Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today is F L A G D A Y .

Deal with it.



Anonymous said...

what do I have to deal with?

Anonymous said...

Since it's Flag Day can any of the The Powers That Be (TPTB) get those raggedy flags hanging outside the REG Building changed to ones that aren't torn. The building manager should be ashamed that at a public government building representing one of the branches of government, they are hanging shredded/ragged flags (MIA Flag, USA Flag & Florida State Flags).

I know it's not as important to many as how many police cars there are in Lot 26, but many lives have been lost in support of the ideals of said flags.

Fake historian said...


Your point is well taken. However, you should know that those tattered, ragged flags that waive at the courthouse are replicas of the flag that was the inspiration for the Star Spangled banner, which flew above Ft. Sumpter.

In 1776, Francis Scott Key saw that flag, and wrote the National Anthem. Soon after the war, in 1791, a federal law passed which required it's recital at all recreational gatherings. It was at that time set to music by President Calvin Coolidge's wife, Selma.

Unfortunately, Selma was tone deaf, and the anthem remains one of the most difficult songs to perform.

More to the point, the replicas of the flags which fly at the courthouse were donated to the county by one of the cities founding fathers, Arthur Deco. Deco made his fortune in the lucrative hotel business in the early part of the 1900's. The "Art Deco" district now bears his name.

So, while I agree new flags are in order, on special days such as this, we should remember our American History, and appreciate the sacrifices of our founding fathers.

After all, Paul Revere didn't ride through the streets of Washington DC, warning the British that more British were coming, letting them know that they couldn't take away our arms, and that we would not accept excessive taxation on muffins from England for nothing.

And that is why all the tea was thrown into the Hudson River at the South Street Seaport, to go with the muffins which had been dumped there by the original Tea Party members.

CAPTAIN said...

To 9:07

Here's an idea. Why don't you go speak with the Building Manager and find out for yourself and report back to us what she says.

Anonymous said...

Hey Captain,

I happen to agree with 9:07. So, your sarcasm isn't appreciated.

PS: Interrogatory sentences usually end with a question mark.
PPS: Your sentence is also a run-on.

Anonymous said...

To Fake Historian:

Flags wave and citizens waive their rights.

And should be its recital, not it's recital.

Fake Historian said...

I'm not only a fake historian, I'm a fake grammar and English teacher. Those "mistakes" are actually the old English usages, which I offen lapse into and forget to edit.

But thank you for your careful reading. I was afraid people would get bored and not read the whole posting. Not everyone is open to the truth.