Saturday, May 24, 2008


We certainly are.


Anonymous said...

nice pic. nice clue.

are you steve yermish?


gottcha said...

That's gotta be Lurvey!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Supreme Justices of the State of Florida- MIAMI JUDGES

Anonymous said...

Does Shumie SCUBA dive?

EXCIA GUY said...

Fear not friends, I am feeding this picture through the most sophisticated NSA software available. I have the reef, the scuba equipment and a decent picture of the face within a few hours. Gigs up Rumps. A little too smart and careless. It just takes one mistake and GOTCHA!

Anonymous said...

I would ask if you people are complete idiots, but that would be an obvious question.

Any thought that rumpole TOOK THIS PICTURE OF SOMEONE ELSE? Or..... that he got it off the internet?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I already did a picture properties search and it was not taken from camera and was most likely from on the web.

Rumpole got spooked when I did the picture properties on that picture of the REGJB long lines a few weeks ago. Readers may remember I was able to identify the Cell phone make and model and the date and time picture was taken.

Rumpole I suspect will not be that careless again.

Fake CIA

Anonymous said...

steve yermish

hey slim....did you fight in the bay of pigs?

Anonymous said...

Lurvey v. Levine-ugly scene in Diaz. Screaming match between the two. Heard both were held in contempt.

fake captain said...


Judge Peter Adrien is rumored to be on the top of the JNC's list for Supreme Court.


wiseacre said...

Sorrondo's coming out of retirement? it will be like Rocky 4.

fake elkind said...


YOU CAN'T SPELL S..U..P..R..E..M..E WITH OUT S ..a...R..u...d..y.



fake blecher said...

ahhhh that's just a bunch a hooey.

Thanks and good night. You've been a great audience. and tip those waitresses please.

Anonymous said...

The wheels of supreme court justice are already turning. Various "I'm so qualified because I've written 2 appellate orders from county court or county commission decisions" Circuit Court Judges will apply - look for 10 from Miami-Dade at least. Look for 2 or 3 county judges from Miami, 5 big firm lawyers, and Jeff Swartz.

Crist will appoint a hispanic and someone from north florida who has a good reputation there, probably someone from the 2nd DCA.

50 will apply for each seat, and at least 7 on each list will cause serious laughter.

Anonymous said...

Rump Memorial day fun- use the shortest sentence possible to describe yourself and all you stand for.

Try it. Its fun. Thanks. Big fan, big big fan.

Rumpole said...

Easy: took about two secs-

"Able Was I, Ere I Saw Elba"

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but Rump you are DUMB!! The news of Judge Tunis order on JT caused Gamepolitics server to crash and you said zero on the subject. How can the very place that you splashed JT's bull all over this blog and the moment a order finding him guilty of being a crack pot you disappear under a desk in Judge ..... Office.

Get some balls. Whats the point of being unknown? You say to avoid being treated badly by Judges you insult.

Anonymous said...

Nice palindrone, Rump ol' man.

Anonymous Liberal said...

Now we know that Rumpole is really, really short. Rumpole is Q, Q is Rumpole?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, got so excited reading the quote from Napoleon, I misspelled palindrome. The java hasn't started working yet.

Good day, Chap!

Anonymous said...

The point you guys are missing is that Rumpole does this all the time. He sneaks in a sentence here or there that is a palindrome or through his sometimes akward uses of (-) his sentences will be entirely different when read backwards. He got caught here because he used a rather famous palindrome, attributed to the dispair and loss of confidence Napoleon suffered upon seeing his island prison.

Rumpole said...

I banned Thompson from the blog. Was it any surprise he was found guilty? It is covered ad nasuem on the Broward Blog and the level of elation and celebration caused the game politics blog to crash.

Furthermore, unlike Mr. Thompson, who does it all the time, I find it very unseemly to take delight in another's misfortune. My clients come to me with enough problems to occupy my day so that I really don't take delight in anyone else's problems. Indeed one of the reasons I decided to not let Mr. Thompson post his nonsense and trash was the delight he took in Ben Kuhene's indictment or the bar complaint filed against Bill Geilin in Broward.

Plus every since I put his email address on spam block I have about 10 less emails to read every day. And in my business, time is money.





Anonymous said...

Rump, for an apparently avid reader of The Paper of Record, I'm surprised you haven't posted a link to this:


If ever there was an argument to professionalize the judiciary, it's the collection of buffoons, ignoramuses, and political hacks that make up the 11th judicial circuit.

In lust said...

Rump, have you seen the signs for judicial candidiate Yvonne Colodny? Marone!!! She is babelicious! Milfalicious!! Hot hot hot. I'm going to steal a couple of lines from some movies here:

Not to be unoriginal (Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting) but could you imagine doing to her every night what she wants to do to clients and lawyers every day if she becomes a judge? (Woody Allen in Annie Hall).

Anyway, I now know where everyone of her signs are on my drive into work. I used to be in lust with the spinner clerk, but no more. Yvonne is yummy! That should be her campaign slogan.

loyal reader said...

Rumpole, you seem to know so much about so many things. Here are three questions on my mind:

1) Cover two?

2) What record in sports will in your opinion never be broken.

3) My doc says my c-reactive protein is a bit high. Should I worry?

Rumpole said...

Lets take the last question first: C-Reactive protein (CRP). You should worry a little. Start immediately on a once a day aspirin regime, unless contraindicated by any other condition. CRP measures the inflamation in your body, and that level includes inflamation in your heart. Also cut back on carbs, artifical sweetners (cut those out completely) and exercise a bit more and test again in two months and then six months. Lets get that level down.

2) Johnny Van Der Meer pitched back to back no hitters. To break the record, a pitcher would need to hurl three no hitters in a row. The odds have been calculated as close to a trillion to one.
The State Attorneys Office has a better chance of becoming a nice and happy place to work than a pitcher throwing three no hits in a row. Although both carry very daunting odds.

3) Cover Two refers to the number of zones the deep field in football is divided into by a defense. Put three safties back and divide the field into thirds and you have a cover three.

I prefer to tailor a defense to talent rather than the other way around. Thus, the NY Giants played cover two because their dominant front four was able to put serious pressure on the QB without too much blitzing. A team like the Steelers has smaller front lineman and very athletic Linebackers and they blitz often. So they don't play a cover two very much. The players make the system, not the other way around.

Thanks for asking. Glad to help.

Anonymous said...


You don't know who we are. But when we saw that diving photo from 5:52am, we thought you either looked hot (blue cascading water background and all), or you had enough style--despite Chateau Miami River--as your drink of choice , to be shall we say, charming.

So we are absolutely bewildered with yourvremark that you have not posted the findings in the Bar case discussed and you somehow act as though you are above it. Of course you are above it, conduct wise, nut really you are the single person(s) who posted a pictorial pleading which included in part: Hitler, photos of attorney Ben Kehnue, photo of Judge Dava Tunis with her head cut out and replaced with either a donkey or kangaroo, swastikas, photos of a monkey court in wigs, porn, etc.

So now you are above printing anything? Ironically when what was pisted by you included our dear Ben, you thought it beyond the pale. You were able however to live with, and thus post, equally vile comments regarding Justices, lawsuits in federal and state court, utterly debasing comments regarding justices and Judge Dava Tunis, diatribes of unrelated individuals caught up in a diabolical conspiracy snare.........need we go on? The statement you made that he would be found guilty is either because you attended the entire trial, read the whole transcript and evidence, or you are a synic speculating. Otherwise your statement can be taken to mean it was a foregone conclusion, which included you and no one else. It also implies that a judge that probably gets more emails, faxes & deliveries than you can even block, is being dissed by you for her hard work and decisions.

Either way, Rump, it smells like yesterday's fish from the Miami River. You provided the platform for all the scurrulous comments, but now you are withdrawing on the high road after all the bridges have been bombed and destroyed (ie Saving Private Ryan).

(No spell check, sorry)

Anonymous said...

Just a as a favor, clean up and spellcheck what was just sent, if you can.

Blonde Bombshell said...

Rumpole my Rumpole. I read you every day. I send you private emails and you don't respond. First: There are two comments people made in the last few months I really liked: 1) The comment that started out by referring to Joel Denaro as "Joel Francis Albert Sinatra Denaro".

2) The comment that said if attorney Bruce Cease was acting up in court and the Judge told him to pipe down, would that be a "Cease and desist order?"

Rumpole- I know I am the woman for you. Blonde sexy, in a word hot. I know you are the man for me. I already know you make me laugh. And your description of yourself and how you run everyday is enough to let me know you could keep up with me all night, if you know what I mean.

Please Rumpole, respond to my emails. I want to meet you. I want to spend a quiet weekend with you drinking wine, watching you blog, and satisfying your every need.


remembering said...

Rumpo, while we remember all those brave soliders who gave their life for us this memorial day, we cannot also forget that memorial day carries special memories for some citizens of Miami.

From Edna Buchannan's first paragraph:

"All Sadie Horrowitz and her husband wanted was a nice diner at the fancy Coral gables Restaurant Christy's to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary. Three hours later, covered in mashed potates and her new dress stained by wine, Sadie watched in horror as the police marched off her husband Morris and more than two dozen other patrons of the restaurant charged with a dizzying array of crimes and affrays relating to a most unusual night at the restaurant."

Was Shumie's cigar lit? WHat was his role in this mess. Only two more years until the court file is unsealed.

CAPTAIN said...


Rump, it was a nice photo, but a real surprise from someone like you who generally celebrates the great history of our country.

Today is Memorial Day and while most Americans will be outside at picnics and BBQ's, or fishing and diving on Biscayne Bay, or going to the movie theater to catch the latest flick, many other Americans won't.

At Arlington National Cemetery today, American flags have been placed at each and every gravesite, more than 250,000 of them. There will be special ceremonies taking place at the Vietnam, Korean, and WW II Memorials also.

Today is a day to thank the Greatest Generation for their ultimate sacrifices. Today is a day to remember FDR and December 7, 1941:

" ... a date which will live in infamy ... no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory." FDR

and June 6, 1945:

" ... you are about to embark upon the great crusade toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle." General D.D. Eisenhower addressing the troops on D-Day.

We have so much to be grateful for in our country and we take so much for granted. It was our parents and grandparents that learned the word sacrifice. Americans today take freedom for granted all too often.

Stop for a moment today, say a pray for our soldiers, and thank them for all they do.

CAPTAIN OUT .........

Anonymous said...


you are such a blowhard!!

Anonymous said...

8:04 ...

you are such a jackass; my father and others like him fought in WW II.

Anonymous said...

to 8:04

Thank you. Couldn't have said it better!

f/k/a/ CK

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Broward County has blocked all access from any County computer (including the public library) of the Broward Blog.

No word yet if Rumpole is blocked from County computers.

From the Broward Blog:

Access to this web page is restricted

If you happen to be in the Broward County Public Law Library (basement of the downtown Courthouse) and want to access JAABLOG from one of the free computers, forget about it. JAABLOG has been restricted.

Seems the powers that be have had it with the blog and have set it up to prevent access from public computers(and who knows from where else).

We're told the county-wide Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for the maintenance of all county computers, but we're sure Big Brother himself resides somewhere in the dark passages of the Courthouse.

And just when this blog was getting boring ........ they hand us a juicy 1st Amendment plum.

Anonymous said...

The League of Prosecutors has endorsed the following judicial candidates:


Group 11:
Jorge Cueto

Group 18:
Migna Sanchez-Llorens

Group 19:
Patricia Kopco

Group 38:
Mario Garcia

Group 50:
Abby Cynamon

Group 51:
Douglas Chumbley (I)

Group 55:
Jeri Beth Cohen (I)

Group 57:
Bernard Shapiro (I)


Norma Lindsey (I)

JackDon'tKnowJack said...

It's obvious from the photo that Rumpole is none other than Jean-Michel Cousteau. I can see the wreck of the Calypso on the sea-bed below him.

Anonymous said...

D-Day is June 6, 1944, not June 6, 1945. I guess you have trouble with information that you can't just cut and paste.
The Son of a D-Day Vet.

Anonymous said...

Ken White rocks!

Anonymous said...

The League of Prosecutors endorsed Mario Garcia over Stacy Glick, are they kidding me? Mario is a nice guy but he is not a trial attorney and does not even have a passing knowledge of criminal law. Stacy may be no PHD, but she has common sense and has tried more cases than Mario. How many people attended the League meeting? Was it just Mario?

Anonymous said...

The League of Prosecutors endorsed Migna Sanchez-Llorens over Manny Segarra who's a career prosecutor? Migna must have good friends within the League of Prosecutors...