Monday, June 27, 2011


No bones about it, good barbecue is important.
As we wind down in anticipation of the 4th of July holiday there's no time like the present to put the ribs on the table and decide which joint in South Florida is the best.

We start with the nominations:

Shortys- Dadeland. The original and one of the best. Always serves consistently good ribs with a pink interior and excellent sauces which go well on the french fires.

Uncle Toms on SW 8th Street- not the original because the ownership has changed several times since we stumbled in there in....well, a long time ago.

Georgia Pig- apparently in Broward, so that's strike one.

Little Reds State road 84. In Broward (strike one) reviewer called it "sublime" (strike two) but apparently serves collard greens and that's a big plus.

Tony Romas- only place in town that serves beef ribs.

The other issue that must be addressed is dry rub versus ribs cooked in sauce. Put us down for dry rub barbecue but give us some Shortys sauce because it is just so damn good.

The field is open for nominations and reviews....

First prize- an extra large box of prilosec.

See You at the rib joint smothered in grease and sauce.

UPDATE- From Robert Kuntz and others in the comments section, another entry we missed:

Rumpole, as surprised as I am sure we all are, you are wrong. Tony Roma's is not the only place in town that serves beef ribs.

Shiver's BBQ on South Dixie serves brontosaurus-sized beef ribs that are outstanding.

The place also has collard greens and black-eyed peas, a swell corn casserole, and fired pickles -- all required for a great barbecue joint. The gigantic incongruous mural depicting western pioneers is nifty, too.

The place has been in the same family for something like 60 years and, while Shorty's has much to recommend it, I'd give Shiver's the nod as best in town.

Thought I'd chime in to stand up for a south county institution.


Chef said...

New Hickory BBQ!

Golden Corral- all you can eat ribs said...

Shortys is the most overrated joint in Miami.

Bachmann / Palin 2012 said...

Great suff by Michelle Bachmann-

Shares the "John Wayne" spirit.

Unfortunately it is the John Wayne Gacy spirit.

Russian Rib Lover said...

Tom Jenkins hands down is the best BBQ in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Fat Matts in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Dive and a half but great BBQ
and......Beef Ribs
Located out on Tamiaimi Trail
just east of Krome Ave.
Around forever and woth the drive.

But that's just my opinion- I could be wrong

My Two Sons said...

Very funny commentary on our usage of "sublime". We enjoyed the "ribbage".

thefiman said...

Can't leave out Sonny's. Review later.

Anonymous said...

Scruby's, The PIt

The Straw Buyer said...

They all suck. Tom Jenkins in ftl is the best by far.

Anonymous said...

I know you Dade guys like to grumble about coming up to Court in Broward, but one perk is that there is some good BBQ very close to the Courthouse.

There are two places within walking distance of the courthouse. Blue Willy's BBQ trailer is in the parking lot just west of the 110 tower. Also, Texas Hold 'Em BBQ is a block west of Andrews on 7th street. Both of these places offer some fine southern BBQ.

And if that isn't good enough for you, the legendary Tom Jenkins is just a short drive away.

So, if you find yourself depressed by the unreasonable plea offer you got from some Broward ASA, just head over to one of these places and "put some south in your mouth". You'll feel better. Really, you will.

Anonymous said...

Gone for several years now, but who remembers the Professor in the Grove. If you asked him, he would show you the write up he got in GQ (or was it Esquire). Made some awesome street ribs on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

The Pit BBQ is the best.

Anonymous said...

The pit... Out on tamiami before four corners. I remember when that was the middle nowhere. Yo could go out fire 22 at some tin cans and get some bbq while getting eatn by mosquitos. Now there's a strip mall and townhouses next door. Sad. But still good bbq and mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

Shiver's BBQ down in Homestead. Excellent BBQ. This coming from a true southern person. Everything else is garbage down here.

Anonymous said...

A big hint. Rumpole isn't Jewish!

Wise Warren said...

No mention of Shiver's? Doesn't anybody drive south for the racetrack or to go to the Keys? Admittedly it is off the Turnpike so you have to get to US 1 and SW 280th Street. Side dishes include much more than just collard greens!
Collard Greens
Black Eyed Peas
BBQ Beans
French Fries
Cole Slaw
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Sweet Potato Souffle
Cornbread Souffle
Sweet Potato Fries

Hungry yet? Worth the drive.

Robert Kuntz said...

Rumpole, as surprised as I am sure we all are, you are wrong. Tony Roma's is not the only place in town that serves beef ribs.

Shiver's BBQ on South Dixie serves brontosaurus-sized beef ribs that are outstanding.

The place also has collard greens and black-eyed peas, a swell corn casserole, and fired pickles -- all required for a great barbecue joint. The gigantic incongruous mural depicting western pioneers is nifty, too.

The place has been in the same family for something like 60 years and, while Shorty's has much to recommend it, I'd give Shiver's the nod as best in town.

Thought I'd chime in to stand up for a south county institution.

Anonymous said...

Try cooking your own you bum.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're even discussing this if you haven't tried Tom Jenkins in Broward. Tom Jenkins has won every award in town, been on the Travel channel, local news, etc. On Fridays and Saturday nights, you can barely get into the place.

Stolidogue said...

Flanigans (Ask for the king's cut rack and a half) and Smokey bones baby back ribs top the list. Everything else pales in comparison. Except Rump loves the chinese bbq spare ribs at Tien Que Inn on Coral Way.

Anonymous said...

Shivers rules. I was so happy when I heard they survived Andrew. Tom Jenkins is a close 2nd (but they don't take AMEX).

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break. Golden Ribs on Grand Ave. in the Grove. To die for and from. LOL

Anonymous said...

And nobody mentioned Ernie's BBQ and Lounge ?

The BBQ beef or pork sandwich on Bahamian bread with conch chowder (be sure to add plenty of the sherry to the chowder). Not too bad

Anonymous said...

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mikal said...

Never heard of Shivers. I am ready to pack up the family and go.

Anonymous said...

My opinion:
Shiver's is better than Shorty's. (they were owned by the same family originally)
Never had the ribs at Smoke't across from UM but the brisket is delicious - they smoke it there. The fried chicken n waffles are really good too.
The Pit BBQ on Tamiami Trail used to be my favorite; those fry biscuits and gator bite were delicious.
Last few times though, gone somewhat downhill. And no, this isn't meant to be racist or divisive, but you shouldn't have fried pork chunks and maduros at a southern style bbq place.
Stick to the BBq and keeping it good.

Anonymous said...

Tom Jenkins is the best

Anonymous said...

Fake Mark Eiglarsh will be interviewed on 610 radio tomorrow at 10:00 am by jimmy cefalo for his opinion on the differences in quality in barbeque in miami. he will also notify the entire florida bar in the lawyer's notes section next edition.

Anonymous said...

fake mark eiglarsh will be appearing on 610 radio at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to give you HIS OPINION on the differences in quality between the various barbeque joints others have posted. he then will notify the entire 91000 members of the florida bar of HIS FINDINGS AND OPINION to all in the next edition of the florida bar news. finally, he will be giving a talk to the opa locka barbeque association( membership 12) at their annual ribs & news luncheon on july 17th at 11 am at rudy johnsonn's backyard barbeque pit. more to follow.

Anonymous said...

The Pit on 441 and 118 was good , but gone. The guy in the west grove who sold it ot the window, great but gone. Plantation Pit is gone. Not sure if the BBQ on 8th street/ the Trail about 140th or so [ on the way to the range]is still there, but they had Good . Best BBQ is at my house slow smoked w. oak, hickory and sometimes pepper and fruit tree wood. Homemade slaw, red beans.

Ain't Nothing Like 'Em Nowhere said...

The best BBQ in the land-- Tuscaloosa's original Dreamland Bar-B-Que

Anonymous said...

Last night Eiglarsh called the Judge "the fat man wearing polyester".

And today, daddy Anthony was accused of having an affair with a lady who volunteered to search for his granddaughter. And he was asked if he told her that Caylee's death was an accident and it got way out of hand.

And now the guy who found the body is testifying that when he saw the skull the first time, he and his two co-workers were more interested in a dead rattlesnake that a possibly skull.

This trial gets crazier and crazier with each witness taking the stand.

Anonymous said...

Flynn's Dixie Ribs. Talk about going in the way back machine.

Anonymous said...

what about Stubys in Broward (I don't know about Dade)

Anonymous said...

Lucy's All-Pro in Opa Locka

Rumpole said...

Hey Robert- is a "fired pickle" one that was on that show with Donald Trump but loses and gets fired?

Toosie fan club said...

Ohhhga! All the boys at Club Duce in Sobe want to see more reviews from Toosie!

Ohh Toosie....toodle doo...can you give us more sublime reviews of say a french restaurant, a nice pinot grigio, a good opera or even a Bette Middler album?

Come on Toosie- don't play shy with us. We adore you.

Fake john hein said...

This blog is insane. And has jumped the shark with Toosie.

Anonymous said...

new chinatown in south miami, great ribs.

Anonymous said...

LinkedIn shares up today. Did you close out that put position?

Rumpole said...

I've been shorting Linkedin and trading it down since it was 100 on Friday May 20. Its currently up ten dollars today from a close of 75 to an open of 85. I promise you I will be shorting it more in the following days and buying more puts. The stock is down 15% from its initial debut and in my view it has about 85 more points to lose. It is valueless and a piece of junk.

shumie for rump said...

Rumpole's going BANKRUPT! Better start selling subscriptions to this rag

Bears for Toosie said...

Toosie! OH Toosie.....where are you? Cat got your tongue? (Lucky kitty)

Russian Rib Lover said...

With Tom Jenkins at the top, Scrubby's of Broward is damn close second...

South Florida Lawyers said...

No love for People's?

South Florida Lawyers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Kuntz said...

Pointing out typos in blog comments is the act of a little and a petty man, Horace.

Anonymous said...

LinkedIn could be another CROX. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Bulldog BBQ, North Miami. Always packed. Always good.
But...nothing beats good ol' Corky's Memphis BBQ which you can find at the airport or order online FEDEX on dry ice delivered to your door to cook at your own BBQ.

Scott Saul said...

Tom Jenkins-great ribs, fries, collard greens

Scruby's-best smoked Turkey

Georgia Pig-pulled pork

Shorty's -BBQ chicken wings

CAPTAIN said...

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Anonymous said...

Cheesecake Factory used to have a rack of ribs that you could die for, and then one day not on the menu anymore.

Chile's has some good ribs.

Anonymous said...

There are 91,000 members of the Florida Bar?!?

Jesus, some of you old guys have to die already.

Anonymous said...

Can we change the barbecue subject? Everyone has different taste, all right. I want Rump to address something that's important. LOT 26 is no longer giving out decals. They prefer to go by tag numbers. What do you think will happen when one of these chicas or chicos can't freaking read the right number and tow my car by mistake? What right do I have if things are missing from my car and it's scratched up? I don't own an expensive car, but it's paid for and it looks nice and clean, and I paid my dues every month. HELP....

Anonymous said...

I am all for Tom Jenkins in Fort Lauderdale, been eating there for a decade and a half now.

As for People's I heard it was better a decade ago.

Moreover, People's BBQ had some incident where the health dept shut it down for something not too cool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Rump could still be Jewish.
Go to www.BBQJew.com

BBQ Lover said...

Tom Jenkins might be the best BBQ place in town if they didn't insist upon chopping the brisket into baby food.

When I asked why they perform this strange ritual, they said they had to do it in order to weigh the product.


Only in Broweird....