Friday, May 30, 2008


And no, the Chief, who just recently admitted to "wrongdoing" was not one of them.

Officers Geovani Nuñez and Detective George Hernandez were arrested, according to the Herald, HERE
for offenses involving "drugs" and "stolen merchandise", but not "stolen drugs" as there is indeed, apparently, honor among thieves, even those that wear a badge. Allegedly.

Michael Catalano for the defense of Officer Nunez. A first appearance before a Federal Magistrate today at 1:30 awaits the accused.

We dryly note that the Feds seem to like arresting our clients on federal matters around 4:30 on Fridays, keeping them at FDC until Monday. Somehow, the FBI decided a Thursday arrest was in order in this matter.

We're guessing it was just luck. Right.

See You In Court Monday.


Anonymous said...

No, there was a reason to make these arrests on Thursday evening.

But, yes, they have busted my clients on Friday morning so that they can not somehow make the Friday bond hearing.

Mike Catalano

Anonymous said...

When will these guys realize that they are not above the law. Unreal
how many cops are arrested in this city.

As most of us defense attorneys already know, about half of these cops on our streets would be clients if they weren't cops.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the David Ranck blog recently? WTF

Anonymous said...

In recent months, we have unfortunately had occasion to eulogize some "legends" of the defense bar. Maybe it's time to recognize some of those "legends" while they can appreciate it. Jack Blumenfeld is a fine lawyer, an exceptional teacher and my friend. He worked for Dick Gerstein. He was partners with Gerry Kogan. He mentored Judge Leesfield and soon-to-be-Judge Sampedro-Iglesias.Despite several life-threatening illneses, he continues to represent clients and is not reluctant to try cases. He has earned our respect and admiration. There are surely others like him- Ed O'Donnell, Mel Black, Jack Denaro- but I have a special affection for Jack. So don't wait to send condolences to his wife. The next time that you see him in Cozzoli's/Pickle Barrel/Au Bon Pan, tell him that you appreciate all that he represents for all of us.

the trialmaster said...

i agree Jack Blumenfield is a great guy and great lawyer. He was the top major crimes prosecuter in the old days.As for Mike, he needs to stay in dui court.He is not a federal guy and needs help.But i wish him good luck.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Leave it to Mike to complain about other cases after they arrest his clients on a Thursday here.

And you wonder why the Feds don't try and work with defense attorneys.

Anonymous said...

David, no matter how many times you and your friend Rumpole post about this (and you know who he is; after all, you sent out an office e-mail revealing his identity), and no matter how hard the two of you try to keep alive whatever issue you have with a FOUR YEAR OLD police shooting, now hear this: WE'RE NOT INTERESTED!!! Get over yourself. We're dealing with the death of a colleague and friend and could care less about your rumblings and machinations. If you don't like things at the SAO then leave and put your money where your mouth is.

Anonymous said...

A few posts ago a commentator wrote:

"...especially the Judges need to get off their asses and get these cases through the system."

Well, stop asking for continuances just because you are too scared to try the case or too scared to tell your client to take a plea.

Anonymous said...

I love Geovani's comment about Chief TIminie. I mean, the man has a personal rancor against the guy. Why do so many people in power abuse it and set people up.

Rumpole, what about the Chief?

Anonymous said...

Mike Catalano handles federal cases? I thought his practice was limited to attacking broken intoxilyzers and 23 yr old prosecutors? (Both of which he does very well I might add).

Anonymous said...


You must be Cattalano since you did not publish my comment about him!

Anonymous said...

plenty of unwarranted comments about catalano show up. He probably didnt print it because you can't spell his name right.

Now go back to your meaningless practice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people pick on lawyers who do lots of DUI cases and somehow think they can not do anything else but, DUI cases.

(OK, there is one big exception, Richard Essen).

The DUI experts like Catalano, Hersch, Reiff, Best, etc. do lots of felony work.

Catalano has done lots of police defense cases and won many of them in jury trial.

Hersch does Federal all the time and his wife is his partner and a real good appellate lawyer.

Reiff is good at anything he touches.

You "general practicioners" who don't do DUI cases know why. They are very difficult and require lots of book learning.

So, whoever you are, stop bashing a lawyer for doing DUI's and thinking they are unable to do anything else.

Anonymous said...

It is not unreal how many cops we bust in Miami.

It is unreal that in most places they don't bust cops more often.

Janet Reno started this trend.

Now, if they would only bust cops for perjury when we catch them telling a lie.

Anonymous said...

I heard that there is a Major in the City, one who si not in tune with the current administration, who wanted to fire one of these two guys some time ago. I had one of these two beacons of integrity, (who the State swears by), on a case, and I told the State this guy is lying about how this alleged obstruction or failing to follow a lawful command. I told the State something was not right, and I though the whole incident escalated because my client interrupted, what at the time, I thought was in police slang a sexual hit and run in a parking lot. The case got nolle pros. Oh well, I guess there may have been more than what my client thought he stubble into. God bless the State - they always have to get approval from the police officers to plea a case!!!!! - - - Where is Al Milian when we need him!

Anonymous said...

Rump is part Catalano. For sure. Because it is interesting how the defense of Catalano posts comes out at the same time the posts supporting him come.

Rump, your cover has partially been blown!

Catalano is not a nice person, just ask the clerks who he tried to get fired years ago.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Blog is that people can say absolute bullshit and no one can stop them.

What is that about the Clerks getting fired all about?

If you don't like Mike, please tell him. He has a posted email address.

Please don't say crap like that again on this blog.

Anonymous said...

2:51......I like and respect Michael. You're right to point out that he's a much better lawyer than some of these anonymous whiners claim (I suspect that they're just jealous or that he kicked their asses in court).

However, sometimes he does get worked up and do some silly things (then again, don't we all?). If you know him as well as your post suggests, then you must know that he has, in fact, gone after some clerks' jobs in the past (not to mention some cops, a prosecutor or two, etc.).

You want to defend him? No problem. He's a decent guy and doesn't deserve a lot of the crap posted about him on this site. Just be honest about it.

PS----besides, knowing him, he's probably laughing his ass off reading this stuff.

Anonymous said...

mike catalano i'll have you know is nothing but a gentleman

and this is coming from a clerk


Anonymous said...

Michael Catalano has had his ass handed to him as well. I know many prosecutors that have embarassed him to the nth degree.

My problem with MC is that he does not know how to leave it in the courtroom and he goes after really innocent people like clerks.

I agree, sometimes clerks have their heads up their butts, think their shit smells like roses, and are lazy. However, clerks make $35k a year and MC makes $400k a year.

MC, just go and do your shit and do not get personal.