero of the hit movie "Ironman" could not save us. I have filed 3477 motions to disqualify the evil, vile, corrupt Judge Tunis (hereinafter TEVCJT) and to date not ONE RESPONSE FROM TEVCJT. NOT ONE HEARING ON ONE MOTION. NOTHING NADA. ZILCH ZIPPO.

Meanwhile TEVCJT and her henchmen Judge Farina and Min from the Bar continue to all cash checks written to them by the State of Florida (how long did they think they were going to keep that hidden? I wasn't born yesterday you know.)

I can PROVE that TEVCJT and Judge Farina and Min have all worked within a ten mile radius of each other; I can prove they often leave their offices for lunch right around the same time; I can prove they have on many occassions actually been in the SAME COURTHOUSE AT THE SAME TIME; I can prove all three have STATE OF FLORIDA ISSUED DRIVER'S LICENSES; and incidentally I can prove two out of the three like Latte's from Starbucks.

How much more evidence do you need to fire up the RICO indictment?

Lets get this one to trial quickly. It will be a blast.


Fake Jake Thompson, Esq., and Gadfly.

blonde pd intern said...

Rump= Roscoe Tanner? Really! As if!!

Anonymous said...

This guy is running for judge? FDIC charged him with violation of laws and regulations. He is permanently prohibited from participating in any banking activities on behalf of any FDIC insured bank.

783 F.2d 1580
54 USLW 2506
SUNSHINE STATE BANK, South Miami, Florida, Rafael L. Corona,
Ray L. Corona, and RICARDO R. CORONA, Petitioners,
No. 85-5741.
United States Court of Appeals,
Eleventh Circuit.
March 13, 1986.
Robert L. Shevin, Sharber, Shevin, Shapo & Heilbronner, P.A., Jeffrey M. Weissman, Miami, Fla., for petitioners.
Thomas A. Schulz, James A. Clark, Federal Deposit Ins. Co., Washington, D.C., for respondent.
Petition for Review of an Order of the Federal Deposit Insurance corporation.
Before RONEY, FAY and HATCHETT, Circuit Judges.

In late 1983 and early 1984, the FDIC issued three separate Notices of Charges and of Hearing, charging the Bank with engaging in unsafe and unsound practices and committing violations of law. The FDIC also issued a Notice of Intention to Remove from Office and to Prohibit from Further Participation ("Removal Notice") against Rafael, Ray, and RICARDO CORONA, charging the Coronas with engaging in unsafe and unsound banking practices, VIOLATIONS OF LAWS AND REGULATIONS, and breaches of fiduciary duties evidencing a willful or continuing disregard for the Bank's safety and soundness.

The FDIC conducted examinations of the Bank in 1983. As a result of these examinations, the team of examiners eventually classified $3,710,000 of the Bank's loans as "Loss," $1,285,000 as "Doubtful," and $25,822,000 as "Substandard." About 47% of the Bank's total loans were adversely classified. These adversely classified loans amounted to 581% of total equity capital and reserves. THE EXAMINERS ALSO CITED NUMEROUS VIOLATIONS OF LAW IN CONNECTION WITH THE BANK’S PROCEDURES.

Petitioners Sunshine State Bank and Rafael, Ray, and RICARDO CORONA challenge the action of the FDIC PERMANENTLY PROHIBITING THE CORONAS FROM PARTICIPATING IN BANKING ACTIVITIES ON BEHALF OF THE BANK OR ANY OTHER FDIC-INSURED INSTITUTION, and requiring petitioners' compliance with a final cease and desist order.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a joke, but this was not a "fake" post. There really was a crash:

Anonymous said...

Thursday, May 22, 2008 9:14:00 PM,

It is a shame nobody reads this blog anymore since the Dred Pirate Roberts took over. If they did, they'd know you are a moron.

A skilled secretary is worth five assistants. They don't call her the Assistant of State, do they?