Saturday, August 28, 2010




Forecasters say Earl has strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane as it barrels toward several islands in the eastern Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the Category 1 Hurricane Danielle was bringing dangerous rip currents to the U.S. East Coast.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says Earl could make landfall over the Northern Leeward Islands as soon as Sunday night.

The first cone of death for this hurricane season. If Mr. Seligman has any influence over hurricane Earl, now is the time for him to exert it. Remember that historically September is the worst month for hurricanes. The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 that hit the Florida Keys comes to mind. This was before they named hurricanes. Andrew and Katrina included, it is considered the most intense hurricane ever to strike the US. 408 people were reported killed, and the winds were reported to be so intense that it stripped away the clothing of people caught in the winds.


SUNDAY morning! Here's the blog news you need in this final weekend before the Labor Day Holday is upon us.

Paris Hilton, Federal Blogger David's BFF, and sometime civil litigant before Judge Moreno in the Southern District Of Florida, was arrested for Possession of Cocaine in Las Vegas. The BBC reports here.

The Fins fell 16-6 to the Falcons in their Penultimate pre-season game Friday night.

The UK's Justice Minister- Ken Clarke- has proposed reforms to the UK's criminal justice system that would result in less incarceration and the creation of alternative programs that would work to reduce recidivism. The BBC reports here.

The Florida Legislature has responded to the suggestions by considering a bill that would impose a minimum mandatory prison sentence on any individual convicted of criticizing Florida's minimum mandatory prison sentence schemes.

Better double check those airline tickets to Mexico that you may have for your holiday next week. Mexicana is taking a siesta.

The Tea Party thinks it's being cute by scheduling a rally at the Lincoln Memorial during the weekend of the 47th anniversary of MLK's "I Have Dream Speech."

What the Tea Party organizers have failed to see is that you don't play for the Heat just because you can put on a basketball jersey. They can stand on the same ground; they can make speeches; but they can never take away the profound impact the non-violent struggle for civil rights made in this country in the 1960's.

We have judged many Tea Party candidates by "the content of their character and not the color of the skin" and found them to be wholly lacking.

Enjoy the weekend.


Vote Honesty and Integrity said...

This November Vote for Honesty and Integrity.

Anonymous said...

The Heat may win more games in the first ten days of their season than the Dolphins do the entire year.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened to learn of the passing of Professor Bruce Winick. He was a great professor and pioneer of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. I was lucky enough to get him as my professor in Criminal Law and I also had the honor of being on the editorial board of his Psychology, Public Policy and Law Journal while I was at UM Law. He is the person who got me to start thinking past the punitive element of criminal law and see impact it has on people's lives. His teachings have been tremendously influential in my practice of criminal law and I think it's made me a better lawyer. The legal community has lost a great leader, scholar, and advocate - but the impact of his work will forever remain. We will miss you Professor Winick.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dolphins
Is there any statistical evidence that a team's performance in the final pre season game is a bellwether as to how they will perform in the regular season? And for that matter, is there any correlation between a team's record in the first two weeks of the season and its chances for the playoffs and beyond? Unless you are a gambler (granted, that covers a lot of territory on this blog), how your team does during the dog days of August is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Have we really sunk so low that our country's direction is being shaped by the likes of Glenn Beck?

Anonymous said...

I disagree w/ many people. But to those who choose to go out and geet involved, to stand up and speak their mind, I send kudos.
Participate in Democracy. Remember what Voltair said.
But I agree w/ what Prof. Shelby Foote once said " America's greatest quality is our abilty to compromise."

Anonymous said...

I've been debating writing this- but what the hay- it's anonymous right?

I've had a good year, a few federal cases came in that were over my head, but I'm giving them a shot anyway. I looked at my books in June, and my accountant urged me to buy some property so I snapped up a nice Brickell Penthouse short sale. Sweet.

My broker was this amazing milf. Turns out she's 47, looks 27, tan, rockin body.

She came to my first house party, we drank some wine and fooled around a bit. She told me she was separated and getting divorced.

I called her for a few dates and she turned me down. Then I saw her at my gym Friday night and convinced her to have dinner with me. She agreed and this is the weird part.

Being a broker her phone is always ringing on the weekends and she took a call and her I heard her say "no it's not a short sale any more, the bank made it a shumie."

Huh? I questioned her. She said about six months ago brokers started using a slang term to define when a bank is ready to unload a short sale. Usually short sales take all bids and six months later they accept one. But when a bank calls a shumie, they have decided to sell it within 30 days.

She had no idea who coined the term or where it originates.She guessed it was the name of some bank manager somewhere who was pulling the trigger on the properties.

Go figure.

Anyway, she's now divorced and my GF. I'm 29 - she's 47 and we're so compatible its amazing.!!!!

RFB said...

Hot story. RE brokers have long been considered a prime hunting ground for MILFS. I've certainly had my share from Keyes, Coldwell Banker, Remax, and the like.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but 47 is probably too old to be considered a MILF. And 29 year olds with so much happening should be knee deep in banging 23 year olds. Hang out on Lincoln Road or the FIU campus for a few hours and see if a few 23 year olds make you forget your 47 year old.

Anonymous said...

She is your GF because you consumated the date? What makes you guys a couple? I was the guy on the other side of the call she was sending the Shumie code word to. Shumie means "I cannot see u right now." Good Luck to you. I bought a apartment house in Little Havana from her three months ago and have been getting the residual since then. "Residual"- you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Earl. Look-a-likes: Earl Selligman and the late, great atty, William Kunsler??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I bought a house from her like a year ago, i haven't heard from her in like 4 months. I let her go after I ralized she was going to be 50 years old in one year...geezzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

10:07 a.m., sorry to tell you but I used to date your new GL 16 months ago. I had my P.I. look her up. She isn't 47, she's 62. She was waiting to move into a retirement community when I knew her and she was just waiting to turn of age to get in. I can give you the dirty details if you send me some pics of your biblical moments. I hope you don't mind commuting from the Boca senior center!

Anonymous said...

Henne is the wrong QB for the Fins.

Anonymous said...

New Judge Joe Davis use to babysit for Tim Tebow when Tebow was a baby.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I didnt know about Prof. Winick. I took his New Directions in Lawyering class and had us go to Juvi to help out with some of the kids there. Great professor and a great man (I actually saw him a couple of times in my yoga class).