Sunday, May 08, 2011


BLOODLUST: Thirty years after first securing a conviction and death sentence, the same white Texas state prosecutor is again trying to kill the same black defendant even though the US Supreme court reversed the verdict and sentence, finding that the Bowie County prosecutors who tried the case suppressed evidence and deliberately covered their mistakes for decades. The NY Times coverage is here.

Chaos in the closing moments of the Florida Legislative session as Senate President Mike Haridopolos (R-"Let them eat cake") saw his carefully crafted session devolve into internecine fighting among Republicans.

The title of the post links to the Herald article.

Some highlights:

The end of the lawmaking session Saturday should have been Mike Haridopolos’ triumph – a celebration of the Republican agenda that the Florida Senate president touts in his U.S. Senate race.

But Haridopolos was a model of dejection. It was the middle of the night — 3:35 a.m. — and the session had unraveled in its final hours, with Republicans fighting Republicans, Senate vs. House...

The man he called his “friend,” House Speaker Dean Cannon, helped put him in this predicament. The two are the Florida Legislature’s most powerful lawmakers....

I just candidly never saw this coming,” said Haridopolos, who tried to accommodate Cannon all session. But Haridopolos’ concessions only sowed resentment with rank-and-file senators. ...

House members retaliated by killing Senate bills and stripping a gambling deal from a tax-cut bill that helped operators of amusement arcade games like Whac-A-Mole. That forced the Senate into the wee hours as bleary-eyed senators were rousted from bed, bars or their offices...

You have a Senate president running for higher office and he’s much more limited in what he can do,” said Rep. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth. “He needs to be aware of every step he takes because it can be used against him. There’s no doubt about it. Dean Cannon did that. He played Mike Haridopolos.”



Last week I was angry. This week I am perplexed.



Why do you- Mr. Fat, bald, way on the end of middle age, hit on me? Is it your pathetic belief that your Ferrari will somehow make me blind to everything repugnant about you?

Why are they rebuilding about 9 sections of Brickell Ave at the same time? It takes me an hour to get from one end to the other, even on weekends.

Why does any competent attorney want to be a judge? Isn't the appeal of a high six figure salary enough to overcome your petty desires to be in charge? Oh I get it now. You were never good enough to gross 100 a year. Now I understand why the office is so damn attractive to you.

Why are civil lawyers such snots?

Why are gas prices so high? Its a total rip off.

Whats the appeal of Hard Rock gambling? Its not Vegas. Its not close to Vegas. Its a bunch of white trash people with teeth missing pouring money down the drain. Nothing exciting or elegant about that.

I'm done for now.

Secret Judge said...

Rump: Why do you find it necessary to identify the prosecutor as white and the defendant as black. The prosecutor acts as he does because he is intellectually challenged, not because he is of the white race. Would you do the same if the the prosecutor was black and the defendant white. I dare say, not a chance. Otherwise, thanx for sharing this article with us.

Anonymous said...

Who is this impatient, intolerant poor soul who has the money to live in the nicest neighborhood without the intellectual insight to acknowledge that the city is improving the streets for the future. The future is the finish line.

It's not today as you are tapping your fake fingernails on the steering wheel of the BMW that you drive while wearing your tight skirt and also having the time to work out six nights a week at the gym. Some of us have children and parents to care for.

And this is not even to mention the lack of spiritual insight this person has for the variety of human conditions we all see every day.

Let me tell you that judges are public servants. Some of us were raised to be grateful for what we have and we have an obligation to give back to the community not matter how much we have or don't have.

Fifty years ago Freedom Riders who were white Vista and Peace Corp volunteers came to the South to register Blacks to vote. They risked their lives. One such man became a Judge. The irony is lost on you.

CAPTAIN said...



Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who work so hard in their own lives, their jobs, and then come home to work even harder for their spouse, their children, and the home itself.

Today is your day and we don't say it enough - THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

I am left wondering how many others were sentenced to death, and were actually executed in Texas alone, because of prosecutorial misconduct and jury bigotry. Just waiting for the whitewash in the Willingham case by the "new and impartial panel" that investigated the case.

I know this stuff happens in Florida as well. Until the prosecutors who engage in this type of behavior are embarrassed to resign or are criminally charged, nothing will change.

Angry and Perplexed: Men will be men. Since most of the women in south florida are shallow and confuse love and compatibility with a fast car - instead of a big pinga - most men will be able to bag dopey chicas repeatedly, at least for a fortnight.

Civil lawyers are snots because the system lets them get away with being snots. They game the system. A client can spend 50k litigating an issue but the second they run out of money, the attorney files a motion to get out of the case. It is funny to see them in court all dressed up in their expensive suits and fancy ties, thinking that they breathe air that is different than ours.

Mikal said...

Mon Capeeetan,

Couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...


I know that you must miss your Mom. She was a wonderful lady. I know that she is looking down at you with pride.

A Friend

Anonymous said...

Dear Angry and Perplexed,

Why is a female public defender with a nice apartment on Brickell Ave., who dresses to be noticed and admired, get offended when a man who finds you attractive lets you know it.

Have you ever considered that there is more to Mr. Fat balding middle age than his Ferrari? Or maybe it is you who is shallow and belieives that only some guy, probably younger than you with as much substance as a well made souffle, can provide satisfaction.

Did you ever think some lawyers become judges because they beleive in the system ,after taking, want to give something back and do the right thing?

What a self centered little bitch you are.

Think about it.

Rumpole said...

Secret Judge:

Because his conduct galls me and I am implying racism. But you are correct. There is no reason for that. Of more important is the issue that the Defendant is black and the victim is white. Because we know statistically that is the type of crime that prosecutors most commonly seek the death penalty on. And that is a clear and classic case of institutional racism that cannot be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Angry and Perplexed is a dude with a little tiny pee pee.

Angry gurl said...

I see the creatins commonly associated with this blog are out in force.

1 my nails are real.
2 I'm not a pd. I don't believe in free lawyers. Read or see Atlas Shrugged to understand why.
3 It goes without saying I am female.
4 It's not the Ferrari that bothers me. It's that he's fat. i don't like fat people. I made that very clear last week. And he tries to cover up his personal failings and weakness with a 250k car. It's not the car that annoys me. I drive the new Jag. But before I could afford it I drove a used Toyota. I approve of luxury items earned that serve the purpose of bringing comfort. I disapprove of so called status symbols used as slight of hand to try and get me to not see a glaring weakness.

Anonymous said...

"who dresses to be noticed and admired, get offended when a man who finds you attractive lets you know it."

-Not all females (such as myself) get offended when a man compliments her. My usual response is thank you with a smile.

Happy Mothers Day.

Anonymous said...

@3:39-- I AGREE.

There are many women who like overweight men and vice verse. It is far more likely to be one's personality or low self-esteem that that men find unattractive. Inner beauty makes for a beautiful person. Get to know someone first before judging them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like j. meatballs' food also. I especially like that he isn't a rat.

Anonymous said...

To angry gurl:

It's sleight of hand. There are some things money can't buy, like sympathy for others, continuing spiritual insight and growth, class, and dignity.

You may drive it, but you are far from it.

Anonymous said...

To Angry Gurl:

Boy, the reason people are responding to you is because you are under our skin.

Have you ever thought that Mr. Bald and fat, while taking you to dinner and possibly offering you a refuge in this life has any feelings or are your feelings most important?

You hate fat people so much because while Mr. Bald and fat is sitting at the dining table in a beautiful restaurant, you are in the bathroom hugging the porcelain god so that you can maintain your self-image.

What if he knew he paid for something that was literally a waste?

Starving yourself is a disease and there are no winners.

Anonymous said...


If you're so concerned with due process why no posts on Obama's decision to order the assassination of an American citizen?


Middle-Aged Lady-Lawyer said...

Poor, Pathetic ANGRY GURL,

As smart as you seem to think you are, you apparently do not know how to spell.

The word you used ("slight") is the wrong word.

Actually it is "sleight of hand" with an "e" in it, but you were too busy polishing your nails and working out at the gym to be educated enough to know that.

Keep trying Sweetheart. Remember you won't always be young.

Eventually you will lose your looks. Then you will be a more hateful, miserable angry witch than you are now.

Getting old is a bitch, but as some say, it beats the alternative.

That fat guy with the nice car might have a great personality, or be brilliant, or have a fabulous sense of humor. Unfortunately you you are too shallow to ever be lucky enough to find that out.

Smart Gurl said...

I actually INTENDED to use "slight" of hand you ignorant mopes because I was making a pun on fatso's "slight" self esteem and his misguided attempt to cover his shortcomings with an expensive vehicle.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more funny. Angry gurl who is really a guy pretending to be a gurl or all the readers who are replying to HIS comments?

Anonymous said...

Hey @12:45– Since most of the women in south florida are shallow....

Say what you really mean-- aka “The Real Housewives of Miami.”

My ideal woman-- leggy, slender, bronze skinned, NOT A BITCH, human-centered, can sympathize for their fellow human. Attractive heart– attractive face.

Thin and Angry GURL said...

I'm ignoring you 9:42.But for the rest of you, let me explain in english you can understand. OBESITY IS A SELF CREATED EPIDEMIC. People do it to themselves. I see it all the time. I see it in the movie theatre with the enormous tub of popcorn and I see them thinking "its popcorn, its healthy" or "I'm entitled to enjoy myself. I'll be good later." Then later comes and they get invited to dinner at a restaurant they've never been to before and they're thinking "I've never been here before, I want two appetizers and the side of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes" and then the next day they're at a buffet and they load up because they want to get their money's worth and on and on the gluttony goes until they're bursting at the seams and then they get a heart attack or cancer of the bowels and their health insurance is not that good so they end up at Jackson and I'm footing the bill for their endless double fudge Sundaes.

I've had enough. There is no obesity in North Korea because there is a food shortage. There was little obesity in Japan and China until we won WWII and brought with us our western diet and portion size. The simple fact is people are fat because they eat too much. And my response is "kill yourself on your own dime and time and don't ask me to pay for your triple bypass."

I know that a very very small percentage of obesity is not a self inflicted disease and I feel for those people. But for the 99% of the 40% of the US public that is overweight I have no sympathy at all. Put down that damed doughnut and eat a piece of fruit and get out and walk a few blocks in the morning. Do that every day and you will find yourself jogging those few blocks, then some more and then some more and suddenly you don't want the potato chips and ice cream but you feel like some brown rice and broccoli and all of the sudden after a few months of this your fat clothes are all too big and you're feeling better, looking better and happier. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

yup, I stand by my earlier words:

Angry and Perplexed is a dude with a little tiny pee pee.

Anonymous said...

New levels of intolerance here on the blog.

People who hate fat people. People who hate pretty young women. People who hate pretty people who are disgusted by fat people. People who hate liberals who hate bigots. Conservatives who hate people who point out injustice.
People who hate judges for not being good enough lawyers to not want to be judges.

Is this a great country or what? Plenty of hate to go around.

Anonymous said...

I thought 'GURL's were trannys?

Anonymous said...

Angry Girl is a fat,ugly girl,how do I know?

1. There are literally no HOT girls in RGB (no offense but most HOT girls don't practice law, they practice bottle service, bar service or escort service.

2. Last I checked, I and look nearly every morning, aint no ferarri's up in this piece.

3. gas prices actually DROPPED last week.

My conclusion, angry girl is actually an Administrative Judge known in County Court for her/his large soda container and 3 options.

Anonymous said...

I see, Angry Gurl, and you probably INTENDED to use "creatins" as some form of irony as well.

Anonymous said...

7:37 a.m.

You are a homo.

There are LOTS of hot girls at the REGJB, and not just "courthouse cute."

I will list a few (not in any particular order):

1) Andrea Cunill
2) Alyson Falik
3) Zelka Bozanjic
4) Kristy Nunez (ASA)
5) Helen Amarantos
6) Judge Miranda
7) Judge Bronwyn Miller
8) Judge Bloom

I would mention about a half dozen County Court ASAs and PDs but I cannot think of them by name. There are some very cute girls in the newer classes.

Open your eyes. We walk around in a daze because we're preoccupied with our morning calendars but there are lots of very attractive women in the Miami-Dade criminal justice system. There are even a few hot female cops.

I have practiced in a number of Florida counties and I contend that Miami-Dade produces some of the best looking attorneys, judges, staff...even clients.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have a beautiful looking female friend- inner and outer beauty. She is nice to everyone, never goes around talking about people, never does any self boasting, mostly keeps to herself yet a lot of people look down on her and make comments and remarks and assume she has this"superiority" attitude making her sometimes feel weak and insecure. I tell her jealously is somewhat a form of flattery or Pscy 101-- those who put others down are trying to make themselves feel better.

I am interested to hear perspectives on why people-- women in particular-- treat pretty women in a different way than if they were to see someone they thought was less attractive than themselves. Are they afraid attractive women are a threat to their hubbies and boyfriends?

Anonymous said...

My two cents--
12:35 brings up an interesting topic. Beautiful girls who are weak and insecure for another reason. They do not get asked out and may believe because there is something wrong with them. IMHO the reason guys dont ask out pretty girls is they basically are afraid of them. It is like their ultimate dream to get a really pretty girl to go out with them and if they reject them, it is heart and mind crushing. A lot of girls I know who are very pretty, pleasing manners towards everyone and intelligent don't have boyfriends because no one asks them out! Which is understandable because--

-they look unapproachable, 'she is out of my league', guys are too nervous or shy.

-or think they are not available- 'she's gotta have a boyfriend.'

Bring in the jealous women @12:35 writes about who make pretty girls feel 'weak and insecure.' THANK YOU! Us nerds swoop in and go for the kill!!

Anonymous said...

12:35, Ummmmmm- you answered your own question; those who put others down are trying to make themselves feel better.

Question-- When a guy looks at another woman-- the girlfriend/wife will get angry at the woman? Why?

Shouldn’t she be angry at her boyfriend/husband?

Rumpole said...

1:53- I am sorry but that is an old tale that is not true. Beautiful women have more men asking them out then they know what to do with. I am sure of it, having been turned down by just about every beautiful woman I have approached, only to watch them saunter off with someone else. They are not lonely, that is a myth they perpetrate. And not that I want to get involved in this debate with Angry Girl, but beautiful thin women who claim that they don't diet and eat tons of food are also lying. It's another lie they perpetuate because they don't want to seem self centered. But all those impossibly thin women are thin becasue they eat like two crackers and three grapes a day.

Anonymous said...

Rumppole I agree with what you are saying but there is a bit of truth in the comment left by 1:53.

Anonymous said...

@1:53– THANK YOU! Us nerds swoop in and go for the kill!!

Terry Pratchett has a hypothesis in one of his novels-- beautiful females are assumed to be 'out of my league' or 'must already be spoken for' by most men, so they go ignored. He theorizes men are often surprised to the point of annoyance when they see beautiful women on the arms of plain looking guys.

Anonymous said...

Disagree Rump-- dont lump all beautiful women in one group. I personally know at least a dozen young women who are the whole package: Nice to look at, smart, curious, funny, interesting, generous. And they're all unattached. It strikes me as crazy.

Nerdy Lawyer Looking For Love said...

3:41-- Reasons Nerds do well with sexy girls and beautiful women.

Nerdy guys are usually polite, courteous and very appreciative. They nearly always are quick to be a friend. They are seldom sarcastic to a woman and almost always hates sports. They will almost never fight over the remote control.

Look at all the different types of men in our world. You have the hunky body builders who often has s commitment phobia, the outlaws of our society, physically and verbally abusive men, the men who think they are G-d's gift, the serial daters, rapists, and men who are truly desperate.

And of course, you have the Nerds.

Women are not stupid.. More often than not, women look down the road and ask what type of husband or father the man will be. Even sexy women want a good man who will be around for the long haul.

Why would the smart sexy girls want to be with a nerd?

Well, more often than not, we all have a visual of a nerd. That visual is usually this: No.1 Wears Glasses. No.2 Skinny. No.3 Smart No.4 Nice. Guess what? A man could always go from wearing glasses to contacts or lasik, a man can easily get into shape, if he wishes. Nothing wrong with intelligence or being a nice person, is there?

Nine reasons a good, smart sexy girl would want to date or marry a nerd.

No.1 They don't intimidate and usually don't play games. No.2 They don't expect much from anyone. No.3 They usually come from a good family. No.4 They are very intelligent. No.5 They are usually the highest INCOME producers in our society. No.6 They are reliable and dependable. No.7 They are very appreciative. No.8 They usually make good loyal husbands. No.9 They are great providers and great fathers.

After knowing this, why would a beautiful sexy woman want anything but a nerd? Your guess is a good as mine. If you see a sexy woman with any man other than a nerd, then you'll know she's not usually looking down the road very far or she has probably made a big mistake. No.1 They don't intimidate and usually don't play games. No.2 They don't expect much from anyone. No.3 They usually come from a good family. No.4 They are very intelligent.
No.5 They are usually the highest INCOME producers in our society. No.6 They are reliable and dependable. No.7 They are very appreciative. No.8 They usually make good loyal husbands No.9 They are great providers and great fathers.

After knowing this, why would a beautiful sexy woman want anything but a nerd? Your guess is a good as mine. If you see a sexy woman with any man other than a nerd, then you'll know she's not usually looking down the road very far or she has probably made a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that 10:53 is blind, crazy or a woman.