Saturday, August 21, 2010


Good Saturday morning. Here's what you need to have a spectacular Miami weekend.

Two more weeks before the Labour Day end of summer holiday. Our travel plans have been set for months. It's still not too late to nab that Hampton rental for the weekend.

There's been an election down under. (Doubt Joe Gersten voted .) It's still very tight between the PM's Labour and Opposition. Check the BBC for updates throughout the weekend.

The founder of Wikileaks has been accused of "rape and molestation" in Sweden. His supporters are saying this is payback for his website. As most you know, Sweden has four official levels of suspicion. As best as we can determine, the allegations are emanating from the prosecutors' office making this either very high or the highest level of suspicion.

Get ready to vote this week. We once saw Judge Lenny Glick discharge a jury early. Glick recounted to the jury how he would have never been a Judge without judicial elections and he encouraged them to vote. It was a nice speech and the jury seemed to appreciate it.
REGJB trivia- who did Judge Glick beat for election and what Judge vacated the seat Judge Glick ran for. Judge Stacy Glick is NOT allowed to participate in this trivia game.

Stay clear of NYC or you may bring back a nasty case of bedbugs, which is driving the City batty. More trivia- what is the Yiddish word for "bedbug" and in what prominent 1970's sitcom was the word part of the story line for one episode?


Known as "The Dr. Ruth of the 4th Amendment", renowned for his modesty and Garbo like desire for privacy, Milt Hirsch has resigned from the FACDL in preparation for his assent to the bench.

In typical Milt Hirsch fashion, he sent a simple and humble letter to the FACDL informing them of his pending resignation during which......in a most humble fashion......he compared his upcoming change of careers to.............Lincoln leaving for Washington after he was elected President!!!!

It's a must read and if you close your eyes, you can almost see Milt as the lanky lawyer from Springfield boarding a train to save the Union. (We sure he can and does. Frequently. Although to be fair, when we close our eyes, images of scantily dressed busty interns with whom we are working late always invade our thoughts. Clearly Mr. Hirsch is a better man than we are. )



CAPTAIN said...


I won't answer the Glick question either. But since the discussion yesterday included dress codes, this appeared in the ABA Journal:

Judges across the country are cracking down on people who come to court dressed in inappropriate attire.

Judges in Delaware's Kent County are so fed up that they instituted a dress code, adopted after one woman showed up for court in her pajamas, the Wilmington, Del., News Journal reports. Banned are saggy pants, exposed undergarments, bare feet, curlers, gang clothes, muscle shirts, tank tops, halters, bare midriffs, and hemlines more than 4 inches above the knee.

The new rules ensnared a News Journal reporter, who had to change clothes because of her short dress, the story says.

Judges in Kent County aren’t the only ones cracking down on bad clothing, according to the News Journal and USA Today. Detroit judges adopted a dress code after a woman wore sweatpants with the words “hot stuff” on the seat. Judges in Trophy Club, Texas, banned excessive body piercings and tattoos, unless they are covered.

USA Today also cites these instances:

• A woman in Bakersfield, Calif., was sent home from court for wearing flip-flops.

• A man in Hamilton County, Ohio, received a warning of potential jail time if he showed up again in inappropriate attire. He wore a T-shirt to court featuring the Chucky horror movie character and the words, “Say goodbye to the killer.”

The aim of the dress codes is to maintain dignity in the courtroom, court security consultant Timothy Fautsko told USA Today. "I had a report of one court that had an individual keep coming into court dressed like a clown," he told the newspaper. "Again, that pushes the dignity of the court."

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Rumpole-- The episode you are asking about is called "38 Across" from Season 5 of M*A*S*H. The main story is Hawkeye & BJ are doing a cross word puzzle & are stumped by a Yiddish word, with 5 letters that means bedbug.

The word-- VANTS

old guy said...

I really like Milt, but I still cannot figure out how he plans to get himself, his ego, and the litigants into one courtroom.

Anonymous said...


I hope you make a better judge then lawyer. Your preformance in Keith's case was an utter disgrace- one which you will soon answer for when you are on the stand answering questions about why you talked about everything except the facts during closing argument. He is a convicted felon because of you and your arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Dodnt the FLA Supremes in the early 1990s make a rule that Judges and Lawyers were NOT to comment on how people were dressed in Court? I remember it was aimed at sexual harrassment, but they said it was inappropreiate to comment on dress, especially hoe short or tight .

Anonymous said...

Sad News:
Jack Horkheimer, Public Television's ``Star Gazer,'' penned his own epitaph long before his death on Friday at age 72.

`` `Keep Looking Up'


Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/20/1785712/star-gazer-connected-us-to-the.html#ixzz0xG8RJZCS

4th amendment supporter said...

The only thing Milt has buried in Illinois is his beloved Cubs, who for yet another year will not be playing baseball in late October.

No one (not even Sharpstein) could have said it better than Milt in his letter today. I think we are all looking forward to his presence on the bench and I have no doubt he will remember what it is like to being a private attorney working hard out there to make a living.

That is not to say he will not expect the attorneys appearing before to not be preapred - I'm sure he will demand it - and he should. And he should expect that when we make a legal argument, that we have the case law to back it up. No Judge, not even Milton Hirsch, should have to put up with lazy attorneys who come to court unprepared. And we see it all the time.

God's speed Milt.

Anonymous said...

Vantz is the word for bed bug and it was on mash.

rump you can never stump me on this stuff or odd couple trivia

Anonymous said...

when youve got people like sharpstein and eiglarsh out there one should not mock milt for his ego. he may not even get the place money in this town

Anonymous said...

12:45 (Milt)

Please don't compare yourself to Sharpy- Yes he is a self promoter but at least he has the skills to back it up.

4 sale: Milt's Ego said...


election to bench REQUIRES that I sell office furniture and fixtures, files, pens, safe (??!!) etc. No reasonable offer refused.


Defense attorney's ego for sale. Awfully large, needs extra size container.

Inquire within.

Rt an Hon. Milton Hirsch, Judge, judge judge and ain't nothin you can do bout it.

Anonymous said...

What good points to make about Judge Hirsch. He will be the one ego on a bench of uniform humility.

Anonymous said...

He should stay off Lincoln, Hover would be more like it

Anonymous said...

Atty dress codes are probably enforced via the bar rules. As for the clients, FL courtrooms are subject to the Sunshine Law. Open to the Public "..your poor, your hungry, your wretched masses yearning to breathe free.." Homeless dudes are required to come to court. These dress codes, anti-pajama, anti-body piercing, anti-flip-flop, tatoo cover up requirements are unconstitutional, or at a minimun violate the Sunshine Law. Next time someone gets bounced for merely wearing pajamas, they should run to the ACLU or a good plaintiffs lawyer. A more difficult test would be some outrageous SOBE Model showing up in a thong bikini. Who would throw her out?

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Kent County, Delaware.....

Anonymous said...

Ed Newman is panicking.....and well he should.....now he is running negative attack ads in Spanish Radio against Manny containing lies ....careful buddy you are not dealing with steroid using muscleheads any more....you are playing in the Big Leagues now
.....we are all watching YOU

ff said...

to 6:00 pm. Not even close to MH. Nice try though. That was me.


Anonymous said...

Judge Glick beat Paul Siegal in the runoff - November 1990

The primary (a special election - October 1990) had five candidates:
Leonard Glick
Paul Siegal
Frank Albear
Charles (Carlos) Gener
Judith Hayes

The vacancy was a result of Circuit Court Judge Fred Moreno being appointed Federal Judge.

Paul Siegal was appointed to a Circuit Court Seat about one year later.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the nice letter. You've done all kinds of great things for all of us. Your lectures on Constitutional law were great.

You quotes make us wonder where you find the time to do all of that stuff.

We look forward to seeing your frist appellate opinion. Who will you quote? Pope John Paul? Aristotle, Jesus, Moses? Bill Clinton?

I suggest you quote a higher court and leave the fancy stuff out of your legal writing in the future.

Anonymous said...


I see the polls on the side of the blog. They have Seff, Newman and Ruiz-Cohen winning pretty handily. Gordo in a squeaker. I got a funny feeling those polls will reflect the results on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Judicial candidate expenditure report:

7/30 $8250 to Dark Horse Strategies.
7/30 $8000 to Dark Horse Strategies.

Anyone know about this company?

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with that PD in Glick's courtroom?

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Milt was on the ball of his ass in private practice- that's why he ran for judge. But since he has no kids- he can make it on 160 a year-

Anonymous said...


Kindly behave like the fictional judge in your book. When in doubt, think back to that judge's behavior and you will become one our most beloved jurists. Act like you have as a criminal defense attorney and we are all in for a long and turbulent six years.

A Friend