Tuesday, May 06, 2008


FACDL-Miami Invites you to theDedication of the Sy Gaer Memorial
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
12 NoonRichard E. Gerstein Justice Building
2nd Floor
Rumpole: Finally.


CAPTAIN said...

And don't forget our support for Ben Kuehne at the upcoming FACDL Installation & Awards Banquet. Ben is receiving the Founders Award for his lifetime commitment to the preservation of constitutional rights of all citizens.

Bowties For Ben on Saturday May 17th. Be there and where your Bowtie.


Anonymous said...

I wish you hadn't posted this about Sy. Now all the whackos with nothing better to do than anonymously trash folks on this web will have a field day.

I hope you won't put up their posts Rump.

Phil R said...

Despite popular opinion, I don't think I'm a wacko. Sy won lots of tough cases. He was a good friend to many people. He was a man of his word. He helped dozens if not more young lawyers just starting out in private practice, including yours truly. I miss him and I think about him just about everyday I walk into the building, knowing I will never agin hear "Phil Darling, how are ya kid?"

As I get older, I appreciate those people who can still call me kid. Sy was one of a kind and his kind will not soon be seen again through the doors of our building.

Anonymous said...

We loved Sy.

We respect Sy for all he was and all he did.

We will be there to show our love and respect.

Anonymous said...

It has started. The new junta of Carlos Martinez has begun tightening the screws on the lowly pit attorneys. If the 5th floor doesn't like you or your work habits you can lose part of your salary or your job. The old Bennett attitude we are all one is replaced now with the pencil pushing statistic keeping bean counters who will watch when your car leaves the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Cap, you wear a bowtie. you don't where it.

Scott Saul said...

In COurt, Sy was a character. He was also a masteful trial lawyer that always knew what he was doing and he racked up many wins. To the outsider, he looked strange, but to get to know him, he was very sly, very sharp and a great advocate.

Out of Court, he would do anything for a friend. He was incredibly generous. I too liked to be called "kid".

A chapter was closed when he left us. The court house is more quiet and does not feel the same.

Rumpole said...

If you try to post a comment and call someone a crook, theif, unethical, a member of the mafia, and don't have any reason to suppport the gratutious comments, I will not post them.

Jonathan Blecher said...

Sy was an "old-timer" when I started at the SAO in 1981. This was a guy who treated veterans and new lawyers in the same style.

He was especially fond, I think, of the young ASAs. Always a wink of the eye to them after a ranting diatribe about the "onerous anvil of the State crushing his client but not his spirit".

That was just to let them know not to take it personally. It wouldn't take long before the young guns saw it coming, and just stood back and watched and smiled.

Say what you will about his case preparation, but this guy excelled at his craft. He won more than his share of cases. I was on the short end of that stick a few times.

I miss him.

Phil R hits it on the head, as he often does:

"Sy was one of a kind and his kind will not soon be seen again through the doors of our building."

Anonymous said...

WOW what a critique of a new administration,how dare they ask you to perform a full days work for a days pay... hmmm must be time to move on to those greener pastures of private practice where you don't eat if you don't work !
good for the bean counters,they need jobs too !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...



If you think it's such a "junta" why didn't you run against him? Unless maybe you haven't even been a member of the bar long enough to qualify.

Look around, jerk. Read the paper. Watch the news. The fucking state is broke. Write Tallahassee, not the blog.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Carlos Martinez:

When we attended UM Law School together, I thought you were an honest, decent guy committed to public service. I am so sorry to hear how vindictive you've apparently become.

I can't believe that you have the gaul to hold people accountable for their time. How dare you ask your young attorneys (who are paid with tax dollars) to work full eight hour days. Don't you realize how you're interfering with their private lives (and blogging?). Don't you know that they're entitled to get paid just for showing up in the morning?

Do you really intend to create public records (AKA evaluations) honestly assessing their work? .... Next thing we know, you'll be ordering them to wear suits and ties, show up on time in court, etc. Sheesh. What's this world coming to?!?