Thursday, August 19, 2010


(PD cursing update below)

We have it on good authority that
Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince will in the humble REGJB tomorrow (Friday) addressing a gathering of criminal defense attorneys sponsored by....we think....(can this be possible?) The Regional Counsel's Office???!!
It's some sort of CLE shingding that will be in the big courtroom on the 4th floor.

We also hear Chief Judge Joel Brown will be in attendance. Yipee!!! (Judge Brown, click here for Google Directions to the Criminal Court House.-Update- a reader says this was cheap shot. See our response in the comments section. )

We know she will be in the house....just not sure why. Anyone with more info, please write in.

Fun Justice Quince facts: She was a joint appointment by outgoing Governor "Walkin" Lawton Chiles and in coming Governor Jeb Bush.

She is the only Justice ever to serve on the Florida Supreme Court who has a degree in Zoology.

When Governor Chiles appointed her to the 2nd DCA, she was the first African-American Woman to be appointed to a Florida District Court of Appeal.

And now Justice Quince receives the great distinction and high honour of being the first member of the Florida Supreme Court to address the Regional Counsel's Office, 3rd Region of Miami and parts of Hialeah.

See You In Court, but we already have all the CLE we need.


The NY Times is reporting that Rocket Roger Clemons will be indicted for perjury for lying about and denying use of steroids.

The PDs are allowed to curse again. Whew...
According to our source, it was all a big f'ing misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole, this is an unnecessary cheap shot.

"We also hear Chief Judge Joel Brown will be in attendance. Yipee!!! (Judge Brown, click here for Google Directions to the Criminal Court House.)"

CJ Brown got his start as a judge in our own Metro Justice Building, so, he knows the way here very well.

Anonymous said...

Given the way that our justice system works, a degree in zoology should be a requirement for all members of the judiciary.

Rumpole said...

2:40 pm- first of all- in celebration of the fact that the PDs can curse again...go to hell. Just kidding.

Yes it's a bit of a cheap shot. And yes, JB did get his start at the REGJB, BUT ---what has Brown done for your lately?

When's the last time he's been to the REGJB and why does it take a Florida Supreme Court Justice to get him to show his face? She's flying in from Tallahassee, and he has to drive over from Flagler Street, and we would wager Justice Quince has spent as much time at the REGJB as Brown in the month of August.

rfb said...

I never get invited to nothing.

The Thursday Afternoon Video said...
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Anonymous said...

I doubt CJ Bown could find the RJB even with a GPS. Maybe his bailiff can role a red carpet from the civil courthouse to RJB so the CJ can follow it.

CAPTAIN said...

(reprinted, with permssion from The Captain):


So, you want to be a Circuit Court Judge?????

As you know, Judge Esquiroz is resigning from the Circuit Court bench. 19 applied for her seat. The JNC has reviewed the applicants and they will be interviewing 14 of them on September 7th.

The five who did not make the cut:

William Altfield
Rachel Diaz
Steven Grossbard
Margaret A. Rosenbaum
Paola Usquelis Mazure

The 14 that will be interviewed, with up to six names going to the Governor are:

Beth Bloom
Manuel L. Casabielle
Miguel M. de la O
Dawn Veronica Denaro
Alan S. Fine
Robert B. Galt, III
Darrin P. Gayles
Richard Hersch
Robert James Kuntz, Jr.
Norma Shepard Lindsey
Rodney Smith
Alan D. Sackrin
Lisa S. Walsh
Deborah White-Labora

Please send you comments to any and all member of the JNC including Chair:

Mark Romance
Richman Greer, P.A.


Thursday, August 19, 2010 12:39:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Dawn Denaro is the only female non judge who was given an interview.

Anonymous said...

what does the JNC have against Altfield? the guy is a good lawyer experienced, whats the deal?

also when will de la o just give up already?

Anonymous said...

Roger Clemens can hire Roy Black's partner, Nathan Diamond. No he is not you say,well every time i meet some medium level well-to-do drug dealer or pill broker or mortgage fraudster they always tell me they are thinking about hiring Roy Black's partner, Nathan Diamond. One or two guys being confused i understand but they are all confused and this can only lead me to believe that this lie is spread by the "partner" himself. STOP THE BS already, i can say i know the judge, know the prosecutor, went to school with X or Y, but a factual fabrication is not fair. If the clients believe the "partnership" idea they are almost sold by Diamond and the rest is history. Please stop, if not I will call my partner, Big John Stud, to fix this.

Anonymous said...

Any truth that one of our esteemed robe warriors has excused jackets and ties unless in trial????????

Anonymous said...

Thank God that Rosenbaum wasn't even picked for an interview. She is a nasty magistrate. She has no business being a judge with her temperment.

Anonymous said...

this blog is obsessed with the PDs office.

Anonymous said...

Peter Adrien, can he really be as bad as you say? I mean with all the hoopla and negative things tossed around I would think the JQC would have nailed this guy already?

Is this just blow out of control?

EYEONQ said...

For those expecting a powerhouse dream team type cle seminar today, please be advised that the Q has already sent his regrets.

He is settling a multi-billion dollar case in Oregon before jetting back to the gulf to coordinate legal responses.

Anonymous said...

Overheard a short conversation in the 5th floor halls of the PDs office-

"The problem with Carlos is he hasn't found his inner Shumie"

I think that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, once upon a time, Peggy Quince was Joe George's secretary. That's how she ends up at the REG on Friday.

Fake Alex Michaels said...

Vhy all dese problem vith Judge Joel Brown? Judge Joel Brown ees not real judge. I come home from all da bullsheeeeet I deel vif every day, I turn on TV, and I see--JUDGE JOEL BROWN. He ees from Detroit!!!!!


CAPTAIN said...

To 7:30 pm

Judge Lawrence Schwartz is at least one judge who said that. I am sure there are others.

On the other hand, Alan Schwartz, who has sat in our building on several occasions for vacationing judges has gone so far to say that he will not let an attorney address the court unless they have their jacket buttoned.

Cap Out

Anonymous said...

There was a Judge in Connecticut who refused to recognize counsel before him when he wore his over coat over his suit because the heat had gone out. It takes all kinds to fill the bench. I, for one, am a huge Alan R. Schwartz fan, he's quick and sharp, and keeps the heat on the State.

Anonymous said...

I went to the seminar today. What a total waste of time for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Herald story, three gang members mistakenly released by the jail in Palm Beach. The guys were sitting in jail with one million dollar bonds each, having their Constitutional Rights to pre-trial liberty violated while the state figured out what to charge them with. I hope they kill a witness or an officer, then the state can justify holding them effectively no-bond. Pre-trial release gets violated whenever the state wants to violate it.

abe laeser said...

Hard to believe that a member of my profession thinks that killing of a witness or a police officer would be a good object lesson for the State.

Maybe you missed the classes on common decency and morality -- long before you got to law school.

Anonymous said...

Like many, I'm not a fan of former 3DCA judge Schwartz. He is rude, offensive and a jerk but,real smart and knows the law.He used to turn his back to lawyers during oral argument if he didn't like what you were saying. He stuck his big foot in his big mouth so many times that it cost him a spot on the Supreme Court.

After huricane Andrew, we were allowed to come to court in jeans and a tee shirt.

I see judges wearing jeans and sneakers under robes so why would a judge bitch if we dress down?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abe Laeser on this one, and I've never agreed on anything with Abe. That comment was classless.

Anonymous said...

3:43's comment: Don't take the bait. The poster obviously gets his kicks out of inciting people by making stupid comments. Nobody can be that dumb, ignorant and callous.