Sunday, June 12, 2011


So here we are, game six in Miami. The home town hoopsters, everyone's preseason pick to sweep the playoffs and get King James crowned, are now a mere 48 minutes away from ignominious defeat.

In order to see and celebrate this moment of infamy in the Magic City, we are safely ensconced in a luxury suite.

See You In Court tomorrow.

Post Script:

And so it ends not with a bang, but a whimper. A real team beats a bunch of high priced prima donnas.

For those of you who kept asking us what we say now about the Heat?

Here now is our answer:

We think they're a bunch of losers with no heart.

Lebron James championship series stats: 10 games (4 last year, 6 this year). Record: 2-8. 7 points in 4th quarter of last game. 1 for 2 from three point range.



Rumpole said...

First quarter complete. Heat down by five. 36 minutes left in this season. Pressure is on. James 4 of 7. Mav's Terry 4 for 4.

Anonymous said...

2nd quarter. Heat down by 12.

Thank god this debacle will end tonight.

Rumpole said...

Oh things look so dim. Would not be surprised to see crowd start to thin out. The pain. The agony. The humiliation of it all.

Rumpole said...

Uhhho...Cheap shot heat start a fight.

Anonymous said...

2nd q

Heat battling back, now up 2 after being down 12.

Thank god this won't end tonight.

Anonymous said...

Small skirmish started by a Dallas shove.

Hockey kicks basketballs ass.

Anonymous said...

4th q

Heat down 9.

Heat better do something, or it will be a long off season.

Anonymous said...

JJ Barrea is the smallest dude on the court and he is OWNING the Heat.

Master Chief said...

I watched the first 90 seconds.

I could not tell if he was speaking in English, and could not understand what he said. He could have confessed to the Lindbergh kidnapping and I would not know it.

Anonymous said...

Morning Radio is going to be horrific tomorrow.

Deron said...

Dirk earned his ring and he was the real closer tonight. He has had to wait on long time for his ring, longer than other superstars. Congrats Dirk, J-Kidd and Co.

Anonymous said...

No heart is right.

Anonymous said...

way to spike the football Rump.

Anonymous said...

they have no heart, a fake coach, and boat loads of money

the announcer said last night - if they dont win, their basketball lives and legacy will be changed forever


you want to talk about no heart? how the fuck do you get paid a billion dollars and bouce the ball off your foot? 18 turnovers? really? i was making 21,000 as a PD and held myself to higher standards.


Anonymous said...


From "The Decision" to the hydraulic lift at the Heat Welcome Party to the Fake Coughs by Wade and Lebron, this season has been a joke. A heartless bunch of players who felt entitled to the Championship.

Never in the era of the "salary cap" has a team been given such an advantage by having three premier players (via collusion, of course) and then choked it. So funny. And to do it on miami's floor is even funnier.

On the day Lebron took his talents to South Beach, the voters in Miami were ready to make him Mayor for life. Now he'd be lucky if someone helped him change a flat on the side of the road.

Other than the 305, the whole country is laughing. Go Mavs

Anonymous said...

Heard Lebron is going to train with the Miami Police Department this off season. They don't hesitate to shoot.

Anonymous said...

I am a true Heat fan and while I am disappointed in their performance in the last two games, I still support them and still see them winning multiple championships. Let's go Heat!

Anonymous said...

Master Chief, WTF are you talking about?

Master Chief said...

Someone had posted a link to Luther Campbell discussing what I suppose was illegal activity in the run for mayor.

I was responding to that post. But it was extremely difficult to understand what Luther was saying, and I could not make out what the poster had alleged was being said.

Sorry, I should have been more specific.