Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Longtime and careful blog readers know that neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor gloom of night shall stay Rumpole from the swift completion of his planned blog post.

But the killing of Osama Bin Laden will do it every time.

Here was the post, with appropriate and timely changes, that was due to brighten your Monday:

The Broward JAA Blog's coverage of L'Affair Du Judge Ilona Homes just keeps percolating along.

They posted this "we're sort of sorry" letter from the BSO to Judge Holmes and her family.

The gist of the letter is - reading between the lines- that "you're black and in every other circumstance when we come out to a home black people- especially black people who carry guns (even lawfully as Judge Holmes was doing) go to jail, so count yourself as lucky for now." It's really quite insulting and puts blame on everyone and anyone except those who responded to the call.

Here is the press conference of Judge Holmes' family.

Sunday was "Yom Hashoah"- Holocaust remembrance day.

This is one of many websites in which you can access and get the names of Holocaust victims. It is a meaningful experience to pick out the particular name of a person or a family and spend a year repeating their name, remembering their birthday or the day they were killed.

DOM opines on federal criminal discovery practices ( general rule-"nothing shall be disclosed to the defense that will help the defense...").

Our fear is that far from getting Congress to change the law, Florida Legislators will read DOM's piece and start looking at Rule 3.220 and getting ideas.

Speaking of the Florida Legislature, they did something to the Supreme Court but ended up not being able to split the court into two sections (the "appeal granted section" in which one clerk is given one "appeal granted" stamp, and the "appeal denied" section in which 150 clerks are given 150 "appeal denied" stamps).

Although defeat is indeed an orphan, the Republican dominated Legislature is not discouraged. Plans were announced for next year to "get rid of that dad-gum reasonable doubt crap that is ruining our society."

Today we are safer. We feel safer. How about you?

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Here is something good...

Miami-Dade starts specialized drug court for military veterans
.For the first time, drug-addicted veterans facing low-level drug charges will get coordinated assistance from the Veterans Affairs agency and the courts.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/30/2197989/miami-dade-starts-specialized.html#ixzz1LHtyzp5I

Anonymous said...

Browsed judge Fisman locks court room doors also.
OMG how ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch.

What happended at her home is karma for all the times she scoffed at police making mistakes or intolerance by police.

It is what it is.

There are 8 million stories int eh naked city.

Speaking of nekid, can we get back to the debauchery please? we dont get that in federal court.

Anonymous said...

If Judge Holmes had not ID'd herself as a Circuit Court Judge, she would have been shot dead. A black woman with a gun facing down BSO? No question.

The institutional racism that plagues Broward County (almost in accepted fashion) needs to finally be addressed.

RFB said...

No longer being a regular (read paid) contributor to this blog does not prevent me from explaining in detail why the events of the last few days are ONE BIG LIE

1) WHO BENEFITS? From Osama's death? Obama. He had budget problems, birther problems, and debt ceiling problems. This changes the conversation in a hurry.

2) BEST EVIDENCE IS BIN LADEN WAS ALREADY DEAD- This was the best guess of the very well respected Pakistani Intelligence Service. Navy Seals have video cameras in their helmuts. WE HAVE NOT SEEN ONE PICTURE. WHY? Because Hollywood is not finished with the sets yet.


4) WHY ARE WE NOW READY TO BELIEVE THE SAME GOVERNMENT WHO TOLD US SADDAM HAD WMDS? Are you that trusting without seeing one picture? I'm not.

Just a few things to think about while we who labor for the truth continue our work.

Anonymous said...

2:32 - you are a genius.

Still pissedthat you never saw a photo of Moses to prove he existed? Did Brutus get blamed for something that took place while he was on the toilet? Was John Wiles Booth a patsy - perhaps hired by Castro?

I know -- if you did not see it, it must be faked. Cannot wait till they take you back to your home planet.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Sanchez-Llorens' JA?

Fake Nancy Wear said...

You are all diseased

RFB said...

3:14- We SAW photos of WMD mobile chemical weapons truskc (remember Colin Powell showed those at the UN) AND we had a snitch codenamed Curveball who told us Saddam had WMDs.

How did that turn out for you and Collin Powell?

Suckers. One born every minute.

Yeah- Bin Laden did the equivalent of house arrest in a house with no internet, 4 wives, 12 kids for six years? You can bvelieve it if you want.

RFB said...

Oh yeah- now we learn we sent 40, 50, 60 Seals to kill an UNARMED MAN. Click the link. The BBC confirms OBL was UNARMED.

Anonymous said...

2:32- you probably think the whole moon landing was fake also.

Anonymous said...

what do rules say about calling the shumie on cinco de shumie? what is the earliest?

Anonymous said...

Who cares. I hope they unLEGged him too. And unheaded....

Anonymous said...

If Obama were to walk on water a lot of ignorant right wing racsists would complain that he cannot swim. Some of these assholes prefer that this country fail as long as it means Obama not succeed. Well fuck you traitors. God bless America, God bless our troops and thank you God for sending us a competent commander in chief.

shumie-for-old-tymers said...

Only you came when I needed a friend,
Believed in me through thick and thin.
This song is for you,
Filled with gratitude and love.

-This is what shumie calls music.

Anonymous said...

who cares if Osama was unarmed! There was not option but to kill him. Taking him alive would only have risked greater tragedies. Do we forget when Taliban faction threatened U.N. captives and demand release of prisoners or hostages will die back in 2004 or 2008 when Al-Qaeda in North Africa demanded prisoner swap for Austrian hostages or how about in 2009 when Philipino tribesmen kidnapped 16 hostages, including two schoolchildren and demanded a release of a prisoner relative. Just think what they would do if we had Bin Ladin Alive and in Custody. They would wreck full on war fare to get their leader back. In my heart I know death to Osama was the only option!

Anonymous said...


You are wrong. Bin Laden was armed. Al Jazzera reported he had a 737 hidden under his turban.


Anonymous said...

Let me just add a few more examples of why Osama could not be taken alive: Al-Qaeda demands release of prisoners in exchange for Spaniards Dec 10, 2009; Yemeni tribesmen hold a German family hostage demanding the release of two Yemenis detained in the United States for supporting Al-Qaeda 18 Dec 08;

2007-07-25 The 23 South Koreans were kidnapped by Taliban militants on a road in the central Ghazni province demanded the exchange of eight Taliban prisoners for eight hostages first, a tribal elder engaged in the talks told Xinhua.

Need I say more. For your sake and mine Osama had to die.

Anonymous said...


Why does it matter if Bin Laden was armed or not.

If he was found laid prostrate, strapped to a gurney, in the middle of dialysis, I would still want a Navy Seal to shoot him in the face.

What is worse than your stupid conspiracy theory crap is that for some reason, Islamic law was respected and he was buried in compliance with Muslim custom. This was done despite the fact that he did not live as a devout Muslim, ignored Islamic teachings, and his thousands of victims will never have that same opportunity for a respectful burial.

They should have dragged his rotten corpse throughout he streets of NY, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Someone actually paid you to write this drivel? RFB, you are just a MORON. Please skulk back under your rock and entertain yourself with your huge collection of conspiracy theory books. As for Bin Bin being unarmed? Why should he be armed, when he's been living the life of a Real Housewife of Orange County for six years under the protection of the Pakistani Government? Got what was coming to him, an American made bullet to the head. Dude, wake up. Let me guess? Everyone is persecuting you too?

RFB said...

No answered my question- how did the PROOF of Saddam having WMDs turn out for Powell and America? How many people died because of THAT LIE?

Reader from ABBOTABOB, PAKISTAN said...

HANZMAN gets appointed Circuit Court Judge later this week by the Governor ......... Judge Skip Gross' seat.

Anonymous said...

RFB, English your first language? What? Saddam was good?

old guy said...

Hey, RFB:

Let me get this straight - just because Bush was either a complete idiot and/or a lousy liar -- or more probably both; therefore all events that are EVER reported as true are similarly lies.

I think you missed the days in Logic class when the Venn diagrams were explained.

For example, even if the George Washington story about the cherry tree may not be true, that does not mean that he was not our first president?

OK - we were lied to about WMD's, but we did attack in Normandy on D-day [just before my birth], and the Sun is perceived as rising in the East.

What does your point have to do with anything? If Osama is alive, let him appear on CNN and tell me so. Until then, shut up!

Anonymous said...

If Bin Laden had been taken alive, who here would have taken his case?

What would you charge?

What would be your defense?

Anonymous said...

"very well respected Pakistani Intelligence Service"......

I spit my coffee laughing at that one.


Anonymous said...

Can we ban this RFB troll?

RFB said...

You people are all idiots. No one wants to answer my question about Iraq WMDS and how the lies Bush said worked out for the 2000+ americans killed because of his lie.

Second. Have you seen a body?

third. No one wants to answer my original question: who has more to gain from this news than Obama? Who does?

But you stupid fools keep believing the pablum your government feeds you like good liitle apparachniks.

remember - officially Seal Team Six DOESNT EXIST. Sort of sounds like a Tom Clancy novel doesn't it?

Then- Bin Laden had a gun. Now he didn't. Then his wife was killed, now she was shot in the leg. then he used her as a shield, now she charged the seal. Then no one was taken alive, now his son was taken alive.

you all as attorneys would eat up any witness who changed their story this much this quickly after the event except this story which has you all hypnotized.


Anonymous said...

That is a great question. Say there was a garuntee my life would not be in danger then I would take the case for 35 million dollars or more because after that my career would be over. However knowing that my life would be in danger there would not be large enough price because not only would representing Osama be a career ending move it would also be a life ending move and I absolutely love life more than money! As a crim def. lawyer we say everyone is entitled to their day in court. What would Osama have to lose the offer would not be anything less than death. In reality Osama is no worse than John Gatsy or Luis Alfredo Garavito ( the colombian who admitted raping and killing over 140 children). They were defended in court too. The thing is that there would be such an outrage at anyone with balls enough to act as his defense attorney and there are people in this country who would kill that or those attorneys. I mean Noriega was defended and he was responsible for plenty of killings. Interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Is RFB Charlie Sheen? Fools, trolls!

Anonymous said...

Dear RFB:

It is too bad that you weren't in that house in Pakistan when the Seals stormed in...

Anonymous said...


Prove to me Bin Laden is alive....

Anonymous said...

The potential for confusion that exists when there is a SEAL Team insertion in the middle of the night halfway around the globe involving an intense firefight which involves the search for the world's number one fugitive; the detonation of a downed helo; extraction of our forces via plan B with the body of Bin Laden plus potential intel and a flight through Pakastani airspace as they scrambled their fighters (all in secrecy), is great! It is not until the forces are back on the ground and their after action reports are filed that the full picture begins to emerge and can be communicated back to the powers that be. We have grown so accustomed to "instant news" that we are not satisfied unless we have the complete story immediately.

There will always be those individuals that will either complain or cry conspiracy, that is unavoidable. The bottom line is that Osama could not have been brought back alive because of the potential ongoing liability. I do not know what their rules of engagement were but this was not a court of law, this was a battlefield where our brave soldiers risk their lives every day.

We did not drag Bin Laden's body through the streets because it may sound strange, but our society is better than that. We are not perfect, but to drag his dead body through the streets of New York while people chanted and cheered would reduce us down to the level of the very terrorists we are trying to eliminate. Once dead, Osama no longer posed a threat and it was up to us to demonstrate who we really are and I believe that by providing the body with a Muslim burial, we showed the world that our war is not with the Muslim faith. You have to remember that Osama's original beef with the U.S. was that the arrival of our troops on sacred land desicrated their soil. The burial at sea provided a Muslim service, it disposed of the body and it did so in a way that eliminated any location for a shrine. It is a win, win solution.

I would expect more revelations to come out about the operation in the days to come as all the reports are digested but that is the nature of this type of exercise...it was a precision military operation carried out by professional soldiers by the order of their Commander and Chief, it was not a political exercise carried out for the press by the SEALS by the order of the President. Who cares what Fox, CNN or anyone else wants at this point, thanks to the brave members of SEAL Team 6, no more Bin Laden, no body and no shrine and plenty of intelligence to work over in the coming months. There is still plenty of work to be done in the war but this was a significant victory.

Anonymous said...

RFB is a dumb ass clerk that is frustrated because he has to stamp our pleadings.

Anonymous said...

Can someone call the 9th floor at DCJ and tell them that some dude calling himself "RFB" got out of his cell and is using a computer.

RFB said...

So as I understand everyone else's philosophy it boils down to this:

THAT ENDS IT. (Proof not needed.)"


Also- BTW- didn't we make it illegal for the President of the United States to order the assassination of someone?


Executive Order 11905, issued in 1976 by President Gerald Ford, reads: "No employee of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination.

In 1981 Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12333, which disallows the US from pursuing targeted assassinations. Likewise, international law forbids this type of action.

That, by the way boys and girls, is why the Hollywood/White House first told you Bin Laden had a gun and later backed down to the ultimately ridiculous statement that Bin laden was "resisting without a gun." This way they can plausibly call the action an action to arrest (not kill) Bin laden and he was only killed when he resisted. However, liars that they are, they ignore that they considered dropping 32(!!!) bombs on the compound. The more you examine this the more you realize they can't keep their lies straight. Sounds like an operation run by the City of Miami Narcotics unit.

What did he do? Throw a Koran at the Seal? Assuming this happened at all, and as I have shown, it didn't.

Just one more lie they can't account for.

Hey, Abbotabad!! said...

Just wondering...Is there a Costelloabad?

Who's on first.
What's on second.
I don't know is on third.

Anonymous said...

Dear RFB:

I don't know exactly what happened. Bt I do know this. The last thing Osama Bin Laden, that sorry pathetic excuse for human excrement ever saw was an american bullet as it passed through his eye and blew out his brain. That makes me happy. Let it be known that no matter who you are, if you mess with us, we will hunt you down, no matter how long it takes, and kill you.
My only hope is that they didn't kill Osama, but that they whisked him away to some private CIA prison where they are torturing him in the worst possible ways--defiling him, humiliating him, and castrating him without anesthetics. That would make me happy.
However, I think that we definitely killed him, and I hope that on that boat, regardless of what we are saying, we desecrated his body, and didn't give him a muslim burial before feeding him to the fish.

Good day man...love it or leave it RFB, and just know that the Country that you mock is the only one that would give you the freedom to be the blathering idiot that you are.

Anonymous said...

To everyone responding to RFB-

He got us. I don't know if he really believes what he posts, but he certainly provoked a reaction, from myself and others. This is probably all he really wanted.

But no amount of logical argument, or proof offered, or photos, or DNA, or anything else will change the mind of someone like him.

We are wasting our time and intelligence. Osama is dead, RFB will not be convinced otherwise.

Anonymous said...

For RFB--
According to official reports, Osama was shot at point blank range. If he was shot at point blank range, could it have been done to prevent him from telling the world about the reality that he has played such a significant role in? We will never know now who was actually behind the 9/11 attack. Thoughts?

The bigger question-- how long was Osama bin Laden's beard when he was shot???

Anonymous said...

Some things we know are true, but others will always question:

Hitler killed himself in his bunker, and his body was burned by his guards. He did not have a body double. He is not / was not living in Bolivia or Argentina.

Anastasia did not survive. She was not shipped out of Russia and adopted by a mid-western couple.

Elvis did not fake his death because he was tired of the fame. He is dead.

Paul McCartney is alive. He was not secretly replaced by Billy Shears.

We did put a man on the moon.

The Davinci Code is a work of fiction. A novel. Not real.

I can't believe I'm going to even say this, because it should be obvious - The Blair Witch Project is not real.

Oh, and Bill Clinton did not have sex with that girl!

RFB said...

447- HAVE U SEEN THE DNA TEST? me neither But the government told u the dna matched so u believe it.

The government also told you no Us troops were in Cambodia and I bet you believed that.

But lets start with the Dna.

1. Where did they get the known standard?
2. What dna are u aware of tyat allows a 99% match in about 20 minutes? They were saying they had one before St6 left.
3. How did they get the sampke from the compound to a lab?
4 they wont release a photo. Trust us they say. So be it. Why don't they release the DNA REPORT?


RFB said...

2 should say "dna test"

Anonymous said...

I guess they coulda gotten his toothbrush is Tora Bora.

Anonymous said...

RE-READ comment left by:

Wednesday, May 04, 2011 4:47:00 PM

Someone pull the plug on RFB and lets call the shumie. shumie-de-cinco!

Anonymous said...


Now it all makes sense.

You are actually still tripping on acid since 1969.

Anonymous said...

Here is an entirely plausible scenario in which RFB is actually correct.

1. OBL is known to have numerous health issues. I believe he required dialysis.

2. He has been "on the run" for over 10 years.

3. Despite being vastly wealthy, he still must live under the radar or risk being turned over to the US.

4. The US has no idea where OBL is.

5. Despite his wealth, OBL dies. Location unknown. Date unknown. Body buried in secrecy, to prevent being unearthed by US.

6. US finally learns of his death months or years later.

7. Because death is unable to be denied, and despite the fact that no body has been found, Obama stages a military exercise with unwitting US and Pakistani forces, inside Pakistan. Thus establishing a plausible story for OBL killing, giving Obama a needed bump right before the election.

7. Navy Seals and Pakistani forces confirm the action went down. People were shot and killed. Bin Laden Family goes along with the story, knowing it will end the hunt which had been proceeding despite OBL dying some years before. Additionally, the burial at sea prevents further search for his body

8. DNA faked and planted. Photos doctored by first year CIA interns.

Everyone is happy. No one is any the wiser.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot

DNA testing can be done in a few hours. If you go to Walgreens, they offer an over the counter test that gives results back in 3 days.

The only place DNA results take 8 weeks is in the Miami Dade crime lab.

As far as a standard for comparison, numerous relatives DNA has been in possession of the US for years. His sister died in an American hospital.

And let's not forget he worked with the US while fighting the Soviets. We may have had his fingerprints and DNA for decades.

Anonymous said...


No pics of OBL because the US had his body. Just pics to satisfy the morbid curiosity of some of you out there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

RFB said...



Why doesn't the government release the DNA lab test? Or is that too gruesome as well?

Isn't ordering the assassination of someone illegal? Is that why the story about him having a gun and resisting keeps changing?

You can curse me and call me names.

What you can't do is answer my questions without examining your premises. Because you don't want to go to that deep dark place in which you are saying to yourself "gee, he sounds right but I don't want to believe my government would do something like that to me."

How did any of you get a license to practice law?

Former Judge from Abbotabad, Pakistani's Circuit Court said...

KENTUCKY DERBY WINNER BET - Former Judge has a hot tip this weekend - can't lose. Bet "PANTS ON FIRE" @ 20-1. This is going to be an upset win. This horse won the $1 million Louisiana Derby and will be the first win by a female jockey. I am telling you - bet it now - and thank me later.

Eddie the Mush from "Bronx Tale" is putting everything on this tip.

Anonymous said...

So let's accept your premise that it's a hoax. He's not dead.
And let's keep thousands of our men and women over there looking for him. Risking their lives in a volatile part of the world. And let's continue to spend millions each day to hunt and really find him this time.
Which is better for our country?

And SEAL team 6 does exist. It's the black ops that supposedly don't exist.

And perhaps there wasn't an assassination 'order.' But some SEAL was all hyped up and pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

RFB. People answered your questions numerous times. You are just too S T U P I D to understand. D-I-D I T-Y-P-E I-T S-L-O-W E-N-O-U-G-H F-O-R Y-O-U T-O U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D? You're probably one of the women BIN BIN was hiding behind. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, holy warrior! Too much of a pansy to pick up gun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason a kill order was issued was because OBL had declared war on the US.

Maybe it was done because someone finally realized that it makes no sense to be allowed to kill thousands of insurgents who are poor, uneducated, and no no better then to follow their "leader" and then have it be illegal or immoral to target the leader who incites the violence.

Anonymous said...

Question for RFB-

What the hell does the US Govt have to gain by lying about Osama's death? You actually think he's still alive and the govt has him hidden?

Anonymous said...

RFB seems to be the only one on here who isn't of the "sheep" mentality. First off, RFB didn't say he thought OBL wasn't dead. He said he didn't believe our government's account of this mission.

People, do your research! It's all out there.

I believe that OBL has been dead since 2001 from late stage renal disease. I also believe OBL was working as a CIA agent with our govt. After OBL's death, imposters were used to perpetuate this war on terror farce to justify this extensive war in the Mid East.

It's all about the oil and moving forward towards a NWO. People need to wake up. The choice we have is security (false as it it may be) VS LIBERTY.

I choose liberty over our corrupt lying government who are trying to protect us by stripping us of our constitutional rights while they prey on our fears of the boogie men terrorists that they have created.

There are a small percentage of elite who are sucking you sheep in with this media drama of lies. Quit wasting so much energy on it. Follow the money and power and realize things are never as they seem. The corruption is so rampant you can't believe anything the media puts out there as they are fed the "truths" they want you to believe. Wake up before it's too late. No one is going to save you! Save yourselves. Dig deep for the truths they don't want you to know. I'm appalled at how blind most are as to what is really going on under cover.

Anonymous said...

Here is the last word -

Other than Leon Panetta, everyone who has actually seen the photos of a dead OBL supports the decision to withhold the photos. (That includes the Republican Chariman of the House Intelligence Committee.)

It seems apparent from the new official version that he Seals went in there with the sole purpose of terminating this guy, not capturing him. After he was shot in the chest, one of them popped a cap into his head. They blew half his skull off.

Imagine the reaction among Muslim radicals if they could put that pic on the internet and on signs they would hold up in public demonstrations arguing: "This is what the 'Great Satan' will do to you!!" Let's radicalize more people against us.

They know he is dead. We know he is dead. If he weren't, don't you think there would be something out there denying it, say a video from him holding up a newspaper headline declaring him dead ala "Dewey defeats Truman."

Oh yeah, Sarah Palin, you are an imbecile and I thank G-d you will never be Preident. Pussy-foot my ass. Obama made one of the guttiest calls a President has ever made. I think everyone has the message of what happens to you if you f--k around with the USA.

Anonymous said...


Be careful, paranoia may destroy ya!

Anonymous said...

8:56 AM. RFB, posting anonymously now? Shame on you. lol