Monday, June 13, 2011


Zvi Goffer a/k/a Octopussy was convicted Monday in a New York Federal courtroom of security fraud crimes arising from his activities in the Galleon Hedge Fund. In May, billionaire Raj Rajaratnam, the head of Galleon, was also convicted.

We note this case because the defense of Mr. Goffer was handled by two REGJB former PDs: Bill Barzee and "Country" Dave Pettus.

Both Barzee and Pettus were extensively interviewed after the verdict which took eight days. Country Dave probably had the best quote:

David Pettus, another lawyer for Zvi Goffer, said after the verdict that his team tried to pursue the opposite

strategy from that followed by Rajaratnam’s lawyers. Instead of presenting extensive evidence on the defense case, Zvi Goffer’s team focused on trying to undercut the government’s evidence and the cooperating witnesses, he said.

Pettus noted that both cases had similar results: conviction on all counts.

“I guess there’s no defense that’ll work when your guy’s on tape,” he said.

Rumpole notes: Been there and done that brother.



the trialmaster said...

For my money,Judge Baily would be the top choice for the 3d. She is one of the best trial judges I have had the pleasure of trying a case in front of.

CAPTAIN said...



During Obama's first two years in office, judicial vacancies grew from 55 to 97.

In an incredibly rare public appearance in February, White House counsel Bob Bauer warned that the political standoff over judicial nominees was threatening the very fabric of government.

Unless things change, "[w]e will end the year where we started –- with a judicial crisis of unprecedented scope," (Alliance For Justice Report).

But any urgency on the issue doesn't appear to registering on Capitol Hill, where the Senate confirmation process is clogged by partisanship and the only thing anyone seems to agree on is that it's not their Party's fault for the logjam.

Read the entire article here:


Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Country Dave is the philosopher of the month...The guy is brilliant

Anonymous said...

Face it- Lebron and Wade called the Shumie after game 5 and packed it in on game six. Quitters. Not really representative of Shumie Time which is all about winning AND THEN taking off from work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no one has ever walked in a tape case.

Anonymous said...

Who is BB:/kc?

Anonymous said...

3d DCA JNC members include:

Lesley Hunt
Robert M. Levy & Associates, Inc.
Government And Public Relations


Hector Lombana

Does this strike anyone else as being a problem? Exactly how much control over the judiciary, at how many different levels, are we comfortable with these folks having?

And shouldn't Hunt have to recuse in considering any slate of applicants that includes lower court judges (or former judicial candidates) who either hired Levy -- or refused to? And wouldn't that effectively be EVERY slate of applicants.

I know, I know. I'm living in some imaginary land where such blatant conflicts of interest actually matter.

Anonymous said...

Dude should be banned from commenting for next 5 years for that one.

No fan of anal rape said...

That is a really unfortunate nickname to have when you are going to prison.

Anonymous said...

New York is too crowded. Not enough room in that city for Barzee and his ego

Anonymous said...

Like Barzee - good lawyer. On the other hand, country Dave is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I was a pd at the same time as barzee and pettus. I have gotten not guilty verdicts were there was a VIDEO tape. The two of them and their buddies all used to walk around saying it was about stats and was "just a body count." Guess they can add this one to the list. The guy should go to prison for hiring those 2 bozos in the first place.

Anonymous said...

10:58 has an excellent point. Hopefully Scott will remove her and replace her with someone not of Levy's liking.

Anonymous said...

In our ultra competitive I can understand 11:29's hatin' but come on. These guys are trying cases. In federal court. In Manhattan.

You got an NG with video. You try enough cases and that will happen.

Quit hatin' and keep trying cases. It's what we do.

Anonymous said...

dont be surprised if e newbie is coming up the pike to make a bid for a seat. Someone that will follow the law {what a concept}. Tremendous organizational skills and a passion for fair play.Has been on both sides of the play but brings another career to the playing field.