Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Talk amongst yourselves. Be nice. Lots going on. Rumpole is very busy at the moment.

The down escalator from 2 to 1 is fixed so of course they now take the up escalator from 1 to 2 out of service. Why do they taunt us like this?

Did the new plan to reduce traffic to the building work today? It seemed the lines to get into the building were shorter. However some Judges were grumbling so we hear.

See You In Court when we get a moment to come up for air.

P.S. To re-iterate our policy: When we ban someone from the blog, that means we don't discuss them anymore, and in this particular case, it means we don't let them post their 45 motions and 12 new lawsuits a day in the comments section. (Perhaps we have under estimated the number of lawsuits a bit, but you get the ide.) So if this particular person gets suspended or disbarred or wins a lawsuit and gets the Bar disbarred, we care not. We have washed our hands of him and his warped view of the world. Go read the game politics web site (the link is above) , whose readers revel in this attorney's misfortune.


Anonymous said...

Why do our local police not have dash cams, or video record all D.U.I. roadsides, "interviews," interrogations, and the like? Is it too burdensome, or will it cramp their factitious style?
Go figure, our leaders can put cameras up all over town to catch traffic violators, but they cannot install dash cams in police vehicles or interview rooms - - cameras that will catch civil rights violators, what a County!
Oh yeah, the City of Miami is placing cameras all over downtown Miami, perhaps to monitor the movement of homeless who are indigenous to Downtown Miami, now there is a real high priority law enforcement objective.
We welcome your responsible comments. (I’ll bet some cop is going to take issue and trash this post, oh well, they trashed Richard Nixon until they realized he was right!)

Anonymous said...


1) what are you doing this week that makes you so busy?

2) which judge(s) complained about the lines around the building, and was it, "I'm disgusted with the situation that people have to go through?" or a judge that complained that the county cases/DUIs weren't set for trial?

3) how was scuba diving? And most importantly,

4) what's going on with you and the Blonde Bombshell (BB)?

an inquiring fan

Anonymous said...

Was there really a contempt hearing in front of Judge Diaz with Gail Levine and Dan Lurvey! Is there breaking news on Ken White that hasn't been posted? Too many posts with unanswered questions. Where's The Captain when you need him?

Come forward Captain and do your job. Forget the idiot who responded so negatively about your Memorial Day post and know you are appreciated.

CAPTAIN said...

Rumpole, I woke up this morning and thought that I read that Tampa Bay had the best record in the American League and the Marlins had the best record in the NL?

Was I drinking too much last night or was that a misprint?

Cap Out.....

Anonymous said...

Very telling that the League of PROSECUTORS endorsed a PD (Migna) over one of their own (Manny Segarra).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being endorsed by the Miami-Dade League of Prosecutors to:

Group 11:
Jorge Cueto

Group 18:
Migna Sanchez-Llorens

Group 19:
Patricia Kopco

Group 38:
Mario Garcia

Group 50:
Abby Cynamon

Group 51:
Douglas Chumbley

Group 55:
Jeri Beth Cohen

Group 57:
Bernard Shapiro

County Court:
Norma Lindsey

Sam I Am said...

You're tired of him and it's your blog. But your reluctance is still perplexing. A national figure, a fixture of the conservative right for three decades, is about to be disbarred by a local judge. The case will likely test the first amendment rights of attorneys before the Florida and U.S. Supreme Courts and you'd rather kvetch about elevators?

Anonymous said...

I get it rump-its like michael's conversation with fredo in the boat house

Anonymous said...

The League hit a home run by not endorsing Manny, as he is probably the worst candidate out there to even clean my toilet.

However, a strikeout when endorsing Mario over Glick. Ask anyone at the SAO who took over Mario's caseload if they think Mario is more qualified than Manny to clean my toilet!

Anonymous said...

LEAGUE OF PROSECUTORS wow that sounds like something out of a SUPERMAN episode !!!!!! must be a "south florida" thingy !