Friday, June 17, 2011


What we're watching: Super 8. A super cool movie with some amazing sequences in it....but the ending could have been a bit better.

What we're reading: Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam war by Karl Marlantes. Warning, for you men out there: the opening chapters have a story line guaranteed to make even the toughest guy squeamish. But it's still a great read.

Rumpole Riddle ( (c) Rumpole 2011, all rights reserved.)

We were walking down the street needing change of a dollar for the parking meter. We met an individual. He offered us three coins totaling .75 cents and we accepted. He took our dollar and walked off.

Based on that limited information you should be able to definitively state who we met and state the nature of the proof.

Watch the movie, get the book, solve the riddle, enjoy your weekend.



Anonymous said...

Lebron James. Very funny Rump. I think Lebron has taken enough shit. So the guy is not the best communicator in the world. Let the guy be. He's a kid who had an unstable upbringing and he's had a lot thrown at him for his age. He's an easy target, and the piling on is obsurd. No one who isn't a political world leader should be the subject of so much venom.

Anonymous said...

Lebron James. He's missing the 4th quarter

Anonymous said...

Lebron James. He's missing the 4th quarter

Spiderman said...

Lebron James...doesn't have the 4th quarter.

Although, I heard that he got traded to the Panthers 'cause they only play 3 periods...

A Vet said...

MATTERHORN is the definitive book on being a grunt in Nam. It is the gritty truth about life / death for those of us slightly older.

You are right -- not a pleasant read, but extraordinarily accurate.

Anonymous said...

Rump, you met Lebron James.

Anonymous said...

Here's a riddle:
Go to ""
even odds is next
H.R. 2 1
first name starts with R, last with H.
good luck

btw, today is the 40th anniversary of the war on drugs and this blog is talking about a dopey movie and ball player?


the trialmaster said...

I suggest that everyone leave work 12 minutes early, take a LeBron break. Seriously, this cat makes 48 million a year, so I dont think he really gives a crap about all of this nonsense.

In the news said...

regjb lawyers in the news:

Props to Willie Greene whose on the bag this week for his cousin at the US Open. The guy made the vut yesterday so WIllie will be caddying for the weekend and is guaranteed to make some scratch.

And to our own 007 of DUIs, just snagged a writing credit on the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie set to come out this summer! The guy is exploding and we will all say "we knew him when..."

Anonymous said...

Bill Haast Dies at 100.
go get biten by a snake to remmember him, lol

CAPTAIN said...

Judge Belvin Perry this morning threatened Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez with sanctions including contempt of court for not following a Court Order about witness testimony.

Baez brought William Rodriquez to the witness stand to refute prosecution witness testimony regarding the placement of the duct tape found on Caylee Anthony's skull and other matters.

Rodriquez is a forensic anthropologist with the Department of Defense's Medical Examiner Office and a co-founder of the Tennessee "Body Farm" where studies are made on decomposing bodies.

Rodriquez was making opinions to the jury that were not found in his final report, violating the Judge's orders that all opinions made in court must be contained in a report provided to all parties to the trial. The Judge's intention was to prevent trial "by ambush" where one side would be surprised by unanticipated questioning of witnesses.

The Judge sent out the jury, and harshly chastised Jose Baez for intentionally no obeying the Judge's orders. Judge Perry said Baez picked and chose which court orders he wanted to follow, and indicated there were going to be possible sanctions and a remedy formed so as to punish Baez and on the other hand not be unfair to his client Casey Anthony.

Witness Rodriquez' testimony was ordered to be stopped for today and he will be brought back Monday after the prosecution has a chance to depose him, to see what he is going to testify about.

Judge Perry told Baez he will consider sanctions, including contempt of court, at the conclusion of the trial. Baez had been sanctioned by the Court once before for not following the rules and orders of the Court.

From the Southwest Florida Blog

Anonymous said...

Who is Gregory T. Brown? He has applied for Regional Counsel job to replace Joseph George.

Anonymous said...

Shumie Tampico? Claro! No tiene.....

Rumpole said...

I dont publish items about Judges and their private lives, especially their children, even if the Herald does. Just my rule. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Cap - don't worry! rumpole the world's gift to criminal defense, says "NO BIG DEAL!" when a judge acts in this manner.